Tuesday, April 5, 1977

Van Nuys Valley News

Location: Van Nuys, California

Page: 25

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Text Content of Page 25 of Van Nuys Valley News on Tuesday, April 5, 1977

Valley News, The (Newspaper) - April 5, 1977, Van Nuys, California Tuesday, Aprtt 5.1sT7------Van Nuyt, Calif. VALLEY NEWS Section 3 Page 5 Bear hugs are part of brotherly love Marc Singer, left, stars as football hero John Capel- letti, with Jeff Lynas as his younger brother who is stricken with leukemia in true-life dramatic special, "Something for tomorrow, 9 p.m. on CBS. TV takes 2 new roles keep young Katie Saylor on the run ByCHARLES PARKER Six months ago, Katie Saylor was unmarried and unemployed. Today, she's a working bigamist. Petite, blonde and beautiful, she evokes thoughts of a miniaturized Grace Kelly as she pokes at a diet lunch on a rare day off from her role in "Fantastic Journey" (NBC, Thursday, 8p.m.) and discusses her double life. "Harvey (Strassman) and I were married last Nov. she said. "We had been trying to get married since last August. It took me two years to get this man to marry me. I finally hooked him, then I was in an auto accident. "We postponed the wedding until October. We had reservations for Hawaii and 10 to 15 friends were going to fly there from New York and Los Angeles. Then a producer friend called me and told me the woman who was going to play the lead in his feature film. 'Super had walked out. They were to begin shooting in Missouri in two days. "He begged me to take the part. So I went to Missouri for four weeks and called Harvey three or four times a night. When I got back, he said there was no way we could go to Hawaii. He represents Noah Dietrich in his law suit against the Howard Hughes estate and couldn't leave town. "We finally got married between court sessions in the Las Vegas Municipal Court and had a weekend honeymoon." Six weeks later, while she was stiil getting adjust- ed to married, producer Bruce Lansbury tapped her for the female lead in "Fantastic Journey." "I never thought I would get the the 25-year old actress confessed. "The producer and casting people screened some film of me that I wasn't partic- ularly pleased with. I learned that just after the first reel started to roll, it fell off the projector." She began pre-production on the show Dec. 26. That's the day she became a bigamist "You think movies are rough to work she said, "but television production is all consuming. It's a total marriage, total commitment, your food and drink. "You get home at 7 o'clock at night, eat dinner, learn your lines for the next day and get to bed. because often you have to get up at 3 a.m. to drive to location in Simi Valley or Santa Barbara. I always give myself an extra hour to drive from Beverly Hills because I always get lost." (She got lost on Ventura Boulevard trying to find Wally Johnson's Shilling in Studio City.) With a schedule like that, she was asked, how does a tender, young marriage survive? "You have to have an understanding husband who gives you sup- port and love. Not many husbands could tolerate she said. Katie is a native of Connecticut where she was adopted as a baby by noted dress designer Larry Aldrich and his wife. She studied with the American Theater Wing. Academy of Dramatic Arts and Actors Lab m San Francisco, and under such respected coaches as Sandy Meisner and Eve Collier. She has appeared in several off-Broadway plays, TV dramatic shews and movies, and played Al Paci- no's girl friend in "The Godfather." A starring role in "Fantastic Journey" is the acme of her career thus far. but she's not sure her interests and lifestyle are compatible with the demands of a weekly TV series. "There are so many things I want to do. I design jewelry and I've painted all my life and sold some. Total marriage to a series goes against my natural grain. There is no time for your own thoughts. You can only think about getting through the day." With that she pushed half her diet lunch aside and prepared to race to the Burbank Studios. It was supposed to be a day of leisure, but she had to spend the afternoon dubbing dialog for footage shot the week before. Hollywood celebre 2 new idols for teenagers? By MARILYN BECK If the mail being received by teen-oriented maga- zines is any indication those ABC "Hardy Boys." Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson, will soon be deposing Henry "The Fonz" Wmkler and John "Barbarino" Travolta as Kings of the Teenybopper Idols. Shaun feels one reason he and Parker have gath- ered so many fans so fast is because of the format of their show. "We play investigators, and I guess we have Knight in Shining Armor appeal. We represent heroes." In talking to such teen idols of the past as Bobby Sherman. Davy Jones and Shaun's half-brother, Da- vid Cassidy, he has reached the conclusion that, "About 99% of the girls who write fan letters are too young to have boyfriends or don't have them for other reasons. That's where we come in. We are fantasy boyfriends, is what it comes down to." The 18-year-old Cassidy isn't particularly pleased that magazines lead young, impressionable readers to believe they have a chance of meeting the objects of their adoration. And looking at the situation squarely, he is convinced that the mail pull of every male idol would dwindle drastically if all those little girls who write in knew the chances of a personal meeting are practically nil. Practically as impossible for some is even receiv- ing a picture of their hero with a genuine autograph. True, pictures are often sent upon request, with the actor's name written upon them, but frequently it's a secretary who does the writing on the performer's behalf. Filmland fricassee with a spot of spice: Songwriter Carol Connors insists she's still the woman in David Janssen's life, that in spite of re- ports linking him with Angle Dickinson. "There's no more to it than the fact they're just old friends. David tells me there's absolutely no romance there." Well, that's what he says Don Rickles says, "I don't think I'm insulting, but I'm not going to fight that label because it got me my house and car and my pedigreed dogs." The acid- tongued comic explains, "I was in my late 30s before I became a guy with my own dressing they can now call me anything they want as long as someone keeps signing the check with the big number." TV traumas: The networks will be announcing their September schedules by the end of next month, but at this point much of the casting on the new shows remains up in the air Stephen Gentry. West Coast programming vice president for ABC, tells me. "It's frantic time. Each of the networks is preparing from 40 to 55 pilots and it's a'matter of trying to round up enough qualified performers to go around. We have three projects that should have started production last week, but haven't because casting problems aren't resolved." In most cases the problem doesn't involve lead performers, but supporting players needed to round out the casts, and, says Gentry, "It's a matter of finding people with appeal and talent who are willing to do TV. There's so much demand this time of the year by all three networks that you wonder after a while if you won't have to end up hiring department store dummies Come to think of it, quite a few dummies have made it big on the tube.. Celebrity sound-off: If there's one thing Jenny Agutter doesn't want to become, it s a "star." Not that the actress whose fame is on the rise with a featured role in "Logan's Run" and co-star- ring performances in the upcoming "The Eagle Has Landed" and "Equus" isn't anxious for increased success. But, she says. "I don't want to get involved in the sort of things 'stars' do." The 24-year-old English actress can still recall when she was hired to portray Julie Andrews' daughter in the 1968 production of and "I watched Julie surrounded by an entourage of hangers-on and really felt sorry for her. I knew I never wanted to become involved in that sort of scene myself." From xvhat she's seen of Hollywood, she says. "It's a town of illusions everything presented with a glossy cover. And it's so easy to allow oneself to be cut off from the world, to get a false perspective of life from the people who surround you, and to end up with a false sense of worth about yourself." In spite of such opinions. Jenny's setting down roots in Hollywood. Getting it all together Shefley Duvai ptayt the Me role of a mousy girl who cuts her hair and btoseoms in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Dei nice Bobs Her in the flrat of nine slot tee to be pieiemed in series The American Short Story, tonight at 8 on Channel 28. DAILY TV LOG Tuesday evening (Y) CBS NEWS NEWS S) STAR TREK GUNSMOKE 3JJ PARTRIDGE FAMILY AOAM-12 HI MOVIE fig ELECTRIC COMPANY OAVEY AND GOLIATH IS) LA USURPADORA S3) LITTLE RASCALS VEGETABLE SOUP fJD MOVIE LIVELY SET" <iTj FAMILY AFFAIR ,3 ZOOM H9 TO BE ANNOUNCED 5J5 DOCUMENTARY SHOWCASE 03 NBC NEWS S) LIARS CLUB {73 ABC NEWS CONCENTRATION fy] I LOVE LUCY THE F.B.I. AMERICAN. ISRAEL. JEWISH HOUR 13) NEWS FESTIVAL OF FAITH W) 24 HORAS SJ MCHALrS NAVY IT) CANDID CAMERA LAKERS BASKET- BALL LAKERS AT GOLDEN STATE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES JOKER'S WILD 50 BRADY BUNCH 9 29 TONIGHT LOWELL THOMAS REMEMBERS IT) WHO'S WHO GO NBC MOVIE -WHEN THE NORTH WIND BLOWS" fT) HAPPY DAYS MOVIE "SHANE" TTj LAST OF THE WILD PERRY MASON PUBLIC AFFAIRS '2fi AMERICAN SHORT STORY EL SHOW EOUARDOII {S3 MOVIE 'APPRENTICESHIP OUODY KRAVIT2" CHILDHOOD DE OF FT) LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY "Citizen Krane." Two new stars may be bom when a wealthy en- trepreneur spots Laveme and ShirHey and wants to their careers fy) CROSS-WITS CHINESE TV SERVICE 900 21 MASH Wfien Mol Lips' can 10 Colonel Potter Tokyo indicates tias "big news" 10 report. Fran.k Burns assumes concerns rf) EIGHT IS ENOUGH MERV GRIFFIN SHOW 15) VIRGINIAN MUSICAL VARIETY 3 OR. GENE SCOTT QO ONE DAY AT A TIME Being a parent isn't easy. and neither is being a teenager. When the two world collide. Ann is in lor the shock her life. JUDGE PAO CHIN TIEN '281 OASIS IN SPACE T) JILL-KINMONT 3) LOS ANGELES MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS 33 NEWS <T) FAMILY !jf WHO KNOWS ONE? EL BIEN AMADO MOVIE T] ELECTION SPECIAL NEWS AMERICAN LOVE, STYLE IRONSIDE (TT) MARY HARTMAN (3) HONEYMOONERS CBS MOVIE "NIGHT VISITOR" JD BASKETBALL CLASSIC (IT] NEWS 133 SOT. BILKO MOVIE "GANGSTERS CONTRA CHARROS 2} TONIGHT SHOW (B ABC MOVIE "GUESS WHOS BEEN SLEEPING IN MY BED? GO MOVIE "ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW" QT) MOVIE "BORDERTOWN QD MOVIE "GOLDEN ARROW 31 LATINO CON- SORTIUM 33 NEWS {T) TOMORROW '3] MOVIE "CAPTIVE CITY" 23 NEWS (T) SEXES: SEARCH FOR INTIMACY 00 MOVIE "GOLDEN SALAMANDER' gg MOVIE OF DESTRUCTION- 3) NEWS OP GIVE THIS DAY (IT) MOVIE STORM OVER LISBON" (T) MOVIE "TINTIN AND THE BLUE ORANGES 33 MOVIE BLUE LAGOON" QT) MY FAVORITE MARTIAN Great menus in the FOOD SECTION every Thursday VALUABLE CARPET CLEANING STUM. cuKTnu Minna AMYSfZUMNO! U 4BBAL am 95 ONLY MILLERS CARPET CARE ter-iaoo (Oftef good 1 weak) Mill [CREATION CHICLES "GET THEM OFF THE STREET" STORAGE NOW AVAILABLE 15901 Sciticoy St., Von Nuys ________786-7766 PAUL'S TRANSMISSION 12940 SHERMAN WAY, NO. HOLLYWOOD 765-4116 OET QjUR PRICE t GUARANTEE IEFORE YOU BUY! CHIV. POWIR OUDI, '61 to '76, rebuilt A InttalUd rOKO C4 TIANS. '64 to '76, rebuilt ft FORD C6 or FMX, '66 to '76, rebuilt ft ALLCHKY. 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