Saturday, January 25, 1890

Atlanta Constitution

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Atlanta Constitution on Saturday, January 25, 1890

Atlanta Constitution, The (Newspaper) - January 25, 1890, Atlanta, Georgia x xxi. ____ HOIKS" LITTLE JOKE. ATLANTA, GA., SATURDAY MOIiXING, JANUARY 25, ruicL rn i, I 1 JJ I- UO( It t C INDORSED BY REPUBLICANS r EL T VII.OK5. ite- Them Hoiv Tariff Reform rectlj Affeits Them. i o lainiirv JJ letter from ex Prefli ml mil i- rt Ail tnilav at the ron e--i >n tli" i ustom cutters national in follows I vonr address inarle at in il in-Ill tail, r- as 111 s in l v ith inti ri-t II uf ii I im afra 1 'ill. u i ttiz. us are t ,o run rt n I in j and t CORA IN COUBT. h i] p i -igii h t n nit U n h i, 111 nig t. l i l -I u- f 1 .thiliisilves M n Iv in I with the -in, ere ll t n tl re nriiitr- I think i th n u'l >t -u h di-c i ssi ni I 1 ,v I i I I I v I I VM> lien ill r t one I j Mr t of Th nttei l- i il on tl in. nl of th. t mi! nlu Ilon Vii l xi.tlv MI ilir htttr in 1' nn i n I it i-} it n in i h thi Uttcrhi 1 I. iiiitul inlid it-th ink, t cltvt I XFtUTIHL TUTU THE EVIDENCE STRONG AGAINST HER She Is Cliarfrcd inlli Chloroforming Her H 11-blind III to His Mom The Stor} of TTei Marriage. WFNTWORTH, N C .7 miui-v 24 Hie tri-1 ol "In Cm a Ma> Scales Morris began at Wtntworth todav Mis Morl.s ts ilnrgtd v it'i hi.viiigcm.std thjotlesliof her hiisbiinl Ii) ililon form Vugust MislSSO flu rt vv a large rrovv Moms, the pitttj voung vv omtm chaigtd with ihlorufoiming hti hu-jbRiid lost Ii i minutes bi fi re-10 o clock, nev er seen together on the streets or at any sort of gatherings, and although twice t-verj Sabuath Mr Morris occupied his Feat in the Methodist church his Tiife was never seen b} ius side HE MAKES HIS WILL On August t, Mrs Morns told her busband tltat If he -would make will ol .ll v fi immmv I mes I ,111 IlllUllV 21 XJICC ll 1-JtlS I.JIT th it th N ishv lit vMll in the in iriui i. puss into tilt AV lUiain M nis I his g. nth man thellvii in I liiinin lini running ui I Br i I -ti it- th. n in a south IT 1 v ill in e. t this with tin SMI! liit 11 tiinv mil l.irin a ni 1 Nr 111 leans 1 ith Morinw mo N ishvillt i i UK h'c nil n- l 1 nil lull in IV I Unl t I u U ll Jlcitn I If-hf alked into the court-room, 'ew se, i mis a phR, ton, drtwn bj droveupm fiontof thecxiurt- >lom- the fill defendant, 111 h 1 Ul N ll ll .1 ivs I I- N VV l M Ml nil lit. f ntr -mil -.h 11 In ll h t II f l 'hi i-t ibllsl I 1 t' r ul it 11 111 I i, ll 1 fiv. l ll V mil v ill 1 I.' 'I Iv I t in I irlv ll 1 Mill l .t. II n In i n i 1 tl" m ichirn l nl i il ills v 1 i n r iki in t! i 'mi' s i f I irki I ml I ii OJ 'I >M '.re. n. Hut M i M id SMI O H. V ilton uk-i'ii II i-h u i I il M Ii vvns I i n i i i is i-' I ll i-l ill 1- 1" I, VI i n- 1 I n I 111. th' 1 I I i I I l th it n Ui it ri i I mil in a f. two b1 irk huiise ind Mrs alighted blie was- aci ompaiiitd M some of htr rtlatlvcs a d at the c. uithouje door vv OS joint 1 by Inr itl.intjs Jttb-is Mtline lilt ml K 1! klcim, Mho esioited litr mtn the court-room Mr, Moms has almost tompletolj recovered from the terrible shoi k giviii Inr bv being axiesttdoii so sci.i us J. chaigi mil todaj she Jooks hie she w i s eiaiovmg robust In iltli hhe took i s k re ilinnti I'limi tl> U o i Ii ik it ret md Uomi K ,t .lovvii t hnsiin s VV IT N 1- J and Kith he ilehitred to her the policv Three dajs ll'ii, Moiidaj inonnng, August Mr Moms 11 as found in Ins lied mill a hind kenlnef thoroughly saturated with chlonv toiiu oier Ins fue Lid, H Williams the cook wa.s 'he hrst to that Mr Moms na.s dead and lien she told Mrs Morris, she told her t go on ab ut her business Liddj.hon eiei told Sam Wall and he 11 cut and spread the nens around toun Several 11 irm friends of Mr Morns went to inquire about there port, but his v ife told them it voj, false and hoi hush md vi ai, oulj resting The corom i rilmnnl a verdict that decevseil c une tolas diath from ihloioforin admimsUrcd b> his i fe aiul she was then placed under arrest. E3LI.JSON MOCNTS'S STOKY. He S.1J9 the llatfields Made Him Commit tlie Crime f.u WliiUi He Is to Die loMLLt, January .M Hhsoii Mounts, mil of thu lljtrie'd gang n ho is In Jill at I'iki Mile, Kj unil, r sintenie if d, ith for the muidiiof Mf uUaMotov has "eiit this I, tier m his onu h i diluting to the e litor of the Times of this citj PIKFVII.LF JVIT Jinuaij 17 T, tht Kill tor I im Flllson Mounts u ho is tobe h lilted at Pihi Tebiuarj IHth in THE HOME STSETCH. AELLl KIl 11LK Bit E PREPARATIONS TO WELCOME HER nnon Will Boom on (he Arrival of tli 1 Area-rate Time Will Be Bislaiul ontheOceau. YORK Jinuary a m [Spi eiil Blj vviU have lomplete.l liei tnp a-ouml tlie world at "J oiloik tins afternoon if the Ptnnsvlvaiii i railroad tram on which she is a is on ttme The monitnt In r fitl toueb the ill n< t platform ill Citv ill Ntu rk will knov it Ttn v ill hooin a thinnii roils from Battnv l irk ami u the s une inst til' till prims will loir a salmt fiom [ill reent pirk Blooklvii Tin timer, vv ill -I 11 ir iv itthes and f. r tin m-t tun mlhi iston of the woild tin rt vinll bl i. oided th of the eiith hv .1 nn m without osinrt.i alt. liiUnl weeklv rev levi J tndc eiilertlv more fav ira vveatner has I r a and iinpr v eineiiT in labo- hav trade and iniUibtrj in i abatuig at tin east m taiiate in tlir hiiik, sh othi-r p flit ul Logan iss f i n v tnld r t i .1 it f i v m nt, il s, t (.ithii I tin I ill.- vi is tl i- i. 11 nn 11 11' i M Ol i r n i K ,d 1 1 nn vihisli ,t Ml I n I h! 1 In- 1 i In in Hi tn-vl 1 iv 1 i M 111 1 nn. l- n inn n d 1 vi h n U ,1 .1 'I n I" 1 IV 1 1 IttollH V 111 till 1 1 v tl 1 ti i -e ami the j t i 1, A e -i vihfie f i U j: I mil i I ruth, r of the il, "i' i iirlv tli- m run anil hid tin in( i o i 1 11 11 ,i l.iin il Tit. in mi f ill -t in t tl nk Vii -tin n il I. mil _ Intn-i II is h i I l, dj -i ins I Ii 1 tli I mi n tl It 111 II in! u r u vii I nr s it r- ri. Mi i.l, m in ixcUUnt rnit II urn. T. th Blast I n n rv Spi ill 1 Al u ll inril in M like' h i Ilu Itlihni -mi i h i n- i n t i J he tv re is 1 repu I 1 1 i-t of nvt i n II.! Sev l ril In. l t mull r I le III i-t ind 1 vmiir. ipr in i tv OItl i t ll l t lllT MK lin hivnil n u. lid tuo OIIIH is of ililoiof mi mil ihaitli to Mr ins Alt I suit the ohlora f mi is 10 iu M Guodi ulin 11 i- tlin hi-l iilnti crsnn to L, into Mi Mojnss iftrr Ins il, ith i IN i in oil llio i ill i--s stuiil Hu Mis Moms did not Mint linn t) into Mr Mir si ills not ill nl Im' sleep i TI i nn ot th ,-e tht othci tvv m (rroi- Thi I I In il OM Hntih i_4 It Hntinin-on known Hi 1 spenilatfr his hi- iltli It tiiir. in i U of V, I 111' Il o i ti e is on tht i tl r I inn ,1 pi l e- thi in lint Hut, hill linn hint-oil -t illm.s amis iv-It i-inlv l I1AI 1 dl 1U1S kill ,11 w S c ill j.licid at Illlil I th I it id 1 1 tin t pi u uifr m tha K 1- HI CU- N 4 rd MIS rfeeived m th it eorcr T omicherrv I-hier of tl c Ihi l in this in tliiiii.'l hi- hiini in Hi N J ir-ULit l -l divl'oprrl tht fa. t tint hi- at -hrtt tin im< nut f fr-11 lit ,1 1 n l Ir n i Itv thnc and till- ii l 1 -I it 1 It Hi _ t i h t I it i-tinaster Si mhm.l t hi Ii n- ul to duti i -i. i ,1 the l 7 0 eo irt ilimined until tomoriivv in nun RiiilX. Krnl in I X I hn-Miait assis'liu Sohtit i Si tt I, in tic in si i mi. n hit in of t'H- tin i. s. i ms tnli i pu v ulli sentiment th i tin piisomi vvllliot hi vi ti I run linn i, i i pi ,1111 in i n ti 1 iv n in u kr 1 to v 0111 rnnispim Ii nt t i it Omltv <i i" t m, Ninth I u.l i i pnv vv 1.1 cvii iinv i, I so iniilv ivv.min is ilu 1, f ml i il in this t is. Mis Mom- Minis to bold up u laikiblv will s In s n ,11- posiliin 1 hi i isi i i'l en-lime s me d iv s i m vv eel It i- itti u tinr uidi -i n ol M ti it-I HISH i nil i v-i- Mi ori Miv Moms is in vv tnentvme v< us i_i if sin ill 1IR1 u splenlidh liinidl i full bloinli n_n Hr ft Him- siimu 111 u Inn d i xprission it tbt same turn biliivll viviitv and d isb ahi ivs i h ir u l( i i-tic sft i v.iv gruifnl mil idniil ti d bv ill the rtltn-t vv om m m tin- e, tun Slit is Ilu km 1 l l woman that i mm will turn md look at tvvici on tin stuet 01 wbeievei be might si e In i Slu wASthc h lit if I.i kimji mi cinnlv and htr rela- livi, idohicd htl mil livlshed upon hi i ill tint sin uiild wish Mi vv i- cilni ittd ,lt tie best u 111 pes ill the stale am! with bigb hoiiirs Ilavid I the mm sin now -tamls an n-eil of inin'eiinj wisiweiltliv hi 1111 K old h nelor if foilv tive and v ill know n thronphont this slatt Si was a hlld and froliiked ibiut biss.oic .it Pi dsvilh be iovid htr Vs tlie "irl srevv oldi r bis mf iti on for hi r trtvv stuingti But Mr Moms w is not ora s mtiloriiim lit w i-if avtrv ipiltt tnsy disposition pn us ami v, Iv e uclcs-m lus drtss l no dud. sli pioclivitn-whl ever 1 ol l loiv time t_. ri n glided hi.n as a frliml but when he pioppse1 to lit r was greatlj SUM iisid and s, i find the idea o motber mairicd in.1 htr was so mean to mt I could in t si iv at home 11 one To an foi me I vv in dtii d about sleeping m bains md intruding to live fnod I b, gncl from tht people Thtii tin H-unelds toil; mi np mil whiie they vvtie nut kmdti tlnnmypiopli 1 was ifiaid to leave tliini JviturUly I tin ins. Ives the work bid to be done b> some im and 1 did it Ev tn tbtn tnffcd md kickul mi iboutas'f I w is i dog of piv dil 1 get I kntvv no one but tin tiilhtll- lliiv rfivi mt no schooling an 1 H vi is n >t until I vv is inistcd and put in jail tb it I k irmd to unti Tli llttfichl-threat- cm iltu kill mt whin 1 t.llked of g. ms ivv n mil btside-T hid no frlitdstogo to, mil n, oi i to utvisi me I is dn n to do vvh it I mi hue fi i 'VV hi n I isktd tiimn for htl] tin v woul I aiiswi i, wolk nuisi hi s N iw I mil i bclimgidfirvvh it S w a ml' to ilo Tin si mi n in now f ic mil i mill u ill e livim, to gt t s >me o hci 1 ov t i' si iitth ng th it is IK t nUit f i d in In iv i kiirvst'i t! v m d, in. ;o WHO them i as mi! up amiiig thiii with neillie fitliii nil fin nils to lip ni tv vias iiaik blalk bliaui- mv iinitlii r did not ininv until 1 w is nine oil >Ier hi it me I had to lei Onlv the Ha field- would give ire shelter ttnd made me do hat tin vv anted me t. Foi ilrov t me aliom this and i ffiew uptiithnik thiv won m i-.k rs Wher aw IT fi om tin m I w is if raid to sny nn 111. vv is mv own and now the men who u .ulc in. do it lie free and I am to be hanged It w is m Pike countv in the fall of 3SS7 mil I une- mit cim and ini-tcd lie vv is tiki 11 him trf the Kathelds md ni-c' to-tav ml work I afi >id to lea e be i ause tl o and they would kill me if I did m I s-hi ptd off and wcnttoinv mothers and went to work Then the; i mi wi h fin and midc mt go biek I his wis IMI divs bffoii the trim vi is tiinmittid 1 did n ,1 want t h irl these people fi i thiv bid nit mjire nn but I h id to go or die beiaust tli 1 Tat In Ids suil tluv would kill me 01 mv one tl- vi h iviut b.u k on them 1 bus 1 vv as dragge ibiint ill n v 111' and it I had been g ibai ci to get mv Wltiie-ses 1 1 lovin what I hive told I h id no nmnev nor anv "lie to look afte mv mtirests N.OVV then ts nnthmg tor in, d i to iv t mv hfi an 1 I must dit f. r i c those devils foi. i d me to coin nut Flit pi opl in iv n it think I im tilling the truth I n. I wnte iv hit I v Hit to bei msc I d know In vv bill if 1 ould si l vi> vrm Id miki it all pi im I tv t, e Captnn H ittield u Id mt th it iC 1 Ii mv nun whin lit found im In would k] nn V d mail would ni t h iv i 'rtiltl d. g as th. v did mi 1 he iiutidtr ot tin M. ov gnl w is .lie tin m -t tlio. oils cv i r i oninntti d nd h Lliin tnllv i b I rM'IOSIO-S t Ol did il 1 1 M if, u l in t alxnit si uo jrim of inon th l tin i l To nd tn s r. b i-t gin tiiv to H- ri -i entatlves- aim give in-tant mci u- to the ojid its i lit nr ton the orld b e ihsted lln sirv, t-of it rn I moil lib grap.i i mini So ciintendi nt Hum-tone h is arranged To c ,n e t tl i Bltterv ail 1 1 on 11 e puk Ptimsvlv mia ri Iw iv d pot it Iiisiv t TV ywiri- 11 eilinn' vull be 1 lln fl m In iiiinute tut tram i irivnu Miss p SMS ilarktt strelt station Xi u v .lierati r w ill be statmntd w itb in lustrum, nt j t'mi s ght n I ntk on vlmli tlit ti im mil I the ill I vii O J m ir o. nrir 1 th s l I VV ill 111.1 N III. 1 111 1 d III -4 ixpl sn.n rtoiii n in j ilMilh Mi'- Mi th linililli ll 11 il Fr lit mil M Anotbti ujciilor will In ill wi othi i at tin 1 it i iv fi ft )url Biooklvn nn it that point will 1 upp, d mil- oiini ted with the m-luinn ut hv iplm [arlami is ti I mtd a 1 n-j I IiK SH N VL WIT I BI I IV 1, i dca 1 stall 1-ti II In globi gudltr vull alight the linn he t lt> iltraTii Om t i Ii id tin iiirk ml bi i vn will I, ril is it Hi ii t 11 tin In wl .11 t eiits v, ill" be, <li lid bv l'i fi i 1'ivn ifoie Nillie Llv h i-til cu i d. st] -1 ill lit u the boom th t imiomiics t, tin tin imlll n pco) It tht c on if 1 er sk 11ns ng it 'I o ib rl i ,nl nail inlshidbv thi Pi iin-v Iv mi i r uir iai' spm- 11 Tin to Phil id. Il hi i ,1'rvmg i i, nil TUK 11 T unts I) Mill ilf of t Iifi I.huH oi ib. II id Nil mil bmk E B H ni f if tli 1 d Ms Jj'j s moUier IIFR t rCFlTKIN IN PHII V.IIl-1 1 III V litu the sp. till UK us I 1 i'iM] Ini it will be nenviil U i (ii 1 ti i t d mi "i loii-.otmg Liiittl Stalt- Ni J Olhn IhlniisJ Powers Ktcordi r of ed- orgi f, Pierre, Deputy Coronn Thomas I l.ct Counuliiitii Hut Btistv s-niit HainmUt 1 hnriiU n and I. lie- md niii Conn.llmen Klnkiud H ng. i link- II ks VnnoRten Bai7liv Hair n 1 Mi Gomglt, mil ill tlit tlciksof t i 1 hull.IP ist bound i n on v, BIv is i pn eiigir i- t.r vv n stirteilv f.vvhim- iftir Misslly inalnp r. mid the world m tht if tin mopoln.m n u n Hi V mt ill tin s'.amir I.othi I I 1, ft Ouii 11 IOVMI Stitid iv ll, I limit is i w u i md i. n-i "n st JIIM v 1 n 1 b in -vept tin IT l n )l vii t 1 I] it -hi will urivt b t. r 1 Ul 1 iv ;l V l I d ij ol vvitk _______ HTI D J-OK I IM 1 Tiiiik, III t t'vo .1 nk ,1 Mi's I iidn liu ll in n r[ i 1 la-t i athti On I 1 veil iinMd In till Ih h IHPII iinMdlntbi Iniisii, I n 11 zi: in tin uiiantim tlie film i I w n i I-IIP 1 I 'In- Ins win i-mothprpd w it- r iHi HIHII ou tin in fw mm w r In] trid 1 niibspiim ntH I 1 lirce ithii n en win biulh infiin 1 Itwi i j sihte tn roi In e tin fnm 1 f .r twin f 11 h r ml in the meiiitime tin sti line drl'tid Ihi ton i at tin -an i lime imrin-tnrrni t v Hi thnxi ininwhowiri killed wir In d it -e i the sUrmaUiw 1 -.arlm u -hi, ts i i i t i w i i I I I pti Tin I ip 1 tl 111 ish l _ I'PS ill the i-l liter I ipniii I'll 11 I uhub Ml It 1 1 IllIiTHI- IK I SI 1 1 a I fl li I I- >SI ul foi tb i n -ist- ,nl inillury 1 r j t I s to it tin mi H ppniili nil In rlud %re it ll IM> .IIIK'I K tli )ie pk UPI_ killed I ni t the IJvp osiou the jlarni .1 tire jnd the i ries of Iiliii li.nn wi'lin the Iraiklinc hi" onir-kK eaii-ed the a t< i i< ith poor le from tli whn n.wiled rlosc tothp nalKf r bntll honsi- rill wimil lo -ion is nf snfhi lent ti lie t demolish tile tun hoii-es ami the fi 1 f rth n the people in the lilo at the same time were nith nreiLiKC No i in-ei- knoMii but it is mr miocd tliat n tiiral p ii hjil .1 1 uinul iti d m the i .1 v ille r nlr j.J l H I- w Iiif.hlv t miunridi d l> the bar The court a Ij i mn-d rt ihc jurv returned tiicir m which t'ie r, )K on wa i Thon.--iiul in n.r ai vihii! Utei i MS-iJtrallc uisiu-sioii n tin d, nltd upon the policy which will govern 1 i inu tin- congress in the wolk of I inldiiig tin ii, invv" This is in brief that greitbneof l iiili -Inns like the English Ben Bow should be !n ti nit! 1 it once cEuuller and MiPhers-on vi r ire not in aieord with the decision M u i d mil io.uont> and mmoritj reports will be stiUiniited to tiie senate P C toui anmnrt tli lempennce i nioii Neai ing the f.oal- v< O 24 Nclhe Kir on her vorld, reacUcd tins city at 8 o clock tins morniiiK a speca tram rom Kansas Citj and left -it lo TO o clock on the regnter railroid trim for ISe-n She omorrow. there about 4 p m tomorrow. for him to "go and as he de- clined to do this, she jumped out of the bod and weoit to another room, where she remained during the night, and at the b-eakfast taoie the nevt morning, she demanded that they oc- cupy entirely beparate -uid in that manner they lived up to the t me of her hushand's death Sir Mrs Moms were i ith linn WAR -hot voimtls was tli" mam EX-SJfc.N4.TOK After a Montli'9 Suffering He Passes OtHer a January 24 Senator Riddleberger died at 2 o clock tbis morning He has been confined to his room since the hell days He T a nnconscions for three weeks, ex cept at intervals His funeral will take place to- morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock The interment will be at Edmbnrg RICHMOSD, Ta., Jannarv J I- Car- nncrton, of tue exchange hotel and Hanard house, died here this morning. h nil) 1 e n n hundred Tlie plaintiff Kiza o' the ntan h-nl Itf-a-l the la-tPiflmontexiro-iiri 'n the lent v thrown at a lt r rt -I ,.jji- I >n vrJterdav e fa-t r _ .1 i I Hi Jt Hi' patetl the arnl nine tt lus dtattb irora a i oiiTt- of rarliolif tnkfn wi It AT'lH'ar'i thjt Jrrn'- il 1ft i a h If jrf-r Whatley, spetial agent of t and Loan association, of Atlanta vzed a bianch association here tomsht Tue ctor ter members represented in The officers vrere elected A. Warren Lott. BeCTetary and t 3. L. Sweatt, u a lad' iKg nbecomiMj; j. n n incnt-ij'x dtr'i'1_

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