Friday, February 10, 1854

Delaware State Reporter

Location: Dover, Delaware

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Delaware State Reporter on Friday, February 10, 1854

Delaware State Reporter (Newspaper) - February 10, 1854, Dover, Delaware t I VQJJUME2. i, FRIDAY FJSBRUARY 10, 1854. ROBBER 47. THE UNAWARE STATE GEOBGE W. S- XJCHiSSOX, At 0 m m u m t a i to us. ges cf Dcrerto e- "toy article cf 235 Jainjz- wan its-rev into. Itsflf local aa3 it us muck pleasure to aamormoe fhstt St is I aiateftained at all, iyften dot- that there was no paper ynKSslafl i rl ni- the State BSBC <rf3ier t i Plank to shair gqnriaiTiHjuij. ampBunirwbKiw ijr ferfrted from sschan; TTftfl CtttCTBtlSiJ igiiiaaniitiiuiuikaa; ilh that promise, m alcae, and to fdovbUnfflt realised.. Boftd to Feb. 3IE. Euroa: Mucu has been sam, of We, fi ia interest Versnd vicinity, in to Froi Dover, Eaj :oiid. latdy, a piece appeared in the RnjOKtesrsettfog forth the aavantagis of 3H- j fiqn and ujon the citizens, and j pjfticiilarij the farmers, to iutcrcsl i ibc thdr pro- fTheaitfcD to our tot, far wwuwe-qdeat and otherwise, to i teu3 Of the idea, we fiid-so? -and fbe ttphnoiK ire hare become Saeeess lias been the resard of aH osrrssastti aaiS tffeju usrs. aidjy sr a tie- be tie nHHtita-jueceiGir cliqne, or flfvisita ndter <or aog- is. Umjcaricssaad the fictifiil bdacUtea contained ia fia fLATFOJlSr Gf n stsadf; ibaiiffly and. on Bsafenare ofthe mbe j sfemrrf in BIT fast- that; BSofe i_ -Ji.__TK_r_-_T_r strew-alone 5oni' Winer Creek-land- cfitiSLES pcz-TGSBVt i tSEHtli DOW _ EWO cards of wood haskd. ftom. Borer j b? the'P. W. and B. R. R. Co., signal. losSqp, Int Jl.was ___T __ J T ?i_T _' _l_ X i _ _; _..'.. r V, "i. r. It u I..L 'ii !iHn Jljlhy-n -___ JTE- i as, trell fcr the' citizcinS; i and thejainiing comini i "rcSeShnca a matter I eS as a, .final -Step is taken llj'. TBe sBoCTed' fitnn tfeeftrtner to latter fe one cents. "J faija? (ftan 1st _ "se of- Ex- bocnd themselves scaled -and 3.1 jBOKseait sS 3iie SEH- i Jonbrnffiroip- sriril -For its ckirf aim-it tas fhc Uxiss its xtos depirtiBeat it axii any otho- Delaware ifhc ttf of j -Jj-21 vicinitv art- id.. toaiasr-wcre rfiuiBgieErf. SOBBE And.. sBrasSS fe 11 jfc SS0PS fire c geiif'fHFtrtfpy -tfter the' 'artideS five in an seh-cfions- The as sS finHtrcs Rank -'asabte, oBari .1 aim. TIOXS, IJESISLATTCillES sH XEETKGS iff STiTE laPOKE-Ofia; the smonnt. re- the not he as well for tod people to unite and ex- tend rtas as possible to wards the ilaiyiaiid line? miles will be ttailt of expense to mites more can built ty the citizEns, who -arey-iaHEediatcly niter- Ir aware, ifc. ninnication not acpord.with, the fedingscf thefiiaidsof and {via trahj sorry such, jraloaaes should esisfcon part to a. place which if mat snpenor advantages to ilahou. and .hy.thc Kiicr of.this-jeaiooqr? gf rSnf Eacaai TH T ryVi irn i to the Dons, where soon he" erected, is" a question now beypndja j dead iby fcehowpes us as -citizens to throw with the past, Bemaris i ____ theway iha4wfll tend-to If .they wonld tfcasriisr. faKaiak waiiL alteae of -thtse vrfw.are engaged iri'this j who life <sr tamih needed itnproTetDenfc; Cantiot as high j conclnsans wanld a pnce be <Krn-i tfbeaJt, and. any other j jientat: Tie at titc month of Kopa Riveras tmidd fee ftic jaaress' in ;farzuEr it thenMKith of, T-Sflfdji there can he diStrcnce on this score, ia respect to pSoie. Kit -vrhsn pssS. in J soy; one to say that vessels ing, as the mouth of Dona Eiver at any around fiiein, fijey ?tnt Be' CSttsjusi Paper 'being jinHished the anaB sam <f arwo Oar subscribers mar rely- fl times a irdcomc Tiaanr to ibejrErcaxjtsr- ihe PriTaielctters TnD please be adfeesssd personal! valid marked, Iiettexs on or f tious or comnmiucaajoBS'giH THE PSOFEISKSB- t mere tj-havtng os cf -crocg and xsjS BSrjiBfflroEu suU? Tn5E3ScSTafisS ..-._.. Aye, perhaps yon iS' Read is who %rin than aoirc fcr setfhaa _ mraaiis as 55-Be aaais aUbod BBBBsaBiasBE iSwca liizcrdisis: axe ;ferJ3MSB TBirolffira'asttr'Ea'iL IJMJ.. tassE w3to "SIIE. vs 2SSEHT ry tw tfest I cinnot fe sss ajjrTe f- __ t __ i. __ _ TI t. __ -i -i' __ __ Ine uistance will H.UAKB comer of ESghftaga SSrotfts, H. B. ntKBER- tiona! distance to haul. IiereaKer. r ia 25 ua 3-ST and Gomnfisscoi Sooth Charfes Street. tnablelhcni i and feel, if it were let Tcraisjagse.sEfae sgiffis jfiaw'sffa Ui6 aitdn J 5t inrm More -on' this-'-feiiJfeet 51s j fliai. nnd A. B. C. The Sfeasibeat Jleefetg at Hagaeaa. Pet.: 6, _ most .assurcdlj'lKScaScr <eadh C F. Serehani isSor.. 47 Scnai Eighth Street. doors East fie ffnra- oT EVA3TS fc TTATRSBOBE'S FSS5T fltfe-'gis. as- rarwcSa 51ag of Hnrar sa-S fe <HW uf t5er CA. SASON, DEATHS ITT TWEE-FES' 1TCSES and LHJTOKS. nre to favor t is tfe cf aad trnst Chat tfih the iraprcvriutats wl r3 eg eoasligated, as ftey arc of great I to the vrrstwr. roads. Ac., wlxKIid not get oct. gp-j-g Gf tjjcm word jzcpsijcsas- conld and hoar. There were taany dlslcmper wlnrh "kurrss he Teissnnns lisve UKTT fescSoTrdJ rice is a tyrant iriiich nera- rest. It Hie and keeps wat, oaTre 10 spiritual prospcrziT osijb casting a if onr sad Mas. csac-asfrwoEr. iqi ct tbe Lcarcss s? sa C Ivi f froa Dorei to t a 5r j trt the It tist Mahrn itkrr b at three ttr-i nearer to arsd Rjstnn by ttera GrrcnsVTrejh. M'L. ana its vicfra- ry. it cost nrxrri i about cmts per to firing: 'tire grain from a.-'I uliiu at Jlal-'vn grain to Vrtr Trrfc fbr {mr ti HTV per tuiird. rn fc3. 'al.iifi rad tr.4 three crnis in. r. whSe it wiTl frrsrf Ere jtr fr-Tii thit pTirc lo TT-. ssd Swn E-.Ttrrrorc to "NVn- at nriglit IK? pnt do-mi as much i Oar Mnrdcrkill friends arc ntvake to tiur ests. anii ajvpear Setcrmrned to have a strcn- bbat. I was ntach r4cased to End at-the mect- injr some grey-haired nen. who appeared to be bat 21 Trars old in their there arc mj friends .Tfisrp'j Jofej TV. isa Lofiand (vrho nre a Iwst in themselves) an4 othOTS, all they can. rcdi ir.rn as these St holm, tre need nc-1- sn; whc FEKAiT. rcUUaS-tV! fered ocr Land to a, Ja3r iris; OSt cet ci of ii. 1 nt theTiiliag. cs i: ssn; use- crascjccfle lac Ifcos? st' T rise' btr o 'would teTp braa xa Ifadirt oifetsa to lady, l.-rrr to Sfrrcn rtr t. trar rf M yew VccT. per r- narttts ire i-.ig a f-ivcr of of gc of .Hires' Tcai a-d U-n to lif- latter t rectis-, to :hrrs of r F.UUCEX. EW 'SPA'PEii k .ir? Kskire a strong n'lD, r. ilh a csr :-i ihis i- After the three tl-juars were nni piqne -n-1..-. '.hc (lisrrmsr. a very int'-IKgpnt and flafcr cs fer: cnmnjjttce of nine pcrsmaHy pr> arormd and the ing a gmOnBan bet no irarj1. fnr 2" ft in to >iii stock- They arc to report SVar had "Seen Aelaaum success at the nest meeting, which is to be ijtM on Sitiadsy, inst. The CiKnmittee of Captains, anpoiulcti at the last lo ex- amine and acas-Jic the C'ntk, made a very Th'.rc src nvmy who Uiink if we a hoot, we can't litr.- I admit tliZsnsvy be Utc Ui.; fir5t rtar. bat 1 thirst; br makinr tvro InpK to anil one from Mxhmi IljTrr to Csne Itay. by winch we opni Xcv 1'ork every week in rnrr, from phb. tn our woriJiy friend the r.-ay lo rhiUdvIphia, thxt we can al-r.r m-1 u-.aVr- jay and afitr the j-rar. our MurdrrkJU frierxU ftnofidcnt that thrrc trill lie freight enough from their Ftundpr! to surtiia her. Sorely there is no nec- tfon of thr couatry in our Sale where the soil Mrrr- 'o rai-i-g und 75 a ftc' Uial '-Sarderkjn csirr fc our rny T anrl it is ih'ir iasj? art- t aa worthy, -h s-vj

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