Friday, September 27, 1929

Greeley Daily Tribune And The Greeley Republican

Location: Greeley, Colorado

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Text Content of Page 1 of Greeley Daily Tribune And The Greeley Republican on Friday, September 27, 1929

Greeley Daily Tribune And The Greeley Republican, The (Newspaper) - September 27, 1929, Greeley, Colorado Mostly night and Satur except unsettled Northeast portion in er west centra HOT Who says fishermen ave the laziest of men Some men too lazy THE CrREEEEY REPTJBLICABr VOLUME XXI1NUMBER 48 MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS COLORADO SEPTEMBER 1929 AFTERNOON EDITION W5EKUY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED Thought ut of Danger from Storms of Storm Can hot Be liiecast but Center Remains j Coast Gales Believed To je Spent Associated Press Moving with de Intensity from a 50 to southeast of Key West and ng In a westerly the hurricane which has lashed Ssamas for the past two days Branch Office of Radio Division Given Denver e in advisory weather bulle to have lifted its threat for was a slight change In r readings at Belen Associated Press Phipps of Colorado was notified today by the department of commerce that a branch office of its radio division would be ouened in Denver radio supervisor ot the wrote the senator that the duties of the Denver office would be to examine applicants of all classes for radio operators licenses to see that these stations are operat ing on their assigned frequencies and not deviating more than a permissible amount to confer with and assist various radio interests In Colorado in connection with radio and to make monthly Inspections of every station in periodical in spectionsof the other stations thru iut the Jake Fleagle Identified as HoldupLeader Constable Killed and in Loot Obtained in California Daylight Holdup Witnesses Identify Fleagle Pictures continued to blow and a par storm clouded sky sea of the aummer was at Havana sea walls this i wetting dbwn the Malecon for a distance of more than a Automobiles and pedestrians ally abandoned that drive to ea Cheavy mists and forecasts for the day strong northwest I and possible ding to Gutierrez Lanza ISen the change in ton of winds at Key veered from northwest to maintaining a steady ve TT of 22 miles an indicated the tropical storm was decrees fi He said that this union was a goodindication the nwas of little present import and that it held no menace for storm is now centered south Li Key West at an approximate B of 55 moving leisure mard the Gulf of Mexico in a direction and will not visit the Belen report at eight tills morning was assured tonight by the bureau that the hurricane i has been hovering op its east would not strike tomor IWaing at the earliest and aflat Ihope was held out that the a has diminished in litlns administered a furlpuo Jash Elethera Island in the Bahamas day night and severed Has i com Beet Industry Has Favorable Review Given Beet augar induatry of the United Statea gets a fairer break than it la accustomed to in discussion of the sugar tariff In the current Issue of Liberty The which is well illustrat entitled Sugar Bat The War Between Cuban Cane and Home Grown Beets and What It Means to by Edward For one thing the Article shows the selfish interest which the National City bank and other New ifork bank ing institutions have 4n protecting Cuban sugar as against the sugar in dustry of the United Once this interest la understood by the pub the arguments ot the banks are of course greatly Doherty also advances the ar gument that a reasonable tariff raise of sugar would aid rather than injure Cuba as it would increase the Cuban differential over the tariff barrier raised against the rest of tho world To Foster Cuban Industry Unfair He also quotes beet sugar advocate extensively aa to the 9 fostering a Cuban Industry to th detriment ofColoradoand other auga producing points May2p Cuba having no substantial com Farm Board To Meet with Wool Growers in Chicago f Associated Press federal farm board announced today that it would meet In with wool growers for the purpose ot or ganizing a national association to han dle Chairman Legge of tha board said he hoped the wheat cooperatives or petltlon then in price up to 22 Cuban sugar manufacturer and his banking backer in New mulcted the American consumer out of Associated nesses of the robbery of tho Pinole bank at Hodeo in which a con stable was shot to tonight Iden tified the leaders of the bandits aa Jake head of the notorious Fleagle three pt whose mem ers are in custody in Colorado for the Lamar State bank TWO wit nesses declared the second bandit to be Joe another member of the outlaw band which Is credited with staging a score of the largest bank and train robberies In the Identification was obtained thru pic tures of Sheriff Veale obtained almost Instantaneous recognitions when he displayed Fleagles photograph while two wit who had stood not five feet away the escaping point ed out Constable Arthur Jerry McDon ald waa shot to death by one of the three bandits when he attempted to halt the which dur ing the less than 16 minutes after an armoured car had delivered a McDonald staged single handed battle against the trio and wounded one of now believed to be The odds were too and the officer went down from a bullet in the stom He died a few houra later at a Richmond After their way to the bandits escaped In a delapldatec car Into the Costa county bills in tho direction of The speeding car was seen at Centervllle less than an hour and few minutes after on the San Jose In escaping the wounded bandii dropped a gun while t similar weapon wasseen preluding from the getaway They are believed to be the samo robbers who five months held up tuSouthern Pitts andescaped with boosted ita after wounding the and that the One witness who identified Fleagles picture was a stage driver told anizlng National Farm Grain Jrowers Association would bo ready o meet with the board members and present a final plan for its organlza He said that as Boon aa the vheat growers organized the associa the board would be ready to ad vance funds for it to handle ita Carpenter of Interstate river The wool Logge commissioner for In an ad recognized that they wore poorly or dress recently republlahod in full In anizod and had requested the hoard the senate section of tho Cougresslon the tropical Tmrrt last night hovered somewhere off astern lip of ills there was no Washington bureau advisory bulletin late United States Forecaster Gray at Miami fixed the of the storm at 4 at a more than 100 miles east imewhat south of Bray said hia observations did llcate whether the storm would westward or had started to do bat He said it was prob Ilie next 24 hours would Bring ol gale Intensity to the extreme east Florida Moves Closer to Cuba Jller in the day Carolos Mil the Cuban National observa said the storm center apparently moving closer to The 5 observatory concurred In this but Gutlerres of it was impossible to form Suite opinion because the storm Shipping Continues taken down on the a coast yesterday were 4 again when observations Indi Ue hurricane might trend to Ihe area to ply between Havana and word had come out of Nassau light since shortly after noon isday and feara were enter tlhat the storm may have been The tropical i baa a station at Nassau was PS with ita stations at Blmini and and with the British freight aground off the Great but there waa no lot I Ships Abandoned except three of the crew of the abandoned ship today when i subsided sufficiently to allow tee life A rumor was in the Bermudas that the i freighter Laconia had foun foff the Bahmamas with all float but this waa not Ilives were lost in tlie hurricane isuthera said the report thru excessive He points out that this pro on the part of Cuba and the Now York I He points out that this profiteering itton the outside bankers brought in of sugar from remote corners of the broke the sugar market and is largely the cause of the troubles of the sugarsindustry He points out that housewives living outside of the beet sugar belt in the United States were compelled to pay from 30 to 35 cents a pound for sugar Labor Facts Doherty also points out many facts about the labor situation in Col especially in regard to child which are omitted in the re ports attacking the beet sugar indus These omissions left out of the report but supplied by are to the While the beet farmers produce tons of sugar a they also help to make pounds of beet the writer points out in the value of the by products of the beet augar Doherty alao calls attention to the fact that the Great Western Sugar company is the only of beet sugar that has been steadily prosper He quotes the American Beet Sugar association which claims that aside from the Great Western Sugar company the average net losses ol tho beet sugar companies have been in the paat three He points out that neither the American Beet Sugar company Sugar company paid tropical radio waa sent fro The Gbrvernors or the Holly dividends on common stock last Doherty concludes that the price of sugar to the consumer will go up whether or not congress grants the beet stigar producer a raise in the rate of ariff Welsh Urges Action on Air Port Problem For onco at least Greeley should take a should develop an ade quate and do everything pos sible to promote the use of airinat to the point where the governnien will make this a regular atop for mall planes President Thomas Welsh of Water Plea of Carpenter Greeley Man Expresses Confi dence in Federal Administra tion Thinks Old Policy Dan gerous and Destructive Fights for Equalization of Taxes thru Colorado State sovereignty In the control of waters of unnavigable streams la strongly Insisted upon by Delph o call the meeting at Coste and Friend Out for Record AAsociated Presa Le from Paris early today streaked Dleu donne French air and his bosom Maurice In tho famous sequiplane Question Mark on a long distance flight aimed to break the worlds record and put tho pilots down somewhere in far Announced as a distance flight to the nevertheless the objective of the intrepid and temperamental Frenchman and his companion re mained uncertain until after the start was sent irom uuivtuuui o a midpoint on the western of the chamber of commerce declares uimpuuib in the bulletin News sent out to members of the chamber Fri 1 coaat of the but conv ns outside that town were 40 miles east of i had 30 miles ot wind from the Yesterday morning and similar flocities were reported from oth ts which had radio communica I Meteorologists said the storm fsather Intensity as long ns It at A vessel a today from the Bahamas 1 waa experiencing a hurricane Ipilles per The storm cen ship waa almost War Mothers Elect Vlr pCluro of was Jl national president of tho War Mothers In convention Mr Welsh is anxious that there bo a very large attendance at the cham ber luncheon to be held September at Odd Fellows hall at The air field problem will be thoroly discussed and an ex pression of sentiment taken at the Garnsey and Wheeler Buy Part in Johnstown Firm Garnsey and local Ford have purchased the Interest Baehor in the Johnstown Motor Ford dealers at Hill retains his In terest and will be Johnstown mana ger ot tho of driving the chief from Oak to Rodeo where the stage arrived than 30 minutes before the hold The stage driver de clared hla passenger has a bad eye and sjomed nervous during the Fleagles left eye has a pronounced Sheriff Veale pointed Three raembora of the Fleagle gang are in Colorado Springs where they are held on charges ranging from robbery to mur der In connection with the holdup of the Lamar State Four persona were in the Including a who was kidnaped and later thrown from the Preparedness in Medicine Urged at Meeting in Denver f Associated Press I prepared ness for the next provided there is a next was urged mili tary surgeons attendiug the annual convention of the Association of Mili tary Surgeons of the United States here today by sen ior surgeon of the United Statea Pub lic Health None bt us desires slipuld it certainly we not the painfuland effort to learn again In another generation lessons which have been taught clearly and so plainly in he The strengthening of International laws regarding the neutrality of Red Cross units in war the value of sunlight for treating and the physical and mental character istics men must possess to make good will be among the important subjects for discussion during the con Annual election ot officers will be held William H medical will suc ceed Lavinder as Representatives of half a dozen for eign countries are attending the con Workman Injured in Johnstown Sugar Plant Accident Returns Home Hary Eaton who waa burned 18 a the local barium sugar plant from which another Frank died shortly after in a Longmont was brought to hla home here Monday from the Greeleyhos pital whero ho has been since the Tho still unable to bo up Eaton is doing nicely considering the pain ful burns from the hot His worst sores now are about his ankles and tho hopes for his recovery are assured he will be under the doctors care for somo time to Fuson Is the attending During Eatons stay at the hos pital Eaton and baby stayed at tho Louis Snldon home in Greeley so she could be near al Carpenter regards the theory of federal control Insisted upon In the past by the United States reclamation as dangerous and de He also points out that the federalists In water control havo never mapped out an effective plan for making their theory He that tho rights ot the states should be subject only to the follow ing limitations iu the case ot naviga ble streams to the paramount au thority of congress to control naviga tion as far as may be necesaary to regulate commerce between the atatea and to the determination of tho rights of roapectlve states in in terstate streams by decisions of the supremo court or by federal con currence in interstate At the concluaion othls address Carpenter expresses confidence that the present national administration does not approve of tho federal dom ination He says We look forward with confident expectation to de clslvo and effective action by tha national whose views are believed not to accord with the federal theory now recognized and in process of Outlook on Life Great Challenge of Christian Faith Declares Prelate Associated Press pres ont day outlook upon character Izod by tho Dlftendorfor D of aa secular clVlll waa declared by him today to bo tho greatest challenge to Christian ity in the history of the Dr Dlffendorfer spoke before the annun Oregon conference of the Methodls the Atlantic and reach New Episcopal In session In keeping with its corresponding sec Question Mark was rolled from Its rotary of the board of forolg1 mla hangar dawn to puzzle watchers said powerful voices are today waiting for the atari of a myatery proclaiming that It is no longer possl Stripped of wireless equipDi0 nor necessary to believe In God a nent and heavily loaded with every least in any peraonal sallon of fuel that could be stord on the Start was made at the plane clearing the runway at a thousand yards then touching lightly again at the and yard dis ance before rising sluggishly to 100 feet to veer into and dlanp iear In the direction of Solssons and Returning military air escorts at tested to the fact that Costo really was headed that he had already passed over CrepyEnvalois at a fast this point being about half tho COSTE because some Coste had pre pared to make another attempt to fly ninety miles to northeast of California Drug Store Cashier Shot To Death Associated Press Dave drug store waa to death aa he walked near his homo liore tonight by three who rode paat in a large automobile and appar ently used a machine Antink had several bullets thru his Antink was held up and robbed of Kay 1923 in a spectacular gun He was carrying the The achievements ot modori ho in the Holt of chemistry and obscure to many the thought of God as a livini force in tho Their minds tint It difficult to reconcile the kind of world which science Is revealing will faith in God and In This outlook upon DIffen dorter which may bo describe as aecular civilization ia a far groal er challenge to Christianity tha wore ever Mohammedai Ism or Thla la by far th moat dangoroua situation which th Christian church has to meet New Bus Line To Open Service Thri Greeley Next Monti Interstate Transit tho bu lino controlled by tho Union Incifi will start passenger servlc thru Greeloy on or about Th company received the necessary ce tltlcates tor in Colorad money to a bank for deposit when an automobile and three men stopped be side Pie resisted the robbers and was As they ho fired after tho wounding i by Mumper Eventful years which ho has lived Ince have brought to prominent Greeloy res success In his chosen iromlnence among pooplo ot tho for his who Is widely known thru jut Colorado for his work to secure ax equalization Iu this has Ived the greater part ot his adult life Ho was born at His nil name is Abraham Lincoln Mum but only the second name honors he groat Civil war and waa given to distinguish him from numer us other Abraham Mumpers In tho Whon but a child ho moved vlth his parents from Pennsylvania nto southwest Missouri In then nto Texna In which after un successful your the family left to re turn to Many of tho inter esting experioncos of his varied JKo came to Mumper na n 10 freighted with hia father to Fort in Indian and to other places in the sparsely settled terri tory of the The Mumpers wero at ono time on their way to Dead when they learned of Indian and the mass acre of and turned back V Mumper first saw Grooley in and settled hero in Tho move here came largely out of a promise of Mumper to a former school teacher nt North Platto that ho would try to continue education that same year ho loft her classes to join his Tho older Mumper liked Groeley beat ot all places ho had and at his sons suggestion that ho wished to continue his school the family camo 1 Counties in Tax Row with Corporations State Tax Commission Has Pe tition from and Public as Weld and Othes Counties Ask Injunctions Associated Press Ing applied today on state tax commission by twp corporations and seven incident to the first ox erclse by In the hlstoiy ot the state ot their authority to change the on corporate property as fixed by the tax The corporations involved wore the Publlo Service Company of Colorado and Union Pacific The counties wore Wold and On the one the corporations have petitioned tho tax commission to cancel new valua tions placed on by the county commissioners of the aev on counties sitting aa boards ot equal and on the the coiiuiiea lavo started injunction proceedings to irevent any change In valuations they IBVO Injunction Proceedinos Start Almost at tho hour that a hearing on tho corporations petition was to atari behro the tax commission this tho commission was aervod with notice that injunction proceed Inga had boon started In district court at before Judge Judge Coffin sot S aa tho date on which the petitions for an Injunc tion against the commission vfill bo held Tho tax empowered by atatuto to fix tho taxable valuation ol corporate that owned by tho public utilities and common carriers in placed the valu ation the Union Pa cific Railroad in the 13 counties thru it Seven counties objected to thla of the 13 valuation Purchased His Farm Here Mumper waa graduated from The company will operate a service thru Greoley from Denver to Omaha and return alao a service thru Groe ley to Cheyenne and Salt Lake City and It will not compote with one of the Granvllle tho the Colorado Motor Way on the local wounded later waa convicted of die robbery and sentenced to life Im Elrtier another and his whoso car waa used by tho were arrested but re leased on They disappeared and never were Half of Claim Is Given Gates After deliberating some tout hours six jurors who the appeal of Ilia Gates of LaSalle from a decision handed down by the county court awarded the woman In district court here Thursday Gates sought from the es tate ot tho late Agusta Miller her foster contending entitled to that much for the care of the woman during n long period of justness between Greoley and Denver and Intermediate Office at Greeley will bo with the Colorado Motor The Interstate Transit passengers in case of emergency will be trans ferred to Union Pacific The company will advertise railroad re liability in its It Is understood that all the services will bo on the twice a day The schedules havo not been announced Equipment already purchased Is said to include both White and Mack It is anticipated In bua circles that eventually there will be some change In ownerships and consolidation as tho result of the railroads entry into the bus LOCAL BUYERS PAY TO FARMERS Parks Renomlnated Parks of Colorado was nominated by President Hoover today for reappolnt rnent as governor of 27 1 175c to 80ol Wheat Barley to 1 65c to 76c TRIBUNES NEW PHONE NUMBERS 3 AND EDITOniAL DEPARTMENTS Want Print Shop Greoloy high school In and for two years worked to obtain funds for college During the two years ho also helped his father purchase his Attor four years in the Univer sity of Mumpor pur chased a which he now oc It was but two weeks after hia Investment that there broke over tho country the great panic ot But from his potato proflta In tlireo years under what some refer to as demo cratic hard says ho paid for hla Mumpor haa always been a booster for Colo rado Ho was a delegate to the laat na tional convention of Populist party which mot at Louis in endorsing Bryan at that timo and fus ing with tho Democratic Mumpor approved both policies and lias been a democrat over Ho was elected on this ticket to tho offlco of county nsaessor in serving four Served In SpanishAmerican War In 1898 Mumper joined tho Idaho regiment and served In the Philippines for n year of the American war and was mustered out with hia He took part In Ihe battle ot and was in the charge of Santa in the battle of and several smaller Ho es caped Injury but narrowly avoided ar rest at ono of Aguiilaldos outposts on ono when two Filipino sol diers were sent to arrest him and his They plunged Into tho and Mumper gathered material for a lecture on tho Philippine Islands while ho was and was engaged by the national Democratic commit teo to deliver It during the campaign ot spending two months In South Since besides looking after his farm and city Mumper has given much time and money to ward securing a better equalization of He has served since 1922 as chairman of the tax committee of the State Farmers Union and has ap peared before tho state board of equalization nine times In behalf of tho farmers ot the Over 85 mil lions h4Ve been secured In reductions on tho land since the work of the com mittee was Mumper has also traveled ex iu addition to these other Mumper was married to Deborah ot who has been a student In Teachers Mumper Is also very well known thruout the the commun Mumper Is a member of the Sons of the American the Elks the SpanishAmerican War and the local Chamber of and sitting aa county boards of equal the varloua county commis sioners changed tho valuations so tha total for the railroads property tot the atnto waa Boulder Raises Service FlQUrea Bouldor at tho samo Increased tho valuation of Publlo Service properties from to holding represent ed the full cash value of the Public Soyvlco companys property In ths Thereupon both Public Service and Union Pacific filed with the commission petitions to cancel thq findings of the county commit Tho Bouldor alone started in junction tho seven counties will be Members ot the tax commission aald that this was the first time In tho history ot the state that an at tempt had been made to placo corpor ate property the samo basis na pen aonal Huggins Body To Be Interred at Cemetery in Ohio Associated Press Now crowd es timated at jammed the side walks and all approaches to tho Llt tie Church Around tho na funeral services began for Miller manager ot the Now York who died Wednesday after a short New serv Ices will be held tomorrow afternoon for Miller tho biggest little man in and immediately after tho last prayers are aaid tho body ot the Yankees manager will start back home to Hug gins waa born in the Ohio city and won his flvat major league baseball tamo Tho body ot tho great baseball leader was taken this afternoon the Church of tho bettor known ns the little church around tho whoro several hundred persons worn One by one they filed thru tho mortuary chapel to pay a final The chapel wag open to the public Until 9 oclock to night and will remain open until the funeral services at 2 oclock tomorrow Yankee Players To Be Pallbearers Acting as pallbearers at the serv ices tomorrow will be members of the STankoes with Hugglna at the twice won three straight Ameri can league The two coaches who planned with Arthur Fletcher and Charles and four active Babe Lou Tony Lazzerl and Earle will bo the Tho baseball game scheduled for to morrow between tho Yankees and Senators at Washington was post poned to permit the players to pay their last Services at Cincinnati Sunday Soon after the services New Yorks last tribute will be paid to the man who brought world championship pen nants to the Yankee stadium and his body will start west to rest beside his parents In the city of hie Serr Jces will be held In Cincinnati Sunday BASEBALL TODAY National League Boston Philadelphia slstlu

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