Friday, May 7, 1926

Oxnard Daily Courier

Location: Oxnard, California

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Text Content of Page 1 of Oxnard Daily Courier on Friday, May 7, 1926

Oxnard Daily Courier, The (Newspaper) - May 7, 1926, Oxnard, California TEMPOUTtmi TODAT -llfflMtt -71 Lowttt SI OXNARD DAILY COURIER BAAOMCTIft May f MANY EXPECTED TO DIE AS RESET OF INJURIES RECEIVED WHEN CABLE CAR RUNS WILD DOWN STCEP HILL AND THE OXNARD DAILY NEWS_________ OXN4RD, VENTURA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. FRIDAY. MAY 7.1926. Over 100 People Seriously Injured; Car Gains Speed UntO It Hits Another Car While Travel- ing at Rate of 60 Miles an Hour. Arnold To Paint Back [ADDED FEATURES Scene for Replica of Mission for Museum NUMBER 2S7 ?AN FfANCISCQ, May 7.-Mow than 100 were n- jured, two-thirds of that number seriously today, when a California -U j L and finally ended wild dash of six blocks through the heart of the financial district whenit struck another cable car at California and Sansome streets. The car started its wild dash at California and Stockton streets. It gathered momentum as it dashed down the steep hill and eped past intersection after intersection narrowly escaping a num- ber of collisions. The majority of passengers weie women and girls. While none of the victims had died up to 1 o'clock this afternoon there were a number whose injuries were expected to bring death within a few hours. As the passengers realized their denger some of them on the platform threw themselves to the street ui of tne terror-stricken women could be heard for blocks. The noise of the collision of the two cars sounded like an explosion. _The runaway car was traveling in excess of 60 miles an hour at the time of the crash. WAS MIRACLE. SAN FRANCISCO, May a I miracle a hundred people were killed in that smash.' HE CANNOT LIVE! May According to E. M. Sheridan of Yen tura, who is here with the'Ventura. Chamber of Commerce exhibit in the lemon show, E. C. Arnold, local photo grapher and artist, is going to paint an oil background for the Ventura exhibit, which is a replica of the Ven- tura mission. The painting will show the hills and the cross back of the mission. Mr. Arnold is busy and in all proba- bility will not be able to paint the canvass, before the end of the lemon show, but will have it completed in time to be erected back of the minia- ture mission, which is to be placed in a glass case in the Pioneer museum in Ventura. Mr. Sheridan and Arnold are friends for life now, as anyone who takes a personal interest in the mission and colorful history surround-: ing the early days of San Buenaven- tura is at once a friend of Mr. Sheri- dan. Fulton Realty Co, To Subdivide 800 Acres In Merced Co. Soon Announcement was made today by J. E. Fulton of the Fulton Realty com- pany that the local realty firm will subdivide 800 acres of land adjoining the town of LaGraade, In Merced county within the near future. The arge tract of land, considered one of This was the opinion expressed with gasoline and Karl Snow, a passenger on the runa- Jeering at his wife and children way car that crashed into a standing looked on, Alex haproff, 40, cable car on the same track at Cali- j struck a match and set fire fornia and Sansome injuring more to nis clothing in the kitchen of than 125 passengers in both cars. llis home. Physicians say he "I first noticed something was wrong cannot live. His act today was when we were between Powell the culmination of a VIK Wl Stockton. The brakes seemed to Quarrel. choicest spots in Merced county way and the car speed down at terri- is located 14 miles fie he said. (from Merced and right on the out- "I felt the impulse to shout 'jump' _ ._ shirts of LaGrande. There is a high but I wasn't sure that the car was en- lAUAIULvL 111 flM k >n one corner of the land. The land will be divided into small portions, to attract those who are looking for small farms. The soil is good, said Fulton, and tnere Is an abundance of water for irrigation pur- tirely out of control and I didn't want to start a panic. "Shortly after passing Kearny I de-1 cided to jump and two seconds after I jumped the car struck an automobile and immediately afterward crashed into a big meat truck, tearing the radiator off anjl sending it crashing into a restaurant across the street. "When I pickeft myself up in a dazed condition I lujferd a terrific roar: a block further down; That was when, the runaway riar smashed into the other car. f-' JAPANESEWOMAN HANGS HERSELF; BEARDSLEY BARN ON PROGRAM AT LEMONfESTIVAL Style Show Will Be Attraction at 8 O'clock; Scored Hit This Afternoon. CHANGE OF VAUDEVILLE. Large Attendance Expected; Record Crowd Attended Show Last Night. Over 2000 people were expected at he lemon and avocado show this afternoon and tonight. A special at- raction has been scheduled for this evening, when a fashion show will be iven at 8 o'clock. The fashion show went over good this afternoon when large number of visitors saw the jerformance. In the style how there will be two high. class audeville acts, entirely different from last night's. Vera Stanley and company and Gardner and Aubrey, in songs and a dance revue promise to put on a fine entertainment after the style show. The attendance yesterday and last night was about 1500, which was sev- eral hundred more than the attend- ance for the second day last year. The wind is causing considerable trouble at the and a crew of men were busy all afternoon tigh- tening ropes to make sure no section will be blown down. Part of the main entrance was blown down. Every af- ternoon the wind has been strong causing a terrific strain on the can- vass. Naumann Travels To Long Beach for Finals of Oratorical Contest Edwin Naumann, winner of the Ventura county division of the Nation- al Oratorical contest goes to Long Beach tonight where he competes in the semi-finals for his division. He will have five opponents, Tom Jones of forranee high, Elvin Richards of Glendale high, William Fennell of Long Beach high school, John Mcfntyre of the Santa Monica high school, and Gregson Bautzer of San Pedro high school, nil winners in their respective districts. Se judges will decide the winner of first prize. If Naumann successfully wins to- night he will then enter the finals of the contest in Los Angeles, on May 14, which will decide the grand winner of Southern California and enable the person to go to Washington to .com- pete in the national contest. Adrian Harp, who has been coach- ing Naumann and Jack Jones will ac- company Edwin Naumann to Long Beach tonight. The contest is sched- uled for S o'clock in the Long Beach high school. Lions and Ladies Have Great Time and Dinner; Program Is Snappiest The body of I. Fujibagu, a. Japanese woman 35 years of age, was found hanging in a barn on the R. L. ley ranch early this morning by the woman's husband. The woman had hung herself with poses. The Fulton company lias not yet decided on the prices to be adopted but it was believed that the! prices range between J200 and an acre. Fulton, and M. Pumienney of Ox- nard will go to' Merced county about the first of next week for a trip of in- spection over tbe land. A survey. will be made and preliminary work cpm- J menced. There will be a representative _ PRESIDENT. (Br S-rvice) SAN DIEG0S May Mc- Clung. Huntingdon Park, was unani- I mcusly elected .governor at this year's district conference of the Rotary In-! ternational. Stockton will get next' year's district conference, it was in- dicated by a canvass of delegates con- ducted by International News Service today. a beam and the little woman placed the noose about her neck, then stepped off a box. No reason for the suicide could be given. Fujibagu and his wife had been married about seven months and apparently were very happy, accord- ing to Japanese friends. Funeral services will be held to- morrow morning at 10. The body wil be cremated in Los Angeles. COMMERCIAL ROW AT LEMON SHOW HAS MUCH OF INTEREST FOR ALL VISITORS In the commercial section of the Cali- fornia Lemon and Avocado show there are many interesting things to attract tbe visitor and a Journey nround the big tent will take quite .i little time if the curious one will stop to look at the various objects on dis- play. In addition to the displays, there arc booths where attendants nnd demonstrators arc giving out phy Weiil have a very interesting section which is a real attraction at the show. Lebmann Bros., department store also have a large amount of space in the show. Along the outer edge of the tent and across the aisle, below the runway, there are several Lehmann exhibits. One shows a complete kit- chen with all the necessities that Leh- wimples of merchandise and instruct-1 inannV handle. Next to this is a log Ing housewives and others on the. use J cabin display which has caused much of certain household arUclcs. Murphy Wcill. local grocers and haberdashers have a large commer- cial demonstrating section tonrath the runway in tbe center of the lent. Various wholesalers with whom the local store does business are repre- sented. Seven young ladies are in these long First is Miss Me- represent .ing the Flour Co- Then Miss Hagginun. demon- strating the Iris products of thp Banich Miss Mostov Is demonstrating Walker's products while Miss Wilkinson is another at- traction with her vamnles of Garden cfiocotote. Miss Essclman made a hil with her of Bine Kibton mayonnaise Mlads and and Mrs. Mabel Jacobs and Mrs. It J. Myers have been kept the constant go rooking with (Nwir from Whole Grain nrodncfa Co. of Santa Parito, Altogether, Tonr Slilk Trice a Pny on AH the Way. BILLIWHACK STOCK FARM j comment In front of the old wooden shack is a clothes line and a wash tub. Ha Uic Barnes as the old colored mammy is quite a conspicuous char- acter in the exhibit. Across the way Mrs. T. P. Sanchez dfwnnsirates Alta. coffee. Mrs. San- chra is dressed in a bright red dress with a green fitting in well with the surrounding decorations. Her coffee, by the way, tastes as good as the display looks. Fluffo is the Wit noise in the next Lchtnann exhibit G. Weed and some of his Fluffo friends have a great lime fivcry psr- formancc with their gifds of lard and oil. tohmann Bwwu Globe A-l Hour in their next exhibit and this loo is rather interesting. Kapp's drug store come? next where P. Kapp aud C. Caslle demonstrate the many different and other drug articles. Contrast- ing with the ssocnt of aroma of coming from Uic booth next to where HIP the tract is opened. the "me as soon as Occidental and Oxnard Baseball Teams Meet Tomorrow In Contest Oxnard baseball fans will be able to see on Saturday one of the best freshman collegiate baseball nines tangle with the Oxnard Union High school baseball twirlers. By arrangements with Occidental j ful past and of his habits. He was LEON LABONDE, POLISHED DIES SUDDENLY In the sudden death of Leon La- Bonde who died of an attack of heart disease late yesterday afternoon on A street, Oxnard has lost one of its most characteristic residents. Mr. LaBonde, whose work was piano tun- "ing, had been at the top of the ladder in the halls of musical fame and then down to the bottom again. He died as he had once predicted Oxnard, Ventura and Santa Paula welded another link in the strengthen- ing chain of friendship and cooperation when Lions of the three towns with their ladies gathered in the Masonic banquet hall for a joint meeting to celebrate the California Lemon and Avocado show. The meeting was a fast one, every- thing being conducted in snappy fashion. Those present said it was one of the cleverest meetings they had attended. The dinner started at 7 o'clock and despite the fact that there were songs, stunts, speakers and the gathering of about 150 or more Lions and ladies were on their way to the lemon show at President Earl Hart of the Oxnard Lions club presided. Jack Miller of the Oxnard club was program chair- man. He was assisted by Charles Pope, George Caswetl, W. Mark Bur- ley, Horace Ditclifield and George Doty. Frank Canning of Oxnard and "Doc" Wyatt of the Santa Paula club got in on the program somehow and presented Elmer Power with a gift of baby clothes and toys for the new ar- rival at his home. The baby shower for Elmer Power went good. WIFE OF SOMIS STATION AGENT DIES SUDDENLY Mrs. J. W. RotkemWrff Dead While Feedfafr Chick, ens at Her Home Today. WAS VERY WELL KNOWN. to The Courier year ago. The city editor, over a circumstances were almost identical to those he had pic- tured during a weird story. Many Oxnarders knew Mr. LaBonde his qualities and of bis color- HEARTY WELCOME. President Earl welcomed the Ven- turans and Santa Paulaus saying he loped there would be another joint meeting soon. Art Tetzlaff, president of the Santa Paula club told of the pleasure it gave Santa Paulans to come to Oxnard aud that he hoped Santa Paula would be able to give a joint dinner soon. Joe Argabrite, president of the Ventura club thanked the Oxnarders for their Hospitality. He spoke on the lemon show express- ing the hope that it goes over a big success. He said Ventura is back of Oxnard in the lemon show idea just as Oxnard assists in county fair time. Burton L. Smith, State Editor of .the Los Angeles Times, was the speaker of the eveniue. Editor Smith is well known throughout. Ventura county. He is in charge of the Southern Counties page of the Times and has correspondents in all of the Southern MORELABORERS ON STRIKEN LONDON PRESBYTERIAN DORCAS SOCEITY FOOD SALE Tomorrow Morning, starting at U o'clock. Former Lindenbaum Location. Corner Fifth and A Street DOJTTMIS8IT NITftOKOTf LACQUER See demonstration at oar booth. Hardware Co. Ill N. FiftH St. Owmite Plata H. A. Brody. of LindsMy. new for the Soiithorn California Edison company, arrived in town in- day after from Lind- say with his wife and six-year son. Al- lan. He was mcctiofc business of Oxnard gettinR acquaint- ed with hhi d with which V; ies in the new tcJI the most in- of travel and of so inclined, be teresting stories musk: culture. He was a brilliant man. but Curing tlic six years he lived in Oxnard he Jo drift away from oJlaw Yesterday, after visiting City Rooor- Frank H. Pcttfs in tJic hall. mnnily and of your friends and forget the rest. Do the thing you believe Is right and cooperate, as your Lions club creed teaches you. and your county of Ventura will continue to be one of the most fortunate in the Southland. There is not anotner coun- ty in the whole state that looks as good today as does Ventura county. You people are cannot hclji li-.u prosper. We in Los Angeles wili do we can to assist you in your development." Editor was given warm ap- upon cossspletSon of his enler- he went ovw Jo the cado show and avo- talk, a few of the highlights of For a time he spoke step into the civic iifc of Oxnard and help maintain the imputation of Edison c v "fl'pianisJ lakes R, C. place, who has been promoted to the InsJewowI district Mr. Brody was favorably impressed Oxnard and 3s ready, lac savs in French (o Mat. Ivelnwann. Tlincu he wcnl sip 80 st-iirc and a thing was sr-Ddom IJTOM! do. CMMCTCM! Travelers Gmfae Tax bcrease DTBGO, May hundred travelers arrived fcere to- lay and opened the 2Sth annual con- ention of the California Grand 3oancfl of the United Commercial ters of America. Two para- moant tones will be discussed. They the repeal of the Psliman surtax and the increase of the State gasoline by cent to complete Califor- highway budding profram. was an rarely playcrf. his land in coaxing Do play. Hnt yeslwlay as 5f playing ids last lo world. flMtertaanejJ workers in 3f-nt for sun howr or so. At Mines 3i3s crossed and Ws he played on. Later 3n Jibe toft ImL Thai was Jtoc last many of Ms friends saw him aJivc. L-aBflniJic wns about years of age. He was Jwm 5n Mississippi, according 9o tne vlealh certificate. ?fa fs snr- fsy 83 is widnw. Cora taUnnde. services will foe IMd lomor- aftf-mown at 2 o'clock fro-m IW- interment in ivy Lawn Thomas L. Rnrden officiate. WEATHER Tonight and tomorrow moderate temperature, fair with MISS ALICE E. BRONAUGH. Pianist and Teacher. and Advanced Pupils Desired. Call or write 420 E St, Oxnard which have been given. lie made a hit with the Lions and their ladies, as 5ac injectai a ngmjber of humorous stories into his address.. Hob Oilier, wmi; Haider of She Ve.n- clwh. led the Vwilnra Uoiis 3ni of Jteir songs anni snowed how j lemon show. PftinecMJa C3ty won dlie Eistedd- fod STOIC conKi-st Oxnard clnb Both teams played: good ball and until the fourth inning, Plata could not threaten the Oxnard After subduing their attempt in the fourth, Oxnard successfully held them until the eighth when Churchill hit- ting a base bit, stole second, ad- vanced to third on an out, and on a hit went home for Santa Paula's first marker. In the ninth, their second, score came when Rudolph succeeded in circling the bags. Oxnard's one score came in the, fourth when Barton had a one base hit, stole second, advanced to third through Mitchell's sacrifice and then home on Teague's error by overthrow: Otherwise the game was replete with strike-outs, and spectacular fly-hits and catches. William Conway again bore the brunt of the pitching, doing all Ike work and pitching a fine game. Mc- Kenzie was behind the bat, Beardsley on first. Mitchell on second and Bud Snively. who has been wearing the mask before, assumed the respon- sibilities of the third sack. Farrell relieved him in the latter part of. the game, though Snively showed that he has the ability to hold down the job. Barton played an errorless fame at shortstop, and Tucker. Gill and Bte- nert were at their, regular positions in the field. For Santa Paula. Taylor and Wa- ters. the freshman marvel, pitched. and Moody caught Teague was at i first. Mahon at second, Churchill at I third. Helry at short, and RudoJpb, Nichols and Hawlej caught flies in the field. The stiff brbk west wind all after- noon was hard both on the spectator? and players whipping up the dust The game was featured by some Httle dis- sensions which, however, were ironed out and the same proceeded. sang, dosing y of pr-f: in the three drabs sang to- meeting with readiness for the The Lions and their ladies entered lemon show teat ia a body with a roar that shook the props. at the show knew it was Ltoss night FERRARB'S TAVERN AITAUANA Open Saturday, May 3th, 6 p. m. RavioliM, Chicken Etc. Located Vineyard Avenue, North Cm Rio Crottmt, kft of radL' Phone 954M for Reservations

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