Thursday, October 16, 1958

Appeal Democrat

Location: Marysville, California

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Appeal-Democrat (Newspaper) - October 16, 1958, Marysville, California Duck Shooting Hours FOK FRIDAY Start a.m. Stop p.m. Vol. 45-No. Year Marysvillo-Yubi City, California WEATHER Sacramento Valley; MoUIy fair through Fri- day. High both 82-88. Low tonight 84- 60. Local temperatures: High yesterday 90, low today 39, Thursday, October 14r 1958 TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES YOUR FREIDOM NEWSPAPER Phoiw 24491 Monthly-Sin Copy tOe TIH sf; AUK WEAPONS. Sinn's Itwrt Oitmi hnnllntf a pini'lnR the jirnlilcm. ttmiii-ii ilo Huih tilling slito tho nii'ii. These UINIIHII Jin1 ninvlnji (llrl hang, nn spring) jiulm, Ykonirii mirk ban-Idol In tlio fields nnd small dilutien urii put, tn urn It' Food And Babies Mao's Top Problems- China Tries To Prove Malthusians Are Wrong .IOIIN STROJIM CojiMiKht iO IMS. M'.A HeuiLO Iiu- All lights M soiwd. mcludini; icpindut-tion in whole ni pai I. NEW iaic( the professor, and my blarUed Jook must hiavi1 amiisucl him. not worried about Malthas." The speaker was ,m wonomisUrom the Economic Research Institute of Pciping and he spoke scornt ully, Hit, rolGrence was of to Thomas Albert Mallhus, EI British cuiiilo who died 124 yeaii ngo buf whose theory that an unchecked population Inr oul- rnnt, the growth of lood supply is still the stuff that population arguments are based upon. Red China's future hopes to iced its expanding masses and to become a modorn industrial power rest on the ability of 500 million hoc-swinging peasants to prove1 tho thoughtful curate wrong. is nn awesome tiisk1 to few! 640 million ci> And cv- moulds a ir tuiLlnltinil Chi nil In nl onw billion, lly ttin ]ir 11 tile i n will Im lu tills Intriln (inly three- ff (Till- U.M. lothiy hiis tun IUTCH of I ii i nl p In no place upon lite ijlobc so little Kind been tMlled upon io susUnn so poisons Can tt evei be done' Matin u ians in Washington, Lnmion und Moscow would KIVS a lot lo know. Oier and over I asked thcqnos linn (Inline my ToOO-mito tup across Red China, visiting; in Ihe mtijoi foott-piotmunf metis Invtiiiitbly the answers ex- uded the brash confidence of one fuctoiy rnKinecr who boasted "We can feed 15 billion people if we have to Chmn hd-i two secret weapons, lor dealing with what svne- ly be the biggest food pioblom any njlion faced. 1. the leap in ttgucul- tiud J bulh control, the " leap' b.iokwuui m babies The 'Ftcat li'.ip" it Communist the most gigantic rno- ot mdiipowoi in hislniy liy eompanson the building ot the of Choojis uml Ihe Gioat of China ambi- lirnis doodles, Gnn.i chums her food gram pio- tluclion tripled in the p.isl two Few VVesteineis lic- licve HIIS "Tim inuro putiplu iv o hnvo, the inwo witrkun liuvu to [irndiim roiid imd tlin mist ivent on. "Our liun IH nmru Ihnti 01 if population, In IVeslcrn cnimlrleji J kiinvi ytni Imvo doctor "Mti [he men, they cooperate''" The doctor replied very serious- ly; "This it a voluntary dt-elhlon. It n a problem never yi cd m China A (ior-for lectured on blttli eon- liol m thi> Worker's Pnlnee Cul- ture nl Bwlng spenfic di. rfclionf. At the cnncluslon Itic chairman tiumltetl him nnd mltjcd (Conl. on Paga Cot. 1) AM) KVWty DAV, nnotlirr nioutlm ilriiKiiKllne; flee to tn the niiesnme liislt of fcrdliifi: (110 million New Rocket Ship Gives US Edge On Space Race INCLEWOOD, Oct 16 which Vice Piesntent Richard M, wya alrendy has helped Ihe United Slates lecjpLure tho nito to contiol space, gets peihaps its "slow- est iitle" lonighl (iboaul a tinck lo the Edwaids An KOICG Hnse Icsl sUiliun The comjilex and hiRhly intoi'RUted mHChinu ttnit Amonea hop'es the Russians m miinncd spaue riijilil was inllod out, of Imnsni1 Brown Says Loss Will Strengthen Republican Party SAN FRANCISCO (UPD -Tho Reiiuhhe.m p.uly will be slionRct find lietlfr alter "losmn" tiio Nov. 1 fteneial clcellons, nctoiduig tn Altoiney Ccncrnl Lcinumd G Blown. Brown, the ncmoc rntic umdi- d.ilc for envcinor, taki s'lipporleif, at a lllJfl a plalo dinner Wcdoos- dny the elections would pmvo " Hie oveiwhelmmg nnmhcr of people cxltpm- "The tiulli is- This CnliforniLi CdtnjMiKn is closmj; the nnlional poiilnyl sjieclrum on tho oxtteme [nr Brown si.tid "But I peisoniilly believe the parly in California, nnd In the nation, will be or nnd better. ;md teiluinly more stable, alter h.ivmg had Its hmvy bnrntiulct, on tlie in- light dimmed he rend Brown eluit'Rod tliat his oppo- nent, Sen Wilhnm F Knowland, rutortcd to "cncllo'ss, that olferrd "no content intelligent public deuisum Blown that, in thf s ud that he Knowland aio seeing Irelievcs Rasp ot Lhe in public affairs.'.' Iho last lor the fust time Wed- nesday. Gen Mai cus F Cooper, comm.indpi of Ihc Air f-'oice's Edwuidh FliRhl Center, commenl- ed Uitit trucking to "prohnbiy will be tho slowcsL ride it, will (jvei fsoL" Somflimo in February, W59, Cion, Cooper stud ussummK that nit lins gone well, "the will he taken alofl lur its first lliRht by Scolt CrossLield losl pilot ol North American Avu- lion After initial icsts, (he X11) is cxpoulcci lo liy lo liiO miles ahovc (he cuilh, tint] ui speeds between to mllos an hotn An "ISdiic" Despiln Sctlmekn who also is on .1 [whli- cal cEimpaiRii tour, [lop.uted liorn his pi-cparcd text fit Ihe unvcll- in-, ceremony Ic docldie tlnlly Ihtit tho combmnlion of a lunar probe locket plus Xll's CKIS- tonce gave this country ,m cflRo "ilcspilo R few iotbacks nnri dis- anpolnlmonls" "With the XI5 following the nclncvement ol! ihc Pioneer, the moon lodtel Araeri- cans oan proudly say today 1hat we have movcrt into Enst plaeo In the race to outer J. If. Dutch Klncloitiei'Rcr, chEinmati ol tho boaitl at Nnrlh. Amcuean A vial ccm- unctoi lor the tbat tbs rosoruch vehicle opened (Cant, on Page 10, Col. 3) Antarctic Cold Hampers Try To Reach Plane Crash Child Mental PORTERVILLE, Od. 16 California's director of mental hygiene Uow here loday on orders Crom Gov. Goodwin J. Knight 1o inves- tigale charges that a 3-year- old patient was beaten and burned by a fellow pationl at Poilcrville Stale Hospital. The ollicinl, Dr, MnrshaU E, Poi Lei', pi omiscd a. full investiga- tion Tdc ehaines wore nude at the Ivjvpilnl Wednesday Ijy Leslie Scl- leis 'president ol the Monterey Peninsula. Council Lor Mentally Retarded Children, He register Ml a loimiil complaint with the Seller MIC! the parents told him then.' liUle girl. not tilled by Seller, been beaten by an adult patient who had been left in cliEtige of the oUieij patients because Lho hospital was "under- staffed Meanwhile, denials came from Hospital Supt Dr. Jumes T Shol- ton and Lee Domintj, administra- tive advisor to Dr. Porter, Spcilte Witli MotllW Dr. Shelicin said a pre-reloasr examination o[ Ihe child showed only one small biulse on her fore- hrarl which he said sulfered when pushed doiwi while playinp with olherehildren 3n Sacramento, Doming said so- cial worker Max Shamph, Mon- terey, visited the child's home Wednesday mid ipoke wilh the mother. Shames leporled thaf the mother told him the report of nik treatment was "largely agficratcd" Shumcs was shown the mnrki on the child 3 iwd unri body. He said these consisted of a hnnse about, the sw of u dime on Ihe fotehoad. scabs from old scalp wounds receiver! before en- teiecl the hospital, a bruise on her lee; and the seal- Horn a bml on hei hack, which may hnvo been mistaken Tor a hum. Denims said the department was "sfilitfied" with the supeiin- tendont's. "There is no Evidence that the child was beaten he said "She may have been pushed a couple at limes by other children some- times do." Knight released a ilatenienl that he WHS to cooperate completely" wjth-any legislative commit IPO oE Hie attorney sonev- nls nlfice "in any factual inves- of Ihe charges. State's Factory Job Total Steady SAN FRANCISCO (UPD Factory employment in California ncltlici mrredbod nor drc'icnwd in September, nccoidtng to a 10- poi't by the Efcpiirtmcnl ot Itidtis- Irml Kctnlions. Edward P, Piirk, dopnrlmenl di- tci'loi', a.ud Wcdnosdjy thai t.- wortwi-s were employed in the suite in September, the same as August's total Gains, in metal working and cer- tain food mdustriosv were oflset by employment dips m tanning, und ship lepnir industries, Both toy manufacturing nnd linntinf! also hliowod employment increases ns n tesiilt of Die pre- Chtistmaii Pnrk snid. Heart Attack Is Fatal- Sierra View Employe Dies Digging Grave A iD-yoir-uld Slur m Vli-w Mcnitn-liil I'urk ivsth di'ail tMilj yi-HlE-riiiiv In n fi-mvc Inn) Kcunotli VV.ulili'N, n uulriiil mid n of Llnitii tlinlrh.t, was tllwii by Icllmv-WDrkeM nt the cem- etery ahwiit p.m. lirulrBH body wim In tlie liulLum of the Rravn. Vuhn Comity Slierirr-Curoiiur John Ouwrr Ntild iloaili wus Juc to a hcnrl nil nek, Wadtktll Inid been worlilitK In tin) Rruvc liy himself, lint ollifr inianrd Mm lime. Thi'y decided 1m lind wanted to finish tlir fftttvti foro tnkirlfi lime for lunch, und so tboy did not for litm until ntler tlier liiul catrn. Witddoll hnd lived In thin uri-ii for ntnn und been n SVMP employe for fmir Dmvi'r Mild Wiulilnll hud nn hln- of hear I dlBiyino, nntt he Inidn't ot not Icel- Ing well. lit nerved 12 yearn in Ihe Nitvy itiitl u vetttmn ot Worid Wur 11. (Siirvivnru Include wile, Vlillu; a daughter, Mrs, Nortrm Jean LocomhlQ n( Rj-divooit City, nnd Rriuidchlldren, wilt be con- nt tomorrow in llutuhihtid'n Celonlikl nilli Iti'V. Ht'nry piut- tnr of the First Lntherim Olinrcb, Viibti City, offlclntliiK, In term will he in Sietru Vtow nti'iilnrliil 1'wk, Aulo Dealer Plants In Yuba-Sutfer Will Vote On Labor Union Issue Employes of 12 automobile dealers 1n Yuba-Sutter will vote next Tuesday in a National Labor Relations Boafft. election to determine whether they want two labor unions to act as their bargaining agents in labor-management at fairs. Approximately 130 employes will be eligible to cast bal' lots in the election which will be staged and supervised by M. C, Dempster of San Francisco, field examiner for the NLRB. The automobile firms are members of the Yuba-Sutter Motor Car Dealers Employ- ers Assn. and include the Marysviile firms of Hamon Brothers, Daoust Chevrolet, John C. Bayes, Charles Rotz- lorr, J C Motors, Williams Motor Co., A, W. Holtman, and Olson Pontiac, Anchor Motors, Barron Oldsmobile- Cadillac and Dover Motors of Yuba City and Eriggs Motors of Sutter. The labor unions socking to be bfligaining aeents Cor the workcis n- Local 187 ol Ihelnlernalion- nl Association ot Machinists and Loral 137 oL the In lei national Brotherhood of 'roams-Lei's The balloting will lake place at nine plants at different limes on Tuesday. and Dover employes will vote at the Anchor Motois plant on Cokisa Avo. in Yuba City. Williams Motois em- ployes will vote at the Olson Pontiac planl nn P SI m Mai ys- ville Olhci' workm will vole al Ihcli' own place nL employment Moves to tho car dcal- cr fialfs have been undrrway tor yoais williout much stie- The union drive reached n climax hist year when car ttenl- refused to sign labor eonli Jcls on an individual basis, and sever- al cKilers were struek lor sevoiul Mioulhs, The scallore-d strikes wore terminated without agiec- mcnt between tlie unions und the dealers Next Tuesday's election will determine whether employes ot tilt (loalon, wunl tbe unions to be then- baigaimng leprosenldiive wilh tlie Yuba-Sutlcr Motor Car Dralera Assn. Quake In Brawley BRAWLEY railing, rumbline en r Hi a Ite solted tins Imperial Desert area at ]0 'inn, PST toduy and was followpd wilhln UUGC minutes by a Icswr quake Knowland Accuses Ziffern SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 16- William F. Knowland said Wednesday niglit he has evi- dence linking Democratic national commlllccman Paul Ziflern ot Los Anscles with Alex Louis Green- berc, described as tlio "fmanoiei1" o( Hie notorious Al Capone gang. Know I und Republican1 candidate for governor, made the statement m u speech which was his fn-st disclosures of gangster mfliuwc? In Cahioraia politics. The senator produced 33 pholo- sttilic eopias of records which lie showed Kifrcrn at one a business partner with said lime Gieenlxire, bhot down in gj n Bland In si i ion in Chicago in Derembcr, Ziifei'ii. described bv Knowlwnd as tho "pohlLciil arclnlect behind Doniocmtlr suberantoi'inl rundi- dnle stale Allornoy General Ed- mund G Brown, answered Hie clmi-gcs Iiora Los with a two "Mr. Hnnip lacldcnl Knowlujid must be truly dcspcialc bceonse this sousids like nnofher Joe Zitfcrn said. Kamp 'I have never licvcd In IfllkuiK about dead mm find I don't propoac to engage the Ktimp-Knowlanri campaign on such nn absuid nnd ghoulish lev- Dcmoeriils chaigcd sat'ly in Ihc cnmiMiRii that written by Kamp, iifilitwrngrpr, weie nn circulated in Crtlitornia in behalf (Cunt, ou 10, Col Heat Wave Continues In South; 101 In Los Angeles By 11 A. M. LOS ANGELES (UFIJ An autumn heal wive llghloncd its grip on Soialhorn CaHfornia today temperatures at beach com- munities climbed to as high as the STjs and desert readings soared above the JflO-deEiee nmtk Downtown Los WcdnosdHy baked in had move of the name record- breaking wealhcr today. At 11 tiie mercury stood at 101, a new all.lime> high for tins dnio. The old record of 95 was set m 1311. Tins morning's low in Los An- was 75, was the warmest morning tempeuilure since Sept1 3, 1951, when mini- mum o[ 76 was logged The low was the warmest minimum ever rceoLdcti liei'o in October, Wednesday s record high came on top of a heal wuve which hit Southern California Monday and hns been increasing Its grip daily. No let up was in sight before the weekend, tiis U. S. Weather Bu- rcar said, The previous high temperature for Oct 15 was R2 set back in Tlie normal temperature for this lime o( ycnr is 7T drgrcci nnd the holiest dny ever recorded hoie In October U 1W, 6 Of 13 Aboard Transport Die In Far North CHRISTCHURCH, N.Z., Oct. 16 work- ers fought 40 below zero cold today to readi the side of a giant U. S, Air Force Globemaster transport plane that crashed in the Antarctic wastes. Six of the 13 men on board were killed and "several" of the seven survivors were reported critically injured. The plane crashed early today as it was attempting n supply air drop to a U. S.-New Zealand base a1 Camp Haltelt. In the crash a load of lum- ber on board apparenl !y shifted position on impact and smashed into the men on the cargo deck of the big C124. Emergency SOS signals wore sent onl automatically by a hit Lery-po wired radio on Ihe wreaked plane, and air and overland res- cue efforts started uL once. Three weasels, wiili sis lance and supplies, Parted out promptly Jrom Camp lUlletl (01 the crash scene, 30 miles (o Hie noUh, Bui ett route, one of (lie weasels tumbled mlo H ercv.iss and tlic other two tracked vehl clcs were slowed to two miles an hour by tough country. Bitter caki ulso Iwmpercd the rescue Dramatic air and ground rescue totals were being pressed to pluck the downed airmen from the in W decrees below Tero weather that was expected to get worse Supply Mission The four-cngined CI24 lefi Oiiistchureh on a supply mission lo Cape Hnllotl, an outpost miles imm the main U. S. base at McMurdo Sound, Rejwrls reaching here said the plane losing altitude prepare tory to dropping n loud of limber when it hit u 500' foot hill feel above sea level in Die aro.i ot the towering Ad. miralty Mountains, about 30 miles north ol Cape'Hilled Apparently, llw timber oiokc broke loose on impact nnd crdiJicd forward, hilling or mjurmfi the men on the cm-go duck. The sur- visors were on the flight deck Names ot the dead und injuicd crewmen were williheld ponding notification ol (hen- families. Nixon, Dulles Stands Agree, President Says WASHINGTON (DPI) Presi- dent Eisenhower wld lod.jy there is "no real difference" between Spcielary of John foster Dulles and Vice President Rich' ai'd M. Nl'wn over campnisn de- bale of U, S. Kercifin policy. The President wliwl Niton in California thai Dulles' live sUvlemenl" on including for. policy issues In cntnpalgn de- biile "should clear the plwra "The matter of ndmitustrative opciMtion of fowipi the President wrote, whether or not agreed goals are fn fnct realised time and again been lenged both by ourselves in the and very recently by some ot our political 'As Dulles hud pomlod he siiid, these need lo be an- swered whenever tliey occur." His wire to added: "No one can do this more el- factively llnm you." Minna IV 111 Oinllnua Press Sccrelaiy James C HJ- gcity published copies of the President's wire after Chairman Meade Alcorn of the Republican National Committee had told newsmen Mowing White House conference that It had been sent to Nixon (In Los Angeles Nixon said that the President's telegram "Indi- cates the line tint I arn following is a proper one." (Nixon ndded, "I Intend lo con- tinue to discuss Ihe means thai the administration is trying lo use o accomplish the end ol peace without surrender. I don't expect the President and Mr. Dulles to object and on Hie other hand I see nu reason lor them lo oppose this A [com, who conteired with (lie on 10, Col. 2} Nevada Blast- Nuclear Testing Continues ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nw Oct. 'Hie Alomic Energy Commission fned a "tuny" mi- clear device toddy, following up the largest underground explosion ewtr held in this country. The eighth shot m a sprks m- from. 10 to 13 before a proposed Oct. 31 ban on atomic tests hanged like a. RLrml llrcciMcker from beneath ft balloon tethered 'WO feel over Yiirca Klat nt G 20 a.m p s t. U followed by only n feu> hotns Wednesday nigiu's Biant sublcn. ranean detontition thut mused the Rrnund on Ule Nevida Test Site to ripple toward observers. The dnyllRhl shot, named Anj, was the .sub-kiloton or IONS ttun lens at explosive. Dona Ana, des ns one of ;t scries of small was (he foui'tli sliol Ironi a bai- loon in the current scries and marked the first time in A1CC his- toiy that three shots were fired within 24 hours. After a bnet fa-Hull, a dirly lookins cloud in mushnoom shops rose 1o auoul S.OOO feet and be- gan oYiflmR to the west There a rumble in the shoclt wave, but just Qlwut all the activity gone from Ihe shot within two minutes. Meantime, tha AEC said Wednesday night's underground test whldi went oft at 10 p m. p.s.t, had a rnnfje in kilotons from three 1o seven, wilh a of yield somewhere bs- Lwcen five nnd six kilotons. The argest pi'evious undorBround shot was 1.7 kilotons. A monitoring wrvey morn- tig showed ihat ion "campldely the AEC reported. Because of UK Lit BO number of rocks shaken loose from tlte des- ei'l mew where the blast occurred deep jnslde tunnel, It WHS sur- mised thai there had been somo of Mil-face ground mvo. been caused earth into the bhel cavity. Tim by settling of Yuba-Sutter Men Found Guilty In Electrocution COUJSA gullly o( hnv. ng canted the elccirocution iealhs of two men near Maxwell Tune 4 Footer of Yuba City and Albiin Byor ot Marysvilla vill be sentenced in Colusa County Superior at a.m, Mon- day, Nov. 3, The men ore truck and crane operators. The two defendants, had vaived trial by jury, were tried before Superior Judge Ben R. Ra- galn. Foster wai found guilty ol misdemeanor vehicle manslaught- er, and Byer of a misdemeanor In operating a cwnc within six teet at (i high voltage power line. At tlie time of Hie accident, defendants were operating a truck crane attached to a GO-loot lenglli of conveyor pipe, when It touched a 12 ODD volt power line. Wen eel Lee Miller, 25, unit James Koseow, 31, both ot Max- veil, who wore holding (he pipe to It Into place on the ground were instantly Wiled,