Tuesday, December 16, 1941

Oakland Tribune

Location: Oakland, California

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of Oakland Tribune on Tuesday, December 16, 1941

Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - December 16, 1941, Oakland, California D OAKLAND TRIBUNE, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1941 ALL NATION THRILLS TO STORIES OF HEROISM AT PEARL HARBOR Captain nil Dies in Action Rookie Gob Mans Machine Gun, Blasts Jap Plane WASHINGTON. Dec. 16 Pearl Harbor' Then remember a battleship cap- tain, his "tomach torn open by a shrapnel burst commanding his shin from the bridse until he died on the deck Remember a rookie gob who hmp pun before -tr, 3 as it levelled. TODAY ALONG THE FAR EASTERN FRONT CHINA BURMA SSIT ROAD FORMOSA PACIFIC OCEAN HONG KONG ISLANDS OLONGAPO 3" SAIGON CHINA SEA NOHTH Pearl Harbor Toll Listed Japs Kill 2897, Wound 879 in Treacherous Attack HERE IS IONNA6E AND OF VESSELS SUNK IN OAHU Bsr-rn ip, Is -19 6; Shot WASHINGTON. Dec Philadelphia Navy Yard Dovnes Here are the ships the Navy re- April, 22, 1936, at Norfolk ported v ere lost at Pearl Harbor JYard Five 4-inch pv, Battleship Anzona, 32 600-ton snip guns 12 torpedo tubes Cost S3 400-, of the Pennsvlvama class Launched 000 to S3 750 OCO each Normal ccm-( June 19 1915 New Navy plement, about 170 orficeis men Yard Tvvehe 14-inch 12 5- Target shin 1opno iprh euns ind p'2ht 5-incn an'i- T i Z1 guns Tnree fircraft Ire York Orrra-" WASHINGTON, Dec 16 Arizona s null ?rd at yards ?s a o 0' c MCHY, Dee 1R more Official Army and accountsjthe levels of those converted to a -h'p "c1 s a- p-t re- place casualties in the armed serv- j tost S7 425000 with an estimated anti-aircraft gunner} and expeii- ported tods- 'n Prns including the bomb ng of a n 'he scuvhem subrrb of I ices from Japan s December 7 attack'added cost bet" een S3 000 000 and purposes on the Pearl Harbor base at 2397154 000 000 for armamen Later she Mine lave'- tons killed 26 missing and 879 wounded v as modernized at a cost of about Foimer Fall Rive'- Lmp Unofficial estimates were that Normal compleTent, ship acqaiied by the Xavv cu civilians died with no renorts on -r-j .j aJK! iea ciulian wounded or inissing j Destrojeis Cass.n Shaw and trine laver One 5-incp su" Warcraft losses were one battle- Do nes 1500 tons each Cassm aid 3-mcn anti-aircraft laxn was recdotmed and the British from 21 urtil January D4Mir.RD .found it occupied by Because of a shortage of and P-ttiooh'p Bounded on whon doctors raw materials a French announce- ptcPic" nuT-bf'of s'des working rrent today. Com- der) ni "ady on fire from repeated high attacks hrr anfi-air- rrpft batteries downed a plane i r'p'hcd in fir.rnc" on her, deck At this moment her raptam j observed the shadow of an enemv two-man submarine appioachms within few yards Hits wore scored impdnlrlv Thr Ir-ndfr then sh treatmpnf "Cool as irp thp 'v ho thp tov pr which I ordpis to tlip "uirhnrpd cainprl out inpn under a ha 1 of nvrlunp jnn fire and! boifos frorn UTP pnppT" I 41 ihc iv shared thp cum 1 i- One cpn'cj alongsinp -A nc ibip threatpnrd morrrrtu'h to pxpinHn Calmly tnp romrmnrteri led f.re'fisritirt' bo >i ntmnrrl thf' tno surface of thp hi--, bor. He l-ppt his t.n- hesulc the onr for 2 sn the 'toi of this 01 that "Thp leal p< JT t- Secretaiy Knox <w.d jies in the manner in which all hands did their job Pearl Haibor was a tough tuno But the Navv hni l.non'n touph times before Dm 15, onp 'f back in 1779 ,t mjn named lohn Paul Jones said: "I hrne not yet d rv .owes to Quilted Jackets Aa I ill-HO W .uul pttUih in Id lin v.ii iirr IKIIII- otinji woi "f '-kf id hoo-e honi. I'inr eTi linnk of 2 iffrrlinn each intfi inn printed ff) r.iltr TTlnIr, n Mexico Police Seize Jap Radio Equipment MEXICO CITY, Dec. watt radio transmitter was re- yesterday by police on the city's outskirts where it was dumped by two men, appsrentlv Japanese, Irosn an automobile bearing diplo- matic lieww Floral prim quilted bcrl inrkrt in quaint floral pat- tern. Truly a perferj gift for very little moncj. S2.98. llefO brocade quilted beii jacket to make hpr look prPt.v a riicture. "Venetian COVERTS tions with Japan and then with Gpr-! many and Italy wee' ?nr] the' legatsons no longer have dvplo- JMtJc ImmunHy. The legation staffs however, A., (TomcnN AppnrtL Third Fhnr MV CONVtNUNTlY A HASTINGS 90-DAY CNAKGf ACCOUNT m -w If hord to fit; sizes range from Wi i- i- free parking at all Downtown Merchants Association