Wednesday, January 2, 1952

Fort Pierce News Tribune

Location: Fort Pierce, Florida

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Text Content of Page 1 of Fort Pierce News Tribune on Wednesday, January 2, 1952

Fort Pierce News-Tribune (Newspaper) - January 2, 1952, Fort Pierce, Florida THE MCW5.TR1BUNC OBJECTIVES FORT PIERCE NEWS-TRIBUNE im Hmmrt Imdimm LOCAL BATA Max Rain Bar. FOtTY-NINTH YEAR. No. 1 All 21 Aboard Air fete C-47 Tranpwl Dead AiraMNt and Cowboys Straggle Up Mountain To Reach Scene MOENIX, Ariz, and R boys struggled up the icy face FOKT PIERCE, FLORIDA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2; 1952 ASSOCIATED PRESS AP FEATURE SERVICE SINGLE COPY: f CENTS Reds Reject Latest ROW Release Plan WINTER WONDERLAND A thick SDOW' covers ttus cabin in the higjj Sierra -Mouniains California- A violent snow rugged central Arizona moun- tain today reach the bodies of X military personnel killed in the crash of me Air Force C-47 traas- Mounted horses. tbe advance periy of an evacuauofi team fol- Jowed a Hint cattle trail leading in the place where the big plane riamroed into Artner .Mouptain. 65 mites northeast at Phoenix, and iwrned. Guiding fee group was Arnold Johceofi, 96-year old cattle ranch foreman, who Tuesday went to the crash teane and found all of the plane passengers, secluding 19 West Point cadets, dead. When the vanguard set out shori- If after daybreak, they figured the _ temperature at the top of the closed Wgbways." T.OOO-foot mountain was 5 below f--------- ---------_I_______ zero. The plane hit about 150 feet: below the erest at tbe foot of a rocky bluff. 1 The wreckage of the plane that! vanished in a storm Sunday was sighted Tuesday afternoon by j aerial Marchers. j Johnson's wife. Edna, saw shattered remains of the C-47; through field glasses and informed j her husband. Johnson rode imme-f dsaiely ap fbe mountain to give xid to any Mirvivors, but found only; Johnson said he couldn't tell how j many bodies there were, but there was nothing to show that were any survivors. "Tbe plane was in small Johnson reported at the ground i p. "I didn't railroads aed stranded skiiers. This scene is on the California side of California-Xevada line, about feet above sea level, 170 miles east of San Francisco ing the week-end in the area. <AP BOARD AMENDS ITS BARN RENT PROPOSAL The County Commission 10 be completed Wednesday s iay morning amended its rent afieraooE and at the morning' 5 proposal to the School Board for meeting the commission went- the use of the county barn. through the ceremony of empty- j Now the proposal is to "rent iron box of the names ofi barn to the School Board for 1S5J jurists preparatory to' j next two years at J312.30 a month, entering the 500 new names, i which, incidentally, is equivalent! Roger Poitras, deputy clerk, the at which the Sccool 1 emptied the box as the coinmis- Board has valued the Fort Pierce j sioners witnessed the proceed- Farms school house. ings. Internal Revenue Bureau Due For Sweeping Shakeup At its meeting Dec. IS the; j County Commission offered to al-1 Slow the School Board the use ofl j tbe old bani for the nes.t i I two years in return for the deed! to the Fort Pierce Farms one- i j room school which is situated at j the corner of Emerson avenue i and the Indrio road. At oreseni the School Board i uses the county barn for an agri- j cultural shop and the agreement in the past has been for the board i Are Spreading Over Western Areas By Associated Press The Central and Western sections j UTLlRHODE IS ON THE WARPATH 5 to pay rent of per month or j of the U. S. were chilled bv the equivalent in mass of cold air todav. improvements Temperatures under the zero MadeBy "Some of the bodies were two Johnson said. "0 crs were scattered. I have seen anything like it. It w as aw- The C-47 crashed while flying i from Hamilton Air Force Base, j Calif., to Goodfellow Air Force Base. Tex. The cadets, returning to the U. S. Military Academy at j West Point, N. V.r after spending i (Continued on Page 3) I PROVIDENCE. I- Sax- cR-Little added "fight we will and win we 2 desire for some time to use the I Fort Pierce Farms school as a j community building under the -u WASHKGKW le-President j Truman todav announced plans system, but an agreement could never be reached between i the two taxing bodies. Cold weather followed a week- end storm into Northern California. A reading of 30 above at San Francisco Airport this morning was the louest for Jnn. 2 on record there- Thermometers registered The declaration of war was made j the Southern states which Bureau Tuesday by GOV. Dennis J. Ro- i been criticized latelv for trving to i HP tai i..u_ r. _.. __ .1. aai r was against scandal-ridden Internal Kevenue An offer was made by the com-! SusanviUe. and at Echo Sum- mission to buy the school, which is not in use. but commissioners the nn nr the price of Si.aOO sub- i mitted by the School Board was bens who called it a against j lure Nortrcm j fake raids being roaae on our Indus-] In an address to the convening! to protec- thfeovernment -f-om ln other business, the commis- by certain states.- And he General Assembly Tuesday, j SlueTe pedoleS I sioa heard from W. pledgi rl___1 Greenley. fll 'First Federal1 Shows Big Gain j picasca ooic steps to strengthen I and favor seekers, and to expose ureeme-v- sanitarian. on the the state s economy by recom- j and punish any Chemurgics plant at S'. Lucie, mending the legislators set up a The Revenue Bureau shskeup ilvbicb manufactures one million dollar rotary fund for will be in the form of a reor2ani- j froal fish- mit, whrle Truckee with had j MISS CHEESECAKE Shape- ly Franca Faldini 20- year-old Italian-born film star- let, has been elected ''Miss Cheesecake of 1951" by the U. S. Army newspaper Stars and Stripes in Darmstadt, Germany. The publication claims Miss Faldini's leg measurements are tbe lowest mark reported in Cali- j identical with those of Venus de forma- MHo. The actress now is in Hol- Crasg, Colo., had an overnight; lywood. (AP Wirephoto) low of Vernal. Utah, had and Big Piney. Wyo.. The cold to the East was mea- sured by such readings as at International Falls. Minn., and i recom chemicals at Bismarck. N. D. i Sieet and freezing rain fell on a .zation plan to be submitted to! Greenlcy cleared the plant, say-1 land that reached from be Congress. It calls for abolishing i disagreeable odors jlile Panhandle northxyesi-1 I Or Reorganization Russia Revealed MOSCOW official Foreign construction of modern plants. S He said the plants uould be congress, it call's for ulttl- oisagreeaoie __ _ _ j leased to "j-esponsibie compsaies" j the 64 offices of distnct collectors i emanating from the cianufactur-1 ward through Central and Southern J LLf j whether presently in Rhode Island of internal revenue process were negligible About 1 and Indiana. I LV JUUIIIIIICU ..-_.- or seeking sites here. "This proposal means said, -it is the first shot in an eco- nomic counter-attack against raids i AULCi. iiui i Avenue. rvuuui i _ j Most of these districts include! reports earlier in the year that! Kaul- accompanied tempera-; aDVfr! he 3. single of the-J were coming from freezinS- s Assets of the First .Federal Sav-1 office annourxcetnent "disclosed To-S being msde on our industries ings and Loan Association of Fort i d2y the death of its Pierce showed a gain of Litvmoff, 266.35 during the pas by large states have more than one f plant. Greenley said the pro- district, j cess was in the experimental In place of the regional district {stage at that time and that since Maximo-1 certain states. These states have j collectors, the reorganization plan Dec. 14 it has been operating on Vpvnnfpr? htc neen inrtnw i.. f -_ functions of a production basis and tbe odors of business Dec. 31. according to j quoted declaration. "Peace a statement of condition published divisible." He was 75. j eral and Rhode Island most pTr- j Litvinoff died Bee. 31 and funeral Ocularly. in this issue. The year's increase compared j arrangements xvere eomolete-when Island is not content rotn a 1950 gam 01 S682.985. j his death was announced today 1Iose any part of its heritage to Outstanding loans totaled His body lay ia siate in a Foreign 5.tates distinguished more for ag- manufacturing, do not like the conditions according to j Ministry conference hall w. here Secretary-Treasurer Clifford F. friends and colleagues passed bv f i i_ .___ 11 -_. Scott, includes H.OS2.883.62 in i to pay their respects. new loans made during the year, j Pravda. organ of the Central! to as follows: New.- construction, i Committee of the Communist Partv j we will-" 8460.490 on 91 loans: purchase of! of which Litvinoff had been a meni- of competition under which we are but fight we will Field activities in each district! -fc- will be under jurisdiction of the! distnct commissioner. The plan also calls for: All offices of the Internal homes. J134.772.32 OR 26 loans: re- financing and repairs. 103 loans in the amount of 91: other purposes, 58 loans in the amount ber. called him an "old Bolshevik f 11 1111 v and outstanding Soviet diplomat." 1 U. J. IdllS Ofl UN lO w V Share Burden of War Nominating Committee For Annual Exchange Election enue Bureau to be filled through Civil Service except that of com- missioner of internal revenue j election of officers which is to whose appointment will be by the j come up soon. President Charles and subject to confirma-1 Vi'ilson. of the Fort Pierce Ex- I change club, appointed a nominat- commraee at the iuncheon JACKSONVILLE plan for down from Ohio eastward lo New i reorganization of the Florida East Jersev. j Coast Railway entirely among the Roa'd crews opened snow-blocked bondholders with no sale or merger w ith any other carrier was propos- ed in U. S. District Court here, today. The principal bondholders of the railway joined in the proposal and ia asking approval. n toe mountain Colorado, Nevada and Northern California, freeing hun- T-t. T i dreds of stranded motorists and The Sr. Lucie county jury list I Cold weather contimied -m the area but no more snow was I predicted for today. Heaviest snovr- Plan Would Also Provide Release Of All Displaced AHies Hopeful That Reds Mar Hare Change Of Heart HUN-SAN, Korea negotiators today proposed releas- ing all prisoners of war and dis- placed persons in guarantee no one would be acnt home againct his wilL The Reds found the Allied pro- posal politically unpalatable. The plan starts out on a man-for- man basis and winds up an all- for-al! exchange, aaid Lt. Col. How- ard S. Levie, spokesman for United Nations Command. The Communists took one took at the proposal and then in effect, "It ctinks." reported Rear Adm. K. E. Libby, Allied negotia- tor, Libby expressed hope North Ko- rean Maj_ Gen. Lee Sang Cho, Red negotiator, would change his. mind after he studies the complex plan and understands it. The proposal is intended to pro- vide a compromise between U. N. man-fbr-maa exchange of prisoners proposal and the all-for-all demand, and at the tame time provide for repatriation of all civilians who want to go home. The negotiators on the prisoner question meet again Thursday. So will a second subcommittee on su- pervising a Korean truce which hung up again on whether the Reds may rebuild their airfields during an armistice. A U. N. Command communique said the key to its new -proposal is the principle of voluntary re- patriation for all POWs and civil- ians." Lee said the plan contained things politically cannot agree He did not amplify. In Tokyo. CoL George Patrick Welch, official spokesman for Gen. Matthew- B. Kidgway's headquar- ters, summed up the U. N. plan like this: "In principle, we are proposing an exchange of -everyone who wants to be exchanged." Anyone y.'ho did not want to In preparation for the annual The plump, fatherly looking dip- lomat uegotiatsd United States rec- ognition for Bolshevist Russia and share accounts show-: fought for collective force so pre- ed a wear's gain of 51 001 S04 75 I World War U- He was a -aar- for an" ail-time high of S2.905 i tirne to Washington. _r LitX'inoff was fomipn SoCriliCC OI tion by tie Senate. Establishment orous inspection service complete-j meeting iVednesdav. iy independent'' of the rest of the Appointed to fails in years hit parts of Utah, and temperatures Tuesday tum- bled to as low as 42 below in some The plan calls for a capitalization j repeated not be sent back of the railway at S4a million and a hie areas. against his will. The International _ _ first mortgage bond issue c-f 520 Red Cross would act as a super- million. Bondholders, other than various The cold weather extended into j duPont groups, would exchange the Midwest and headed eastward.! S1.000 5 per cent bonds now held It was 22 below zero early today in Bemidji. Minn. No immediate for Si.OOO bonds of the-new issue, la addition, they would participate warmins w as in prospect for the i in a cash distribution to the bond- Midwest. 50. The number of investors at' was foreign commissar United all the United Nations todaj- to "share in the burden and Korean War. the close of the year was 1.156. gain of 221. Cash, investments and govern- ment bonds on hand at the end ofi the year amounted to S589.522.91. Net income for the year was 395.72. divided as Federal insurance reserve, divi- Sfrom 1330 to JS39. American Delegate Benjamin Both his fortunes rose and fell 1 Cohen 60-nation Political ith the Kremlin's ieelinas ahni.f Committee of the General Assem- was tee one who rallied Jo get along" the Wes dends. J88.5S9.S5; surplus or un- divided profits. All were paid at the rate of 3 per cent per annum and each account insured The nature meeting of-described, held (Continued on Page after he was Sred in the reduced rank of deputy foreign minister on Aug 23. 1946. His fall from office fore- j reached shadowed the cold Soviet officials fee -mar. for all regarded as 000. Seventeenth annual the association -srill b nesday. Jan. 36. News of bis death was withheld for two days for no stated reason. The nature of bis soon. He warned that in case it is not, aie U. X. military effort must be increased to beat down the Communist aggressors. Coses spoke in support of the collective measures program which would give tbe U. N. more power to fight aggression anywhere k breaks out. bureau. Mr. Truman announced his in- tentions in a statement issued shortly after Secretary of the Treasury Snyder had conferred with him at tbe White House. Tax collection is under the Treasury Department. persons in the Bureau the committee j First 1952 were Roy Thomas, Ray. Nelson; and Jack Bronson, All members of the club attend- ing meeting signed up to give 9 pint of Wood during the armed forces blood drive that is to be he'd in St. Lucie county Jan. 9 arid 10. of Internal Revenue have betrayed 1 was distributed to 700 Acres of Land On St. LKie River Sold Sale of 700 acres of land in the southern part of the county hav- ing a considerable frontage on the St. Lucie river and including some pastureJand was revealed Wed- nescay. Sellers m-ere Mr. snd Mrs. A. J5. Kerr and tise purchasers Dr. Mrs. Grey Jones of St Louss. Ko., tbe consideration Deal was handled by Henry 5L Jemigan Agency. j MO FRost IN SIGHT LAKELAND Federal- State Frost Warring Sen-ice fore- cast for Peninsular Florida tonight and Thursday W3s generally fair and continued -warm with morning fog in North Ceatral DisJricts. Xo frost rvas seen through Satur- day. Born In Different Fearg ONEIDA. M. Y. F Lebanon he different j right bribery in the tax collection Mrs. Samutii yean. A girl, Anita Limf, was born at f. tn. Monday night, 1M1. A boy, Terry arriv- ed a. m. Partekos have a 3-year-old Eugene Paul. the public trust reposed in Mr. Truman's statement said. "The revelation of thai fact has come as a to all decent citizens. I have dirt ".ted that every effort be made to ex3xise and pun- ish such persons wherever they may be found." The President it is his in- tention to make the Bureau of Internal Revenue blue agency- Mr. Truman's move comes on Jhe heels of ii congressional in- vestigation which turned up charg- es of skullduggery and some out- tbe members of the club for the "-Birch The Magician" show- that is to be given at the school audi- torium Feb. 8. Birch is billed as "America's Master and proceeds from the show will be used for Exchange club pro- jects. Baby Fcrt Pierce Memorial hospital's 1952 baby was a wee bit late ia fact he didn't put in his ap- j pearance until a. m.. Jan. 2. holders of all surplus cash which. is variously estimated from 5140 to! per bond. either The duPont group is committed to exchange its total holdings in common stock and to take none of the new bonds. The fcov v.eighed flve pounds and i other than the daPonts. however, is given the one ounce and was born to Mr. WA IV __. and Mrs. Harold Swartz of Bin- Uie new ney Gardens, at Indrio. He hadn't been named Wednesday morning. Cold in ios Angeles LOS ANGELES pcraturc dipped to a shivery 35 in Lot Angeles this coldect Jan. 2 back in 1987. "Oh, all right, put Want Ad salary I'll New Year and Christmas Accident Toll Near service. Two Grass Fires On New Year's Day Stubborn Captain Clings to Ship in Face of New Storm cJteging to his storm-cracked and wallowing ship in the Atlantic, Capt. Kurt Carisen radioed today that he would stay aboard until be ss towed to port or sinks. A new storm threatened. If he leaves, the ship and cargo become a free prize on the high seas for any lakers. twke ?rass: Careen stood his watch alone to an oU 5tove: through the fifth night since he ajj GlhCrs to abandon the T bringing tojl from Christmas and vew Years acci- dents to nearly and tte non-scheduled airliner in the Allegheny foot- York of Fire trucks rolled to three fires New Year's day blazes and once I flare ac. 3 I At p. m. and iaier at U j Amencan freighter Flying Enier- j P- in. firemen, went Jo a prise and again reported by radio [fire at McNcal road. The first I that he was in good spirits, call took an hour and tie second The U. S. destroyer John W. Weeks early today reached the side of the 6.710-ton freighter to join Use U. S. Navy supply ship Golden diea. Tbe four-day death toll still 30 minutes. And at a .call was receiv- ed to go to 626 North 9th street. counted the New ieai s dead Another 69 periled in fires, and 166 tf miscellaneous accidents. pjane erashes The National Safety Council had" estimated would be the Deck's four-day Ivery minor 6 the home of Hattie Williams. Two trucks rolled to extinguish the did Hied in traffic Kew Year's during the variety -of mis- The toll from ceuaneou5 by the crasn of an p-orcc c. Plane on a Centra! Arizona holiday. That toll in-! eluded 535 traffic victims. i This' New Year's traffic deaihs I Engine Derailed Accidertal deaths were heaviest in five Nev York, Califor- nia, Texas, Ohio and Illinois. Ev- ery state except Nevada reported at lei'.n one accidental death. Florida had five traffic deaths. two from fires and three from mis- of 28 lives, j ceiianeous causes. end of the FEC yards, while it had caused no damage, was giving 4he crew a bit of a time Wednesday morning in its effort to get the engine righted. The derailment happened at s. m., but how or had not been determined latpr in the day, according to the yardmaster. Esgle, which has been standing by some 250 miles south of Ireland. The big British deep sea I Turmoil left Falmout Harbor early <his afternoon !o put the Flying Enterprise ir, lov.. The Turmoil isl described as the world's fastest] and one of 5'ne largest deep sea tugs. But, coping with a big swell, it is not expected to reach the freighter, heeled over with a 60- degree list, before noon Thursday. Another storas was reported brewing with winds reaching gale force in the area of last week's 'ioim that disabled ships Shipping wpre still hope- ful that the ship and cargo can i corporation or one-half in stock and one-half in bonds. Before moving for the considera- tion of the reorganization plan by j Federal Judge Louis W. Strum, however, the bondholders first asked the court to: Disapprove and reject the plan i of reorganization approved by the I Interstate Commerce Commission awards the FEC to the Atlantic Coast Line i return the reorganization problem to judicial control. That would put j the reorganization in the federal courts. Disapproval of the ICC plan is asked on the grounds that "it is unfair and inequitable and does not comport to the law of the land.'" The bondholders also asked the court to dismiss the ICC's reorgan- ization plan and direct the FEC trustees to transfer possession of the railway property to Scott 31. Loftin, one of the prior receivers in the bankruptcy railway proceed- i ings. Should the court agree Jo Shese! vising agent. Levie said the exchange of pris- oners would start on a man-for- man basis to make sure the U. N. mould get back its full quota of prisoners of war. ''When we have finished exchang- prisoners of war left on. Levie said, "then we wili get to the point trhere we don't count The U. .N. holds about 130.000 prisoners to held fcjf the Reds. Under the U. N. plan, all South Koreans now in Communist armies would be reclassified prisoners of war. swelling Communist-held toisl. two requests, the bondholders then Allied Planes Hit Rail Traffic SEOUL. Korea war- planes blasted Communist traf- fic in Korth Korea today a frigid haze enveloped ground fight- ing, now almost at a standstill. Except for patrol contacts, ground front in ooe of itt deepest lulls of the so-called twi- light -war. U. jST. troops on the eastern front threw back a light probe by 12 Eedx in the Satae Valley. A U. S. Eighth Army communique said there wag no significant activity Wednesday morning on tbe central or western fronts. But ic the air. United Nation! fighter-bombers flew 210 sorties by noon and cat rail tracks at 49 points. Pilots said a number of ask that it go ahead and approve j railroad cars were damaged. their reorganization plan. President Rhee May Come To Washington CHIXHAE. Korea Ko- rean President Syngman Rhee said Tuesday he go to Washing- ton and ask President Truman to oppose any armistice that leaxes Korea dividcd. CAPT. CARLSEN had confidence Mr. Truman would oppose an armistice which "would Fifth Air Force said Communist ground fire shot down two U. N. planes Wednesday, an F-S4 Thun- der jet and an F-80 Shooting Star There was no announcement as to the fate of tae pflots. Sabre jets of the Fourth acd 51st Fighter-Interceptor Wings patroled MIG Alley in Northwest Korea bat weather was bad and no Red air- craft were sighted. During the night an estimated 15.SCO enemy supply i chicles I be saved. There was no immediate i leave my people at the mercy of estimate on the cargo value. "It looks like the ship has settled down to a bale a Lc_. c. j kesman for the Isbrandtsen Co. of New York, the owner, said. "She should be all right for a few days unless a bad hlous up." Rhee :n an he j brought under attack. Pilots said heavy traffic was observed in the eastern sector. Okinawa-based B-29 Superforts used radar sighting in dropping the Communists." All the 10 and (Continued S) concluded on terms that he and his people cannot accept. "I am afraid our friends are sacrificing our safety in order to come to an 41 i with the 1 Rhee explained. Commu- Communist ground tire shot down three Allied planes Tuesday, Only one pilot was rescued, the Air Force announced. Tv-o of the v ere F-51 and Corsair.

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