Sunday, May 5, 1963

News Tribune

Location: Fort Pierce, Florida

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News Tribune (Newspaper) - May 5, 1963, Fort Pierce, Florida Feud Of Century: Bobby vs. Hoffa Chateaugay Wins Kentucky Derby See Sports Section IVweek- Your TV Guide... Save And Use All Week Among the Old EftGluekUr................Ftoit "Tl McGil! Q Pottorff.....9, 10, 11, 12, 13 13 O Stuart Martin County Here By ED GLUCKLER At least one local atto ney hopes that the bill pr viding more assistants f the state attorney will g through. As a mailer of fac Phil assistant slale a lorney for this county (plus Lucie, Indian River and OkeedK bee counties) hopes so loo. There's a need for more assis ants, and the bill probably pass. The main question will b "Where goes the new A logical break would be to keep Indian River and St. Lu cie together in the present triet covered by Nourse (who has done a good job, incident ally.) That would put Martin an Okeechobee together, not an un likely setup. No Okeechobee a lorney appears interested in th position at this time, but Marti has at least one hoping, and he' make a good one, at that. it Won't be long before many o all of these questions are an swered. Four more rough week to the Tallahassee session, an that's it! Mallory Johnson, of the Stuart Jaycees tells me there WILL be a national Road-E-O after all. It had been dropped, informa- tion reaching here had incticat ed. Mallory said he'll get the dope today. It's to be held in Wash ington in August, and Paul Mat thews, who won the Florida con test, will represent this state. Odd thing about Paul's win was the fact he was only second here went up to the State finals be cause Randy Tilton, winner here couldn't make it. (Paul's in for a summer of driving instruction you can bet.) If the Florida East Coast rail- way is going to continue using those motor-cars-on-tracks ve- hicles, they'd better do one of two things before there are tome bad accidents. Either fix the warning gates al grade crossings so they drop on approach of the vehicles, or make the cars stop at grade crossings. The drivers apparently aren't familiar with the crossings, since they drive hell-bent through them, rot even sounding the vehicle's loud horn until right upon" the crossings. surprise of seeing a car coming along a railroad track and at B high rate of speed, plus loud and late bellow of the horn is scaring the wits out of unsuspecting drivers. In a (legal) strelch, I paced one of the cars the other day. It was doing well over 65 and failed to tlow at a gated grade crossing. The first-floor bulletin board in the courthouse blossomed with a hand-lettered sub-bulletin Thurs- day. A piece of cardboard, it car- ried the title: "Superintendent's Bulletin." On It that day was an an- nouncement of a sixth grade track meet to be held on Fri- day morning. (Everyone waf looking for a school board meet- Ing agendaI) Got a call, anonymous, tell- ing me that some real estate person was showing a representa- tive of Sammy Davit Jr., prop- erty around the Stuart area and Sewall's Point. I have no confirmation o( it, wish the woman would call back, Have checked some o( the many realtors, without luck. Sunday, May 15c e Voice Of Indian Riverland More Stuart News CROOK'S ORDER Citizens Group Halted In STS Inspection Try Here's S of the Junior Woman's QI Stuart, at right, handed Mrs. Walter Hup. fel, Martin Memorial Hospital board member, check lor to boost hospital fund drive. Junior Woman's Club worked to raise the donation 1V AV11 outfit a comPlete pediati-ic unit. (Photo by Kd Gluckler.) Top Entries Lined Up In Fishing Tournament (News Tribune SUiArl BureaiO The Stuart Sailfish Club's win er tournament committee is con irming names, addresses an ilher data of entrants who sub milted fish in a number of lories for awards in the annua ourney, which ended April 30 Don Deilz, chairman of the ommittee, has these probabk vinners under consideration: Sailfish, weight, men's division Bernard F. Wilson, Fitchburg lass., 68 Ibs., fishing from the tovdee, Bill Burdge. Sailfish, length division, Donali (afford, Cocoa Beach, 7' 11" ishing from the Hobo, Capl. Jac'n I'hiticar. White Marliln, J. Dowey Cook rolbourne, 75 Ibs., (7' fish ng from (he Nonvester, Capt 'on Jourdan. Blue Marlin, Ann E. Grismond, N. Y., and Ormom leach 146 Ibs., from the owdee, Capt. Bill Burdge. Ambcrjack, C. A. Johnson, Or- 72 Ibs., caught from the II, capt. G. A. Whilicar Black Bass, J. Rudy Boiling, ensen Beach, 12 Ibs. 1 oz., aught bail casting in Jensen avannas. Blackfin Tuna, Mrs. Laura earson, Windcmcrc 'Fla.l, from the Carlune, Capt. ouis Lund. Bluefish, Susan Towne, Jensen each and Bangor, Mich., 10 Ibs. oz., caught from St. Lucie oil Bridge. Sawgrass Sermon n frying to flnd rww to huppy Wrtwrt trwy ll to rid at tfwy jilrMrfy Bream, Jean Quinn, Jensen Beach, 10 oz. caught in Jensen Savannas. Dolphin, Dorothy L. Tully, Jacksonville Beach, 38 Ibs., caught from the Carlune, Lund. Channel Bass, Leonard A. Ed- wards, East Hampton, N. Y., and Stuart, 10 Ibs. 3 oz., Indian River. False Albacore, Sylvia Mcltzcr Great Neck, N. Y., is Ibs., from Spray II, Capt. Ray Young. Flounder, John Heyburn, Con- c-ordville, Pa., 5 Ibs. lo oz., at Jensen Beach. Grouper, Fred Baicr, Elgin, III., 28 Ibs., from the Lucky Lindy, Capt. Lockey. Jack Crcvnlle, Elizabclh Rugg, Woodstock, N. Y. 29 Ib Capt. Louis Lund, Cartunc. King Mackerel, Joanne R. Leonard, Hammond, 36 Ibs. 11 oz., from the Tammoi, Capt. Ronnie Hill. Ladyfish, Charles H. Kindred, Stuart, 2 Ibs. 8 oz., Indian River. Mangrove Snapper, Paul E. Co licr Sr., Pahokee, 9 Ibs. 4 oz Sun Parlor. Pompano, Alberl Fania, Stu art, 7 Ibs., caught in Jensen Beach surf. Sea Troul, Sherman Bales Wesl Palm Beach, 13 Ibs, 12 oz (34% caught in Indian River. Sheepshead, Milton S. Davis Jensen Beach, II Ibs. 12 oz., Jen sen Beach bridge. Snook, Oliver W. Hartley, Hia- lean, 29 Ibs. 4 Oz., North Fork St. Lucie River. Speckled Perch, Vcrnon Skcl- ton, Stuarl, 2 Ib., St. Lucie Canal. Tarpon, Ed Kulisek, Port St. Lucie, 180 Ibs. 12 oz., caught North Fork, St. Lucie River, at C-24 canal mouth. Tripletail, Alberl Cepec, Stuart '-8 Ibs., Indian River. Wahoo, Ed Miller, Palm City, 4C Ibs. 8 oz., from the Oodles, Capl. Frank Csongedi. Toll Bridge Refunding Bond Issue Validated Tribune Stuart Bureau) S.irn D. Draper, director of lhe Revenue Projects Division of (he Stale Road Depl., notified Frank A. Wacha, chairman of Ihe Marlin County Commission, Friday after- won lhal the million toll bridge cfunding bond issue had been suc- cessfully validated in Leon County Circuit Court, The validation was handled by he Florida Development Commis- ion which is expected to move lo ell the issue af once. Tlie bonds will be issued in lenorninations and will be elired in 1966. Each year the amount lo mature will increase, caching in 1978 and 000 in the last year, 1991. The tends will used lo retire he 1955 tend issue, Ihe Ixilance of which is approximately ind will provide about MOO.OOO to )Uild a new center span and draw bridge in lhc Jensen Beach Cause- way scries of bridges. When Ihe prcsen loll bridge Is- lie is refunded, lolls will no longer be .collected on the St. Lucie and Indian River bridges. A new east relief channel bridge in Ihe Jensen Beach series is now nearing completion. The 650-fool span replaces the old wooden bridge and is being paid for oul o! secondary road funds. The new issue will be paid from the 80 per cent surplus gas tax (und accruing lo Marlin County. Child Killed By Freight Train Mo. (AP) Dennis Gene Hamblen, 2, wan- dered onlo the Sanla Fc railroad's mainline tracks Friday nighl and was killed by a freight. Highway Patrolman Gilbert SchwarU said the three crewmen on the locomotive said they saw lhc youngster crawling between the tracks but couldn't stop the 77-car train In time. Several Crashes In The Rain (News-Tribune Stuart Bureau) Rain and bad driving condilioni had at least something (o do with several traffic accidents Friday in Martin County. Al p.m., two men were In jured in a crash on U.S. 1 at Kobe Sound. Deputy Sheriff James Holt sale that a car driven by Lcroy Me Fadden, Kobe Sound, entered U.S 1 from Mars Ave., collided with a sculhbound car driven by Miller R. Addison, Delray Beach. McFadden was charged wiih failure lo yield lhe right-of-way. Damages totaled to the Me Fadden to the Addisoi car. Both drivers were taken lo Martin Memorial Hospilal in Ihe Hobe Sound ambulance. Six minute., later, al p.m., cars being operated by Eugene Sozeman, Port Salerno and Darrell T. Grubaugh, Stuart, collided at an nterseclion of AIA in Golden late. Damages lotaled alxiul according to Deputy Sheriff Ray Heisley. The last accident of lhe day hap. >encd at p.m., when a car icing driven by Eugene Moore, 25, it. 2, Stuart, and owned by J. L. ianks, traveling easl on Brill Rd., kidded across U.S. 1 and came o rest on the east side of Ihe high- vay. Damages were estimaled at >y Deputy Sheriff Morgan Sprolt, who investigated. Moore was tak- en lo Marlin Memorial Hospilal .for realmcnt. He was charged wilh laving no drivers' license and driv- ng while Inloxicaleri Seta Sigma Phi Installs Slate (News Tribune Slunrl Mrs. Charles E. Slocum was in- tailed presidcnl of Exemplar Kapler, Beta Sigma Phi, at cere- monies held at Ihe home of Mrs. M. Combs, Other officers inslalled includ- d: Mrs. Fred Bogy, vice presi- c-nl; Mrs. William Waxier, trcas- rer; Mrs. Combs, recording sec- clary, and Mrs. Harris Wall, cor- esponding secretary. Mrs, Slocum and Mrs. Richard 'ryor are allendinx Ihe Betn Sig- nn Phi stale convention at Holly- d Beach Hold this weekend. By ED GLUCKLER (Stuart Bureau Chief) Members of a sub-committee Hie County Citizens' Com mitlee for Betler Schools, attemp ing lo make a follow-up inspectio of repairs sought at Stuart Trair j ing Schoiol, Friday afternoon wer (old they had to obtain wrilte permission from tire superintenden of schools before they could sc foot on the premises. Only through the intervention School Board Chairman Henrj Kindred were commilfee member Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kuhn, M and Mrs. James K. Rowell pe milted lo inspect the work don and it look three-quarters of a hour of telephoning by Kindred t set Supt. of School Thomas L. Crook (o the school to give permis sion. SIX Acting Principal Eli Howel told delegation, which had .tele phoned earlier for a p.m. ap poinlment (after school hours) lha lie had instructions from Supt Crook not (o permit anyone to se foot on the school premises with out written permission from him. Early in April, a team from the Citizens' Committee had checket at the school lo verify complaints o! inadequate maintenance work. A delegation of 75 Negroes head cd by PTA and church leaders had been told at the April 8 meeting of the school board lhat steps would be taken to do proper main lenance work at (he school. Faced with How-ell's insistence that Crook's written permission be obtained, delegation called Kin dred by telephone from the school office. Relations Strained Kindred, obviously surprised, ssid he'd get Crook and arrange permission, but in a few minutes, he drove up at STS and then friec for almost an hour before reach- ing Crook, Asked by a member of lhe dele- gation why the commitlee should be subjected lo such treatment, Crook said he did it because he wanted to conduct, personally, the inspection lour al the school. Relations between lhe Citizens' Commitlee and (he superintendent of schools have been strained since lhe commillee's formation. The school board has been co- operative. Kindred commented at the Fri- day afternoon clash lhat he thought Ihe committee was doing some- :hing constnictive and in the in- eresl of better education in show- ing an interest in Ibe mainten- ance needs al STS. Repairs In a few recent weeks, Crook las qucslioned right of a mem- ber of lhe Citizens' Commillce to ask for an agenda of a school meeting; Questioned the right appear on he agenda of another mccling Monday night's) and, on Friday ricd to foreslall visil to a school rj a .siib-commillee of the group. The Cilizcns' Commiltee has gone on record locally and with the National Education and the Horida Education Assn., as back- ng requests by I lie Marlin County Ilassroom Teachers Assn. and the Vcgro teachers' counterpart, both of which voted early in April to ask an NEA investigation of schools and school conditions here. In a preliminary report, the sub- commiltee Friday said lhat most of Ihe repairs at STS had been made and the balance, they felt, would be made in the very near future. 4 firs rvj XJ 70 O c: a School Board's Agenda Posted (News Tribune Bureau) For the first time in the recol lection of veteran Martin Count courthouse employees and electee officials, the school department Fr day posted on the bulletin board tentative agenda lor an upcomin special meeting. A woman taxpayer had clashei with Supt. of Schools Thomas L Crook (wo weeks ago when he re- fused to give her an agenda of a special meeting. The agenda posted Friday was for Monday night's special meet ing. A copy of the agenda, the meeting notice and Crook's press release were received in the mail Saturday morning by the Stuart Bureau of The News Tribune. On it were: Bids, for Carver Gardens. Bids, Milk-. Bids, Physical education supplies. Tabled Trustees report re Hugh Jones. (Jones is band director at MCHS whose rehiring recommen- dation was not on lirst round of superintendent's trustees' lists, hul vas on a supplementary list. No action was taken on appointment at a special meeting last week.) Band Boosters Assn. delegation and guests. Statement by Mr. Schwab. Henry W. Schwab.) Statement by Mrs. Taylor, presi- dent Band Boosters Assn. (Mrs. T, Taylor.) Martin County Citizens Commit- ee for Belter Schools Mr. Hager o discuss curriculum supervisor's aiary. (The Rev. Floyd Hager.) Appointment, other workers emporary, George Walker, Jani- or at Dunbar School. Professional leave, Walter Wells, ipril 26-27 (Sponsor Key Club Con- 'ention, Hollywood.) Accept resignations, Jo Marie 'aradise, Isabel Kline, Lucretia lieltey. Approve Bills. Also posted on the board vas a press' release from Crook, in .'hich he reported that William 'inccnt, general consultant in in- Iruclion for the Stale Dept. of "Education had spent two days in farlin County, visiting schools, re- iewing progress that had been made during (he year. "For several years, various ervices and programs have been ecognizcd as needed in Martin oitnly schools anil have been In- udcd in the long range plans that re sent to the state each lilt Crook. Among the most urgent, he rote, nre additional guidance per- for Martin County High and tuart Training School, a full-time principal for Marlin County Junior High, and an added Spanish leaner so that Spanish may be added to the junior high school pragram. Also, an added teacher for ex- ceptional children, an attendance assistance or visiting teacher to work in the schools, and additional librarian. Crook roles that all schools in the county are accredited by Ihe state, and lhat both high schools are accredited by (he stale and Southern Assn. for Accreditation of Secondary Schools and Colleges. As soon as the two new high school plants are completed, wrole, Southern will both schools, a project which ij done every five years throughout the United States. m kLun Tl O O Enrollment In Martin County Schools Up 312 (News Tribune Stuart Bureau) Attendance in Martin County schools at the end of seventh month (Apr. 1) as reported by Mrs. Lillian Dassori, school super- visor, was The total was up 3J2 over last year's By schools, the count: was lobe Sound, 218; Jensen Beach 200; MCHS, Palm City, 172; J. D. Parker, 613; Warfield, 398; "'ort Salerno, 202, Warfield Annex, 27; Booker 'ark, 174; Dunbar, 1S8; Carver "ardens, 154 and STS., 479. Last year, on the same date, lie count was as follows: Hobo Sound, 176; Jensen Beach, 81; MCHS, 965; Palm City, 158; T. D. Parker, 577; Warfield, 362; 'ort Salerno, 190; Warfield An- reported with Warfield. Booker Park, 162; Dunbar, 156; Carver Gardens, 113 and STS, 500. ca C1 m 73 O c o n rrn -n Just Like _ Mommy... Sunday, 5, If 43 SnnMl p.m. nrise Tomorrow a.m. o The little Riverside Drive girl ad obviously spent a long day J> hopping with her mother. After xtensive purchases in Ihe neigh- drug store were complet- the druggist handed her a omplimenlary ice cream cone. What are you supposed to rgcd parcel-laden molher. "Charge answered Xf' tiild. "That's what you always ay." nruv ,1 Anniversary; AmerL