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Washington Post, The (Newspaper) - July 14, 1917, Washington, District Of Columbia THE DILL NESS Of a Sunday without THK POST.' Order yours for tomor- row today. v today; to- morrow probably fair. littlr In temperature, shifting Tempeffcturr1 imum, 87. minimum. 6O. NO. WASHINGTON: SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1917.-TWELVE PAGES. TWO CENTS. GOEMS IN Commandeers Also Tonnage of in Yards. ASKS FOR TWO U.S. PLANTS Hopes to Have the Government Construct Many Steel Craft. MORE FUNDS FROM CONGRESS General, Final Victor in the Contro- versy With Chairman Denman, An- nounces "Whole Program In Ijetter to the Con- tracted for Wooden as Weil Steel, but Shows Latter Are Replying, Says That Shipping Board Will Agree. Maj. Gen Goethals. manager of the Chipping: board's emergency fleet cor- poration, took full charge of the gov- ernment's shipbuilding program yes- terday, and announced sweeping plans for constructing the great merchant fleet with which the United States hopes to defeat the German submarine campaign The most important steps contem- plated by Gen Goethals are Immediate construction of two gov- ernment-owned shipbuilding plants tor building 400 fabricated steel ships of tonnage. Commandeering of tons of shipping now building for private ac- count in American yards A request another great appro- priation for building ships Starts at Once on Oen pnnounoement as made In the lortpr tr> Chairman Den- man. of the snipping: board, which said thft fleet corporation, under powers 1iiBt grranterl President "Wilson. would on its building program offering contracts for con- struction of the two government ship plant's and bv- outlining: to shipbuilders plans for rommandeeringr under construction halrman Dcnman. of the shipping board who also is president and di- rector of the corporation, and whose friends had soi'ght fur him the powers conferred on the corporation by the President made this statement after receiving Hen Goethals' letter The board of directors of the fleet corporation ill be called together probably Mondaj to discuss the gen- eral's program r have no doubt the directors end the general -will h-ive no disagreement er policv on the program he has outlined for us when the matter has had full discussion of Gen. Goethals' Peace Notes by Pope Are Sent to Vienna And King of Bavaria Special Cable to The Washington Post London, July from Rome today that his holiness, Benedict XV, has dis- patched special couriers to Vi- enna and Munich -with auto- graph letters for the Emperor of Austria and the King of Ba- varia regarding the negotia- tions for peace. It is most unusual for such correspondence to be sent di- rectly. The Vatican is con- vinced that events of the ut- most importance pointing to the conclusion of peace are tak- ing place in the German em- pire. There is no question that the Vatican was privy to the recent change of attitude on the part of the Catholic party in the reichstag, which gives point to the prediction that the Vatican shortly will convey to the en- tente allies the replies -which the two kaisers are expected to send to the Pope's message. i 0, S. FEEDING I. W. W. Provisions Sent by Gen. Bell to Driven Out of Bisbee. GOVERNOR TURNS TO Asks That Federal Authorities Tak Charge of Situation. Wholesale Arrests of Industrial Workers Expected as Result of In vestigation by Department of Jus Warns GOT. Camp- bell of Citizens Taking Int Their Own Hands. 11 GRAIN SHIPS IN DASH Neutral Vessels Take Chance on Running Allied Blockade. TRY TO AVOID U. S. EMBARGO Ten Dutch and One Scandinavian Ves- sel Had Been Held Waiting for British betters of Assurance. Slight Chance of Profiting by Ac- tion, Opinion Here. 'len (Topthals Ipttet to Chairman Tienman f P Xo-w that the President au- thorized the emergency fleet corpora- tion ro exercise the powers granted bv Congress to build and commandeer ships, f intend, on ilondav. to start ship construction which will complete my shipbuilding program. My full pro- gram t? as follows "T SHIPS NOW BUii.mxu for 34S wood ships ha e been let or agreed upon a ton- nasre of 1.218.000 tons at a oocf rr rnpleted, of approximat el "v In addition I have under negotia- tion contracts for about 100 wood ships "Contracts for 77 steel ships have let or agreed upon, with a ton- nage, of 642 ROO tons, at a cost of ap- pr6Timatelv 3j6 "There are thus ided 425 sh'ps of all -with an aggregate ton- nage of 1 S60.800. at a. cost of approxi- mately besides 100 more woorj ships uider negotiation "T shall continue to let all contracts for -wood ships (of design approved by j the na-ta! architect of the T can from responsible bidders "H "COVSTRUCTION OF STANDARDIZED SHIPS "Mi. main reliance, for getting the greatest amount of the most servicea- ble tonnage in the shortest time "will be on the construction of fabricated steel ships of standard pattein For that purpose T shall use, to eome extent, the existing yards Contracts for Plants Monday. "On Mondav T offer contracts for the building of two plants (to be owned by the government) for the con- struction of fabricated steel ships, to produce 400 ships of an aggregate ton- nage capacity of tons within the next 18 to 24 months "Kor the building of these two a-nd the construction of the ships in them, I shall offer, as compensation to the agents who undertake the work, a fee of approximately 6 per cent of the total cost of the with rewards for savlnfes in the cost and for speed In deliver} Options Given Contractors. be made for decreas- ing the fee to prevent unnecessary cost The contracts will give the gov- ernment the benefit of government- Atlantic Port. July neutral steamers, loaded with grain and other cargo which could not be exported except under license after President "Wilson's embargo proclama- tion becomes effective Mondav cleared from this port today for European ports -without British letters of assur- ance and will attempt i un the al- lied blockade Held Up by Britain. Ten of the vessels arp "Dutch and the other Sea fan have been King- at their docks here for" some time while lain efforts were made 10 secure from British author- ities the usual letters of assurance which would permit their passage through to their destinations Besides grain the chips a great quantitv of mealcake and other cattle feed included under the terms of the embargo proclamation No statement was available, tonight from those directlv Interested in the trans- action but it was presumed that the shipping companies decided to take thplr chances with the British block- ade and admiraltv courts, if necessary, than await the effective date of the embargo and endeavor to se- cure pxpoit licenses from the Ameri- can government AVill Gain Nothing, Belief Here. Clearance of ele-v en neutrals from an "Vtlantic port vesterday with cargoes coming under the ban of the export embargo is regarded bv officials here 3s likeH to result in no advantage for the interests involved Serious Problem Presented. Mthouerh no information regarding these particular cases is available here, it is suggested bv the nationalists of the steamers that their destinations probably are in neutral countries abroad suspected of supplying Ger- manv The situation regarding these countries has presented the most se- rious problem in administration of ex- ports control, and Indications have been strong that no licenses are to be Issued for grain, meal cake and sim- ilar supplies for' those countries If a formal decision has been made on the subject, the fact has not been revealed here SPAIN MUST STAY NEUTRALISING Will Fight Only When Honor of Country Is Besmirched. CONTINUED ON THIRD PAGE. Special to Tbe Washington Post. New York, July G. Green- wall, the Madrid correspondent of the New York Times, interviewed the king of Spain today A copyrighted cable- gram from Madrid says In part "-What do you want me to tell you first'" asked the king. T replied that our readers would be interested to learn of the past, present and future part of Spain in the world war "The part we have played in the past is so -well known that I do not think it necessary to recall replied his majesty, he continued, "our part now and for the future must be the role of a neutral. We must not enter the war We must remain neutral un- til end We shall be he exclaimed, speaking emphatically, "un- less we are attacked. I cannot allow the honor of my country to be be- smirched." Hermanas, N Mex July 13. Dange of starvation which today became ver; real for men who were ,le ported from Bisbee. Ariz, yesterday a members of the I "W. W -was abate with the arrival here of two cars o provisions sent by the El Paso Southwestern Railroad, after appeal had been made to Gen. George Bell, Jr A truck load of supplies from Colum bas also arrived tonight. Acting under orders from Gov. Llnd say to arrest the deported men. Sheriff Simpson, of Lunda county, and Dlstrlc Attornev J S. Vnught arrived her< tonight to take the to Colum bus, where they will be held In restrain and fed at the State's expense unti final arrangements have been made fo their disposition Gov. landsay Wires Wilson. Governor Lindsay telegraphed the State and "War departments and Presl dent -Wilson that he considered the re- fugees- a national problem, and tonlgh he was awaiting a reply to his reaues that the State be relieved respon- sibility for the charges thrust upon it by Arizona. General Superintendent F. B. King, o the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad declared In Douglas that Walter Doug-las a vice president of that road, had in- structed him to transport the men to Columbus Douglas Is a leading offlcla of the Phelps-Dodge corporation which is heavily interested in Bisbee mines The idea In taking them to that point was to force their care on to military authorities stationed there. King In- dicated Queer Situation at Hermanas. The situation today was a queer one. The commander of the (roops here confined his efforts to preserving order and carrying out the, dictates of hu- manity In aeelng the deported horde did not suffer from hunger. The for- mer Bisbeeans were left pretty much to themselves and those with money besieged the little railroad telegraph office with telegrams of protest to State officials, telegrams asking for aid and telegrams notifying their fam- ilies. some of them in Bisbee, that thej were all right. This flood of messages made transmission of press dispatches difficult. Some were taken to Colum- bus for filing There was no attempt at violence and no disorder has been reported by any citizen of this town. Except a rew who started afoot for Columbus, or some other point -within striking dis- tance, most of them eimply made the best of their lot and waited for action by county. State or Federal officials Their attitude was one of restraint rather than apathy "W. B. Cleary, Bisbee attorney and well-known labor advocate, who -was deported -with the others, has taken unofficial charge of the party. He has counseled that the deported men the best of the situation. Anxious to Return, Says McCleary. McCleary said tonight" "While many of the men. It is true, are members of -what is known as the I W "W.. nevertheless they are law- abiding and peaceful "Many Who Kave lived in Bisbee for years some for as long as fifteen years and have their -wives and fami- lies there now are very anxious to re- turn "We believe that our government" to rights and see that Bisbee. "Among the men deported are prop- erty -owners, Bisbee business men, lib- it is the duty of protect us In our re returned to protec ff are y SECOND PAGE THE MAGAZI3VE OF FICTION TOMORROW'S HOST will lead off with one of the love vtoriea ever written by an American author, it is from the pen of GEORGE RANDOLPH CHESTER, author of "Get-Hich'-Qnick ftnd other wonderfully popular stories. It called "A Tale of Red and is -written In ha-pptost rein. PERCIVAL, GIBBO1NS has contributed to next Sunday's Maga- zine of Fiction the most forceful and (rippinc story he has ever written. It is "The Coward." a tale of a man who lacked the nerve to shoot his -wife and himself -when fate demanded this dras- tic meaeure. MAX RITTENBERG is represented by a unlqua story which tells how a man from the by a famous scientist and a judte who possessed imagination. TAXBOT MIWDY furnishes an abiorbtng-ly interesting chapter of his great serial story, "Kmj, of the Khyber a narrative of the English secret service in India dur- ing time of war. DCore famous authors and far better stories than you -will nnd in the moat expensive monthly magazines-, but free to you -with THE SUNDAY POST Carranza Is Scheming to Get U. S. Money for Benevolent Neutrality in War In Desperate Financial Straits, He Is Willing to Do Anything for of Agents in Washington Seeking to Further His Plan. DRAFTS By RYLEY GRANNON. The grafters who surround Venustiano Carranza are rapidly bringing to head a conspiracy to get out of the United States Treasury In exchange for the benevolent neutrality of Mexico. Carranza is in desperate straits. He needs money so badly that he wi even refrain from open robbery of Americans if this government will flnanc him. For a good loan he will declare war against Germany, Austria, Bui garia, Turkey, the Ahkoond of Swat and the Maharajah of Rajpoot. Host Share in Big Loan. Carranza's associates are even hun- grier. They have looted everything in sight. Mexican and foreign, will ac- tually bo compelled to do honest work soon or starve. It Is a terrible situa- tion. The Carranza group have gradually shaped matters so thai they think the time will soon be rlp-e for making di- rect application for a. loan out of the of United States gold coin which Is irrigating the arid treasuries of foreign governments. They began their plan When they saw real gold flowing to England, France, Italy and Russia. When they heard that Rouma- nia was after some they redoubled their activities. Now that Greece give signs of acute thirst, the Carranzistas are frantically trying to tap the pipe line. Press Bureau Here. Among other measures taken by th Mexican group are the of a PTMM bureau at 'Washington t issue soft soap for Yankee readers re gardtng the marvelous progress o Mexico, the subsidizing- of a few writ who can hoodwink reputable news papers Into printing articles favorabl to Carranza; the sending of emissane to Washington to spy out the situatio and thump the melon, and the iasuanc from the City of Mexico of rumors tha CONTINUED ON SECOND Russian Troops in Field, Inspired By Kerensky, Swear to Fight On Oratory at Battle Front Rouses Intense Enthus- iasm Among Victorious ing in Popularity. By HERMAN BERNSTEIN Special of ion Port nnd the X. Y. Herald. Petrograd. via Paris, July ander F. Kerensky's popularity Is as- suming: legendary proportions. The the .Russians' heroic revolutionary legions at the Galician front and the news of Internal disturb- ances IB Germany'gradually are erad- icating- the effect of the extremists' demoralizing propaganda. Traveling from regiment to regiment in the most dangerous at the front, Mr. Kerensky is Inspiring: the troops to action. To one heroic brigade the minister! of war said "Austria and Germany believed that our army had lost Its power and tour- age, but your heroism haa demonstrat- ed the strength of the free Russian army. All Russia is with you, sharing your Joys and sorrows." Addressing another regiment, afte presenting red flags to the soldiers, he said. JThese flags, sprinkled with the blood of Russia's best sons, you will carry victoriously over those who do no recognise liberty and equality" To another regiment Mr. Kerensky said: "You have power to deattoy the pro- tftsts of cowards against Russia's heroism. I believe there are no cow- axds or traitors amidst you. In the name of peace and liberty the revo- lutionary army will fulfill Its Gen. Korniloff, holding a red flag responded, saying: swear by our honor that we have no cowards or traitors The army knows U Is fight- ing for the Russian people's happiness and rights." The army's enthusiasm in the recep- tion of Mr. Kerensky was indescrib- able. (CopjrUrht, 1917, by the New York Herald Co. All rights reserved Berlin Must Negotiate for, Peace, Not Merely Talk It, Says Karolyi Ending of War Desire of All Germany and Central Point of Present Crisis, He Tells Hungarian Deputies. Amsterdam. July Michael Karolvl, leader of the Hungarian in- dependent party, speaking in the house of deputies, says a telegram from Budapest, declared 'The central point of the present German crisis is the question of peace. Every one In Germany wants peace, but t is not enough tq desire it, the nation must negotiate for it. Cofcnt Czernln Austro-Hungarlan foreign minister) has not confined himself to mere words but has openly declared we are ready for peace withoutj annexation. One of the prerequisite conditions of peace is the demopratizatlon of every ountrv Only Peace Policy Now. ]n a contiruaHon of the debate Baron Julius Beck said: 'There is no war policy today, but 5nly a peace policy. Thp peace must e honorable, guaranteeing Hungary's rentiers and political Indepen- ence Count Morltz Esterhazy, the premier. replying to Baron Beck, said the new Hungarian government stands for the continuance of the alliance between the dual monarchy and Germany, as did the government which It succeeded. War Defensive, Says Premier. "We are waging this war as a de- fensive said the premier. "Our peace aim is not conquest We do not leave our enemies in doubt about this. On the contrary we testified clearly be- fore the whole worljl our readiness for peace." This Statement was greeted with loud applause "Our enemies know this con- tinued the premier. "We made our peace offer In full agreement with our allies We emphasized that it was a question of an acceptable and hon- orable peace for all the belligerents, thereby showing clearly the readiness for of our entire group of pow- ers The responsibility for the con- tinuance of the war rests on the enemy." MENOCAL SUSPENDS CUBANCONST1TUTION Habana. July Meno- al has suspended the constitutional uarantees and called an session f congress. The decree gives as a reason the tate of -war bet-ween Culja and Ger- many, but It is believed in political cir- les the real reason Is difference be- ween the president and congress. The president today vetoed a bill re- ently passed in the house increasing he salaries of representatives. To- Ight, at the final session of the regu- ar congress, the house repassed the easure over the president's veto. President Menocal called the extra esslon, beginning tomorrow, to con- ider the Port Docks Company bond ase. He also asked congress to re- main, in session until he has had an pportunity to study the bill passed esterday authorizing the issuance of hlrty million dollars at- treasury bonds or war purposes The Port Docks Compajiy, known as the was formed during the r Gomez administration for the purpose I of cleaning and dredging the various j ports. The company was to receive a certain percentage of revenues paid to i the government on merchandise enter- ing Cuba. Its bonds were sold princi- pally in the United States and Kng- land "When President Menocal entered office he canceled the concession It Is understood the American and Brit- ish governments protested on behalf of innocent purchasers of the company's bonds. JAPAN" NOT TO ENLAEGE NAVY No A'eed to Offset America's Increase, Says Vice Admiral Kato. Tokyo, July to an Interpellation In the house of peers as to whether Japan intended to keep pace with American naval expansion. Vice Admiral Kato, minister of marine, said there was no need of greater ex- pansion with a view of offsetting America's increase. Moreover, he declared, an enlarged program was quite Impossible for Japan in the present financial situa- tion. Wilson's Formal Order Is Issued Through War Department. DRAWING LIKELY NEXT WEEK Total of Men Divided Among Three Army Forces. Only Step Remaining Before Fina Action in Distribution of Stat Quotas Among the Local Exemp tion the Total th District of Columbia Must Furnish Details Explained by Baker. A formal order by President "Wilson drafting men into the military service under the selective conecrip tion law was promulgated yesterda by the War Department, together wit an official allotment showing wha part of the total must be furnished b: each State and territory The only steps now remaining ar< distribution lay the governors of Stat quotas among the local exemption dls tricts for the great lotterv, which probably will be held next week which will establish the order In which registrants are to them selves for service or exemption. Total to Be The men summoned for service wil be used to fill the regular army and national guard to -war strengrth and to organize the first of the new national army. The total of these three forces wil be men. Later another will be called out supplemented by sufficient men to make up losses and maintain reaerv battalions. Nine hundred and twenty-nine men will be drafted from the District of Co- lumbia. These, with the men from the District already in the national guar f quotas by population, but which quallses In a great measure the burden hat is to fall upon the exemption Istricts. Each will furnish under this appor- ionment the men its total registration ould Indicate as a fair proportion, rather than the number the actual opulatlon of the district would indl- ate The total of these gross quotas men Credit for Volunteers. Credit Is given to the various States or a total of voluntary enlist- ments in the national guard and regu- ars. making the total net quota for II States men. Preparations for the great drawing rent ahead steadily today. Two hun- .red moro exemption districts turned n their compifted lists -with aersal umbers for all registrants Of tho ,559 districts papers of 3.500 ha-.e ow reached Washington and hundreds nore mav be In the malls The date of the drawing cannot Ted until last district haji reported work finished to the ies. although It will not ho delayed ntll the papers Washington. Index: to Today's Issue I Announces Ship Plan. Nation Fee'linjr tt-o W W. Carranza 1 S Cash. British Dreadnought Draft Is for Men Ships Would Run Krubargo Bethmann-Holiwfcg Holding Armada Is- Absured D. C. Guard Goes to Alabama Wilson Against Gore Bill. Fell SO Planes Slav Drive Is Unchecked. Holiday for Pershlng's Men. Surrenders at Peking. Claim Autonomy. British Valor on Yser. Asks Aid Against Vice. City News in Brief. comment. Threats by "Suft" Pickets. No Knitting at Church Events. Electricity for D. 'C. LONDON LOOKS FOR PEACE MOVE Sham German Reforms Viewed as Trick to Win Easy Terms. Cable to The Washington Post. London. July 13 diplomatic quarters In London, where, the Ger- man political crisis is being folio-wed with close attention, it Is suggested that the present developments are pos- sibly preliminary to overtures for peace from Germany. Premier Lloyd George intimated In a recent speech that it -would be easier to negotiate with a democratized Ger- many than with an autocratic govern- ment and President -Wilson on various occasions has referred to the difficulty, not to say impossibility, of obtaining a lasting peace -with the Hohenzollerns The imperial rescript, giving equal suffrage to Prussia is regarded here as being possibly In the direction of creat- ing an appearance of a democratized government, which could expect easier terms of peace. Another Interesting suggestion here 1s that the German crisis Is bound up with the realization that "frightful- ness" does not pay, and that Chancel- lor von Bethmann Holl-weg's role is that of a man who, having only re- luctantly agreed to unrestricted sub- marine -warfare, is seeking, now that his position as chief adviser to the emperor is strengthened bv the failure of that particular form of frightful- to force the extreme Pan-German school into acquiescence in a moderate policy, which might have as its basis a "no annexations and no indemnities' program, on which negotiations for peace might be opened with some chance of success HUNDREDS DIE ON BATTLESHIP Only Two Survive as Explosion Sinks the Vanguard. London, July British battle- ship Vanguard blew up and sank on July 9, says an official statement issued tonight by the British admiralty. An internal explosion -while the ship -was at anchor caused the disaster to the Vanguard Onl> three men of those on board survived, and one of them has since died. Twenty-four officers and 71 men, however, were not on board at he time of the explosion The official statement reads: "H M 8. Vanguard, Capt. James D }ick, blew up, -while at anchor, on the night of July 9, as the result of an nternal explosion "The sank immediately, and here werrf only three survivors among hose aboard ship at the time of, the officer and two men officer has since died There were, however, 24 officers and 71 men not on board at the time, thus bringing the otal number of survivors to 97 "A full Inquiry has been ordered The battleship Vanguard displaced tons, and her complement before he -war was 870 men The Vanguard to the St. Vincent class of dreadnoughts, and was launced in March, 1909 The Vanguard was 536 eet long, with a beam of 84 feet and a Iraft of 27 feet Her armament con- isted of ten 12-inch guns, eighteen 4- nch and four 3-pounders, In addition o three tubes TBIED TO BTTY OFF ENGLAND. Balfour Heveals Kaiser's Secret Diplomacy Just Before War. London, July 13 Just be- ore the war, tried to "buy off Eng- and by guaranteeing the Integrity of French territorv in Europe. When England asked "how about the French Germany's answer was "We don t propose to guarantee French olonies Secretarv of Foreign Affairs James Balfour this hitherto unknown chapter history toda1 In a speech At a 'jui'uhall meet- ing CREDIT UTS Kaiser Calls Hindenburg and Lndendorff to Berlin HOLLWEG IS HOLDING ON Austrian Influence Said to Keep Chancellor in Office. GREAT VICTORY FOR WILSON Progress of German Reform Dne to the President's Utterances Dr. Erzberger Said to Consent to the Chancellor's Big Parties in Reichstag Demanding Immediate Electoral Reform and Declaration of Purely Defenjrtrw War Alms by Crown. Washington Post A Route Books, Joe B> ma.ll. I (By AMoctated Copenhagen, July came from Berlin late today. The reicbstag has gone on strike and the members have decided to suspend the labors, both of the fall house and the main committee, until the political situation Is cleared up. This leaves the war credit bill in abeyance. Emperor William has summoned Field Marshal von Hindenburg, of the general staff, and Gen. Lndan- dorff, the chief quartermaster general, for a conference. This news should be Interpreted In connection intimations that the German government has decided to re- fuse to parliamentarlze the cabinet and the difficulties reported In tion with the adoption of a peace reso- lution. Chancellor Retains Office. Amsterdam, July to semiofficial dispatch received here from Berlin today, the report of resigna- tion, of Dr. von Bethmann-Hollwegr, the Imperial chancellor, is untrue At the meeting- of the catholic cen- ter party today. Dr. Peter Spahn. the chairman, was taken euddenjy 111, ac- cording to a Berlin telegram. meeting adjourned at once. Austria's Hand Seen. <By International Nerni Service.) Amsterdam. July fine hand of Austria was seen In the German crisis todav. Its index finger pointed to Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg- as the "man of the hour." A from Vienna, anonymous, but takablv official, Bounded warning- that f Hollweg be dropped, disaster would follow. Promptly all Kurope was thrown Into a state of puzzled speculation For ere was the queerest political paradox of the -whole war- Only a week the world was told that Dr. Mathias Erz- berg-er. the centrist leader. In unloosing- the storm of revolt in the relchstar with Hollweg as the chief object of his bitter attacks, was Inspired br the ounsel of the jtflistrtan emperor, whom he had just visited. Erzberger Changes Front. The report -went unchallenged until yesterday. By that time the tide had turned, and todav -word comes from Berlin that Erzberger himself has changed front, that the centrists are satisfied to have Hollweg continue as chancellor, "under certain but want him discarded the peace conference begins. A deep-laid intrigue, sprung: where between Vienna and Berlin, suc- cessfully executed In the manner In Its minutest details, is be- leved to hold the answer to puzzle. Developments of the Day. Meanwhile, today's news from tha German capital brought these thief developments In the crlsle- 1. A semiofficial the kaiser Is about to issue a proclamation favoring immediate vote reform for russia and for parliamentary govern- ment for Germany 2. Apparently authoritative reports had it the emperor would invite Era- bergrer and Philip Scheidemann (ma- orlty socialist leader) to take mlnle- erial 3 The three big so- and national ed their plans for a concerted drive 1n omorrow's relchstag session for mmediate electoral reform and a dec- aratlon of purely defensive war alma. They command an over-whelming ority. 4 Falling in this drive, the majority s determined, to drive out the present ministry. A coalition government would e the inevitable result. Result of Wilson's Arraignment. Between the lines of the mass of con- radictorj dispatches from the Teutonic capitals one fact is creeping steadfastly to the fore That beneath the whole upheaval lies the stinging effect which President "Wil- son's arraignment of the German, au- tocracy has had upon the German masses, as reflected by their represent- atives in the relchstag To Count Czermtz the Austrian for elgn r PT m attributed ti epirer1 mun'cation from i a r the Anzeiger, the d.jrn a sal r' t' hancellor would a fa-a m 1 s t a k r CON ON POtTKTH