Wednesday, November 2, 1892

Woodland Daily Democrat

Location: Woodland, California

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Text Content of Page 1 of Woodland Daily Democrat on Wednesday, November 2, 1892

Woodland Daily Democrat (Newspaper) - November 2, 1892, Woodland, California VOL. XXX. WOODLAND, CALIFOHNIA. WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 2, 1892. NO. 1O4. MKIGUT KWYS AND GIKLS. The Hull uf tfouur ttf Woodland Public School. Tti.MIl UMABK. EdnaArmaeld..... ya Abner Crane. US Eddie Leake....... U3 T. J. tioiN, frliK-lpul. 'SECOND UALFXIKTII GRADE. Ad all Wallace...... !fi Lydla Johnson.....'M Julia Edward tacUurmy. IK) Kim S3 Ivy (Imlirlif........ James Iloag.....Ul Edward .Bray....... ul FIRST HALF XIKTU GRADE. (A'rtleXoe SK CJ7 Maude ton us KlmaClaotun a? MuLwl Dopkiu. 11 111 tile Tuck 9ti Mowder ____ 95 Jatob Areuaon Ellis KcKletirn Bluuclie IJrtltin Hilhousu. yj Lottie Eaithain ao Clement tlorton... Robert McDonald. SECOND DmmoN EIGHTH GRADE. Browne....... 9-1 Lota Browne..... sta uertnuie Spencer. VenaJoilyn........92 Mabel Whit more Mabal> Maggie Smith..... Blanche Beawer... si Oliver Fuller...... LeouCampbell.....90 PIH8T DIVISION EiuiiTit GKADE, Roia Wlrth......... 97 Myrtle Rhodes..... 90 Lulu Moss.......... 94 Robert Washington Edith Cdlder....... Seaman UarueR a.i <M 92 SCt 1HJ Mary Allen........ U7 Minnie Brandon... Ul Katie Coulter...... in John ft} Bur lei th <n John Sliellon...... uo Miss MILLEK, Teacher. SECOND HALF SEVENTH Claude Rhodes..... ftS Elma Coin, Hopkins, m May Aljshier '.t: Lee Hawkins.......fil James Don wins lu Martha Smith......yo Mande tileiiu. 90 I.tzxle Adams gc, Ollle Boom 93 Wolte U2 Myrtle Pryor 31 Lottie Ready so MLSS RAHJT, Tencner. SEVENTH GKADE. Ixila BeeUe Maggie .Masters Gertrude Adams Olney Cu-inn tw Teacher. FIRST HALF SIXTH GRADE. Leora Clark. fti Mabel Marris. 9J Ben Hurling so Laura Brim.. Julia, Gosliner Jeisie Eooti M Ethel Hutchison. 91 SECOND HALF SIXTH GKADK, CarlSiehols........ 91 Louie Nardtni its George flyman---- ftt Cora Wljitt 'J-1 Campbell. yl Ertie rate ui Eddie Charinak 91 Liaisv Bemier UO Katie Abahler.... 90 Lloyil Huston M FIKST HALF SIXTH Harry Porter...... Miller LW Elsie Armfield___ SHI1, Zellft Yonnjf........ HO FIRST HALF FTFTH George White DinjfJe no'i Geora-e Spencer___ 90 Krnm Rogers..... ai FAXSIE I'll ILL i PS, Teacher. FIRST DIVISION FIFTH GKADK, Lulu Frlnole PS Xellie Bullock <n Fred Beamer ..___ 92 Jesale Rhodes X Georjfia FeDner... PI KncrtiTiacion Zuniira Ora Scott.........M) Pearl Mallei. no Critg Marshall... yu Kalph Myrick SZCQ.VD FIFTH UKADE. Florence Voorhees. May Ella. Michael. Clundla Claliton Arthur Reed, liottie Marston re Bl W 0-2 Elmer Van Tassell. iW Orta Smith. Bessie Whitman Luella Blerer, Miie lvH.rl Kdrtic Masters HALF FOUKTII Kath Snavely Chriittno JlRth Mav tfnavely Ralph Maud Weaver DiDgler ilay Dret-fer. TJarll Michael .100 us Ettn 95 94 tue !Ki H Finnic (.iivian., !W Emetine Sillier___ M Winnie Myrlcte___ !l) Glenn Rhodes.. U9 Gertie Rhodes..... Ivy Annabel Troop !M FIRST HALF FOURTH GK.VIIE. Ricbard Boettiser 95 Jiiiia Bray......... BS UliudH McOaDKld ill Xettit Mowder 94 SuslePing 91 Elln Tuck...... LJ.S Hazel Whitmore. 9-1 Mattie Williams Loulie Wirtti....... Miss Teacher. HALF Tuini> GRADE. Hink........ 96 Irene ?1 Carrie Grigebj" W Jessie Mowder 05 Bert on Barnes. Kin hard Lee___.... 96 Jobn Benz Claude Whltehouse 93 Eltna Gwinn siitess, Wcttfc Memory, Lossot Power and Impo- clii and Inssnitr. price tl.CO a box, Pent by mail onreceiTit of price1 A is jriven foi to refund the money if B ivruianent c'.ire ia not cffecteil. have fromo'd oud oi ?csn9f xs'Iiolmvt; been permanently Lvtliii oi Clrcularltee- A TH-Z APHRO MEDICINE CO. TYesiora Eieiich, Eox 27, POBTLiitD. Pold hr, JOHN' V. LEITBOLD. Woodland, Cal In the matter ol :i Road Xo. Td Owners, VOL' WILL PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT J on the 9tli day of November, 1SS2, at the hour of 1 o'clock r. M.. ol that day and tbe of the Board of Supervisors In the City of the time and place for the hear- itic of vieivers said matter. That the a particular description ot the proposed route ofisaidroad: Cotnmene- IUR M tV W. corner of Sec. 5.T. S X..K. S E..M. D. 11. rniiiunc tiienci1 south along the eection- llnu dividing Stc. ami 6 said T. und K. between the lands of J. Knyiiur imd G. II. Swindle on tiie eaftt olid the lands ol IV. K Wrigbt and Fred WeilgtT on tlie west, 1 mile more or less tbe S, c-oruer of said Sec, thence south on section-line dividing Sec. 7 and said T. and R. between the lands of H, dwindle on the east and F. Weilijer on the west abuut 72 tods more or ICES, to a point in snid section-line 20 feet nor-Ui ct the north boundary-line of the riiflit of way of the Cal. F. R, R, over the land! yisaiil ft. If. swindle and F, Weilger: thence in a sterly direc-tioniu a line parallel to snid north buuiidttry-tiiie or SB id rigiitol way of said c'al, F. K. R. a distance therefrom feet across and through the K. E. of X. E, of naid. Sec. 7, oxvned by said F. Wellger u distance of mile more or less; thence in a southwesterly "direction in the manner afore- puJd across and thi; S. of the N. ot snid Sue. 7, owned by H. Huroat a distance 01 mile more or less; thence In ttie same manner and direction across and tbroughthe S E: corner uf X. E. l-i ol See. U. T. 8 S., R. 2 11, D. M., knowu as the lands of Lopan Cecil, owned by Logan Cecil, ft distance of 65 rode mprt; or less: thence continuing in the game direction across and through the 2C. corner of the S. E. Vi of said Sac. 12, known ag the lands of Bridget, J. T. and W. D. Chiles, and owned by the above named Chiles, d distance of rods more or less: thenpe eunttnuius In the same direction across and through the of tlie S. W. t of said See. la, known as tbe lunds of Krititjet, Jnmcs T. ami W. D, C hilt 3, and owned bv the a bo vt nunicd L'hlles, a distance of roua mure or lesa to a point In Die section- Hue divlilinji the is E. i of Sec. 11 from tbe S. W. V.i of i-ec. 1-2, both said sections lyine and1 bclnpinT. fiX., K. aE., M. B. M. and said terminal point in a line with the center COUM- Blook, FJE. BAKER, ATTOENEV-AT-LAW. 1 md 3, JlzoeUior Block, Woodlwd, JC. BALL, ATTOENKY-AT-tAW. WOOD- land. BMk WoodUnd. PHILLIP BftUTON, ATTORNEY-AT-bAW, fxceUioi Block, OTBI BMuldtnc'l QtoowT Store, Woodluid, CW. RL, SIMPSON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, WooAlaud, Cullfoniw. Will Itt nil the Courti. With J. C. Ball. Bank of WoodUnd. DICK i BON, DENTiaiS. WOODLAND, CAL., Bank of Woodland Buildinj, DR. R. EDQAE CAMPBELL, DENTIST. Woodland. Office and Parian, temarfft ta Armstrong Alge Building. FJ. BETHEL, D D. S., DENTIST, OTFICE in Ball'i new building, Itrnt, Wood- and, Cal. Office 8 to 13 A. p. K. JOHNT. QKANT. D. 8., DEMTAL BOOMS, Exoetaior Block. iVoodltnd, FBTMICIA1T8. riHARLES E. BBEBE. H. D. on College Enquire at Ldtnold'a [tuff store. 8AXOONS. OEEKLES8 8ALOON, ABE MORWS, PBO- L prietor. Flrit-claii llquora and Next to Bank of woodland. HOTJ51B. HOTEL DEVILBISS, WINTBBB, StrictlT OMt-claM. ReawniAble John DeVilblu, Prop. ARCHITECTS. JJ, HALL, ARCHITECT AND SOPEBIS- teudent. Over New Yorlt Store, Woodland Cal. BKAX KBTATB, WM, COWARD CO., real eaUta, 659 and 66 San TranciBCo, Cat. I3EALEE3 IS Market street, MIS OKU, A1TKOVS. CHAS. R. JOHN M. WII5ON, AKCHI- tecta, 315 Fhelaa Building, Son Frftnclsco, California. FOR HIGH GRADE IMPORTED AND domestic clgirs, tobacco, notaoni, and rarities, go to Wm. J. Hook'f, Boulevard Cigar Palace. GO TO A. PINTO'S MARKET FOB FftKSH liih, tolls, vegetables ftnA groceries. Country produce bougltt and sold. reasonable. delivered to any part ol the city free of charge. WHEN IN WINTERS STOP AT THE FAI> aee Stables. Transient stock cared for at low rates. HINER BROS., Prop's. BlBtf OFFICE ABSI8T- VV ant; lalarr 1760, Rail-war paid to office. Enclose aumped envelope. H. JONES, Secretary. Ban Oallfomia. POLITICAL MENTION. FOB MEMBEB OF THE I. W.JACOBS, Regular Democratic FOR COUNTY SKCOBOIB, W. A. STEPHENS, Regular Demoemtic Nominee. FOB SHERIFF, LEVI B. ADAMS, Regular Democratic FOB CotJMTT TREASURER, WM. MINIS, Regular Democratic Nominee. FOR DISTRICT ATTORNET, C. M. HEAD, Regular Democratic Nominee. Stephens, Bean Son, tKFOBTKBS AND DXJL1S1 IK Furniture, Bedding, Mirrors. Etc, UNDERTAKING. EiffBALMIlTG IH ALL OF ITS BRAICHES, STORE, PRIOR BLOCK, Residence Elm Street, Between Lincoln and Oak WOODLAND. CALIFOTWTA. Exchange Market, CHALMERS BROTHERS, frapm. BUTOHERS! AND DKAXKHS IN LTVB STOCK. delivered to all pant ot OXr tnt ol bkrec. ue a call Coward Huwkliu iitMlnv, Main utrmt. bet. ftnrt f PAcinc House, CHRIS Cor. Mala and Elm Bta., WcMdlMkd.OU. 8INQLI HEALB, CBNTB. Tlie roomi are alrr and table mpplled with UM bait IB For Ladies

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