Friday, May 13, 1892

Republican Press

Location: Ukiah, California

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Text Content of Page 1 of Republican Press on Friday, May 13, 1892

Republican Press (Newspaper) - May 13, 1892, Ukiah, California THE PRESS, 8 MOfiSTHS, FOR St. VOL. XV. UKIAH, MENDOCINO COUNTY, OAHFOMIA, FfilDAY HOMING, MAY 13, 1892. THE REPUBLICAN PRUSS, � UUali, Ctt)., by Yhe RopnUioan Press Publisiiiiig Companj. 1. j.thatchiu. KdiUr and Saimijer. THK REPUBLICAN PRESa. HiiUred �t Ulclah f. O. nn second class maltor. Pofltmaatera overywliBra ora autborUed to re oolTO nod ra^clitt for BUbiurlpUouB, SBiiilcf"'[0� Ratiss. OnoYear...............................H � Six Months .................................. 1 M Thr�o Mouths ............................... 7� ABrr,BTt�I!�� Uates. Spaoo. Moiithljr. llnch ........................� '2 r>0 2 Innlita ....................... :i ?5 a Inches ...................... � 00 < Inches..................... � 2[' 6 Inches....................... ' 2A 0 lnohc� ..................... SI") Tlnuhcn...................... 8 7S 8 Inches....................... 1)50 � luohOT...................... 10 tl6 10 Inches .................... 11 00 One-half column ............. 11 liO One column.................. 10 80 Yeorlj. I V2 00 in 00 n (hi . 80 1)0 8li <l� 30 00 *2 00 4 cts per line, tittcU lusertion. > vcr 50 lines, 6 cts pur line, each insertion. ontf-Ierm or rcKiiIar advertiuers will be given 1 (ullowinK liberal discounts: On locals running 1 month, 10 per com. in locals running 8 months, 20 per cent. locals runniUK 6 months, .to per cent. On locals ruuninfc f months, 40 per cant. On locali) ruunlni? la months, 60 per ccat. Notices for church societies free, unless an-nonucin? entertainments etc., at which admission Is Ut ho charged. In the latter case the .rale will he half the above. Advertisers will have the rirht to change .heir locals us often as lliev see tit. Ho single charge of less than 'J5 cents ivlU be adc COUNTY OFFIOSnS. Superior Judgo....................B. Mcaarve.v District Attorney .................I. Q. White Bheriir............................J. M. Standloy Tax Collector...................J. K. .lohiisou Treasurer.....................D. M. Qilison Clerk and Auditor ..... .....Halo McCoweu Assessor....................Bam. D. Paxtun Recorder .........................K. 0. Albartson Surveyor ..... .................. K, K. Vorlt School Superintendent , . W. K. Dillingham Coroner and I*iibllc Admintalratur... .11. Carson County Phy�lcl�in.................K W. King BOARD �P flUPERVlBORS. A. M Duncan, Chairman, 5th Dist . Fish Uock J. tt. Henry, IslDlst.................Ukiah L. T. Day, ad DIst......................Ukiah J.N. Kea, Md Dist ..... ......Covelo R Btickney, 4th Dist..............LIttloKlver l,OIM3K DIIlEOTOItV. UKIAH CIIAPfER.O. 63, R. A. M.-Rogu-lar meetings at .Muannic Mall, Ukiah, flrst and third Wednesdays iu each mouth. J. M. MANNON, H. P. W. T. KiaxwooD, Beorotury. UAQLE FIRE COMP^NY NO. l.-RBOULAR Jj/meeting on the last Weducsday of each mouth at 7 p. m., iuTown Hall. W. 1. BAILY, Foreman, 8. J. UATHKWa, Secretary. "The USB of 'CaatorlaMa s� unlreraal and Its merits �o wall known that it seema a work or supareroeation to endorse It Few are the Sntolligent families who do not keep Caatoria within easy reach." Ca�w� Mabtth, D. D., New York City. Late Faatot BloomlDgdgle Betormed Ohureb. Oaatorfa oitros Colic, Constipation, Sour Blomach, Diarrhoea. Eruclatlon, Kills Worms, gives sloop, and imMnotas dl. Wltf" " medication. " For sereml years I haro recommended your' Castoria, ^ and shall always oontlmie to do 80 as it lias luvarlabiy produced beneilcial results," KnwjK F. PAnnsi, M. D., " The Wintbrop," 136th street and 7t,h Ave., New York City. TM CcNraint CtuPMm, 17 MonttAT Btdeet, New Yoiuc WA8 AWARD5D Blf M Prize plEELi AT THE ^ari2 E::D08ition 188Q. W.W.Cunuiiigliam&Son -DKALIB IV- Furniture, Carpets, Etc. -AQS^tT POB- .VIr>t:!�^ i 11 r:> Sc. tvH-fc It*^ Oc3m>. UKIAH, CAL. j^^PaoiQo Coast mala ofllue; San Pranolsoo. 1368Uarket St., PERFECT TTKIABLiOTnE. A. O. V. W.. NO. M-MKETS tJ every Thursday avou<i:g at 7 i-. v., la I. 0. O. r. Hall. W. D. WHITE. II. W. A. W. TDOMPSOS, Financier. A. O. CABPKNTKB, Rooordar. UKIAH ConNOIL. O. O. I., NO. 45,-MEETS IN 1. 0. O. r. Hall every let and 3d Tuesday aranlniati o'clock. A. O. CARPENTBR, 0. C. �ELLB JOHNSON; Secretary. HBSPBBIAN OLUU-Elegant rooms In the Hc-Qlashao Block. Open to members all the time. Visitors admitted only upon Invitation of members. Buslaese meetings ot Club uu avary Monday evening. KINQSLEY CHAPTER, NO. 58, O. E. S . MBETS iu Abell Hall. No. 140, P. and A. M. Moots Isi and 9d lloudays each mouth, kars luvUad. UBS. MARY UAQAN8, L. W. UABCOOK. W, P. MBS. MABT 0. TAittoii, ieeretory. Vlaitlni^n UKIAH LODOB I. 0. O. F. NO. 174-MEETS at Odd Fellows Hall every Friday evening at 7 p. M. durinff the months Novembor. Docember, January, February; 7 ;30 p. V. March and April;  p. M. May, June, July. August: 7;�0P. M. Sap-tambar and October. U T. DAY, V. 3. A. H. BAJLY. Y. Q. AM. li. MOOBB. Sacr�tary. PROEfiSBIONAL CAKDS. W. H. HOOGHEAD, D. Q. 8. ' DENTIST, UXIAH CiTV, Mendocino County, Oai.a' Ollice: on corner nortliwestof Court House, elas administered. Qold crown and Bridge work. T. L... CAROTHKR*. ATTQHHtr ANO COUNSUOK AT LAW, UKIAH CITY, CAL. BAOTICBB lu all the Hate and Federal J. A. CbOPSN. ATTOnKti.AND OOUmtOH AT LAW, OKIAH CITY, OAL. Will rramptly attead to all butluass aDtrastad It 'lis car*, In any of tba Oaurts of this litata. timra-IB Odds Fellows' Uall, upstairs. K. W.KINa, M. p., rarswuH nt svrgbos, UKIAH, MICNDOCINO COUNTY, CAL. ___-OHica IB Hew Law BMlldiug, School street wast of Court Uouaa. Nlghtwaichor.W. A. Homaau.wlU talepbone t% my rcBMjuca. OR. E. a. OASB. OriiCB-. In stw Marks' building. it. W. HUDSON. M D. IPh�ya�i<�i�iar�' And � aux-s*<c3sn, UKtAB, Oil,. one*-, ou corner northwest ot Court House, Rooms at A. 0. CatpenUr'a, BtataJBt. j ii. M.'MANNON. ^ Attorney- aad Voitumiltr mt X�w, . UKIAH CITY, CAL. uirioi-Ooruerof Sohool and I'urklos ilruts, Jhsuuio HallbulMlUK,. OCO). Wc^TjOUTi M. D. OrriOb^Io Mark's BuUdtttg, ; .W,|P, k>}|iJ|�i��^'<,%i^ Frank E. Moran,: trtaiimr of tha John L. Snlliran theatrical combination,; has been arrested (or emhezclemant. The stallion Bed Apple, son o( ths famous Red MIkee, 'rained at $19,000 died at Rocheetu-, N. Y, rMently^ �i{ The Olympio oluh t:N�w.OrlMUif hat:; yielded to tho re^uent rtf T�ilTO�a�= and others Md- will (i^Jtf thr^e.J)lg; viiftonTwiU .woi, haT.,te rwto?tj�^^ THE METHODISTS. Proeceilliiaa of the Oenciral Canftmnee at Omaha. Following is a condensed report of tho proceedingB*of the Methodist quadrennial conference at Omaha: Tnesday, May 8. - The forenoon was consumed in seating delegates. At the afternoon session the report of the committee on constitution appointed lour years ago was read. A number of thanges were recommended, among them that the ministerial and lay dels-gates vote together in the general conference on all questions except those intended to make changes in the organic law of the church. A great mass meeting was lield at night iu the interest of church extension work. Wednesday, May 4.-Bishop Warren presided. Bishop Foster read the episcopal address. The bishop said the missions in foreign lands were in excellent condition all over the world. No schisms, no dissensions had appeared in the church in the past four years. The church had . experienced wonderful gtowth. Since the lost general conference fully 400,000 members had been added, a greater gain than had ever been known in all its history. The speaker then touched -in the vote iii the annual conference and the churches upon the admission of women delegates to the general conference with the following result: Laity--For, 286,608; against, 164,848. Ministerial-For, 6,609; against, 4,044. The speech warmly commended the establishment of the Methodist university and deprecated Chinese exclusion legislation. Thursday, May 5.-Whether the bishops or the conference should appoint the judiciary committee caused a heated discussion. A motion giving the bishops the right to nominate but the conference power to confirm nominations was finally adopted. A resolution to memorialize congress and the president pro-teiiting against the passage of the Chinese exclusion bill was referred to a committee of five with instructions to report Friday. Friday, May 6.-The committee appointed to prepare resolutions ou the Chinese exclusion bill reported that the exclusion bill had been signed by the president. It was therefore too late to take action. In tho discussion which followed the president and congress were denounced. It was the sense of the convention that the Chinese had as much right to enter this country as other foreigners. Saturday, May 7.-Bishop Fowler of San Franciso presided. The venerable Bishop Taylor of Africa then presented his report. He said there were over 80,-000 native Methodists in Africa, thirty-eight Sunday schools, over 800 teachers aud 8,760 Sunday sohool soholars. He declared the work iu Africa was stupendous. The people there must educated in hand and brain as well as in religion, otherwise they will be uniibie to support themselves in that barren land, and would inevitably drift back into barbarism. The best field is among the the children. Oirls and boys must be educated together. In order to do this, as the girls were always sold by their parents, it was necessary to have money to buy them and then educate them. The report was indorsed by a rising vote. At the request of one of the delegates Bishop Taylor brought forward and placed on the stand a little African child, which he brought with him. exr plaining that though only three years old, and only three months out of heathendom, she had learned, to speak English. The object lesson attracted much interest. Monday, May 9.-Bishop Vincent presided. The first business was the call of the roll for the presentation of rseo-lutions, memorials and petitions. A resolution calling on the committee on the episcopacy to ascertain if elthei of the missionary bishops ordained anybody outside of their special territory, was referred to that committee. It is understood that Bishop Taylor of Africa ordained a minister while in England. Bev. H. P. Williams of Iowa offered a resolution declaring the use of tobacco in any form nnol^stian and harmful. Referred to the commi ttee on temperance. The time for the election officers was fixed for May 17. Dr. J. M. King of New York offered a resolution for an amendment to the constitution of the United States looking to the protection of the pnblio school against religious encroachments, and to define the attitude of the ohnrohM toward the schools, and asked the conference to indorse the bill on ths snbject which has been prepared upon the complete divorcement of church and state. The resolntlon was adopted with applause. Dr. King offered another resolution declaring an appropriation of money by the the government for ecolesiasticsil education is not in accord With the principles of of the constitution and that the chnrphes should not receive aioney frott|L tiie government for the. education of the Indians. Dr. King strongly advocated the passage of his resolution, saying tt* Methodist church never received a dollar from the government for the education of Indians. Some members of the Methodist church had done so, hnt not the ohuroh, while the Catholic ohuroh had received two millions. The resoltition was unanimously adopted. A request that the next general;, conference be held in Cleveland was referred to the committee on conference entertainments. FOREIGN NEWS. It is reported that Emin Pasha is totally blind. Smallpox i* raging in Qnatemala and SanBalvador, Mathias Hadelet, a murderer, has been sentenced to death,at Paris. He confessed to being guilty of over sixty, orimee including several mnrdtrs; At one time he entered a monastery to escape detection. He murdered one of the monks and stole all the nlnfe. TheltaimbUoaBstate convention met at Stockton and elected the following a� delegate* to Minneapolis i - DeIeg<itM at lark^M. H. D* Youtig,- (^arl** tV.' Felton, N. D. Hideout. DiatriotrcM*? gate*, I PiratdUtriotK.D.jr.'Qole.Sie^a; & j: Matthfws, Meaddpind,' D^ooiid' d a, AIam*da>a ��Xiiliit^: Lakeport. Fourth dutnct-� a Pil bar7,iSw;Fr�no{ioo' 9iwb*ii H'Uo>d, San.Fraaeitoo. Fifth 4�trict<-A A. Hal9,f8^U 01 BAD BREATH, Ete. ^ To treat constipation successfully ' It is a mild laxative and a^tonic t(� tlie digestive organs. By taking Simmons Liver Regulator you: promote digestion, bring on a reg-: ular habit of body and prevent'! Biliousness and Indigestion. "My wife waa sorely distressed with Consllpa- : tioti und coUgtiing^, rullowed with Bleeding Piles, i Aflcr Tour months use of SimmoDS Liver Regulator .* she is almost entirely relieved, gaining stienglh and llesh."~W. B. Lkspbk, Sdaware, Ohio. "1 have used Simmons Liver Regulator for-Constipation of my Bowels, caused by.temporary �' derangement of the Uver, and always with d�- ) cided benefit."- UlUAU WaKNKR, Late : CUel < Justice of Georgia. POLITICAL AND PERSONAL. The president has appointed BlohaiA , Lambert of CalifomiT United States' : consul at Mazatlan. The Doke of NewcasUe, aad Emofy-Smith, United States minister to BnsaU,; arrived at New York a few days ago. President Adams of Cornell nnivar-' versity has resigned. This Is the reaalt' of a difference of opinion in administrative matters. Friends of Senator Stanford say ha : will resign from the senate In the early part of next year if a Republican legis-. lature is elected this falL The Albany Journal, has come ont in favor of Sherman for the presidency: " The senator says he ^would accept tb�^; nomination if tendered to him. , Carlisle doubts the wisdom of nomi- :: nating either Cleveland or Hill. <H� thinks the Democrats should nominat*.' a candidate outside ot New York. A State League of Republican clnb* , of California was organized at San Fran-Cisco last wt�k. W. H. Chamberlain of I San Francisco was elected president and Frank O'Brien of Alameda secretary. The New York Mail and. Ezprea* says that President Harrison's nomination iav: an assured fact. Is support of this, i statement it prints the foUowing' tabla 'i of instructed delegates: feom; figure* re- ' ceived frOm state and. district oociven-r'^ tions already held in. various parts of tk�.--^ country: Alabama 3, Arkansas IS, Od- ' ifornia 3, Florida 8, Dlinois 6, Indian* 80, Kansas 8, Kentucky 88, Maryland 4, Michigan 8, Mississippi 18, Miasonri 85, Nebraska 16, New York 8fl, - Ohio 6, � South Oarelin^, 18, South Dakoto$, Ten-nessee 8, Texas 80, Virginia 8, Wisoon-/ f sin.10. Total. 808. _ " ABOUT THE WOflLD'S FAIR. 'Kg Qneen Victoria will send sample* of i her knitting and spinning a* a girl t� the fair. The date of holding the "dNasM-h^earsai" of the Oai'fomia alhiUt ailn Francisco has been changed to Jdnnaiy;: The Calitornia lady board of mwumM* ednoatioul>�s. hiblt which is espeoted by ]IaraaU�iit6 surpass anything of the kind OBdwtakSB in this cetmtry under obnrob AiiqilcM. Rev. J. S. Spanldiag, bidioi> of .ttwia, is acting aapresideat of the aihibtt., Jiin.C!orbett U,in.aMi FrMdaoK^ i ROYAL BAKING POWDER The Most Wholesome, The Purest and the Strongest. "OFFICE OF THE HEALTH OFX^-ICER, "Los Angeles, Ca^,.", May 22, iS^i. 'From made by Prof. Risings professor ofchem**'^*' istry of the of chemistry ther searching analyses made by Professcr^\Thomas"-R,ice\&V'-, :-: Son of San Francisco, Prof. Hanks and others, an'd.^'^''^ ses which I personally have had made,' ......����,lt:,.iS' analyses made by Prof. Rising, professor of chrm- -^'^^^l ; University of California,- Prof, Wenzell, professorV^ vH*-^^^ ry, California College" of Pharmacy, ,and ifrom-fuiiT clearljj^-Remonstrated and provenjlhat the.^Roj Baking Powder ,is;;piire' and W :.;thcgyr,itq ^iThe" 'ft

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