Monday, February 3, 1890

Atlanta Constitution

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Text Content of Page 1 of Atlanta Constitution on Monday, February 3, 1890

Atlanta Constitution, The (Newspaper) - February 3, 1890, Atlanta, Georgia _ KILRAIK THE YICTOB THE MABBLE RUINS. VOL- A DEEDED REST STAYS IN HIS ROOM ALL DAY _ Dictatorial mnen in the Houso The Uupubllca.i ITogrammo memb rs LUid s completely broken si, ,1 e vhP istioii and has bn 11 restina t isii K t s. ill s isiti rs 1Tfl am 1 r" 'th, i'' cs'entualls shape piriituit, th, n nibticin parts n 11, 1. lives t st b H ma i 1 the i t> to a s, Ihe cut t ML 1 u v o.o u, 1 tin s inks has-c been "s irbiliai.ness-n 11, xti n 1 i t n tne i mi hsh, 1 HI hastening logis- 11 be it he 1 u'd commended b} niancllK Icssthan aemorum and yet declare tue bill parsed, therebj certilvii.g, under the most solemn sanction of his oath of office that tho bill hi 1 been properly passed bj tho houso tfow, could he base done this if bis doct me bo true that a m i t s I i dc rstaiid me. the day after Mr in n v prtw nee, has declared that s i In bill hail soles for and against b> bis ow n count, as speaker less thin a eiuormn and has immediately declared passed and ha., sum .lit tnus furalsling the only proof the rlbiden e ould lus c that il w as passed Uow c mid this be, except on tho .'round lhat if a quorum did not Vote, the uresciiPo of a quorum was enough S IS S IT IS A GOOD LAW But this 11 attci does not uec 1 argument Jlr Caihsle-s own state, in democratic 'J i nne sseo m democratic Ivow York, III demo- .nlirOlm in Massubusctts, and ill courts esii-s shore as sou mas. see by Mr north the dex trine just upheJd bj the ,s Hit law of tbe la id, and it ought to be riREIHIBE BOSTON. BURNING OF A 5-STORY STRUCTURE The Fire Department Hoes Work to Saving Adjoining and Insurance. BOBTOV February 2 -Following, close upon tbe terrible calamity on North street early this morning came a fire this forenoons hicU, hour'fume, almost totally desired Sears 8 bmldmg, a fare-story marble structure, come, of Court and Washington streets, owned by J Montgomery Scars, and which, at MK, time of its erection, was tbe bnest busi- ness building in Boston At M o clock smoke was seen issuing from hich was MATTERS ES MISSISSIPPI. Constitutional Convention-Tile New Penitentiary System. Jtfiss legislature will adjourn in two or jeKS, in consequence of Uie calling at .Itutional comention to on next The beat men in the state Womo candidates for the convention, as toe problem will be the great question with meaid convention, which will con- S 134 members, 120 of which will be jenr Cruder the taw appointing the mem- iJB lower house of the legislature and four- r-froin the state at large Hpn K BarKs- original of a cons ention, B a deiSrate He lias been, in congress senator and as HE WHIfS XX BOUNDS. A GREAT FIGHT IN NEW ORLEANS Bra-ley Frenchman Severely Punished by Eef uses to Coma to Time on tbe Fourth. Round. im tli ofU rVot aridiug ba-s been made-in followed bv a second andthpnath.rij Ol tl I lajL.i A-.U.. "____ __. tl.o rvisps Ol tlie of tl t eaith JSot a ruiius the homo to suppress filibustering which has sanction of parliament neitssus the lemeJs h a is tbo bouse trs ing to do ss us to erfon.i its highest fuiittion th oJ Uecimug the i of a n ember to bis seat I ntil 1W-, nomanevcid rod to filibuster igimst such a tie No man oueht to be .How e I to do it to- 1IKH101 TH1. e KML w isled in ip- ne o, Tlu not umlorstand that Nottcll roll t ill con thieequir- three hours am w isiou IIFI i F. V-.S ]m mil sshm Use mumt. s would T IK, d h.s hsfull maoed out v The. so time hour-, belong to put.lic his partj shall bin port Th, oplo do not m.dorstand that Wni'ai I" be The "J nerve and mil s of lehisp tbpre will be i ro ac ,tl .thlli d md tboir puts will i ,is burn 1 bun Uh the sod Oihers KI s, K ids turn will make bun Th, u so UIPII are talking about rules w lotiug a body of rules people use m their i hods of rules well known and .u.dhs ill those who arc not wilful y came hero tho ob- Tin 1 1 pint 1 o" 1 sill ptrpttnu the paitj ill power h I, .us rpiul'l. ms r, i ik in tl ,ir support if Keel -IK' it v 1 11 bs tin s u roius use e f the p at} it thes base bun kept ill line SS U l 11H1N 1 Hi1 sl< iv m k in i 4 if th, domooi ill, f u tl s H mo urt t, tost the em, it f 1 ick on in tin t i t nil I si hi in.ion.iiu pieseiit UM dis i ti si is 11 bed lir n ii t t, i vhlMr M Km ,t t ,1 u 11, i liibb ins will hi i i t n i ,w Ihev esui in 1 Hi men in .1" si 1 ir tl s 1 Ihi Us, ICC M.S I ks u, I U l I im ss 11 s t. i II 1, n t sits f 1 ei i mikin, fl ,1.1 This if u.icl ,1 1, IS I tl Ml, 01 Its 111 1 P si tl ,s in t lift' tin s qr, nil noi, tin m is hPiius, w, don t force rub son m It is tin that ikin.oritielo-dc.slik, Mr l 1. k lilso 1 ..'l, I Pit" t.g'.t ssni ,N 1. .may 2-T.htHU.rodu ol speeniiy lonowi-u uj V, hen tbe department, is in tbe cases of tlie Tliankigmns day and tbe recent street conflagrations arris ed, tlie seomed to has e em eloped the whole building It was thought that the fire started in the eil- g no room on tbe Court street side of the building and shot icross a passage way m Hie basement and up the elevator wall solid hard wood finish of the interior fell an as} prey to tbe flames and but a Sew minutes lapsed ere the upper stones wore on are rom end to end and side to side of the mildlllg oTiira ri'irBINDS At tbe time of ending in tbe third a arm whioh followed .bo first ten minutes later tne instruction of tl e clegint marble Rogers building, adjoining on tbo south and the n- mous mug's hotel, on the west Boomed al- most ceit im The lir. men fulfill "e Joes and ill the depirtm, it got to woiic tho bmldmg was delugi v, ith waMi w ,th streanes thiown from the .oofs of h >tel and tut, hour after fi_li "of any -value LOSSES AMI IlvSt-HA-NlK Thobuildmrfwass il ltd it UL ss ird of it b, in assesse I tog thoi w Ib Ihe engine a, 1 bnkis fo.Sl'17400 Thpre is m insur ,o ,f th, simeimounlMiRto -1-, whir-h I'l Hi double dh ciscr tic loss Tl ore is, ss.s r i oonUiiB, nl los in the way of rout, in th. buildi.U be ng occupied urn which me. mo of M >oar w is el Vmeiig the occup i its sire the ...d MHlbmk ..mliu'tou >nl 111' u'dminj i UK K K 1 Jib i. s a man KSW PE-.I-IKNTIJLBI SYSTEM B-legislatnn seeas to be m a-fair way of gthe state penitentiary problem and fnd of the leasing system The Dean has passed the senate, and will the house, iVnortion of the land 'in (he mean- jSrSffi; out the plan changing the sys- Snto one complete government control. 3 work of constructing Ihe new iucturesforthe accommodation of the ie prison population progresses the, con- "be gradually placed upon the pr.son and thus gradually the leasmg system ritK 1.1 I S 1 S IS I.SVCFR H u f I i I mil isi so fir s I' t f r Jilbii sibsnlv 1 j, I ,111 l.intssi is, an well es pi i ms ue M entile ss p ilhj with 111. dc b.S is hs Ibtl US IS ,s nr m sc f ijl' '1-ri.ti'i- nil Ks nit ,U, ins ,f ivai i, ind suie t ,H l rt wsrl of tl s pt' 1 pril'o-r. of wi. .s ii, ti, Si1 I'1 e, in t 1 1 1 C, inplll I" I 'i ur t. ilb.ll i t us. -1. J" u.d tl d, ,1 HO 1 1 1 I ,H I t, stlltSS 11 -il II, 1 1. -f 1 I I Itl I I' lil m ll I' nf u lh u, wl i h Mi 1 i I T u lu ul, will f I 1 1 t e I t tl l u _ h r u i. s, u- f c i s 11 L until t s bun f I u. i 1 m M M I 1 1 1 s I IS Mil. r till Ills f l 1 It IS I 1 >tl s I S tl Ml j m ,1 II l iss f r l nil t ll I ,11 i l i ,11. ll 1 b will h M lib I si, l> I fi tl 1 I 1 "P's- I L i n cm b nl 1 [l 1 I I l t 1 Hi the lls' "r< l lint tl i i s H 1 iss ms I n i t l te I mil e I III 1 ll is 11 SI I 1, N I SISI'I L, ,iM l I 1 IU ll ,1 M s 1 M, I nt t n tl dcm, i. t" 1. H s, ,s j i h, 1 t sers. 1 I ll L I V 11 t 1 p 1. H tf toll bin L 1! the t mi f t' tl week It w.lit ml ng hi ur tomorrow md md, titsns i, lTit it willbcdisiussid tothtOMlu f i o si 111 tho lemumiu o! tup isn us ite bills and 11 e is in s f minlv 1 1 uitorcsl lie like Is to ore i M 1, u, tl tinsideration is tl ere are hill, f ul i, t r, t the ii'.n .r wiOiin reach. Ihere is a probabilitv oJ Ol M I, 1 1 111 it m s 1 i f ss Ib s n e sin 1 ,t n bill 11 T tint i fess jiiih.s s t f n i i u 'vn( mi s Vi sTi i M i tcl to bl e ilh.l HI- e'iiui. l u til its s 111 11 e.l b> it mtiiest Ihe npuhlHUis h, o to h iTi i tV ni it IU r t 1 O H tl 111 itsiillhis, tohc cscridis 1, i l ti r n 1 t is nit ,m I i m s ssitbin i f-ss ,liss ml th, d is i H fulls 1 A i J 11 let iftirdisposuv" f tl c s, ik new imaiteis Hit to s., MS h II s, iscius, bj i irisu ho e ir, "htb. t< the ,f Uwo li.c bulls n.jmcd hj 1 c spptr guttcc Tl N ri IM Im I'arli.ulins of tlie lire on fsorth bl.l.t, l.osto... I.OSTO-. Fibninj .Inly iiiuo persons wciebi mod to rliith ii aflioonVoith stitPt Boston had not re c 1, 1 it ..mtirpirt in to tilt dis until this sbirtlj afu r mid when lire biok, nt in idwilluv'li us' -s s u d I if Hi it sinio sti, el fsbsl Uh uis ml the si, oe kings m n. ing ,s t' it ten I Olsons woio bin m 1 t, ill itl tl iceothiis fitalls ,nd six i u scuouslj if i noit.lj urt Iliiio is idisiisits of i omits as to of the f tin Im tho unii... Itisbili.s, 1th it tin lire tho, M. rus, .i.lbi hist tlo T, mil son minutis hi f re it ss is dis, ,s, re 1 it I, id cite i. tbr tl o p irti t n w ill >f the hillss is which t.n in e 1 the ,tur k ulii j. tj the itncimiits alms e Iho ,1, stuiM n ss is like i till w tin k uid lh< Hum s ss (pt them up ike i flisb In ,1 s H light. 1 up th< bills is ml shot halTf iks eul thiouUi the cruks of tho d or s. on .Iti ii to 1 ittiiitijn In i moiMiiit mi'p t he .1 unos bid tlleen bold ,1. icir si in ss is is ,n hug fi .s..-ht cOJrvenient locahtj, Temotc lioiu auj C' HAS LfclT THE OLD WOMAN Gone BaelTlo'lt.Jy Carrylns All U.e WTIMBIA, February 2 AB interesting cliai-ler of rom niPo and c. MO S just come to u. this About iis c Giacmto Cardarelli with h s wife, VtDgehua and her son, Gucstppt optiicd a fiu.t md Cindy store m this city Thps did a nourishing business until in June last Cfaldarelli gase his wife a chattel mo.lgiB'P "ti eitue Mock aud fixture-, month he mide an assignment, when the Niw is leaniid h> a lit u le "l r" i taken sf 'tll HUI I l I 1 1 TH! C II Ks. to I Hpasoiis for Ills r M, i N 1 1 i J ikor 1 ml f Uu iss i.l r i ii' i i, i _ ti i ill lie i it L.1C it cell 1 lu tl C ill ISI011 1 till s is list t, 1 t d, I 1 S I 1 t I h MS, SI IS i ;u 111 tin f ui it" I I ss C 1 .1 t I ii il e tl in n s te in 1 n t 1 s ih.k tli t 1 rii I s l I, I Ih, mi i ts u MIS mill sil i n i ssi N HI i i j 11 ink f bo MI ,1 ii i- t Ib 1, i i isi rum. it If it I n t th tin lu our fit is s un in 1 wo in si t 1, st 11 it, i i f 1 f 1 t, unit I .h u 1 lehn hie th mf intis ill 1 .t m'riiii f in isi mof t I uu it be' siisid, tli. .'I1-. l''1- M 1.11 sh, W, isl.llsf 1 IP f I ii d> ill, ssh i I, it w s kii.ssn it mi pi I'. 1 t t.l I I i I" J k at tl 1 i i t d.itrn Ih. s, l u hilt tllOJ 1 U I On. b ml" MV mil six l! u, 1 i M M, nl 1 till, I IM I 1 Ullt Is 11 II 111 1 In e is l qui ri th, sills 1 i 1 i I] it'i ill i u, t fi rinsb i nun s.hilc the !o i'l'l I 11 tj is Sltt IU' Illlj l.J H. the 1 s, It 1 it ul I n sent dumb md silent whin 1 sis lib liansutid hit s i i' ss h n it 1 jl stui til thPH there omi bl I u line. TI i 1 I aus ib i nt u tl o p< n Uts of tin si IU f pul lie h t MOSS ktusse, low tlit V t are aliened bn tl, o il intots Mr 1 ikudl is s, l Tt n I r his life to o imp All ill or is m tin SUMO c. udit in Mr I 1 r is 11 is I ,o s k t ho ibli to bo the ro .11 the t in, Mr I isw.lls wife IS dsm_ 111 c ni n .11 1 n in s u qu u 1 his HI e In h, r ljt i k ii lit i in 1st hi with 1 is M, f, f l lir- Mt r is s me l tl It sil ll 11 Just il ut tin mi lir lu uill i ill turn- hi siik ,r 11 i i, itited Tli.s mij 11 hut tl i rs I ,11 si k in the r t s t t .k ii ill w th kuii in nmiiibci S u "r, v i I mil on to W ish nc'i 11 t itliiilMi V, Ikcr Blunt sfuneiil IL insei, mi d in 1 b 11 trim', i Ir w h eh led it all is turn s ,i inpii.i bhi was usK ill u, lliurs N bu si, n i limpr icinm on 1 i d 11 l 'rsi-t m r, to il ticit -..tirm IIOW.M. tho I'll .th ,U' Uluii tin.- <_ ul sk s id, i nt tl, s 'i in Ii wo flhi-r HPiihirll-s 1 f its lusts b IM, r de i 1 n pub u il it S IS s l luels I- 'I It p ISS I Uu 1IU 1 itkiiie tin l M 1! Is to L 11 I Is Ml lie k 11 iu i i the 1 ou o s s k, 1 liundnd mil ts sit s lent ill tht ir seits i c t t ,ir tlinr L ij H 1 UM Tl F s IMF tl e L mted btatcn is pi} SI. a daj without csen if o innting their silent IMI L i 01 o mining ineir siieui f i us Mr t iri sic tbeie is no L'iccc <ltiit for the dcciaii u i f the house I has e per Iv seen and hi ird him furnish ahimdied A hundred times I base heard him decl ire tint the nnnil cr f I lu 1 such a bill n nnnil er f I lu 1 igamst such a bil eight} foi aul twenty against, inathe c lesdMiKrukrssii will citirciivbt but both mind mil to pr-v i ht lift of her death hoc u it n iris m tlic dis and the ynesidcnt tl mo, ilers of the cabinet and 1 iVe ubtr of c -Hod to ex, less their s, -she fi'nc'.il'wm''l tike pltce Tuc-- div frnn "s' Mitbcsv 3 Komin C ithoho obureli ail.i.emont will bo ,n Oak Hill <cmct.-i r ithcr Tom Wurman s. n 01 ,l, ;T'Cifd Cdpmgcr about n IP irs i o She loi-es two ch.l.lnn it Shi hid been in ell hoite hnlUi ill her md her stndi. s it sebwl we" fie" account 1 ell Bea.1 His CUa.r. N" C rebruirj 2 [Special liil is C, a piomment ni'd'ai'night sn.oked bis pipe, as usual fell'dow n chair and was dead. b irrl, ,1 ii I iiosps c. rim e IT u 1 f, m ..hem n, "is d n t tho 1 IMI n iiiss In tei in nulls tli f, M.r s.r.ts In' s b ,e TlKs. ssh 'in H w is loss bk to siso Inl bciitisci fiimthtM s timseif u d th, ss i i hull, ti'r it L'letssshl.e their inj.iHcs s's'i 'twill t iftcrthP lire'i-d bipn pni ti, ills iM ,.i.-ih.dtlnr II. lite" r if wi tl ,nh, t ishill ,ullb Hio ll. I l. RPSISINS L i i i i ii ksss eiouiliod i hu mint 11 1. It. lerisp ilmost the two is t hi i and knee iijas 'it is.. In ir showed in other ll, t I 11, .resell tin i hu. im f rms 1 i sire 1 md ish. s n ,kc 1 .-lid ill ill siiv bmbs toil h 11 IHH n Ion. isuiii'cr hv ill g Lilts of the 1 ad n-: is, iti fromthcrioirsb, 1. w t.tlc street un sil b.d slursweitre u'-'s flu, the ten In d siitims lad esidiiits m lu I to thi upi cr flm r the i attci.ijts l> I M, it Pd is though 1 1 I oil-1 inert o bodies of in flits ssir.r im sed from ithtr pirts .if tht frnklni indthoceiiL. oil of ten p ts 1 .smile HU Ib' miuie.1 wen rtmosc.i to ml the dp.l bodie, were taken to i tl nuv't t f >r iden U iti< n been raised THO bul lan iw .rLl'1' 's'< m be us tlif s, "rs of scs en serious wounds that she rttustd in luls _ _ taut w IT i r.oii A w IN now of a toK.a Hc.sUf of H. r CiilTTVNOO, s irs 2-Lni iiHUi.ii imuUtto two b ird, d i th IU c lml1" tr'" Kim.i oft, 1 .rte w n <-i w .shiwl he tarns N, r llil'l.iiaii she o eiie 1 a NEW February 2 NotwiUistand- ne all that has been said abont the death of pnze-fightmg in New Orleans, Kilraiu ap- peared in the role of a gladiatortoday at West End m tbe full light of day with the police keeping guard over the crowd in front of as fine an assemblage as eser gathered oil such an occasion Kilra-n made a good deal out of the SulUsan fight, but his flight from tbe lass and bis sub-equent return to bland trial at the jnte of lus defeat bj Sullivan, cost him a! be h id In consequence, be w a-s not flush ss lie he came from Biohburg to New Orleans after having been found guilty of assault and batterj The pugilist has many friends here and tUy were anxious to get up some sort of exh bitioii to assist him His re- turn was at tUo right tune There was a heavy weight star in the pup I istic firmament of New Orleans, whom many people commenced to bebese was of the nrst magnitude His name is Telix VacqueUne, a tall, strapping youngster of French aiicei-try. quick on his feet, strong as a lion, aud bands like battering rams, both as to B17O and dnv ,ng powers So when Kilram came there was a match, waiting for him WHERE THE FIGHT TOOK PLACE The theater at West End was the scene o I the contest, and both men were at the lake side early tor tbe meeting The fight was withsoftglosesfora purse of two thousand dollars The crowd commenced assembling at 2 o'clock By 3 30 there w a, a notable gather- ing of iiearlv fifteen hundred people Tickets w ere plaeed at S3 aud and had thedoublo effect of shutting out impecimiou-s hoodlums and making the gate receipts more than pay the purse .Some of the oldest an 1 best were out There wore promme it educators me libers of the exchange and boil ton clubs fPdPnl state md cits. MUitiuipn and and race horse men were out u, force In IMC c S About T TOP m K.lnu, stinted u, like in Indiui.'i.fh rchtadcd md iblinkct w r c 1 aioundhssh uldcr, leii n im.tcs late, ae qucl m maiehtd in will, his rein. .1. a ,1 was lo.mdcd a. oMt.oi, Kiliain sc cut. H illj shn.ed ill the goiuralsbip f'rssl, ch he is noti d TUT mtsi uiit In the first louud he tried to Iraw Vicque line in, but the latter w as w irs and nes er .ncoa-sumtltheoflensis. 1 h, low s 111 Ins left, but f.und I. m' "its 1 ben be me r md found ht eould Him s. hililliehtls sit, his left when he si pied in qui. k anu lan lid onthoficp, md acque hue dcl.stnd half arm swmg- with oil Iho neck or jaw aid cln died This blow consancnd YacrHielitie- hev is beaten allbot hi t. unht plupkilj on On the fust (bub 1 ne t it in s u. funt sb.rtirm icliirns on tho si IP Mt< r tint hi louhl.iot touch Kiliain v JUS done m th, nrst round Till SI ROI ND InthP scoon I round K.lrun repelled hu h.lf armbloss ml SUUPI 7. d tli. s, out of ,c incline mi elm, h so th it w 1 1 t ht hi... go dr pi id kn.o nsal w.ikt. 1" rushed in ml c me un .t tit sum time ss in'inrf his m on tl e no, k It ..Ulnnr- to end u, n U isth.n b I thepoTiet md lefcre. mt.rfciel h, n tho round eiidid Vaiquthn s jaw w as sisilling up and hisnbs ss tr, losj InthP third s ism.rt c mf 1, n and swung out bis hat r u s d t tl d, tinsise s btu 1 c fail. 1 t" r U iltd i left 1 u l r oil his ,f'.r the 11 s It w.s M.UUO <1 noe but t- ass ,v like i c.t riien he hisri'ht.iit icuii 'ii f f b .15 and, n 1 w." ,1 1, is in-his ng'itl an 1 f f r n H swung around in 3 si ru, k w tli t, -H.< nee Hncs J iw 1 s 1, r i, 1 sic cssiei, He got .w ly v ill, if, s] h. r, turns He ripitedt'i, I erf, in 1 1 ..K lusn lit three UI us 111'1C "H tli s, n J w I.i "the Kilr.u, ke, t ,t after tht c.Iltf TIIHP an 1 a u s as nnrls r, adj to fall w m 11 h.s sec. i Is I 'c 1 nseKS ,1T Olx-irs mv THI- M Postonlce Inspectors Arrt-st an Pojrtmaster in Soutli Carctma CHARLOTTE, C Jebruai-s 2 [spe, ill] The arrest of tho oung min, JaaicsII Ooss, assistant at lilacksbure SemtU Carolina, yesterday, was a detideu xai- sation in that section had for astral years hold a position ;iu the at Blacksburg and wasosais'ant un- der the democratic adirumstraooii He w as regarded as a capital moral, and of exceptional abil.t) hen Mr J M Guyton was appointed last jear, be continued Gossan Ins assistant, and evervbods apiiiauded him for U.e ait borne weeVs igo compluiits berfa'i to b. re- ceis ed at the department at ish alxjut letters being nfled srlule 11 tr-u sir upper South Carolina and InsptcM-b Clirk a id Tate of the Lhilta.Higi ens ision were assigned to run down tbe troubh HOW THKY -WOKKE1> IT A-ftermanj daja hard tbcs located tbo trouble m the om, e das thes ssent therein and told tho storv to Postmaster G us tin who .'id not bc- heseawonl of it The uis, otnrs oi.lerpd that tbe postmast. r Hike his d who also assisted in the om, i, ami go away for a davortB leasing esprst'liv m chaago of his assistant, Ulr Tlic postmaster ulieyed The u ammjeil fisp decoy letters, and two hun- dred dollars All store ma. pd letters reiobcd Bl r iujn in the went t.. s omit, and oe- maudedtosec them This were opened be- fore bis eves and as the monc-i wa.s mills ng, tbe mspeotors searched an 1 foun 1 tho monej on bis person Ooss s, as uiken cusy todj and carried to fspartanburg an I b nilitt over to tbo the f. leril ourt. It is thought th it ho has s.iooe, d, ,1 h. pu ling in some fifloeu himdro 1 doll irs b is ng boon "doing business since Dciiinuei-JM of hKS year_______________ A MAN s 1 KI- He riacce a Kail thP TnrTi of tho Columbia and K.nlroad GBFB'NSIILS, S 0 rebruirs J i >1 As the passiuger tram fr m Columbia on the Columbia and ( was orossng Dim s cr ,ssmg al tl r imlta from this citv sostordis itwissig- nal cd to st >p bj Uu HP. lion In, 's 11 It hid come to a standstill u w LS mid tl it the. section bands had jisl dis. s r, 1 ru, 1s, ng aorisslli, traik wh.l, s, es d re for ,1, seof ti assistance of the trim Is i s, u I, was nide for the eilts I me- wliul ru- siilted ill tl, ,rr s ,f a s mull 's w uv XU'S I'n 1m l t s, c and uas in i s ceiidlt on L SS ITH SSH1SICS irchell, Ills' his perse n 1 ipp in ntls a, tl i m h 1 it.iiccconf.ssilt, 1 I 1 rul tl ert, but did 11, t si, m t) ri i tl n, r m y of lineiinu but liter, -w b, 1 in t soh.r be wound to puli.l's it ami sei mcd to r, gr, t it s rs m, I H, i, is hi m.htto tl, ,u 1 ,1 1 'I ip IIP, mi. nl the d.p.t ssl irr, 1 him t> th, still, wl ,u 1 riiniK 1 im-H takin oliirp, of bj tl i nff fhc limily ibscosirs In th< s, ti n hmels wimostoporttjie for th, "from' eU <d 1 i it kn, ss wb was'.i tl Him aii.l hal no ill fetln, r THJ THIH- AI O'lT How tl.e 1-rnp. t .r I 1, st r, 1 h. 1 Ki h SOI ICITOKJ TUC KISSFLI.. ille Denounced ,pHS e-s roug mdicm.i.s tin, the s.iirs I arge 5- ire in IJanbury The Disaster at Nottingham enui so badly in of tue explosion is as I-alse da ri'.ruar-, 2-To Th. f nsti s.tmr.l Luss, 11 in his ele, before th, ituro, I wishloswitothitl base cscrj ooi.fnb uce n tht mtcgnts and 1. nor f tl at Ib, er an 1 know that jour dispatch from nsville is fvlsc Editor Banner Senator Coli.nltt s Lpctnre XFSV "i OI.K Februarj 2 A. II Co' ofG.orgia lectured to an uiiusuall} I irgc audience at a meenng of the Airerican Teinrcrance union today He made in en thus, estic speech en the temperance question, that I am dem ocratic Iwinttosas that democracy ami drunkenness are not the same thai g. aid I doiitvsishanv of mv democratic fnendj to eiitcrta-n tbe idei that being m fas or of tern Pera, ce is g opposed to democracy Both part es are afraid of the liquor vote There would be no talk of solving the race problem if tlio mm shops were closed 1 ue address ssras trequcntly applauded Orlppe KUled Hun. IACKSON, February An dre T S Hussey, L'Ostmaster at this place, d.ea of la grippe at 7 KJ this morning His ances- tor Captain Hussev, of Kent, England, came over the Masnower Captain Hos-ey was born on the island of Xantucket, in 1804 He was ui tbe whabng sers ice at an earls age, and had charge of vessels on the west coast of late Stephen G.rard He was the coast survey of tbe United States lor many yeS? and commanded tbe United States steamer Actrre on the Pacific coast during the late war. _____ a_______ Tne Cliess Contest. HAVANA. February seventeenth. game of the chess contest between Tscbigm Ind Gunsburg resulted in a draw, after fortj- SLX moves had, made. ss <ut uni'crthe crtumstuir s liars up the sponge and Kilram w i, dc d tl c "Tioqilline or.d wint.d amtticrco Kllnn but rtu ill d ''Ct" i Kbt reminded L m to ro, eit b il Kl.r hC' 'ears anlKil n will 1 rohablv_b oe k a from ll- t verdJct of not gnfltv w as rendered and .he v 1 ,6 prisoner was discharged_______ 1 f "I nat mtl Ir......... P.ALFIGH X C February 2 j jeuatth. ,1" A "J_2- i SI nroriinence of the litigants, lends, great ....nsell wssiled- NEWSPAPER! WSPAPLRI

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