Tuesday, April 21, 1964

Star News

Location: Pasadena, California

Page: 24

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Text Content of Page 24 of Star News on Tuesday, April 21, 1964

Star-News (Newspaper) - April 21, 1964, Pasadena, California IT 104 Bnlili. fc liiiitrUl NOW: LEASING. 110 EVE X. B. DEVELOi'MEHT CO. FOR, LEASE OR SALE MONROVIA'1! SQ. FT. 5VV CONCRETE BLK. BLDG., SU'HTING fcouftesv lo' 01IE4TORY. NEW ENGLAND CAPE COD Oak Knofl Williamson Co. E. UlnOM SY RELAX In Ihll krurtv _.-. ..mn rm. brifl( trplc. frrtre ort rr.uny ortrolmyi i culiltxvilin fectirei in hit null AsboMi i-tJoW w M.-tarjrv ilvlftO tffi.t nti Mm.' Wil loocW pa perlitl fcr your hot vmniy i hoi buULIn JJBO. Only vSti. Ircm So. Poio- Ernie Scott' ...____... FINANCIAL BLDO. 3M Er ExKllem co- porhJJillVf loi-v fcr- use of executive Jixice, TO rnove Wo Posodeno'i fiMii d- bldg.. Cenlral cwxlitkm. !no ,4 .lull- itrvrcei. Private jXit MR; HESTHR svJ-jiSi iR MR. KNEALE air- downlown Arcadki, 5la mo. SWIM AIL SUMMER n IMt deUghlliri Itnccd toe I cobanai oil wck- fid, Loveltr compact home. 2 W-aroomir rooin, bomi coicxed K i T.OWLE-THOMPSON HlGH ALTADENA 3 BR, FAMILY ROOM ACRE GROUNDS. J vrs. old. Jn brorx dlilon. i larqt room v ivnt to wyered coflo. I carpers lA.IJvlno.--- YOU'tL LOVE Thli .ATTRACTIVE 'oijtli Iwuie. ihokir "roof, i rJoors Lltlte ultlc tMI.no i o pallo. PcMtfli U7I E, WALNUT __ 5V IEW ttti sa.. (I. uulldlno In mod S410 per monlh. concrete block lern mfo.- area. SMALL over FOX 3 farpe W bolhs, IJvlna rm. ISxfl, 11x15, fireplace. Doors Irom 4 rocrni ooen fo pottd lor tn- lerlolnlng, KltchCfi Fail area. ccwMfw cufer drive, J. F. STINSO.H 4-7176 Rcqllors SY LOWER HASTINGS FOOTHILL VIEW Lor of living rm. hci ylrM cf thi I001MIH. J bedroom, A room- oviriitca pirvnv E, holhj. Lorge kwnllv m, w-w ofui lovety 'I, Qugllty Ihruoul. TJftDE" OOR HOME IK PAN-KEY H72 E. PASADENA ESTATES 6-y.vQld 4 bdrmi.'i Jt-qlhj, kively carpnU dropti. eleclrlc kllchwi. IDEAL freeway. PAN-KEY _S1 EASY down, excellent ior toupiC'Or rellred Inconie will JMLI- all ol pavirenfj. WoTVlrn to Lake-Ailodetxi jhw Lilrrfl cenler. 51IJW. YEATS CO. f UYI f- tn. IVi bolhi, bt'lohtlyl t chter ful n m. H'.IJV CURTIS'CO. REALTOR MULTIPLE LISTIIIG SY 6-0295 Iff. i'43 E. Oc Green NEW ORIENTAL MODERN mo1h wall M Grille! MONROVIA- 110 TEENAGERS 449-4500 286-6544 5 ROOM OFFICE 190 N. Menlor. Leoie SI35 mo, 6-9231 Barren Rltr...... MO for n Nr LIvc.Qok 1. _ Jeck, 1 L or 10 acres. .j r. L.IVC so. It. io x l S.- Mavllowor St. HI 6-7M7 HR. fOOTHTLL-ROSEMEAB Newer mod. olllce .InVlojlJ] woer .ol Tlei. MS toaena (S WTARCADIA For drugs, el c. EUCt cp mo. 17! E. (SEE avynef at deluxe s 4tfr1t WILL TRADE 2-B.R. Llndo vlsla area, fcr 3-D.R. houie or lolr.Easl ol IIAL'BAUCR Eves.: MU Whipple SY I-OJ27 t2f E. Allodeno Dr. FOR FAOT ACTION LIST WITH MATTSON REALTOR-MULTIPLE'LISTING 1st OFFERING E. Side Golf 4 DR., pool, elec. klkh., dln.-dcn, air tofKJ.. slid, clan to DOO) area. Level Vi acre. Shake roofi Con- tcniD. 5 veari KEN SMITH SY 2-0123 Realtor EL 5-IJU2 EXCEPTIONAL Priced crulcX Greal buy Det Ernie Scott DN.! A BUY IF. U PAINTI Clcon big 3-BR. 8, full din. rm. Ffplc., hdwd., dual heat. On R-3 167' lol. BARBARA Rlly. 5Y 3-5777 HASTINGS RIVIERA 368) VALLEY LIGHTS Panoramic view. 3 OR., con. den, sep. din. rm: Popular -floor plan. RIVIERA A BUY! 3 DR.. alr-cond- Perlecl conrjlllon. Covered patio. CLARA CLARK HARRY A. EL II. W. Sierra Madre Blvd.. iving civl ood wild if EARLY- AMERICAN SNngle collage; spac. dlnlno area, in not. wot pojlf; V.earlh trplc. I all; -3 bdrrS, tyi baths, IcnaUxjrlv house, landscaped vrllh ucerb Only PANGBORN EL 5-0201 TI4 w. SICRRA MADRE BLVD. So: Pasideni Horati 10J SOUTH J Btdrrn-----...... LARGE HOME WITH 'INCOME' Ma'n house' f-B.R. 4 den; all i. Rear house J- rent. extra larcic- I R.. renled 5115. Bachelor, D A V I O N SYJJID___________EL i-Hit 426 MAN.ZANITA ollract. home has Mt. view 3 large o'moil rww Ifs crr-cond. to Kew ewl. Yard wilt loVt a king sz. iBURNEY.0 J52 II. Allen, Posaotna Rtolkiri SY HIDEAWAY" Nearly Vi Acrf; Oaks. Cyilom dtsloned redwood, btotn .cell.. o elec. Mich.; polio. '--------'L S-KSi Apt. ol DARLING WHITE COLONIAL Dlock E. or Lake belaw EUot l. J-B separat 1 Dlock E. or Lake bela School. J-BRJIocca living rm., rriodern balri. F.A. heal, on recovered toil neslled o love IV oot !Neor Korlh Lake ibcXe New fYejrk. Cjyso to slores, CHAPMAN WOODS S" OH TO' DN. MILLIE COOH___________SY Annandalt, San Rafael, Linda Vista Hornei 104A with 3 bcdrccms maid's room, Beer Tav, Nets Mo. Original owner WliO CcJna'o' parking, Bur' boiler. Nice It or'check pavmenl. of 2 vrs. movlnp Bcaulllul bar wMfi iS 'ilVn'lefe. Ci ..Isconiln. _-..... anllnue Msht fixtures, Canoolcd bar roaring 20's loads of aelllna SERVICE DISTRIBUTORSHIP Opcnlno In Poscxienrj lo Trianagc and oocrale service als- trlbulwihlp. floor oopor lunllv for rloht ma" otn plus. Prefer men Pull (Jelolls, coll Mr. J10.000 m Sacrificing for SJ2.MO. MARKET: .Mom S.Pop. Any kind of deal. Reasonable. MARKET: Good oocrallon. Lease J3J5 Incl. oil flxlurcs. 1'C.B." ALLEN, Recllnr _EL t-4501. RESTAURANT: GrcsSCS 110.000 n-M. Sacrifice for Mom t Monrovki. Rctiremeni Income, iXW 4 m- vcnlory Any kind ol deal. 'C.B." Allen, Pmjtot 8-4501 maid' 2% bortis, Por.etcd den. kitchen. Vcca-it OTK! reedy fo occupancy. Bliss Keeler Co. unllnglcn Dr., San Marino AT 7-9625 DOWN 'HLr1 LINDA VISTA FAMILY HOME OF GREAT CHARACTER Over 3MO sa. fl. ol oraclous lorn llv :i li King Robey Co. Hv llviis large rooms pan. eled In mognoHo, sassalras, oak vralnul. Oak o'.ar.k floors, Realtor SY X-1H4 Add YOUR Brand of Charm to Ihls lorae well-bulll harne In desirable1 Burbcnk-PHS dlsl. 3 Bdrms.. baths, dlnlrra-den and who. OPEN TODAY 1-4 P.M. 1762 E. Mendocinb JANE PEPPER CLinl McCann Properties SY 5-7277 Realtors MU 2-DDRM. h Close In, I bus. ,Small _....... Los Robles lot. King Robey Co. 130ft H. Lofce" Reailms SY 4-1W SHOP. SEATS 50 Lovely Bloce w-flrcplow, open bcom crillnos expensive egulo. Heeds operator wllh low down FOX RIDGE AREA Used brick, shake root, sq. fl. lerms, Whipple. 3Mj r- Fo' beomi, i On ;vooded krwll witlt mountaUi 41 Beo> 3'txsthl, llbrarvj lorrmi] dln- lno rm.r Vlkhen recrcolton rm., 3 llreproccs, huge workshop. JQHII CARR_________ DOSCTA..K IAK FORECLOSUR Dr, In Stoullfi oo'nlll Eiloles. PC? 1MDBURY 4 Bedrms. c< Fam. Rm. Brealhtdkirig Views New Medallion Aword home} exclusive Ml. Royalt PI Ml ofr Brocfbury. PonoromJc view of en- 4 bedrmi., lomlly 3 baths. I i-cqr w- udle door entries wltn il Pise and yinvl II e -w carpels. All eleclrlc kllchYns, bulll-ui ror.ges, ovens 51sKwcis.hers. Shake rtilgrj roofs. Approx. '.Vi acre Pool size lols. JO-vwr knsuronce "cii us oiwn, Call 357-Kw.cJaMv cw oiler 6 p.r HERBERT HAWKINS CO. raoes. Real .Other Cities 1098 BY OWNER. 2 BR, Spacious !iv, 8. din, rms. Flreplc End., heaterJ. Oider. lerked" IrV'cne, 'rcnl ELS.SM, "------iiw CALIMESA, RIVERSIDE CO. Musi sell .2 bedrmi., 2 bolhs, c elec. bll-lns. washer-dryer, dls woshir. relrloy flrepToce. r. A. Keal; air corkl., cov. patio, dbl. oor.. w-w corpet, wooci firs., plos- fcr, landscaped, lenced, 7 ml. E..ol RcdterJs. Hwy. w, led on Myrtlewood Dr. to 247. Ho smog. __ San Gabriel Valley 110 rlinliidgc, la Canada Magnificent LATIN DECOR... 1 "ACRE Secluded Fllnlrldoe View Knoll The post' beam' modern home iffMiJ nailer bdrm sulles, 2 balhs, maid's rm. The den llvlno rm. each have. flre- D'aces Lovely swim pool with dress'no ._rms. S, bath. View Wife ccTor'edTliSlls: WAADE________AT1 9-5006 ARCADIA Today's' Best Buy Flrsl lime for sate. Ranch nous wlln pool. master tedrocm fanvily room and wood paneled family with beamed celling. 1V< c-tdrocms up'O short ol 10 Heps. .For. Dad .a tore} comtcrwtte llvtno room, vdlh homey ovefslied oaraoe wllh workshop covered polio lomlnj. Mother will olio llk p'Sflfi> fcilll-lnl WEST COV1MA fc ADI. )ramatic New Home Jull complolcd reody lor oc- cupancy. Counlry Club district of WeslsCovlna. soldT 833 Hmword Cameron OUSE lllwar .k- Hollenbeck, E. T. LAKEY CO. 307.E. ROWLAND .-willA Eves. ED_rO WEDGE Soulh for Colored nv theme -for balh hom DBARTE CHAMPAGNE ROSS-BAYM1UER Bye. SY D-M33 1 sY-o-m; FL 2-14S2 :el School. 3 bud- family room greplocc, Lcroc- level lol. l-slorv cSllsh. S3S.OOO. Hear Golf Club. Wooded secluded selling. 1 owner. Spacious rooms, central enlry, 3 bedrooms, 2Vj.bal6s, lanci. NICHOLAS BRAHDT'CO. 793-2041 Beautiful Foothill Area Split Level Contemporary Features, classed Io pallo. Slreel level beonnej celling. Llv. rm w-fllclure window overlooklntl city. Carpets, drapes, sunny kitchen, dJn. e 3 BR., I'.'i bo., a horne you will But hurry. M's a Honey. mooo MARIE SY Riviera Homb. Std. [Tastee Freeze) Hels S1300 mo. Located on_busy corMr. out. wi p Perfect gjj poymL L established tKrcd writer Tnieresled "cerVon muj Arcodlo, Monrovia, I vlclnlly. For lull Mf. Olson -1 Oca-jliJul 3-B.R., conv. den, 2 tplr. Bll-ln kllch, w-waihe ''-dryer comb. 3-lon air ccnd. H'.F noil w-tilfraclivo cubana canvoo S. city MO.SCO. ANNE PERROW, REALTOR SY _ _ 5Y t-6741 Donufshop gross 35 day Ncls S1COO mo. atlcr Mvlr.o lull time haker. Easv for coupl 'Scaulltul in dovrn pavtncnt. every wav. Smoll _ Service Station (or Lease Modern facilities. .Fully equipped. recHjIred cnlv. GROCERY i DELI. Beer, and Wine. So. Pasadena arta. 1I.5W lor caurpl. t> fixtures -f Inven- tory. 799-9378 belwejsn 8 a.m.-7 p.m. C'OFFEE SHOP. Very" flood bysl- ''niss. Takes In obout i- vear Full price S5000 cosn. Ke- llrlno. SY JJJ76. U1MACULATE small colfcf shcf Nets S1500 lo 12500 monthly.. Ino W.SBER SHOP, SELL ncblcs, XX SO. DAISY with room EOT A more unHs. Full price PETSCHOW REALTY SPANISH T- 3 Bdrms. quest auarers, lo.l bain -r 2V< balhs. Ash kllchen bll-lns, aylcK SW.500. Eosv lerrns. or w-lrade For smaller. iPEN. 1UE5. i WED. 1 TO 959 BREHTNAL RD. (Vicln'.fv LoLorr.a Rri. S. Ave. bellghlful foinlly rcom opens to polio. 3 bdrms 3 balhs, 1-4JDC llv- Ka rocm. worMhop. Jusl 531.5M. ARTHUIl RANGE SNUOGLElT GIANT ELM Charmlno 2 DR., I balh home In choice neighborhood. Reasonable lanes, mln. maintenance. Bvowner. POPPYFJELDS AREA 2 Mrmj. fenced vard. Ernie 2 ACRE COUNTRY-ESTATE The home that Pcul Williams de- signed lor sheer luxury SMuated on 2 exoulsltey Icj.id- sccped acres n the heart of fcb- SlSus Rlntrldoe. This Is Ihe home for Ihe family lhal wonls ao- precrotes the .f'J.rlf. oj- pslnlme.lt 8. details. AsK- tno SI50XXXJ JOHNNIE. L, ROSS Realtor Multiple Llstlna 540-Foothill Blvd. SY WTO Eves., SY 0-7650 SY 0-28X4 icuarate d.n.ng room: breeieway.-A 15x35'PL.. with a end ba GODDARD 1010 BALDWIN HI 6-0121 24 Hr. Arcadia Elegant Modern Kinncloi S. OF SEARS 2 bdrms., larce den, screwed covered polio. A lovrly home an o bcoulifu! lancfscoptd I o I. prull shade Irccs P-us chlTas plcyhcuse. Priced fo sell. Termi. WM. S. JOHNSON SY 24575 Reollcr .SY 8-376J Ask- Pcsadeno. 2123 N. LOS Ri Owner Bay In estab ayto cenierr Lease, X07 VI. Hunllnalon, Monrovia._______________JSMjOV COFFEE SHOP DN. FOR 7-7oI5_ laundrel Coin Dn. S3950 FULL pmrE DU 8-13U HnnrJoul-neor new, Arcadlo. dn.; Slu.500 GOOD N. EAST AriEA1 DUPLEX. I-BR. 570 lent. Loe. R-2 lol. lop f.r.cmce. S15.550. I.I'C. 1-FLDOR PLAN, 3-B.R., 7 Bolh. Alt cpld., drcped. Nr. school. Lean set in Hove Menv More. Ptcose Call MILT REALTORS 797-5111 MCCLAFH SY X-S357 IS NEW LISTING S Bdrms. j nswiy mcdcrn- lied kMclrfti, lj-i Balhs. KINNF.LOA ESTATES View Home OPEN DAILY 10-5 P.M. 2027 Ni KINCLAIR DRIVE PASAOEMA Conlemporarv styling avalnv cor.slrucllcn In this 4 BEDROOW j! 41 BATH HOME. Famllv rm., d'nir.ti ocrdcn tanal, 2 lire- places, Iftpie oarant Complcle- Iv air conditioned. Ornamenlal lawn sa. fl.. In one cf Posodcno's finest orcos. DAY or Mir.HT Scott 1143 N. LAKE AVE. SY MIDLOTHIAN DRIVE 3 BR. FAM. l-Slorv pre-war beauly on Ise. well loiKSscoced lot. Rear of house ooens to 4V pool. Guerrant SY t-7829 Keollor 5Y 7-1204 nocc. Fireplace. W-W carpel. Tip-log cciia., in oel, 1 Btk E. of H. LaVe, nr. mVls. f- bus. An excepricrMl buy at eood locn ovall. .CROWN ovall. CITY OD DR SALE -2 man oocrcllpn. GABRIEL H. Own Your Own Apl. I1 :.NEW 2 BATHS ,lso one 3 BR., 1 bo. Fully carp draped. F.A. heal, alr-cond Hub shcoclno. Beaut, b'do. Mo. assessment J31 tc expenses faxes Prlv. finance. COLONIAL... 4 Bptkocm (amllv home. St. Ellzatwlh school. Flora McCorm SY 9-395J McCann Properties SY ReoUors MU 1-9883 NEW LISTING Terrific ol vlevrS. Newer 3 EdrmL, view family room, bulll-lra, carpels i draws. Dec- orated bv POOL. M'.SM. E. Wh'pple Eves. SY 8-2091 Whipple SY fr3li4 MLS 3844 E. Fpolhlll Blvd. JUST. LISTED Deluxe Cohlemp..O yrs. old %BR Plush w-w cpl, drps. I'A bath. buHi-ln kllchen.- Arcadia SV <-39i NORTON WYNH NORTON REALTY 2394 M. LAKE Reollor SY 7-H5S (dlcnt area, 5 bcdroo.-ni, t balh sla e VlvTi. mow extra terJor maKk thtt' on unusual buv ROGER AVER ASSOC. 39 MU I-SEM SMCIOOS living roorn llv.-dln Well Dlac J BR upslalrs, conv. Lge. llv. rm.-.TuroBOs landscaped. b'RMS.. r BEbRMS.. Itvlno ExccllenI modern ranch houte In beoutlful Rancho. 3 bed- new Family rm. wllh frokr. patio and pool. dini Vllcnen with b_. draaes. M2.500. Miller Ounckel Really S. E. Collins Reallor I 2 S. Santa Anita HI 6-2166 ML) 1-0161 I nylon carpellng iels Ihe for frils lovely 3 bdrrp.. nome; smart slyllrto Includes la cell class, Drtr.elino nSideJn'ralsed'nwrlh Irpic, fo added enjoyment Ihere Is o 30 FT POOL for days ahead Choice'Foothill area. DUARTE REALTY E. Hunllnolon, Duarte (In B5nk ol America BWg.l El 9-9102 ANYTIME John Fay, Champs R-ally ANNOUNCES Penthouse Estates 3 i Bedrooms 11W Sovare Feel Rodlant Celling Heat Enclosed Ltvtng Room wllh Flreolcce FomlLv Room with Wesllr.gheuse Atl-elecllc Gold Mcdolllcn Kitchen FROM "BEST H voo looklnj rof an ,txceM lent relurn on your Investment, 1hiJ wiil.oive'vov over li% coitj all faxcredlll LY 9-2233 LY 9 M4i SAN GABRIEL REDUCED FOR _. Ovtrslie 2 car Easy CITY "OPEN FOR i 2 ouailly custom liumcs 3 BR.( rm., Irpi. irorifcr; bit.-ln, oil elec. dble oven range, dlsnwasTier dlsp Approx. 1500 w. lt. Used Brick Fireplace IX Covered Pallo t> Complele.v landscaped IS Shake t, Shlnale Rcof iX Sprinklers In Front Rtjar Lalh Piaster ix Hardwood Floors Asking Excellent loan avoM- ob'c Submit on down. Seller wilt BUTnJEE1 BOX f R-4 LOT, 50: ul sra SY S-Siii It., Alham bro. V? sa: ft. Will subordinate. SY 9-Ore? Thorw Hovl CU 3-O 3 iirhli Hovl Rllv. AT 9-36M "IJ" Business Industrial 114 San Gabriel DENTAL OFG. BLDG. ON'ViEST LAS TUNAS, C-l zone lit. VsxlSO-room to bullci mere. Full price 550.000... E. A. RAAP IS N. EUCLID, PASADENA SY 6-8993 Res. SY 7-8609 R-3, near -VHunlinolon Kosnllal U.OW so. ft" S28.SW. Princlpats. OCXNER ENA E. R-l LOT, ALTAI Sewers. Ex. conv t BY rlno Ave.-Roses Rd BRING SILVERWARE "You dcn'f need crw dishes" you could eat off the home is so clean. e floor, hi It has 2 Ige. mslr. bdrms., convert, oanekd 'den opens onto cov. patio i fenced yard' ba., ovelv carpeted, 16x24 liv, w-frpfc.; o'slre %3' ,______________ VW NEW Sommcr issac.' HI 5-1145 r. carpee, formol rm. w-loe. Dlclure wlndon aM of this for good measure. It also has a 1-bdrrn, rental (550 H.) In the reor j io help mof-e your ppyrnts. Priced al only S19.950 wllh xlnl. terms. BOB MITCHELL REALTY OFFICE OPEN. DAILY 'TIL I P.M. 'AT 1-8733 Voconl. 775 N. "Fair .WE 9.9913. R-l. 7200 L'jVe, rrode. LO 7J.21B lot, Bradbui ?JA ALTOriS Danchlfe Co. 795-029; 'TlSFKS- MiLjSMtspasjrft' m WftffflrttftVirtastm _ lor Iwiust.rjgl Ranches cr Acieage .17 S AC for'counlry livlna, lusl min 5 ute from posa Lge. JfBR, good soil 4 OWNEP PRICff 9M W. Foothill, Monr. EL_ 8-4S18 335-iMM OAK KNOLL AREA Of flr.e, Mpenslve homes, Sllu- oted In 0 wooded and secluded Sellon, vel <Xft ,to evervthW) AlUndale school. 4 BR., 2 bo. SAN7SMARINO REALTY CO. deMARTINO Associates SY 5-3201 HI 5-2485 3 BDRM., 2 BTH. DEN 1 story w. rrgi yard, tyl Los Robies, pasa. SV 5-21M Aller 4 p.m. weekdays. FAMILY EXPANDING? VToCLD like lo trade Cosla prooertv, Pars; area, torn. rm. 1- bit-Ins., lor AHodeno Reolty, odena home. Coll J500 dn.-TO bedVmj.-Smoll lot. 1740 Menfone OPEN Owrer SY 7-I1U SY 7-5028 NICE 3 BR Loe. lot. Good rfiTsn CLOSE In 3-FiR, R-4, M7J orTrodt lor U. R-L NEED IN ALTADENA east of Lake. 3 bedrooms, Treet, vfew. BStlE COAO 305 E. Joyce Aye. 3 BR., 2 BA. Sep. din. rm. Huge (am. rm. Bit-Ins, d.sp. F.A. r.eaf, frplc., crots., drones. H W. firs. Fenced yd. Obi. oar. Quiet SI. SK.950.______ EL 7-1597 IY OWNER. Lovelv lae. 1 BR., t ba. In El Rancho. brV- 1st. rm., basement. Shell slove, frplc., storage galore. CustrKn built, lot, sprinklers. Exc. II- nonclng. Moving. norlh. Priced _rj5M.__9J9_ -._________ Income Propeity 1RICHT, Cheery 2-Bedrm., frplc., din. rm., guest 1house, J'< carp. nook, 0 rum- T715 DEVONPORT RD. S, IW-lt. front BERGE' AT 2-H49 2 twin si. BR. _ _ DOWN 1 Bdrrn.. rlORTH OF FOOTHIIL; the lot Is nearly wqrlh Ihe price. DOWN UOO Sa ft.; 2 btfrm. family rrru frplc., IW bolus. DeCAMP REALTY NORTH OF FOOTHILL 3 Bdrm. home on a lo-. lot; lovely nJce ploy yord; dbl. garage, w-w carp. frplc- Tnlt is a dandy buy tor 117JOO. SKANDIA REAL ESTATE W. Foolhlll, Monr. EL 7-3M1 Eves. EL7-MJ7. EL9-i7ri EL MJ18 MON.-ARK. AREA NEWER 18 UNITS Choice renlal area nr., Falroor.s 8, Or. Adlclrinj Pork on tree lined street.. Inc.. vr. Trv d.1., or Irrrf! for smaller. WFSLEY N. TAYLOR CO____. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT H. ARV.ISTEAO CO. m or eient in- Beaci, Ml., Desert .LM SPRINGS Hlahkind Subdiv. for EL S-1501 B.WSTOW iwer woler. BY OWNER, 5 MOCfi rrea, V New subdivlslcn. 1 lelf.rxi Cul-d: SI reel. Deluxe 3 baVm., kit w-Ut-lns, Pullman FLAMIMeo S. OF DUARTE Rd, VV. of San Anita, 2 BR i conv. Den, easily le, room tor booMraiter. f LAMIHGO HI 2 BR Bjneh JtucM. San Marlr.o. t S i-BR.den and 3 1. Bkr. AT I-I74SI i Sac Slreeti bath, fomllv pleteV corpeit- 5. 10% dcvon. Take Dvarte to Alarr.ecio5 St., turn letl i blks. 44i-Vn I. room. Corn- lied i lenced. 10% down. Take ilarr.ecio5 St., turn letl 44trVn ONLY DOWN NEWER SIMPSON REALTY____350-3277 STiorP 3 BR 17 yr old Ranch No Hvmt ArvxlouV "'I's.SSIVgJGn'INGO SpCTtESS f BRibam btucco Roncti, HW fin., exc storooc-, safe plav prlvocv on '.ul- 5350 Down. FLAMINGO _________EC... dlxe. oot. 4 ,10 jrvo Prmc, only. S UNITS, reiec LACUNA BEACH THREE ARCH BAY Chormkn Provincial In selling. rrv. bweh. J-B Also, sen. studio col fir Ihose beach bull) ew lac. in KamiH. den, 2 uT M Tfe n'2 'vi Ave. Aiuso NEWPORT BEACH V1CTOBVIU.E THIS CLASSIFICATION NEXT PAOf CONTINUID OH