Thursday, May 31, 1923

Washington Post

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of Washington Post on Thursday, May 31, 1923

Washington Post, The (Newspaper) - May 31, 1923, Washington, District Of Columbia fi w v JK r i Bridge Lam twl viU for your porch. SOCIETY fer the HaHce .f Or AllMtM or June in Thoaip ;1 w York kit wll' rresiv IT fotuftitoja un for a Malt with Mr anU Tl Mr and T A Sfott Tliropp tit honpr of MJ1 Nantucket the Mr A }r at in of Mr and Walter rotate Chandler A If HawHte-n (JoriJen of Brittfk Mr will Saturday In 11 t f will HaTi lion makina: a teur of u en route te home in Cium I! ir that a area' deal entertamina will Baron Lambert while at the Cap Virginia XdwanU. daughter of Mr and b Bdwarda en the Chevy Chaw In ot Mllburn. and her Ma] H The of the Wtlaen. Vivian of New York Mt.i Mary Stltt, Maj Janw Maj Maj Paul and Cast John JTreneh Mr and who entertained at dinauer at an aijotnbis bad among (be4r f Mr tfn V riming ttr and Cwlman will tfcU far their a< Henrr at tftf Em- MMM Satvrl at at tit. 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WlioU, Mr llott, to Mr. Prupt CuiH. will OtJptn of who vlll of MiM Mary Hunt Kin iMktlU Orakaw "ow.ll Mr will and wtU Mr Mr JUbertf, Mr OaMnnr U Mr 9, r Mlw will Marf uwite Dl- CvmmlJUf, Darrah, Km- Uf MIM Mini MiM Mary Funk an4 at X, In Silver Souvenir and at thai thare will AiftiealVr in msktiif MisetlAM tor wham win wlrt to The prteas at TS aod up sir wilt to in til Mich. YOB will (Mr. fa, Mrs ytatfrtay In (JaurHUr, Pumett win tot Thf at Chary elqb and the among Mr Mw at Itlltr luneheon thtre Miw Sarrlne OniVi, who paolny luwstr eantly by ani} it In LIGHT N0w IP Our New 709 18th, One Poor Above G Keep tide Shriners Cool Electric Fans, '5 ana1 up Supply Electric fans now so higher temperature will bring no inconvenience to your Shrine guests! have in stock Electric Fans in all styles and sizei, and can make prompt in- stallations. Prices up. CA.MUDDIMANCO. 41 Heating and Equipment 709 Door Above G St. Dr. CLAUDE S.SEMONES L aad BEAUTIFUL GIFTS HAND PAINT ID CHINA A ef WTiiu Skemtt'i Ari Stwt tOS SL N W N..r r Si. Millinery Modes Dwtwttivelv tmart for totvn and country Hats of felt end other fabriet, in ivkite and colors, all tke new sweater limited number of late Sprmff and laluet C Orahain WarraU. New brother-in-law and Mr Mr. D Kiven, at thair country nlace, Burnt Oak, In Arlington Couirty Va CJnlka at lunahten in the Slinrehap) yeettrday feature of the He' breakfast on June in ef MentlceHo fund will a "The Spirit of the written by and produced by Kitelle worth an! Mr. ef Axoelatlon af Theater ArU, having ftven their to pf Montlsellp The will take about three mlnutea and will the kernote of moot of which already taken. of which the iplrit of Amona them Jahany Apple taele, California State, Colorado 8m. pira Oklahoma, Illinolr, Abra- bam Lincoln Peak BucK- ere StaU. ot the Ameri- can Bogthtrn MemorlaJ Aateolatlfn, Oen Oeorce Waehlniton of tat Canfoateracr, Worn. en'e City Club Utah, the Club, CarnKna table, Freneh Salon Alamo Georj-lv and North Carolina MlH Adelaide Borah director ot at city otvb will from "She to in the cluft- home. It Jackion place, at t o'clock. Mr Coffai "Ml re- peat llluttrated lecture 'Waih- i Our National Shrine" which he gave April In auditorium of Coreoran Gallery of Art on Thursday June 1 at I 30 a clock In the New Maionle temple, Thirteenth and New Tork avenue for the beneftt of Montloello fund There alio be a inert musical program v Uui Helen Howiion and Mr Le ROT I Helen Ray Hacner wiir be in of Mr and Jamea R Cray Anne D Crav Catherine Cray end Mlei K Cray all of1 Lmontnwn Pi Mill Tereea U let a of Wllmlnrten Oe) and Mrs j Jnhr r Oatpar al Haoeeek Mr are at thi Hamilton Tfcey te Waah.- W mbunuh Open A.M. We Place on Sale This. Morning In the Women's Dress Section Third Flocr Crepe Bambalina Sports Frocks S25 ii tlxe day of wd the in sate we f every (toy and ev-ry occtudon and only we been enough to eecure them very f whioaed of a new and ertwnwly sports wonderful vivrwty of cbarmnur of aif ktew dflfwwit jityles combined with wWte rtine in fashion's newest manner. 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Gaxithertbttrr, Maryland Twr to la roTM'a Op aut wttfe ara Frock, and OrtraUl o{ Standard varieties They of and rare Drive awl ooe OltlM to in mtf at or <tatem tar Wbta from and placed in a cool room from the will opes into mott torgtout SCREENS Twe of lurn hmr Itttl. emUft Ini lenui will Met Beetal CORNELL WALL PAPER CO. Next Sunday -The Pest Will Pnblieh More of Sarah Bernhardt's Impassioned Letters of Love In which the famous actress, in addition te exprecoing herself in terms of bammg en- dearment to the favored will new angles In her of life and its just as interesting as those Kare read dunng the vast two Sundays. N t Rnllut!