Monday, January 4, 1909

Colorado Springs Gazette

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Colorado Springs Gazette on Monday, January 4, 1909

Colorado Springs Gazette (Newspaper) - January 4, 1909, Colorado Springs, Colorado 'rii Uie prfajtlf want to THE BUVIJVO throMgto the cnlfenuu of file Colorado f only paper. 'v so. YEAR v Suit Uxjajr, WratlJi'r Attire y.etrf fcLj. 41. fday, luf fWr o ,Vv COLO1UDO COLO, MONDAY, JANIMHV 4, 1900. Infest Devastated Boftfi avi and Dead BAIIU WITH Several Killed in En- counters King ana Queen, Return Home Shocks A'r? Shll Flit. HOME. Having done all t wap powlblr' to ifi the !R id v. gasff b> the. king- nd tjucen of Halj are rt-Uirnlrig tu TVoine, Jiavr last four morm th of Slolly and CalaiHMa tl.o kinv <JlrpctlH( work. rescue injurH U a fueling of TP- In Italj that thetr are The Amnrtcan ambartedor Urtj-'tf' C. VmeHeah to which will work of from .to tbf _ Ahef Short Pro Dwect ID HEYBURN JiTAY LOSE OUT Inaurgent Movement Harted Am of Idaho, _ BOISE Maho Jan ,3 Tne tenth of the IdAho which noon tomorrow., will spt aker wf fh r John Hart w 111 lx> president pru KepuUkaii Injuring tt< u "f a of that burn VSH efurrVwitfm trt. ha> b.Ri Out <rf BlSgOst' at HlS t" tl t It' J fm mrt AND N, Y, WORK! W HI publfii All'fl rtt V k, I'ri i! Ml' U 11 It ink I Htr i R, ni I MIJ i j k. dia II M i kfli xn k Mo] 1 1 AT piiil l Illtn nilnoU J- U Idlnfi' MAY BE TO MESSINA, i Vessels Have Right ol -Way lor Clear Hun fftfough Canal Will Foil Cdpacil) JUfl a -s-TtV I lilted St-tet, At- i Until, T: (.nifl'tilg two diiys -ahead- it xchodiiS.r ftt'Xt ft run of Us girdling i rj.i ci thi> monting 'rum t u di unit or 3 340 it- tri m t1 llLet sal t-d in I m TU( 1 it d fr Tn tfac Dlui h i rt 11 njttt da M Only r tx rt tl f rn> jrc t m (.'oK ID bo j lilt remalll'ed' tin a intlv behind ndid th< baj was will of navy an tV the frhtlK trie. th< ae' .smart untl trin. tlutigli t MU for a m- Uu, RELATES AWFUL TALE Smith and Both in f ttarge Each Olfier With Hor- ribly Crjtntt )f nr t V r an 3 aal la O-l ipa! fffrht during tTu i strong opposition to it imf th si "t Ifa itvit wjlL <t I tlrrugh a 01} in hf in 'Tn _jutl rixyuujK.1 of op ion ulrnt dt> 9 puhtl ul lilx m if i raihiav <.cni .u t The Gazette CR Jaii Volly ManaT murdered while he itenj by the iiospitjillty his camp oa of weatit-rb Xebraska, waa bv Jotirt Harry Dal tho Ourlng time Smith ami ratidl t Smith murder Malta 'that ttf coniirt't.ieul...and' wekxirtieJ .noldf and. still, work- of flx-rr} wh wlf with the from Colomb HP rtgr ort reached that at .-is Uusulan lilie. trying" to prevent looting. "A to Of (Jaufhur nT doart man Ul be that U -o Mro IMPROVED METHODS VALUE TO DEPARTMENT. _ Annual of oC M" HoUand -tt.nd a w-fth j in 411 from lite of rhicig, A. P- O. V4 Ru-4- i. tUUanif ruler of the tllw, Will th-Mr slmpliflcatlor.'nf f.i have proven of VrtiiiV. ;tht', head uf thr, the. intt tn 'his' .aniuiaj tl ins from nt at M ngtoii ft- M Of is ,'of that tiic ru- Jn iih-'lrai tor thtt 'Vill The IM a alward and' the lauer U fit and Bi'th 10 lit fun AH ASHIXiJT" JA. 2. wire madr for the twrtavi ff hi nilth appeared at Ihr atatlw in Thie the and Of firm 'her with the -iiKated to defend. Mavii.-. it murder. Smith In made by, a's 6al at Port :Said. whore firm Aniwaa, Coto. (0 lion mi !.i( York f. 'r.JIsftirict 'ul it, tlv> l-Y an.l wf will let m tht'. of tht> by Xaw .1. on februaej' .15. Prominent Kea Atfamd. tioirX _ an-.' Vfwri'tary at tendon tu that any trouble and. unprofCMiloit-'! that section part of a; number u.'j .BoTh Slate of thf order, practit-infe; bofcjK; the .depart- and S'..-rciHr.v t-f Xav.v (Veultc-d in tiwir. of ,at Root, tht.- fcuiiUVtaf nailcd .from 'Havana for t In n uguaji lerrttorv will of Way to run through in r. t.trui and to T. WBtV'h u.' on' r'dtW f'ri'in'- WU1 The for the of.'way for tht. i-'nal. Tlu- CVinneX'tifut errnont! katiras i o'clock. Uim.of'i'v rn'rniltig an'J r.vcai Port Sai.l ji) Trtc second jruup, Kenwchy. 'Ohio, Mit- and Virginia. ,6-rtri :thr .third.- I'Kciir.iMrge: Rjiodc Island.. and tf> look after the est.- of (jit family. AttiTTO'V 1'rom of Pollen i ht.ld a'c a avk f'-HUJj will be at row. 5y h. Uiit- to .in !t< JrtJ'.v to In ixl of the Cam Hi. Order id to Keep Still. (Ttinyme fotjfernVag thic case." "Hut 1 alrfiidv talk.-ii wiUi tlio both Amlth -t-nl Mi that he aa to.' at liu? Inter-i-Bts- wjtj_ tfce ejvvjuioo aiiflud- other SmKh 'fc-st wedded to Smtth-n Vork: that he -id think- h-- dead abe waa that he a will coul the '-from a .hrlAf of the cast' FOtfllflN TO i to on THE ATI ANTIC Oriacom 1 faiilfs of our brothers write.on (Their vlrtuea' on of 1 1 ways rani Wd V. Hawley; .Past KJctflter flu.ler. a fugitive having K to hla relirr: a-jta while a criminal charat. Tork he say, where Smith, who offered, he wSuia IfftVel with Mra.' Smith mo rely reaumed original relationfl and that although again. jraa her by of flrrt in 11 or is ha> taker! steps that haJ 00- of his- It wmm tlic; movemf-iit for American 'people; in their .10 extend.-''wl'lff. to Secretary; Root .made public a cablegram received to- from AmhaaKndnr of poilivtry, Serretary GHrfleld ]T.that it peopt-p of j have fully 'ft wakened to thr vKal Or White. Cjrafid Exalted _ roll, usual, piled up onr of Jean who in and barely.. intervMjjto.n -of this i.Thii Suhiert Will "iu Genference in Washington Jan- CALIFORNIA EXPECTS TIGHT i 25 d 26 OVER RACl (RACK GAM0UNQ! v v t Problem Stata any klixl has action taken i ani -other .mt-mbar of family. Discussed leira'l .been If if''postttble that Orr divd i may apf-lj- for .a of i in tlio court tok da-y. order to' who is: .under no warrant. This woufd Ing- bt-eri removed on tlilr. Samuel Afw-hnler B. p. O. E. ihssf Were abMiCTv.and sailors V rV Duriiyi the emergency. There Is noj apare in awaltinir the arplvai j Past Kxulted tows. hattleshlps no.w tn-the Su'ei canal -Jiidgf Kav need Imme- j Chariei E.- -Irt dateJ our Men. Oeorge P-. Crona.. f 015 for i to ItiUan In ltO.440 and IJO.- from Herald hayr and Red Croaa nn'nylw'. of the roll waa 1' _ p NIGHT RIDER, iflal Will to Be He TennV Jan. 1-j J. RO.SOH, one of Juror, In the-trial, F. Wllllahi... the murder of rtali.n Red wbft me to Vrform American Red as followa: j 'Problem relief very vaat Rxa'ltAri- ;Rtiler. Que'ti.tli'i ftankh'i. Wan taken iuddehly .11 iMii s.fternrton. and unlehu he U'-very much 'improved by mornthg the Mai lll havWfo be fathej- 6r Hlraehel u Holl._nd; KxaltH RulAr.. night one of the B: iwneen. nail Tiiieeiy; that wM at home chairman fcfn'p immediately, and fe- j Hon. iiovlng ncnMy whole Iowa; iHtlrtlR TrwtV >TrIc1iph "to ho.'twk of'-.nalj-'. Tranaport.atlon in-...... special- Sfu'rh money needed, tor the defence. tettlflM that hid (ton night of arid did iif to r t'm K t of ih.-it WASHINGTON'. Jan. and universal approval has'ben uc- v.oKled to warrant can easily be) IO i, out agalnat Ewvts if necessary.' 'I. ,'The; blood-stained -knife which death ;will be to- Cal.. Jan. to meet here January. !3 city chemist for, ahiailycls. in order to tTnited Cr-r.s-ior Q. fer- 28.'trt the problem of carini; Prove that blood that of a humJin ldren coun- i the ht subnilttMi; kiria will be by the California. 7 atate legislature, wh'lchi-onveneji next l practically viin br oC-i'hlldren V subject fot dtscuaaiuu tkjiArc of a direct ati'aiithortierl '-will ''ShouM children of of pvenlng President It b> election, the raw- Irif "f tlie u' Of worth. cu-llvr, and ho their parvntt aid btlhg to st a proviiiirg for a jjyatem tn by UM .worthy character, but suffering tonight, will IIM -it- <-vj temrorarj and the children ifnfi Governor M< lC In- an earthquake tha! jn m tM confttUon of I laturt SPAPLR in

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