Friday, July 18, 1969

Oxnard Press Courier

Location: Oxnard, California

Page: 1

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Press-Courier, The (Newspaper) - July 18, 1969, Oxnard, California 24 Whiff Nerve Gas on Okinawa WASHINGTON UPI The Pentagon said today 24 persons received medical attention on Okinawa 10 days ago as a result of a mishap that other reports said involved accidental leakage of poisonous VX nerve The Pentagon refused to say Union Protests Worker Firing See Page 13 whether nerve gas was in The Wall Street Journal said the incident involved a container or a weapon tilled with which it said broke In the Japanese foreign office summoned minister David Osborn to question him about the Asked about the the Pentagon said As a result of a mishap on Okinawa which occurred July 8 while they were working on a maintenance 23 military personnel and one civilian employe were placed under medical All were released and returned to full duly within ahout six No other persons were Jerry deputy assistant secretary of defense for public told a news This is all we will say about FrJediieim refused comment on whether VX or any other chemical or biological warfare agent was involved and refused to explain the nature of the svhat the mainte nance operation was what branch of s rvice the military personnel were or what symptoms were present in those The United Stales has troops stationed on which it administers under international since World War Japan retains residual sovereignty over the island THE PRESSCOURIER Serving Ventura County and has been pressing we United Slates to return sole control of Okinawa to The Wall Slreet Journal story was the first report the United States may have stockpiled the gas Fricrtheim would not comment when asked about The Weather Local fog or law clouds lale night and early morning but nrastly fair Not much change in Pasl 24 hours High low For see Page VOLUME 33 NUMBER 6 PAGES JULY 1969 SINGLE COPY HOME DELIVERY PHONE 4831101 COMMERCIAL BOAT SINKS AFTER IT WAS RIPPED BY EXPLOSION Coasl Guard Boatswain 2C Berrie Meed aids Billy at while Coast Guafdsmen secure lines to sunken vessel in Port of Legislature Approves Finance Director Bill By HELEN IIKVNOI A controversial hill allowing county lo appninl a fi nance whose job would re place two elective has pass ed the legislature and awaits I h e governors The bill was opposed by Ventura County AuditorController Inrtlnn Trenholm ami TreasurerTax Collec tor Robert elective jobs could le The incUtnhcnts were strongly hacked bv Hie Ventura Coiuilv iraud CeaseFire Latins Resume Fightmg Honduras UPI Honduras and El Salvador resum ed fighting on Ihe northern front to scrapping another cease fire agreement that was to have end ed their fiveday horder A spokesman for the Ilonduran army said Salvadorian troops began firing at dawn and Ilonduran troops returned the The latest ceasefire had been worked out by a delegation from the Organization of American OAS and was lo have been signed by diplo mats of bolh nations later Word of Ihe ceasefire was In be broadcast lo Hoops of both iNciiher side made the and he ground war resum ed at The air war Honduras apparcnlly has deslroyed or damag ed all of El Salvadors vintage World War II fighter There was no blackout in this Ilonduran capital Thursday night for the first night since the war began No Salvadorian planes ap peared Honduran military officials said their with some air cover pro vided by World War II Navy Corsair were pushing back the Sal vadorian forces on bolh the northern and the southern Sal vadorian ground forces claimed to have penetrated a considerable dis tance inlo which passed two resolutions claiming lhal giving county supervi sors hiringfiring power over a sin gle financial director would be a threat to the governmental system of checks and Disagreeing with the Grand County ftxeculive Enoch and the Board of Supervisors favor ed Senate Bill They said it in cludes a safeguard for Ihe public by requiring a countywide election be fore the job consolidation could oc They also said the measure in cludes job protection for the incum Assemblyman Ken Mac predicted the legisla tion will face no difficulty in get ting the governors SB 646 was authored by Howard Way of Republican president pro lempore of the state and won bipartisan MacDonald including his own in the As semblys Local Government Commit Trenholm was oul of town but his Norman said auditorcontrollers throughout the stale have nol altered our very strong feelings against the mea If Venlura Counly government decided Lo implement Ihe legisla See Page 2 Birth Control Plan Aired WASHINGTON AP President Nixon lold Congress loday he wants lo make available within five years free birth control advice to American women of childbearing age with low In a special Nixon esti mated that nearly 5 million women do not now have adequate access to family planning Proposing an expansion and re organization of federal family plan ning but giving no estimate of the increased spending Nixon said in nn circumslances will Ihe activities associated with our pur suit of this goal be allowed to in fringe on the religious convictions or personal wishes and freedom of any nor wil bo allowed to impair the absolute right of all individuals to have such matter of conscience respected by public To expand family planning serv Hobert secretary of education and lold newsmen an initial 30 million will he needed plus million annual in creases in the fifth Ihe cost exceeds Blast Burns Scuttles Vessel Three men escaped serious in jury loday when a commercial fishing boat hurst into flames and sank at the Port of The fiery explosion occurred at 9 an hour alter the 33 foot boat had refueled at the Standard Oil Station at Dock located at the deadend of Mari time and owner Hi I Billy and a deck John were rushed to Johns Hos Johnston uas admittcd in satisfactory condition with burns on his hands and His hair on his head and face was also firidley was re leased after receiving trcalmenl for burns on tiis Bolh men are from Costa Port Hueneme Police Neil Compton and Officer Bill Monti jo said Johnston pulled up to the dock to refuel at 8 An hour the officers he entered the engine room lo litarl the i Witnesses said Hie skipper cranked the engine five or six times when suddenly it explod ed and burst into Flying pails of the boat ripped gaping holes in the hull at the water The impact of the Mast knoek See Page J Russ Claim Luna Wont Foul Apollo SPACE Houston AP As the Apollo 11 explorers raced unerringly toward a Saturday rendezvous with the the Soviet Union today assured the United States that its orbiting Luna 15 satelite would inter fere with the astronuats landing In reply to a personal request for information from astronaut Frank the president of the Soviet Academy of academi cian cabled thai Luna 15 would not intersect the published trajectory of Apollo That still left Luna I5s mis sion a There was still speculation it might attempt to scoop up lunar samples and return them to earth before Apollo 11 can bring home its col lection of The Russians Luna would remain in lunar orbit fur twti days jr until ami thai the United Slates would he informed of any Luna 15 is orbiting the moon at heights ranging belween IW and 75 Apollo 13 asliiHiimts Neil Kdwin Aldrin and Michael Collins Saturday are to Eire their Columbia inln an orbit ranging from to 75 miles settling finally al tin See Page 2 P He estimated more than onelhird of all children born to lowincome mothers are Of million women believed eligible for family planning Pinch said only currently are being The chief in the word sketched out a rather bleak picture of Ihe potential impact of the global population explosion if private agencies and the United Nations fail to begin deal ing now with anticipated In the United Stales Ihe population will increase nearly million to more than 3110 million hy the year h Apollo Crew Plans TV In Eagle SPACE Houston lls astronauts promised to try to send back lo earth today the first television p i c I u e s from inside Ihe Eagle lunar module that will carry them to the moons During an exceptionally clear 35 minute telecast from more lhart miles away Thurs Neil Kdwin Aldrin and Michael Collins beamed back not only spectacular longdistance views of hut striking closeups from inside their command Armstrong told viewers be fore signing off that if the TV cables were long he would try lo show the inside of Weve been checking out cable lengths Ihinking we lake Ihe television into the LSI with us told Mission Todays TV show is scheduled about two hours after Armstrong and Aldrin figured to crawl inside but the 11 crew has sent back two unscheduled telecasts already and probably would do lhal again for pictures from the lunar Thursdays telecasl began with a view of the floating like a halfball in Ihe blackness of It appeared about half the it did Wednesday during a tele cast from miles Switching Ihe astro nauts showed Iheir instrument pictures were so clear the numbers were reada standing on his a flashlight floating freely in and Aldrin doing Nixon To Talk With Moon Team WASHINGTON UPI President Nixon will talk lo the Apollo 11 astronauts on a twoway television hook up when they set foot on the Ihe White House announced He will speak on behalf of the American people from his Press Secretary Konald Xiegler Ziegler said the idea of the twoway hook up ohginaled with the National Aeronautics and Space The idea was then discussed with television network representatives in Ziegler said at no time did Hie White House make a direct request or television lime for the Nixon plans lu devote much of Sunday evening lo ivalcliing Ihe moon voyage via Wilh him will lie Frank he Apollo S astronaut who is acting as a White House liaison man with Apollo II TV Schedule NEW YORK AP Follow ing are the television schedules nf major networks for Apollo 11 All times Friday Live color transmis sion scheduled for all three networks one mimile progress reporl al Saturday decision on lu nar nrbil and Iraasmission from 6 bulletin on com mital to lunar progress re norl NEK 1011 and Live Iransmission is beiwcen 1 and Moonday May Be Sunday States OK Holiday Mood FROM WIRE SERVICES Monday will be a holiday for employes of more than 3fl hundreds of local stock exchanges and some businesses and many school But it was possible Monday might nol be Moon Day after Although some have employers across the nation granted Ihe three Report on Evans Probe Completed day weekend in response lo Nixons call for a of participation as he first mon are scheduled lo se fool nn Ihe space officials raised the possibility that the moon originally set for the early hours might be done on population was a fitting representative of Ihe nations communities giving their employes the day oif Other cities granting the holiday included New and The mayors of and city employes had too much work to take he day San Krancisco Mayor Joseph Mioto was among Ihe first to suggest a celebration for the Apollo It moon but city employes there will he among those working Moncla President Nixonsnational day of S U f 1 C Philippines UP The board investigating the June 3 collision between the Australian carrier Melbourne and the destroyer Frank Evans completed its report It was sent lo and Australian Navy where officials will decide whether courtsmartial will be ordered for those Ihe board sees as responsible for the collision which killed 74 Ameri can Two young officers of the Kvans were advised they were suspected of blame hut they were nol The investi gative hnard had no power to Inside McClellan Seeks Prison Term for College Rioters Ann Page California Pages Classified Pages Page Death Pages Page Pages Page Ship Page Sports Pages Stock Page TV 1age Womens 7 WASHINGTON UPI John said today he plans lo ask Congress to crack down on college rioters with a new law under which disruptive students could be who has several weeks of hearings on campus disruptions and mill iard said he would introduce his measure in a day or It will slrenglhen Ihe hand of the administrators of colic yes and enable them In gel relief and protection from these miltlants who are committing violence or threatening lo commit McClellan said in an interview with He said it would cover sit ins and so forth and provide criminal penalties plus proce dures for civil A McClellan aide said Ihe measure would make it a federal punishable hy prison sentence or lo tlisrupl operations of any college receiving federal finan cial McClcllan said his proposal would not cut off federal funds to rioters or in contrast with other proposals before College administrators testi fying before congressional com mittees have contented that cutting off funds would impair education without stopping dis HEW Secretary Robert Finch said Thursday the Nixon Administration also is opposed lo such legislation to curb campus