Friday, October 14, 1859

Delaware State Reporter

Location: Dover, Delaware

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Delaware State Reporter (Newspaper) - October 14, 1859, Dover, Delaware DELAWARE STATE JfcEPORTER. i T7 I REPORTER Action of Main [very description of Buch m BOOKS, i- Uy.----. "BtM-ETS, 'PETITIONS, blLL HEADS, according POSTEES, FORMS, LA.HELS, CARDS, Selected .verware. CASSIDY BALL, No. 12 South Second Street, PHILADELPHIA. THEY would respectfully call the of purchasers to their stock tfoods, feeljng aasured of their ability to with any other establishment THE MAD A THRILLING EPISODE OF LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI. Bt J. WOODRUFF LEWIS. Night on the FatheTrfWatcrs Night with _ rtitv ZSSZmZZ They her vcil lowering over the mourning city have now on handafine assortment of American, Nw Kh LEVEB WATCHES Fob, Guard and Vtit Seals and in ALKNKS! BLANKS! BLANKSt TVTOW ON HASDiuid for sola at the REPORTER office, Nire respectfully Invited. IFOR JUSTICES f particular, for fellows backed up in such a _ J__H nnltr Inrce inteUectua, power others, hjm witb ao of ;nd -Sod, a boy will bate sufforing enough irom tlie seBsb tyranny of bs companions be ougbt to find in you, a protec- tor and friend. One of thc greatest pleasures which a teacher's life affords, is, the interest of geekmgxjntsnet an we, bowed down with 'bur- dens of depression and discooragcmcnt.-unac- customed to sympathy and kindness, and ex- pccling nothing for hot a weary con- tinuation of cheerless toils, which have bittered the past and the pleasure of taking off thc burden, of surprising the timid disheart- ened sufercrby kind words and cheering his countenance, the cxpres- of case and even of happiness, gradually rf- S1OI1 tonring'. wceiwd the past soHcit yonr WE AI1C SOW TARGR ADDITIONS TO OUR STOCK OF .STONE WARE GLASS, FOR HOTELS AND FAMILIES, AT Breath- reduced prices. New styles and of Via'11 and richly decorated Dinner, BJemcrt, Tea, and Toiht Sets, Cheap and Bcaii- iTiil. PARIAN MARBLE FIGURES, ttnwtlo Ornameiiis, 'Toilet Botllos, Colopncs, rcanonaWepricBS. Togolhcr with a general variety of imrnient warrantee Ctttting done at rial or price perfect fit, thc place is at -clothing store, next to Merchant bvt wfccn a revolver, and told her that zens. the first-wVds she uttered wuld be her last became alarmed, and begged to be re- leosed. With a strange calmness and voice brooked no reply, he commanded her to silence anfl stating that he was an emissary of Salon, duly commissioned to drive the steamer to bell, locked the door-and departed. She poused, and a faint smile shone through her tears, like the sunshine in a mid-summer jail as this 'ero? You don't take on y three The Western Belle tmqt exception occasion, as she swung off into the Btrai an observer could to the general rule, have readly was crowded to her utmost capacity Ere we had left the channel, I observed the captain hurry past to himself ap- BOOK STORE. parently in great Had I hefor we cast off-yet something must he tone, that is evident-hut Give me Reynolds raisedTjiseyesnfftre fcound of "the dcav sonorous but somewhat im- nerttive voice tSilt Uttered words, and beheld a tall, dai-k-fcatuied, and strikingly handsome tfho had from the op- rain. A light duwned Upon my ttHttl! eer was. ttoh, the brother of this angelic picture of loveliness, and he-I shnddewd as I remem- bered to have noticed the increaing speed of the boat and the heavy roar of thc tihaustcd pipe TOW on t he n nml soldto Country Mcrclnnt., Book-cllcr., StoveKeepcrs.Pnbhc. posite knd who, instantly sieizing bis hand, Captain, engineer has left his post-gone were slgnincairt as he spoke am the a monwn.' No time was to be lost. Hastily tdKnghcr tftc little I knew of the lieutenant's movements, I escorted to the grand saloon, and promising to return the moment I found her brother, I went in search oHhe captain. Ilardly hid T reachc the staircase, when my attention wte arrested by a Wild yell of apparent exultation, rose high and shrill above all other sounds, chilling in its demoniac intona- tion, and seemBig thc dread hailingeroranm'ng doom! I involuntarily raised my hands to my cars, as did when the latter cried out: Look here, you thatcrc's one time. Now 'pose you giVB me three cents .worth more on em." Uncfc Sam's slow in discover- ing he had caught a Tartar. He turned tack to thc window and asked. flow many coppers have you got? only about ninety-seven of cm I had a hundred of 'emwben I began. Pass them was thc gruff reply- Pass out your stamps first and then I will; but I reckon you don't ketch me agin." The setups were passed out and thc coppers handed over, when the countrynnn went off Hints to Be Here we have one oT the first principles of successful agriculture. Let all your transactions be conducted in a business-like manner. Take note of every operation, vrhethct you buy or selUrecciTC or disburse, sow or reaps make n proifis bargain. To do this, it will be necessary to Veep n diary, and we would say, so, if for no other object than as a ready means of comparison. Be Never half-do anything yonf self, nor permit your men to glide over their la- bours. If it is wWth doing at all, it is worth doing would prove a golden maxim to thousands of fanners if they would not only adopt it as a portion of their creed, but exemp- Sfy its teactotegs in their daily life. Away Withlheao scrafcAcW-men thatgp beneath the surface arc the kind wanted. Leave your Land in good It should be the object of every tiller of the soil to leave his land in good condition Ac removal of saying.: F s'pose because a fellow holds offljc under Uncle Sam, he thinks, he is all crea but I guess they larn't something that lluli''-VS' MITCHELL, mpyiti-r-., seplG 8m __ _ T. 3BC3F: A T Aad Blank Book Manufacturer, 527 MARKET STREET, I 1, M I O I O S E I- U l: WOOTTEN, ATTOMEY 'AT No. 210 Markd Street above Eighth, npft If Wll-MIXBTOK. OKT.. _ CONVEYANCER. RESPECTFULLY tenders his service to the public in the above capacity. All te pu, entrusted to Ins care will attended to. Public promptly OlHee, on 3rd door east ol Fountain s Tlon. S. M Harrington, M. W. Bates, J 1J- Comogys, Gen. P. N. B. SmitUeni, Jwtl'rs; Doctors Uo'o Salisbury, Isaac .Tump, and .T. C. BirdI Mowrs. R. W. Reynolds, Henry Todd. A. J. Tavlor and John K. Jarvis. scpia-ly jLii ?Trt i and to everybody iU Alfkinds of School Booksi Ulcst editions. Fools Cap, Letter and Note Papers, Sl'.ites and Shite 1'enci's, Carmine, Red, BHck and Blue Inks, Letter and Not? Envelopes, in great var etj, Copy and Composition Account and Memorandum many sizes, different qualities, and various gtoal Pens and Pen Holders, Wiapning 1'apcr.s and Bonnet Boards, AlSw, Drarie., Lead Pencil., Writing S'School'Rewards, and cfcrythuig sidos School .and Pocket Bibles. Hymn Book, Pravcr Books, together wrtfc a Stock of Books in every department of Litcrataw, and suited to every taste. All at the very gwort rt-tt cash astl Booksellers. No. 224 North Second Street, Particular attention paid to niail. ________ ang19-gt THE FOUNTINS HOTELj (FOKJIEBI.Y THE MAWSOSf SECOND tion; time." PRIZE FlGfir BKTWBBN TWO A few- weeks since some masons were at work repair- ing Hollis1 Oil Factory, nt Somervillc, Mass., when they became the witnesses of a singular combat of about an hour's duration, between two monster bull-frogs, inhabitants of two pools in the rear of the building. They came forth from their respective puddles about 11 o'clock W C FOUNTAIN BRO., PROPIUHTOBS. HOTEL IS OPEN FOU THE NEW WHOLESALE CARE BAKERY, ,No North Front Street, Philadelphia. The subscriber having been Foreman for tbe celebrated Cake Baker, Samuel Riley, anrt from his lone experience in the business, flutters him- I'clf that he can give satisfaction to all who favor him with their custom. Best of Cakes baked tor the trade, and at prices to suit the times. Q5- All orders from the country promptly Attended to. AT ELDRIDGE'S CHEAP BE1XG in a bye-street, where tho store ex- penses arc very liEhfc. tho subscriber is enabled to sell at the very Imettt prices. Per- sons visiting Philadelphia, and wishing to buy Carpets, Oil Cloths, Mattings, will do well to examine thc largo assortment of Tapestry Brussels. Imperial 3-ply, Ingrain and Venetian Aud Oil Cloths of all widths in great variety. Also, Canton Mattings ofall kinds with alaiire assortment of IOIV-PRICEP Ingrain Carpets, and Entry and Stair Hug. Mats, Druggets, Stuir Hods, Rag Carpets, Cot CARPETS. reception of visitors. It has been refitted and refurnished throughout, for the better ac- -ommodition of guests and boaidrrs. Its lo- ation is in the very centre of tho business ortion of tiie city. Boaid, per day. Tho subscriber, thankful for the liberal pa- ronagc extended to him during the three years c kept the Washington Hotel in Dover, would nvitcallhis old friends, and the citizens of Delaware generally, to stop with him whenever hey visit the city either os business or pleas- ure Every facility and accommodation will }C afforded which usually appertains to a first cnoss Hotel. WILLIAMC. FOUNTAIN, Feb. 23, 1859. late of Dover, Del. feWJ5-tf___________________________ STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS. AT 421 MARKET STREET, WIL- MINGTON, Del. and examine thc boau- MalSTEREOSCOPIC VIEWS. Tbe subscriber has effected arrangements to keep a very complete assortment of Stercosco- pes and also of Stereoscopic Views, both on" glass and paper, colored and plain! embrac- ine visws of Pane, London, Scotland, Switzer- land, Crystal Palace, Natural History, My- thology, Statuary, Ancient Cities, Tableaux, Winter apd Domestic Scenes. would simply assure thc citizens of Dela- ware and adjoining counties, that our assort- ment shall be sufficiently complete and tnat our prices are quite as low as tboso 6f any es- tablishment in the larger cities We desire that our friends and the public should call and ol this lately discovered doyou wince such ati interest hi the matter 1" and Iris momentary stern gaze rested npon the countenance of thc stranger, whose face was U10r0 partly concealed by ft hcaTy beard and mous- tache of glossy blackness. T nm Lieutenant George IMion, of the United States Army, but fonnly cliiuf engineer of (he Prairie at your service said the stranger, in hurried manner, mentioning a well- known boat, noted in years gon by for her great speed and superior accommodations. And your object is to offer your service to me as engineer for thc up trip said Captain Reynolds, inquiringly- n As you law intuitively perceived, it is. Sir-lieutenant, I thank thank yon-and will avail myself of your kind offer: accepting in the same generous spirit with which it is made, and without further ceremo- ny said the captain, as he warmly pressed the tend of the otter. Knowing that the fire- men were all green hands, I was just hastening to Uke charge, and manage, as best T might, the engineer's department-but now I shall fee' at ease." Then let roc at once cnttr upon my duties there is no lime to lose said the lieutenant. Our lives in featful peril! Follow if would know TUB MAB No 43 Strawberry St., Second door Chestnut, Philadelphia the first street, west o K7- Strawberry is Second Street. ang26-3m and there was a strange gleam in his restless eyes, and a nervous peculiarity in his gesture. It was unnoticed by the captain-or if be noled, evidently considered the idiosyncrack-s of an ardent he replied, with satisfaction expressed in his voice True, true I fear you will find matters in a somewhat confused state, hut you can send forward for me at any moment. They passed beyond my heaiing. and I lei surely ascended to the hurricane deck to enjoy a siesta and cigar for an hoar, after which I sought out my state-room-found, entered, clos- ed the <loor-and was on the point of congratu- lating mvsclf on having been able to secure it when my attention was arrested by the earnest ntonation of a musical voice of peculiar beauty -one that could never be afterward forgottcr tho' heard 'mid the wild beauty and grandeui of an ocean stonn-the roar and carnage of bat tie or thc discotdant murmurs of an assembled univeiw! Spell-bound, I listened 0 sir, whatever you arc, for the love o Heaven, assist me to get out of this room-an at once Our safety-ay, tho lives of every one on board is on-I shudder to think -perhnps the issue of few moments A moment later, and we were at thc scene of excitement, and beheld a sight to chill the blood in the stoutest heart! With coat eyes flashing menace -revol- ver in hand, "commanding the range of the en- tfance, and the register" showing an amount of steam far beyond the rated capacity of the boilers -the engineer was seated upon thc safely Mice to keep it down and giving occasional ut- terance to a wild yell, as his weafion threatened with death the horror-stricken crowd without No questions were askell -none were needed was evident that the engineer had driven he firemen From their station soon after taking position-had transferred several bar rcls of oil and rosin to. the fire under the boilers and the sharp, shrill roar from the escape-pipe as well as the quivering of the steamer frot truck to kedson, as she leaped through the wa- tor with the impetuosity of a mad racer, told each and Ml the fearful nature of the peril which was momentarily increasing. We shall be blown to eternity Shoot thc wild beast down Our lives are in the bal- The words were ominously echoed by thc sharp click of a revolver- Hold On your life fire And see our rpecimens wonderful and beautiful art 421 J. T. HEALD, Market Street, Wilmington, Del. the-forcnoon, the other other until they n- cautiously, each were about a foot apart, when they jumpeiUt ach other and commenced the fight. They truck, bit and clinched furiously, and when a all would decide tho round, both would draw off and puff for a moment, when they 'would renew the combat. After about an hour spent ill other of drawing the first wn the claret" from his thc voice rang like a clarion, yet with all the sweet music of an seolian harp, as the crowd parted right and left, and the maiden of my story-the tatcr, even in her pallid beauty, rushed to the entrance, George My brother Virgi You here The Ore in thc eyes of the madman burned with less flame than before, and hand and wea- pon fell to his side. His fierceness was gone in a moment, when her bright orbs gazed search- ingly upon liim. Breathlessly we awaited the issue. me the pistol'." It was done. Now come with me But my commission from Satan "liasbeen With her eyes camly reading his, she took his arm and led him quietly away to his state- uninterrupted fighting, with the exception of two or three brief respites, each erawlei off to his own pool, and disappeared. Neither was exactly but both kinder gin out. Neither could claim the Victory, as one was ter- ribly lamed in the shoulder by a brilliant lea- handcr" from his antagonist, while the could claim the hoj he having di opponent's mug" on the first or second round. The fight itself was singular enough, but the fact that it was witnessed but not intcrferred Wjth bv some thirty or forty frog spectators, of all kinds and sizes, adds to tho novelty of the incident. Our informant says that at thc be- ginning of the figbt thc frogs assemble about the fighting ground from the surrounding pools, attracted doubtless by the noise made by the combatants, and that they continued peaceable spectators of the occasionally interrupt- it by excited croakinS..but at no time ap- preaching the parties engaged in it nearer than within two or three feet. When thc contest was ended they nearly simultaneously dcpart- Thc whole arrangements seemed to have moddelled after modern pugilietic cncoun- betwecn. animal genus with the ex- crop, the limc' obtnin M rating returns as possible. This can he done only by husbanding all the sources, of fertility upon farm and adding thereto in every available manner. This is the Alpha and Omega of progressive agriculture. Never boast of ft bank account" if it is obtained expense of your farm- Study your is not alone the energy that wields the spade or thc plow that insures success. The culture of thc mind must go hand in hand with thc culture of the soil. Twc relations of science to thc farmer's calling intimate- Good books are aids in the atiaiwiaent of knowledge, but never pin your faith on thc ipse dixit of any individual think, experiment, and judge for yourself. Stxk to the yoor plans for the future, never, for one moment, harbor the idea of bettering your condition by cntoring the arena of commercial life.. Do not exchange a home of quiet, real enjoyment for the turmoil and illusion of a city residence. Barter not sweet icpwse for visions of empty wallets, nor let notes due on the prerogatives of for the morrow assume the night-marc. Very care and anxiety arc There was an m ceu ;ers----- ception, perhaps, of the absence of ring-masters, seconds, and bottlr-holder. We can only specu- ate as to tho cause of the quarrel, but can readi- ly ima3ine that one called the other a and thatfrog No. 2, not accepting the terra as t, retorted by applying the epithet hopper" to frog No. 1. Of course re- conciliation was then out of the qucst.on. SUGGESTION TO SCHOOL TRACES. -1. Never do any thing for a scholar, but teach him to do it for himself How many cases occur, m the schools of our country, where the boy brings his slate to the teacher, saying he cannot do a certain sum. The teacher takes thc slate and pcncil.-performs the wotk in silcnce.-bnngs the n turns the slate to thc hands IOCS of his pupil, who walks off to bis seat, and to work on the next example perfectly satis- fied with the manner in which ho is passing on. A man who has not done this a hundred times himself, will hardly believe It possible that such a practice can prevail. It is so evidently waste of time, both for master and scholar. 2. Never get out of patience with dulness. Perhaps I ought to say, never get out of patience it needed but little j with any thing. That tot du'ne'ss and stupidity, and you will cer- USEPOL HIXTS TO Yorso MEX.-UOW nutty young men ignorantly deny themselves ft for There is scarcely a young man of good this city who cannot save 8100 easily fromhis annual earnings, and if he will forego ci-ars, billiards, and juleps, he can save double that amount. Figures sometimes produce al- most incredible results. Thus, for instance, if a young man upon his twentieth birthday will invest .100 inanystocfc, paying ten per cent, and annually thereafter will invest the same amount and the accumulation of interest, he will be worth, when he is thirty years old, SI 753: when forty years old. S6.-300 when fifty years old, when sixty years old, How simple, then, is thc plan by which a youth ot thc present day can pass his old ift comfort and luxury. He has only to regulate his expenses FO as to save one hundred dollars each year from his income. If the amount saved be larger, then thc sum total will be in- creased in the same proportion. Only think of it, that S500 sived stitHjally and invested in ten per cent, stock will amount in forty years to 8243.500. One million invest- ed in the same way for ten years will amount to S2 in twenty years to 86, (26.800 in thirty years to in forty years to S45 No wonder, then, that the Rothschilds have amassed such Journal. Flint. LovB.-Your mother is your .best Wend. The world may willfully do mother never; the1 while living, and when deal plant the ivy and the nJght-slfcle of-lander upon grawless grave-but your mother willlOTC and cherish jou while living, and if she survive yotl, tfccf. tot you whett dead, Hucli tcareas hoW to earthly your you many wrongs, world may persecute you it it out and stepped through the opening. What a picture was revealed Sealed on a low stool, with her auburn ring- lets floating over shoulders of alabaster white- ness. In was a gloriously beautiful maiden of seemingly not over seventeen and bright at tlir jew elt> of a ngal diuxkiu. thy of his generous bachelor heart Under thc careful most skillful physicians in thc citj tenant was-scon entirely recovered. And 1! Need I add that my friendship for the beau- 4WVHJ J I l UAil Vlrginia had into something wru- enough. last things to get out of patience e Creator has so formed the mind of a hoy. that I he must go Kfe -lowly .nd with chffl 1 cully, unreel by which others Jo not and fcpresttd by diVouragements wbi-h O'-hers know, his lot n snrcfy hard without having you to add to it the A Yoi-sm man wl.o is punctual at Ms work early and late, and is seen constantly laboring for Hume useful purpose, will not be su.pido.u-d Wben a crime committed. It is your yotn.g who loafs al street corners and saloons. makes remarks abotit honest men, and stares at nrtnmis females as they the street, and nt general has nothing to do, who thought ,0 be a thief. There is deal id fear- ance sometimes. tuer Into EWSPAPERl EWSPAPERl

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