Wednesday, October 17, 1928

Key West Citizen

Location: Key West, Florida

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Key West Citizen, The (Newspaper) - October 17, 1928, Key West, Florida Associated Press Day Wire Service Citizen For 49 Years Devoted to the Interests of Key West VOLUME XLiX. No. 247. KEY WEST, FLORIDA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOMIl 17, l'J28. PRICE FIVE CENTS AREJtEPORTEDJ CHICAGO FOUR EXPLOSIONS IN HONOR BENEFACTOR TALLAPOOSA TO BE STATIONED AT KEY WEST WIDELY SCATTERED PARTS OF CITY TO- DAY OF BLIND AT MEET IN ST. LOUIS OCT. 18 INFORMATION RECEIVED IN CITY IN TELEGRAM FROM A- CHICAGO, Oct. 17. An explosion of four bombs in widely scattered parts of the town today broke otherwise a calm here. Three of the bombs were directed at tire and battery shops, and the fourth at a shoe store. Owners of the places were unable to suggest a motive, but police say they see a hand of labor racketeers in the tire shop bombings. TWO INJURED IN EXPLOSION AT VEBIGRE COUNTRY-SCHOOL DYNAMIT- ING SIMILAR TO DR-. LEWIS <ltv Aimirlnleil NEW Y011K, Oct. for "a large part of the steady progress toward lessening blind- ness in thc United States" is; given to Dr. Paik Lewis of falo in an announcement oJ a V.u Jwdjlalq for 50 the ou-sed old- Jn hc was aP' i todny. Two chddicn miincd ni Ihe CXplosiMIl fU'j In a hos- pital The the ran1 in Ihe Illinois hotnhmg, plan led in the school house Only Ihe fact that th-j children j had j-rone out to nla.v iiist hefoic' pointed by the governor of New1 York as chairman of a state com-' mission to study thc causes ofi blindness. Since then he has been active in such social -work even lo the extent ol financing from his own pocket some eatly years ol the national society. Garris says thc percentage of blindness 's sore eyes has ex-plosion p.evenled a heavy jcut G4 ccnl in lhc 20 hst. Nc.ther school teachets or i school trustees could advance any motive tor the dynamiting. I years. BANK ROBBERY IN ARKANSAS RAINS RETARD FARM WORK IN MANY SECTIONS BANDITS MAKE GET-AWAY REPORT ISSUED SAYS CIT- RUS CROP IN FLORIDA NOW GREATLY IM- PROVED WJTH IN CASH is v Aanocutled McGJIEK, Aik., Oct. A court for culling down shade trees to 'iffSTcc W.TV for Ins station. TWO ARE DEAD FROMJLIZZARD SEVERAL ARE MAROONED ON PIKES PEAK, REPORT j t Aillinii! Iht' ipprdvtil of the MI Oct. eiU council. Those tiuos vveio I o- 17 id, car old New moved to impiovc the Idling sta- KiiElfind. is passing through After Ihe inavoi's sta- j'.lie nnvi i (tpei icricc of absent'' had been operating Iti'l govcinmeiil by a nrtivoi rebidim- disti K t !hal he in jail in another city WJl- into u business dis- Aiidii-w "1-iossv" t !H' was dunned a nd (onvitt- yoling, .'ed-han'ed rl "r "pciiiting a gasoline sta- gtuned national note when he -mou'Lion without a pc-iinit, and I lie di-.- eleclion as mayoi ol Newhuiypoi I L assessed in last winter. But the iiuit oi nniiosed a sentence ol toiy has had a taint ol bitterness days during a nonc-too-siiioothly 'run-j "Bossy" appealed. And while Hint- administration. And mm 'ilis appeal was pending he vumhl is m jail in Salem Lhe state firo marshal for aid a j-asoline station rl- for storage of gaso- legally 'line The Nevvbuiyport City That filling station has been a' Council expel icriced a change ol Miuice ot both ambition and hoart and voted him a put nut. His tribulation for Mayor Gillis, even '-ought goal apparently with- long beloie he became mayor Mayor Gillis was plans to dispense gasoline at i movnl to tears. But more coin- chosen corner ol undoubted com-1 plications over the question ol mcicial value early ran on tin t uasoline tollowed. locks ol a zoning'ordinance and, And when his case was i each- official disapproval. supeiior court "Uossy" Gdlis' decision to seek the clnel Pleaded guilty to thc thaifics. executive office of his (home ua-, Sentence ol 00 days' hard labor lone ol the fruits of his dil- alul of were imposed ferences with previous city ad While "Koss-, S" Ii rends dis- mmistrations. After a clean-cut cuss plans Joi a p.uole, insisting victory at the polls, "Bossy" at1 that he has clone much Jor the city once became best- -md contending that he is mone known mayor. The lact that he popular-than mayor CITY, Oct. When Jose De Neon Toral, year-old ait student of Guadala- jara, shot and killed Mexico's president-elect, Gen Ahaio Obie- gon. piobably he least ol.all pi'e- sumed his lilt- would be spaied beyond peremploij cour-tmartial and execution. Possibly a day longei of life. maybe or three, he may have hoped lot. but Mexican histoiy replete with piecedent aplenty for summary action those guilt.v ol such deeds as his. Uut the same influence that ed him I rum death on the spot at the hands ol General Obie- uron's I fiends has taken a course the most hope! ul would haidl> have lorecast. and today, three months after the assassination, in a icslauianl at San Angel, near here, July 17, Toial is still although a pusoner and lacing criminal liial b.v the civil authori- ties for his deed. The mtluence that saved him on the ol his crime was the advice of the more onservative at the which ended in Obregon's death. I they said, when some j would have shot him on the spot "Wail, and lit us see who else is in fins thing If we kill him vvc shall have destroyed 0111 best evi- dence against Ihe others, and pi bablv the real mnlelac- toi.s. is this man but a lord "loial's lif< was spared that <lav and he suhjei ted to ing (juestioning svlnch, nlthough he denied he had inspnation oth- er than "God" his act, lesnlt- in multitudinous ;irl-esty, Iv among members oi' his family and various church organizations Most pioniiiiLiit among those ar- rested was Ihe 'HIM, Concepcion Aceveda dc' la Lata, Keeper ol a convent near Mexico Oily. In the- couis'.' ol the investiga- tions linally implicated the Molhel in his deed with the wolds that she had "in- directly ml luc'iiced" him. Otheis poisoned pins with them charges made hovvev er, uei e had bounced a solid fist off tin about the citv's business in Salem chin of a previous mayoi, his Jal1- p-ulet' havo bcen asidc loitlnightness and Keneialh t-o some device in his case to pc-r- j colorful temperament attiacted mit him to cai ry out his duties ol ever-widening interest. office When he went to New Yolk loi a triumphal toui, a lelinuc of ACTIVITIES AT POLLS prisoned for 0 minutes. AUTO ON RAILS (lly 1'rcxs) MONTREAL, Oct. 1 tion trips over the and will be made by en- in a sedan model automo- bile designed for traveling on lails. United States weather bureau said today. The <Ity Ammnctntft, UKNVEK, Oct. temperatures and rain today brought promise of relief I the blizzard which swept the report said "citius is j Rocky Mountains for three days greatly improved and beginning I claiming- two lives and maroon- newspapermen availed in his ho- tel bedroom and tollowed him about town. I Back in Newburyport, again.1 from there weie clashes with member of the city council when they ie- fused to endorse some appointees A policeman he removed irom tl.e MUST BE CARRIED ON 15 FEET AWAY to color. Packing houses are gen- erally active with fruit passing the test and moving from many groves. 7 SHOPLIFTERS IN NET ty fhiew out idiagnet in a local de- partment stoic and caught 7 wo- men shoplifters in an hour. MONROE THEATRE TODAY MANJRAZY Featuring JACK MULHALL "A Superb Romance" RECEIPTS OF COMMITTEE ARE ANNOUNCED injr seven nersons on Pikes Peak and hundreds of TALLAHASSEE, Pla., Oct. 17. -Postei and circulars aclvcitis- force was reinstated by a court's of aspirants writ of mandamus. to of I ice may he distributed near Jose DC Leon (above) and Conccpcion Aceveda dc la Lata. char KIM! that Mother Corn ejicion had plotted with th< m to kill Obiegon bv means ol bombs, and to kill both Obii'gon and I'icsident Calles at a dam e at at winch a voting uomun vvas to icl. thc'in ith while she danced .Most these against the nun, denied by those making them when they weie conli onled with thc'ir .iccused, and I'inalU lauveis act- ing on her behall and on Ihe hall oJ othei.s Lion with the case brought a mo- Iron for release on giounds in- sufficient evidence beloie the Me supn nu i our t Kviihnie and jtigumonl on the mo1 ion vvelc1 heaid the last in .Seplcmliei In I In. ionise ol the hearing eimstanllv i e- iter.ited Ins denial-, ol complicity of others m the assassination, and "only God iniliienc'td" him. AIRCRAFT LANDS AT SCOTT FIELD LAST, NIGHT WITH NOSE CRUSHED lit} Aviiuciated SCOTT HELD, 111., Oct. The stoiy ol a three-houi fight with storms over the Mississippi .River ncai Memphis was told by the crew ol' thc United State dmgible KS-J, od into its hanuai heie last night with its nose ci ushed. The ship icturning from an exhibition flight to San Antonio. Captain E Kepner, who was in chaigc. said ''it was the most violent weather i have ever seen trom the an. It seems almost miraculous that our ship should have come thiuugh. I thought ib was all up suveial times. The first heavy squall lipped thc en- velope near the nose and ciush- cd the nose biaces." HERBERT HOOVER TERMED "KILLER" OF T Called Missing Charlie Ross And Dorothy Arnold ARCHDUKE; STARTED THE WORLD WAR deer hunters scattered th.ough-j "Bossy" busied himself with polls during the coming elec- out Coloi-ado highlands. Three employes of thc firm that operates a summit house on top of Pikes Peak were snow- bound feet above sea lev- problems of reorganization and found time for a few speaking dales here and there about New England, hut he refused a tho Attoiney ville contract. General Fifd If. Davis says in an el, but their position was not be- lieycd to he (dangerous. tion, molded that such distribu- tion ij not made: within 15 feet Last June the storm brewing "pinion rendered here. over "Bossy's" proposal to operate T h" lli-foot distribution liniita- Half way peak ifourj" filling station took definite lion is by Section 27] persons weie stranded at a half- as Gillis was sum-1 of thc revised general statutes, the ____ way house. j moned to court for felling shadr-' attorney general explained. Mail planes resumed flying and DEMOCRATIC ORGANIZATION trains aifc getting through, but! TAKES IN AMOUNT RE- are blocked in Montana' and Wyoming. PORTED TO BE OVER TWO MILLION If it is not too let's start a whispering campaign against Hoover. They one has been started against Smith. They say anti-Smith pcisons have bc-.-n go- ing about whihpenng afc follows: 1. Smith is a Catholic. 2. He is uncouth He weais a blown deiby. 4. fie says "foist" Icn. "first." 5. Once, on a hot day, he said hc would like- to blow the troth off a schooner of beer. (This last is obviously the hunk. Smith is smooth-shaven. He would not have to blow the fioth off a glass of beer. That custom was stinted by men with large mustachois to prevent tell- tale snowy patches of froth from clinging to the mustache to seive as a give-away to inquiring Now, for this Hoovci whisper- ing campaign, we shall require about expert xvhrspcreis and they ought to be able to whisper in at least two or more foreign languages, for we must cater to LACONIC CLASSIC the loiL-ign vole. Wi want these whrsptieis lo sl.ulk silently about on nights between the houi.s of midnight and A a. m., whispeiing Ihe following set of little-known' facts horn Herbert Hoovci'- lurid past: 1. lie is a Catholic. 2. lie is uncouth He was the fellow who killed the Austrian Aichdukc in 1911, thus starting the World Wai. WILL TELL OF OCEAN FLIGHT YORK, Oct. tenant Commando Charley E. Rosendahl, who was a passenger on thc Oral Zeppelin, will tell his experiences of the ti ip over u na- tion-wide hook-nil tonight. J; He will he introduced by Ame- lia Kaihait, first woman to make a successful I light acioss the At- lantic. GOVERNOR SMITH OUTLINES PLAN FOR SPEECHES DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL' NOMINEE TO MAKE SEV- ERAL ADDRESSES IN NEXT THREE WCEKS (llj il 'Oct IV. invaded Belgium, is the missing Charlie i Ross and also thc missing Doio- j thy Arnold, and he killed ICIweil. j (i. lie once wore a grav fedora witfi '.he biim turned up in liont and down in back and with a red feathci stuck in the hand. 7. He butters hi.s ladishe.s. 8. He says "Pardon me." 9. lioth he and Al Smith are rcallj .Senator Cuitis in disguise, I and Senator Curtis, if he- could' be induced to take off his mus- tache, would stand levealed as Sonatoi Robinson, who in private life Senator Boiah. Mo, 'Oct IV. The tentative peaking jiineraiy of (iovcinoi Smith for the final two v. eels ol Ihe campaign call for an at lioston and I'hda- dolphia next ueek, and Balti- moie, N'ev.aik, Biooklyn and the final week. 798 FAGS APIECE (Ity Annocliileil 1'reH) WASHINGTON, Oct. The democratic national commit- tee today reported receipts up to October'15 of of which a bank loan. Thc balance on hand is 838.8fi. MASONIC NOTICE Patle Lodge No. 14, F. A- M., will hold a regular communi- cator! tonight at 8 o'clock. Examination in the E. A. De- gree. All resident and visiting Ma- sons arc invited to attend. By order of the W. M. A. G. LUND, Sec. PUBLIC MEETING There will be a public meeting of the Young Democratic Association at the Court House tonight at 8 o'clock. Those eligible for membership and not already members are invited to join. GEORGE BROOKS, President. rvrT ,n UNXIOLN, Neb., OSt. 17 -Two .ctters in the state finance de-1 purtracnt total three words. AT. i i, 4 ,u c i attorney wrote thc imancc sec-j Thc secretary replied, "What lly AHNorlnli'il WASH pie of the limited sigarets at the rate of 708 per capita in The German con- sumption was 458 and the French 270 pen capita. WHITEWASH FOR SAFETY PARIS, Oct. tiee trunks fit curves has been; adopted by the govcrnmnt as a satisfactory warning signal for automobile drivers, particularly at night. Mont Read thc Same With Any Tiriq But the Speedometer Won't. GENERAL TIRES Lowe's Service Station i Phone 150 STRAND THEATRE Scoics and Tomorrow October 37th and 18th 2 Days Only 2 The Man Who Laughs Tense Dramatic Sitiiationi Overwhelming Its Sublime Love Story 3 MATINEE NIGHT

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