Saturday, April 5, 1930

Greeley Daily Tribune And The Greeley Republican

Location: Greeley, Colorado

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Text Content of Page 1 of Greeley Daily Tribune And The Greeley Republican on Saturday, April 5, 1930

Greeley Daily Tribune And The Greeley Republican, The (Newspaper) - April 5, 1930, Greeley, Colorado lATHER LaoFair to and e ia tora 24 hours end Saturday low JBTOT An Instance of sim plification gonewrong la the substitution ot Russian lor Latin la Russian Medical 108 MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS THB GBEELEY BEPUKLICAN WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1870 ative of Weld People Has It New Long Distance Mark Light Plane of Own Design of Cous layors Wife and of Nephew of Johnstown in Long Plight JSssoclatciJ Press a April Wichita airplane manufac o was attempting to set a uiitry flight in a low noplane of his own ed at Fort he officials ot the Mooney Air mpany in a telegram from essage Wished record to Fort a director of the said did not iy Mooney had landed at to New s goal when he off Angeles at MacDonald and Briand Seek Security Formula I Associated Press April Minister MacDonald and Foreign Minister Bri and continued efforts today to find solution to the French security At the end of their talk at Jamess palace the French foreign minister rushed away to Paris for the week end saying he was returning Tuesday to resume the As he was dashing off to the train he remarked somewhat cryptically I think the end of next week will see the Kiwanis club Thursday noon by finish of it one way or the Pat executive of the WestTjlo assumption was that he was re Denver Man Speaks on Navy of Kiwanis Club Kiwanis Navy was the sub ject of a rousing inspirational talk at 2000 Enjoy WellStaged Show by Physical Ed Classes from All GradesofjPublic Schools ern Auto Supply company of to the proposed security The Kiwanis outlined by consists of the following I jnarkmanshlp and sports who has had great deal of experiencein this wo in made a powerful plea tor individual assistance to youthful down and President Joe Woolf ot the club announced that children ot Kiwanis members will be guests of their par ents at the annual Fathers and Sons day next Thursday at A program by is be ing were filled a The band was on the Over 800 children took part in the i events following one another in quick i Wildcats Win Track Meet from f College and Eaton that ay it Of more than miles s Angeles to Fort Wayne had led a record for light It was said by the Mooney that the former was made in a Barling by nvs telegram was filed at ayne at No other were available flyers which s by a 100 horse power overhere at and msas City at ey who left Los Angeles at Pacific time yes made a landing in a small n the motor of hisplane fly ceased to He the machine came to natified officials the Driuau Bttlo at ipaign of clvll Cy former district secre tary of and well known to all Greeley came to Gree ley with Clark local manager ot the Auto Supply was also a guest of the club with his Martyrdom of Gandhi Is Being Ayoided lar track meet at rival with 48 while The local running up the Christian and Force looked the most impressive of the lot coming near lapping the Eaton The Wildcats took a total of 17 first places while Ault garnered Merle Dbrsett was high point man of the day with four firsts and a He took first in both the javelin and discus and second in tne shot Bckhardt was an other consistant performer for the Wildcats while Cruickshank was heavy scorer for Marks made In the various events came far from approaching state records but the performers showed The pole aid in TiTtwoS reTay quaHet composed of i Senate Passes Norris Bill on Muscle Shoals The children were wel trained and all numbers presented showed that the performers knew ex actly what they were to and tuei did it well and The program included demonstra tlons by all grades of the city schools from the first on thru junior and sen lor high Thus the public ha an opportunity to see great yar ety of daily work in the physlca education Functioning o the department in building health an developing muscular wholl apart from the interscholastlc athleti was clearly The sma children who participated in the earl numbers did the rest of th They had seen it at r These children from the low grades were entertained under tl supervision of their teachers in tl various junior high school rooms By FRANCIS STEPHENSON Associated Press Staff Writer April Once more the senate today voted to turn over Prominent Weld County Farmers by Peter Klein From south near Odessa where he was born 1882 Peter Klein came when he was a young man to make his home in the United States and has since an American One of his Judge Parker Is Opposed by Labor Leader Green First Witness Against Confirmation Injunction Against Miners Basis of Fed eration Opposition Associated April president of the American Fed eration of told a senate judi ciary subcommittee today that all or ganized labor is united in opposition o confirmation of Judge John Parker of Carplina as an asso ciated justice of the supremo Green was the first witness at hear ngs of those opposed to the confirma tion ot Judge who was named y President Hoover to succeed the ate Justice Before Green Chairman Overman of the judiciary subcommit tee considering the intro duced a letter from Governor Gard ner of North Carolina and other North Carolinians endorsing Judge VtUlUUO JU11IUI m an AllltJl 1CUU wnw their parents saw the entire dauEnters i3 a public school teacher The entertainment outdrew any basket Contim I on page 3 Thirty Hurt in Indian Railway Strike Riot men listed in the order in which they finished Associated Press April Indian nationalist leader ar rived today at where tomorrow 10oyard Greeley at he intends to break the Ault Ault Har British salt laws and begin the cam ecoras out uie yenuiuvcio viia nnn possibilities and will governments 000 nitrate erablv durinr tbe ana power Muscle Shoals Summary of events follow with Alabama to a government controlled atlon experimentation in PoUce and lat he was and then a hotel to some was builder the little in which the record trip le the belief that in the miles from Los to Fort he had es d a distance record for light nay Relatedto Weld People which hopes ultimately will bring Ills Greeley tvvs Time for Ault Cpllege With him were those their w h Tlme 8 ranks depleted by small who on sbot Ault left for the 16o Greeley Greeley Mc inarch to the Jalapur J Murry Distance 41 10 whore enforcement of the salt monop low hurdles forlightweights i oly was said to be Enroute1H Greeley partystopped at villages where KerA Baton College fertilizer It was the second time in tne ten years controversy over disposition of this gigantic wartime property that the resolution of Senator re for government operation has been The vote was 45 to with the republican reg ulars In Two attempts to modify the resolu tion were rejected in the closing hours of the three day The measure the Mahatma preached his 21 of passive the same form passive The tide in the Gulg ot ambay at Dandi pools of wa inwhich as they re main deposits salt Gandhi and his stiot tor Brqyi of 1452 Ninth their Darrell Teachers I and is the nephew of Barnard ot John rather of The also the nephew ot Will who secured his life certifi om Teachers college in degree in and was for a tho extension department of doing field work low secretary of the State and is now on f absence New was first in the department ol on and in 1907 became school in the organization lat the extension department t two years ago Al Mooney and ney Relatedto Weld People The recedingtide in tne Sulg of ftmLos0AngefesTa J EokSd irk is a first cousin ot three Mayor Louis willcollect this fp c0ileie parentlywill be unfit for use with 7 Greeley Burn food but the mereact of appropriation will constitute a breach of the law and fulfill his First Move In NonCooperation It was npjr known today what action the government would take in Greeley Distance 126 high Luvvniu ifa oyyusou uj Greeley Ault Col1 the two years President Coolidge pocket vetoed It Future Doubtful Considerable doubt covers the fu ture ot the Norris resolution lit the house there have given no assurance for its Like wise there issome uncertainty at the capltol over the attitude 6f President Hoover toward the It was opposed by administration leaders in lege high Eaton Time action tne government woum iaiw iu opposition to his which the nal Greeley Salt tionalists have planned as the first tion in a long campaign on noncoop jj Distance eratidn witif the British governmental Eaton Senator sought to strike out the provision allowing payments to the states of Alabama and Tennessee from proceeds on the salo ot surplus Nonpayment of t R Greeley resignation of native officials are high Time 2 planned to follow in It was believed to be the govern desire to do nothing which would give Gandhi the status Qreeley Eaton Greeley Distance 93 220yard low hence the disregard thus far College high his continual provocations to Greeley Greeley No military movements or other 09 sec rangements to meet the lawbreakers Broad jum u with force have been Pecan Greeley c who then lived in It was said viceroy Lord Irwin Baton Distance 20 2 to Johnstown and Greeleytp earnestly wished to avoid anything o onso earnes HiEh jump r The boy was born in might provoke disturbances all h J JAult Greeley Cruick J and lived there 101 l though how long this attitude could be moving later to maintained was a question the answer employed by the Alexander 0 His a rail has been in very poor health having suffered a stroke of and the family has gone to where the railroad hos 1 and where they iped to benefit hiir to which was awaited with consider able The three weeks march of Height 5 7 Mile Greeley Ault College high College Time 5 220yard Ault striking railwaymen clashed here yes terday during which thirty persons were injured and reports this morning indicated that the incident has hast ened threatened civil disobedience on the railway At meetings today of strikers on this it was decided to paralyze train services by groups of strikers prostrating themselves on the this is a means of tying up service that has been used by the Indians It was estimated that volunteered for such The Bombay police today claimed the slogan Ibrlckbats for batons hadin effect been given the It molested by the police the strikers were said in the police report to have been instructed to retaliate with Indian otherwise Pierce Lots Must Be Cut To Take Out Curve inHighway Weld county commissioners are faced with a difficult problem in their attempt to comply with tho and others are taking their as is their in the scheme ot mod ern Kleins father died when he wa and the boy worked for three year for a carpenter before deciding to join his brother and sister in lContuedonpage7 Crook Arrested by Kansas Police Was Once Arrested Here By the arrest of Lawrence Fer gusoyn city police belt eve they have blocked a plot to flood the middle ous travelers Mr west with in bogus travelers Governor Recommends Parker I have never known any wrote Governor who pos sessed a higher or a finer sense of righteousness and justice than Judge In my opinion Judge Park er enjoys the confidence and esteem of an overwhelming majority of tho people of this irrespective of party There is in my the slightest basis in reality for the fear expressed by one group ot our citizens that he would as a judge of tho supreme be absolutely fair and Impartial in any case or controversy which might Green said labor was opposed to Parker because of his decision up holding injunction restraining the United Mine Workers from soliciting membership in the Redjacket Coal and Coke company in West Green Reads Letter Reading from a letter he had ad members of the salfl the injunction ap That lost on a tie 33 to 33 with vice President Curtis Walsh Changes Vote wishes of the state highway depart ment that a right of way be obtained thru the southern part ot the town Ferguson had been sentenced to serve from nine to 14 years in the state penitentiary when convicted here ot similar scheniev He was on parole from the Colorado prison when arrested Friday at Kan lan is 55 years of age and has proved by Judge In effect re duced the workers employed by these numerous coal companies represented in the Red Jacket Consolidated Coal Coke approximating industrial iTrade union representatives were denied the right to talk to them and Later Walsh of Pierce that the Greeley announced he had voted un Cheyenne highway may bo straight also served terms at the federal pris on at Leavenworth and the Michigan state prison at Police seized an engraving plate in Fergusons used to pro duce the They also confiscat ed a number ot fake checks and an identification blank ot the kind the applicant fills out to cash travelers checks at a Authorities said Ferguson had con fessed to the but that he was operating under the name of Parks Three hundred identiticatlon blanks were found in his Each itmiuuiijou uw der a misapprehension and changed who is a has been Baabi Eaton Greeley watched with some concern If Time campaign should end with the 440yard Boyd demonstration on the sandy shore at Eaton Dandi all might be but College Time 49 have been increasing signs of a wide1 ggoyard jelay Greeley MacpAer as April 24yearold spread with dissatisfaction I n jjafdin Ault e Albert Al flying a small low wing mon of his own today leved headed east toward New veil on his waytoward estab it of a speedy transcontinental ecord light who took oft secretly from ngeles at Pacific time yesterday was d over Kansas City at asses Over Home Hangar at the ship over its home hangar at Wich Attendants said ainly recoanizej the re the pilot circled the field at an n of about 200 feet did not drop a Bare at as had expected to Ircling the field he ht toward the northeast In a announcement of his nonstop Mooneywas quoted as saying efl to inake the trip in 22 ould the time pt his ar i New his before 8 Eastern Bucking Head Wlndt tho designer was buck light head wind Whlth uiidoubt ad retarded his At ts at the airport thre comput average flying time since leav s Angeles as about 98 miles tth He had hoped to flyat a rate it 100 miles ah the announcement that he fly over his route Kansas City was Uses Klnner Motor plegram from the Kiuner Air orapany ot Los manu r ot the 100horse power motor the craft was Continued on paje 2 apparent among the There is as yet no real indication of the strength Gandhis party can Thousand Volunteers Ready The Bombay Daily in com menting on the says it is College High Time one Twomile relay Greeley Time9 Medley relay such the government inevitably must i strike against the whose breach of the act will not by any means be confined to The pa per said numerous centers in the Gujerat district would initiate the disobedience campaign and that more than a thousand volunteers were ready to break the salt laws in the Ahmadabad district Members of the AllIndia congress committee will direct hawking of the contraband salt inthe streets of Ah Time 4 min 13 9 seCi Mile relayrGreeiey Time 3 440yard Greeley Ault College high Time his which made the record 34 to 32 against the Vandenberg Atter assailing the terms and principle of the bill Senator sought to eliminate the provision for construction of a dam on the Clinch river in Tennessee at Cove This was turned back without a record Eighteen republicans voted with twentysix democrats and the farmer labor Shipstead of for the while two demo of and of joined twentyone republl ans in The roll call follows Republicans tor eck Robinson of Steiwer and f Democrats for Con Georgei Shop homas of Walsh of Mass Walsh of Montana and Farmer labor Total Democrats against Dale Goftj Met calf Wai Late Markets by Wire the deVotees who havo marched with dandhi from that city carrying on violations of the Gandhis Tamdas will lead a of Violators at while another rejative will lead the volunteers at Large crowds are expected from the city1 at Dartdl lo witness the initial act Thoinpson Is Released on rBpnd Signed by Trio Dick Thompson Friday ifterndon pleaded not guilty to a charge of sale and possession Of liquor in the court of Justice English and was freed When secured signers for a bond set by tho His trial was set by Judge English for April Healey was counsel lor tho prisoner while ho secured his release from 1 Bondsmen are Walter Tex Extrom Clarancn Kansas City Associated Wheat May July Corn May July Sept Oats 2 white Chicago Wheat May ay Sept Wheat Continues Upward lAMocUtedPrw April i virtually and decrease of the United State visible supply on Monday led to fres soaring of wheat prices Com mission house buying of future de liveries of wheat was largest in som especially as the day drew to n The finish was at practically th days top Commissioners have been given to understand that the road must be straightened if the highway is to re main in the federal aid It is planned to oil the stretch from Eaton to Nunn this To secure the right of way as de sired by the highway total of 65 lots In the town of Pierce must be cut The plans also call tor crossing of the main street of the Ownership and value ot tho lots are now being Revision of Taxes Reported at Parley could not be asked to join a union and in that way exercise the right ot col lective action comparable to tho exer cise of the right to organize exercised by these corporations which employed Borah Questions Green Senator questioned whether tho Parker deci sion was not in accordance with a de cision by the late Chief Jus tice Green but indicated a belief that it did I am not passing judgment on tho Woman Watching Golf Stars Drives Her Car in Front of a Train Aoeociated Press April at Overman told Green he had letters stating that labors real protest is against the supreme courts yellow dog contract decision rather than against Parker as an Says He Disregarded Human Green continued that labor did not oppose the use ot the injunction for the protection of property but it did oppose its use for the purpose of pro tention diverted by the CollettQuier veriting the workers from exercising final match in the womens north and thelr Tigats to join south golf The labor leader that in the Hotchkiss of New I Red jacket case decision the united drove her automobile in front of anlmlne workers were restrained from approaching train on tracks near theigjving financial assistance to the em Ca0curse She was dragged from her wrecked machine apparently held at the Weld county court fourth hole to go to the aid of Members ot the tax law change ployees of the Red Jacket company in the event they joined the There has never been more glar ing example of a judicial disregard of human and a corresponding re gard of property rights as transcend cott and Commissioners Look Over Pawnee Buttes Section Trip of inspection by the Weld county commissioners to tho Pawnee Buttes section will be made Thursday of next it was announced Sat the commissioners planning to stay in tho Grover and Sllgo areas for They will view roads in the section of Grover on met with boosters for a new Pawnee Buttes road Thursday evening and view possible right of ways into tho buttos with Sllgo and Grover residents Oh Friday night they plan to meet with the Pawnee Gateway Hoover Gets 11 Trout April catch of 11 mountain trout topped with a rainbow veteran tho Rapldan river head waters was the Hoover luck ot the presidents first full day of spring committee are chair man ot the board of county commis sioners Thomas county at torney former county and Homer county On the constitutional amendment committee are Rudolph War ren BleeCher and Dan Bow ers of Among those who were expected to be present at the conference were Thomas William u William Kelly of Warran bacic the typewriter boys F Bleechor of Dan had sold or pawned there after taking Sowers of Brlnkhquse mitHn Yard of Denver who IS head of the state arm buearu John Newman Two Boys Accused of Theft of Typewriter Two high school both 18 years ot were arrested here Fri day night and charged with the theft of a typewriter as well as a smal amount of cash from the high school here Thursday Police officers went to Denver Sat urday morning to identify and bring and Jacob Hasbrouck of Insihger of Klemmedson and Moorehouse ofthe oponomics de partmeht at Colorado Agricultural col John Wolff of Boulder county attorney Davis of Denver who represents the Colorado Stock Growers State Pato Woolston of Senator Graves of New Senator Warren ot Fort Phillips and li from the ot kissHattie ley The cash was stolen from a desk it was understood the boys would bo taken before County Judge George Van LOCAL BUYERS PAY TO FARMERS Wheat Barley April 5 of the three Greeley Barle Carpenter ot La W D Armontrout of State Teachers Beans AVoblf of Loomis of and Homer Bedford of Onions 75o to ker as expressed in the written opin ion he rendered inthe Jacket Consolidated Coal and Coke company Green Herrera Is Jailed for Insisting on Talking to Brother in Jail Joe Herrara of Greeley was in tho city Jail Saturday because ho insisted on talking to bis brother who was al ready in the Henry Herrara the brother who was on the inside of things at the city was fined 25 and cost by Police Judge Adams Friday 3e did not pay the fine and was still in jail having been convicted ot driving while under the influence Brother Joe came to the jail and for a long time conversed In Mexican with his brother thru tho bars ot the cell After a time Officer R6y Curry told him ho had talked and it was time to movo Joe con tinued to talk to lite brother aud was ordered to leave Ho went outside the city hall but started conversing with Henry thru a window on tho oast Officer Curry with arrested Joe and put him in Henry where tho two can talk mmus to with bulk eelllnn at to the handicap of intervening Police hud not decided ilmrge to bo placed against

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