Monday, December 16, 1912

Colorado Springs Gazette

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Text Content of Page 1 of Colorado Springs Gazette on Monday, December 16, 1912

Colorado Springs Gazette (Newspaper) - December 16, 1912, Colorado Springs, Colorado Gazette is the HOME PAPER That's why you will find it in the ad- of every business man who for the NO. 11.782 41ST YEAR COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETT Sun rises today. 9ets, Moan temperature yesterday 39 Weather today fair yesterday 58 per cent of i bio COLORADO SPRINGS. COLO., DECEMBER Hi. PRICE E CENTS WHITELAW REID DIES AT HIS RESIDENCE IN LONDON f American A mbassadof Succumbs BaUlest Vaced at Mrs. Reid's "'v Disposal ti> Home LONDON, Dec. 15. Whitclav, Ut-nl AniPiii.ui .imitfis'-a. dor to Great Britain binco thed at hi-. LoTulon i .Dorchester house, shortly afttu noou t'Join pulmonary [oedema. The end was qiuot and peaceful Rfnd their Mrs John Hubert at tho bedside The imbpss id i A been un 1 -id been delirious as a rrsult I Idminietered to Induce sh op Sir Thomas Barlow, ph> Mctaii TO tin who wan called In last wet K Mr Reid Illness became acute land his regular physician. Dr Wll llaro Sale "White Issiied the follow Ing bulletin as to the crust? ot death "A fortnight agro the Arnerkan am- bassadoi had a slight bronchial k to others from which IIP had suffered i-onsiderable InUrisil-s Wednesday asthma the paroxysms became very severe leading to extreme ex-j haustion It was hoped that he might as no pneumonic svmptomh bod i appeared With dlfficultv the jwiox of isthtna were got unfler f-ol but Sundtn niotnlng' the exhatis i mrl bei ame pjctrerne and be died fr un I umionxrv "edema at 1" 10 p ni King Expresses Condolence Die Hon John Hube t ard v In ith "his tvifr had been at Dorchester continuously since the nj.iibaK-fl 'lor h 'ondiUoij bttHme JSP' ioue tmti fled the stdff of pmba-isv thp tteilt bewail tn sink and TV hen "If itn i be srnt ivirrl to the kmj; oi 1 lUeen at Km htnghnni oalm t thi IJUPI n notliei -it Simlriivli mi BOY ADMITS THEFT OF IN GOLD Youthful Messenger Breaks tinder Third Degree and Confesses PROGRESSIVES h VK 1 KM-IF- LI' v in Hiil i h -t. i i i i n 'it i vi a i i l hei. li-t Iv i k i rll'l I 11 I till HI I I lh M i i it I i m iv hi In n h >v KM in in v ih i 'i 'ti' u M v l i n HI y n II 1 i- M i ii, t n i i 1 ii f I i Hi i i i- I rh h i i t i vi t ik( n i i ,1' -I n i inl'ii i -ii" v t st r i Ui is Mar H I START IT ONCE Will Effect Organization jn PEACE CONFERENCE WILL BEGIN TODAY Delegates Will Be Left to Own Deliberation, in Hope of Ending War SECRETARY FSSHER UROES NEW POWER POLICY Every County in the State, Says Chairman Stocker m A i n o II 1 1 II ,1 I t'l V It' v, ii il l i tl i r n hi I. I i l" n r l 1 -i> I vii it i- in 'I 1 a" ,In Interview With DIX9N MOST ENTHUSIASTIC md the official- at touit thp Kms bi ''te condolences of hmw It and tin l rniring tha afteinoon m-essajres invevnie; tin wannest svnip.ithv vk i re IP eivpil fr in) the iiueptj inotl et VlPV aiul fioni nthpr nf the i familv from court oficials WHITELAW REID i 1 IIPJ r n i t IPIKI I ith 1 u M it it hi nif ifi ami ill j Ing tin I. ndon leuio l Mav Juin nil Jutv VHP ic v' Htid with v i tho T i ntertaitinie rits fit I i h thp-i hmj mil (ic-tv r b fan )US 'While n it -n t -i-nic of the government, and of the some i i i ui i s t 'he de- ,' w n >i H I (hi nnii'li -i M tn fir furi Ipn 1 1 fa I ill in l k i III t-pt P h f nn unit aft. i vi -MIII, rl h n> of i liultful wild it tbpii ill IT- 1 w 111 rr tin- and Ii i tli nt Thr u -p in i ili t rl t in- rj i X 1 1 b I n k 1 1 1 1 1 i i i 1 t ii M 1 1 o i -i3 1 i u- ii fi ill l- Ilk 1 U> Bill fl ill _ Jilt. Iirl UH i ttl ili 1.1 -i n lining tbi- Suggests Leasing Law for Mineral Lands and Withdrawal From Entry Lands Needed to Conserve Vvater Supply SALIENT tEATURFS (tt SECRETARY'S RFPORT i n n ri i 'in- -t i i It- h p h i I I I -V> II 1 U 1 J I ill i Ii it n i i rutl t -i I l-U u-] et 1 ll I Leader National Chairman Victoiy Here Tin n toilfl v >i m oni I uitl dt 1. w ite- t li 1'iK I n-nn i 1 h v ini. n i on ti t-, i ki he i (r i lit ti n il pr mi nf xtui lini. ti hilk An st it, t i S il niKi Ii i- Ti. 1 t" The Progressive part> will not be 11 .ilan iti I ut u tin" U1 the next years, hn J dt hmn- V Minim, iluu Ml u ril il and in contrast to the attitude of tho niuit Iu ml other p-ohtica' parties wn expect to (Jn U n indii Aunti I trfltn i> i'' nn n I 10 t In i Ii 11 n 1th i maintain a campaign o' education and A ull the Breaks Under Third Degree j organization for the next two years t( riist tun h i hioakint, i 'null Himbv tttat not sdd thousands to niertns Kiif-sia nling t i n '1 l" 'ili i n i imii m i- 1 1 tl i, -vv hi- n I- vi hi- n J1 lib" I o i' i Hi 1 ii I u mv -p'f 1 r II h lfi i I i 1. tl e Tl II. bin h i Ii 1 i iv 1 our ranks, but will bring victory in ni of the bf r ricii it out In i th t lit ir ii-i' di i l innir tli Irikrn t 1 I a-Utd mi. "f thi ri.liKiUs the varjous state elections two years 1MlI ,u) lh.uo M i hence sdid Allison StocKer, chairman hli h utiri on -vvill I niltTi d It Trf the Progressive party m Coloradd 'UK ni inv-t.rv to mivlodv tljnl th. n Denver ,l- mi 11- i Kns-lin Tr vm i-ilnst nt i ii tiK vii I U S Il-Pll I 1 'lit I I n f{ 111 r 111 j, 1 ovei the telepnone f om VMI I M 1 i met nit t ir sti i mil" f i 1 il. nut u I I' nignt. Mr Stocker Continued. u id I n t thrnu n tl in 11 n t no 11 ni uri i t hi i in v u In r i rv tliiiv in tt n- I kn v niv i- i- t i i p i -1 i ni ut P Id t 1 h N iti n Is ik 1 if ibont t'i contli t lv ini'n 11 u H i i nhv 1 list rl Me-lvin at K. n Tilt tl 'i v ith ni-tru tli n- t i iv 1 mt> t mil vv o 1 Ki.ii J mn tli in (hi from r ike -full I h- nvfil ft i h is- "1 poM Tin It 1 luinipe 1 mv iRiins i trunk to ninke i be-lievfi 1 hdCl t 1 ei-ii hit bv a 1 im1it bpfitp the trim pulled In1 ill t b> n 11 m ut t'l t tiku. i i i ninly 11 not k l 1 st 11 r v ill I t p ijin, 111 I t lie "14 tliu. nioni j gm i- i tin. 1.1'UIHJ I' I ill In Iu tl n Ui i tlnough !Hc.r i Tin ul-ti ibulion l nt st in in ,1 few v k j 11 n> M th. I ilk In tuiul- i <i I li. -u 1 toi th i in vvhul. ir, thp 1 t hi I 11 t JMIV f it u, thf f tin prnplri Cause Concern aiKlitiotnl ii 1 I'll il 'l ij inial il I" u i L, 1 i Mil 1 i- th in In aiKlitiotnl in-p fi r in 'hM the thn itenlnp ntutude i us i irt it thioiiKhout nn- i nil tmiv rcinltfd in HIP 1 m "f th' mn ii i n id ni Hiiliti'" if 7in nn uif' 11 sin i i n t i h i ui I" li i- nt I iniinrv 'Vu'-trian 11 -n I "ilii- u tm i t In I ii I kin ili Ii t UPS i i mi tuna itniiH hi- tin m inv Us it h mie i i in tt.i will to thlnK sfrlouflv of war f t win h i she not flnan iallv 11. il 'i frfi t ii Uian i on ti fii t' il 'd, Std tes a t i i f i i tbmi it In t Mil l i Ur luff n i mi imi on ITIi ss Miui 11 null n t I 1 i 1 nt I ft VVPil.lU 111 II u. I I i 'i i- t i I i lini-, lit! Ill III- II i i i tii 1 s, r. t i III H t t lit! Ill 1 I, I 1 I il 1' fl 1 l 'It I it 111 ill -i n t vv i 11 nid I H "ill v i series T.ift I i i t te and n 'it un I mvii (t hmuJ md ti t uH if 1 i i mv ien 1 pile ot sni kp j It 1- tit "tuin i nt- iv ,11. like that when 'itju! wtisaii i-Mnni mn powfi hna TII! in laf "it men nmi at fait mv r ir The two let count h in c-v i Jai tV TiT i j Divert t hdlrrnan I t'ttlt U< it and Haa Been HI Several Months Ifivviv. ii i' lib, j h, iv pnt to ale- i n 1 111 11 v cr art ititnonue1 0) K u t.j up HitTibv had been ,nnan nth j-enrT on Sunset )u r h-> tint ni i jears tl mHjorilv t it" otti i- hire will b. li'l I b1 alliance ha- i i ii'd dn Hlflucn to moderate Austtian ru Admitting a coup d etnt on th-i pnn lof Austria know that nelthei F. i via nor 8Ji> other Balkan state would' bn alone, ati Russia iroulrl if ornc j in un n k n mi I" 11 i I. i-ini. 1 i v I i I 1 i xl .'t I nlii'iHl in I i s p Idlnn t ji ln-sifi< ttii n f i )l i laml- .1 i tdmi. t i Hi' It i i 11 b u i i -ti nn I i iu pi i -i m 1 Hilnni i-11 i tvn i 11 n m ilu i with t it mi I u 11 t th lopnlent S. i r- t u 1 I-IIT i de. m i-o n md n i ilizat Ion nt n f the nation s f ii kisl i tmti tm eUnimem of st Tle de- i nn iti HI v i I ipnn n n i i i t tho riu I li i ut ei i -t in .111 f i i v ma ii- nt i i.l b< attrli to- t'n- pi m ipailv io th ti t rhil i ]iiimit lev it inv tun, tnd ivitfn1 it sjip, me reri- i n Hi ith- f T ibli' lands in 1110 more tbP uf vvar with bf hn.I H 1 n, m M h.t -ItpplX ih.....'" i t i v n K PS 1 i iti t h n -i in rpin I CHINA'S EMPEROR DOWN WITH WHOOPING COUGH i if th PIIJBI par'-v I Hi, Jim l the rfini'-xTi i'r "f I mil vim th. Hussan I nipetor v- ii m tb. point f n liin. I in ultiniitnm i 'hi h i-rinll, n i o IP, J t w ill but MP i s i t v put PI! 1 r- ni >3 inp the frifridK in proposed Water Power Policy I rh mad' in pn s.houl'1 1 i defined on pi-rtrtita should bp and only for s-licitild be ean- rv e 1 lie bifMCh of Ti-hfeli to nnt nd .'li- i f itri on 11 n r- fit t h'- st rein h i nit m v the -ii- -num. ml i l -PI n 1 u v n- pei or Hsun Tune is suffennK from an s HitaeU nf w hoopmir ion h <ict oi dins: n m to i Peltin h to the Mill e h Thf emfleior 11 nix veats old I In tn f Thp pi in nh tr n (Continued on Page Three.) GOULD TO YOUNG RAILROAD MAN, Might Have Married Sooner, Heiress Declares, Had She Found, Suitable Helpmeet-Has L OOU N I PP Ir Reid, made a eonsidei- POLICEMAN KILLS HIS CHIEF, TRIES SUICIDE Rivalry for Office Ends in Murder at Headquarters in. 'Riverside RIVERSIDE, Cal, man Bert Barretv apd killed. Chief nf Police John Baird at road man of St nCtwnoon the Mrs Gforgp .1 nfre Jt sifd the annoxmcement of thp tinirp finrl place of the -nedding would witMuIfl tlip prpsent, and thiv Xiatpmpnt vx-aa confirmed upon in- qilji'v ;t HIP .if Gould in Ynrk Hr (Jnu'trl rnade In a J csourd an- nf thpi Tnrt Mrs l headquarters and After bcms to the counfv jaiJ, Helen MiiifV Goiijd. to Mr of St. "Louis Approves of Mate-h, Asued wijetJioT ftp desired to say Juvythine. 'idditional concernin? pn- gagemoTit Mr GoOM laughed and t-e- tnark-ed that ttmre HI We nothing more, except this engagement IS most <o and mv. self Mr PhoparH long bpen nentlv Klpnufiw] Mth and fl- nanclat lit to commit suicide The two of- i preee-nt to candidates for the pffirn j fbe Jlissouri Pacitlc ITI s< He at president of tb hearlquar- hief of police, which was ant the death of obnrn, the tragedy todav ixa.s the outcome of their rivalry, Ram} and Barrett alone at the time PoHrrmato IjUcas. who was in m miK-r room heard three revolver HP rusned Into offlc-e md there found actjns chief h: on thp floor and stand- over him ith a revolver In his lund had ihot three tlnies f RIIPHS have done H I nr-as. t< be burnt Into the room I rppllPd Barrett ralm- l ns hp handed pr weapon IIP trnnsffrrr-d from thp t jail t" ut ni" threat "trtth a frnpmpnt T drinKiriR which hi hvirl jrcl to have nawe'I the death if ier father .Tftv <T-o 1M in Helen C? years old inherited a "f about SlO.OOO.ftOO It that. "by Investment she this fortiltle and tt "be tin- dfi fully half of her time ti, nefat tton- whicli brought her into w it-Id pronn nence Phe began her the Spanish vvar when her tffne aniT bimdred ihAtismd to the relief of and tiAiinder for hi -h -ill" rpppixed tVio" of i ongrtAss Tl led movement for the un- n polvpnmv later thf to the interest" of road ewploves and totrarfl the estab- of RAHrtwid Totmjr u Will ut I HI' d t r nmt_v Imps nationa' om initee n iv i- it "n the preparation of the education il literature that win bo mjt t pverj voter in i 1 r that mil be elven at Inter- 11- fluntis t nexf xivar- onri in iddiluu i r >nlinent Pi i In f-peakers of nation il im p'lrtnupp Mil he- brought her' in l o lor lilt' Suniliv DP cpmbei .'p on The Mission if the Prr Krr' s Iv t Partj DENVER SCHOOl TEACHERS DEMAND RAISE; MAY STRIKE ritoitpd tint i is. Frpiv h in nv uld b Hi in" hut in ir r! thp I'tfl k ni nould in 'l a cpjiPiil out i- (Continued on Two.) t, thai H nil si 1 i v P p h 'i-. i nil. i I n tl Ii j Ii, ,Mln< t. ,1 i vv.n i l Or in< IIT -h til in I i 1 i l I I iiat< dPFi- .11 I with n M' I ri jf tim' f- tu d I I flip p' r t'i 'i- Th 1 t11 v 11 r, r II ill i pn nf i f d r i Mi i in v p-3' in. lit i i K nt t h i' i p i liMr i ntr )i I h i In i r i P 11 v. t j t I <1 It N I n "t ,i t lut the nr lln ,i l -1 11 n ii n I. i i rr l Ji "t nid i to a I e I l-in M th n, r 1 II v 13 1_. G c Y c, "n e t-i t Cor o' T'WO BIRDMM LOST. AT Oj) T-OS j I br s r I l-ll t t Iin-i I o i t Ml t f it "In I t'i IT ma v i i p th II 01 rfl I il 111 I I nun' in I 'na- 1 in' idv nn r, 'tmitod t n hm n t) I u "i ind i-iii rt l% t liiiltv f'l i i v i-t f i u LOP J >e .parm the younff ivia t n trtefl f> mrfsTi imid and in w hjdro-aeroi.lan. f iglit faotn Anijeles to San ivo. loat his fight witl) thar elementa and tJemer Sf teachers te not improb- able jf the hoard 01 education docs not Antrelea newspaper man. almost cer- )8.ccedp to a demand fhr axaise ,n tllP ,anes soon be presented So defi- surgf-! the facific ocean. -nlte-steps haip been taken, but there A pontoon of the .hydroaeroplane is talk nt forming; .a. upion after fhftj Snookurqs was picked up late today example of teachers a tnotorboat off Redondo beach. Mis> Borer, chuitiuan of tho, ind towed into Santa MonRa, b-v a UeachorV interest cotnmittee nf the party of fishermen, and SQ hours' con- tGrade Teachers association, announced i tinuous search for and ivestvrdsv thot there was dfssaUsfac- rence has been -without rosult. except tion artionp tho teachers over their that Glenn. H Martin a fellow, avia- tor nearly -met' Keatny's fate xvhlle attempting to allsht ion the -waved off. Point Mugii, where "be was seeking tbo young nysn. u With, every yard of the roiXgh. Mal- ibu coast examined, and the ocean's surface scrutinized, it seems assured that those who saw the SnookumB" awing out to sea an hour after starting, yesterday, had the last. glimpse of Kearny and Lawrence Ef- forts at organized search hove beer Dec fall of an abandoned aeroplane todaj added two the Hit Kaartly Prophesied Flying of fatalities in aviation j c Who built Kearn> s P.irke nf the royal navy ajid Mr Hard-j went down to Santa. Monica 'wick m-uMRPt- of an aeroplane com- and looked at the pontoon He ideatt- v Killed when the rnaohine ZZ salaries and that some such bo taken ff thetr demands, not answered. TWO AVIATORS KILLED WHEN AEROPLANE FALLS toijsn in Olenn Mn tin F c' f tn find th< in i Miirtm ]ltfl i.iibnit -PI 11 t 11 v Of the ]XW Atlpt XthlotIF Club, out from -tan tnrl 'oil' by CJarbTitt'p power laum h -W i up the cn-ist Msrtiji ilro- Carfautt tb'v hi- ts H h it wixtlil jin -tit- 1 ut t vs reM'i'i t tn thi-< tils in dip ,ido-p- tirin md i lenient vl fi It HOI I'l siipplCTHPllt- ti .III'! .ISStbteil rnfbei letirHed bv the retention in tedrr.i.1 lands of thf povier? and t.he pi open v now held by tho nation It is i ti- jl co- drowned aitchted Motorboat Saves Martin motorboat safptv anxious streets from drag-Ring Martin thronffs In the Los were electrified bv George Parr, wireless operator rm the T'nion Oil co-rnpani's itean er. bv the stparner that trom the could MISS HELEN GOULD Christian af-aociatlon she gave hei pei attention and upwards of mil lion Noted for Her Generosity M A liuild inff1! othprs for naval men nnd KPV fir the omen ietinn have terj thev were making' a flight from the aviation ground's to Oxford cnmp down with a nrash on thn blpj tbts AftoiTarton The tn.. In a in f explanation of ho-n the loyous fulfilled bin oft-repeated prophecies that death -a -mid otch him vbile he fIVinK Engine trouble Hay. probably Thev had gine onlv n j the men rn the if the few, tulles nt the rate of about mtlefl gpa vchtch. smooth for months the machine an hour -when Turtle i ns watehinR the planp it over the grounds a a height of 150 feet Snd denlv th< wind checked its flight nn1 turned it and it crashed If the earth Thp aiiadrs wore pinrp'i n-n rJer lenrbnR lators in the last annj ma He rd-efved till KCPBP" In l st Rrooktanrti has been lashed for throe dav? hv a SO mile Rale ivhich i I It Int a smoother tpume underlaid bv trrmnr-dou" One- if elN bpltpve'" bed from th< mn rhlnc the pontoon hlch been re This Intr thelrx mbalancpfi the w h tl me 3nd prob iblx threw the u-t into the r 1 do n in "iiddpn rrfirly fn fume Kearnv c in. onveyad, (Continued on Page Two.) I ONLY nocnlars A.t Point MUKU Mai tin is ihia pohrv of hrnl been JKieel nn from power lauiiih but ircr.tfr in tow nnd headed bacK for San Pedro but near the hroakater ran out of fuel anrl hopelessly about until The Aeroplane ftfecKed, and hot far th lid ot the Martin and Oarbutt must operation feet There is no real ontlipt bttween the nation and the states upon tho bject In Reneral ill of the whicii susceptible of whaler powo ii-'Vel-, iiprnent jre of great Importance- fot domett te uSe u rlgation ami for All of depend to: d-egree upon protection and aid of some kind, and froji some source, for one or more of these uses Increase tagly tltat soui'ce tench to be the na- tion, and not the. states Some of the individual states ara- vleveioping effective policies of vtater conservation, but it is the federal gov- ernment, aftir all. which is called" upon to make the chief expenditures for tho development of na-v iaraUom ana1" for the protection of forest cover1 the sources apd .dons the <Contintiod en Two.) 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