Saturday, October 4, 1958

Appeal Democrat

Location: Marysville, California

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Appeal-Democrat (Newspaper) - October 4, 1958, Marysville, California Third World Series Gam? Won By New York Yanks, 4 To 0 'Tht moit tubllme thing In Untvtriv, lit Cm tar, It grtit fltjvim- Ing I tit If by liw higher than own Hotr Vol. 65-No. 32-991H Yair Miryivlllo-Yubi Clly, Cilifornli WEATHER Sacramento Valley: Fair through Sunday. High both days 88-98, Low tonight 52-92. Local temperatures: High yesterday 96, low today 53. Siturday, Octobir 4, 1958 FOURTHN PAGES YOUR FREEDQM NEWSPAPER Phont SH 24491 Met: Monthly-Singh Copy ?0e New York-London Passenger Plane i Makes It In 6 Hours, 12 Minutes Trans-Atlantic Record Is Set British Jet British Overseas Airways, age for trans-Atlantic pay- JL LONDON, Oct. 4 today launched the ing A BOAC Comut IV, Us four juts aided by a 175-iHile-iin- hour tail wind, roam) from Now York to London In a, rec- ord-setting six hours and 12 minutes ahead of schedule. It averaged 580 miles an hour lor the 'itrip. I As it landed, a sister ship was winging' its way from London to New York. The Now Yurh-tn-Londuii flluhl miirkcd of (lifi tlrst trniiH-Atlanllc commercial JHIS- spnpisr tlljthl jot planes, (t ntit ii nun-stup fllghti unlike the Lon- don-to-Now York trip panged at Gander, New (oundlnnd, (or re (Doling. 'Hie pluno nicked four minutes trom liie bwt time MONROVIA, Ocl. 4 clocked by a Comet IV on New tivo-dfiy-old major die teit inn It had eidemnUy slnited by two seven--left Now York's Idlewlld boys bunted out of con- trol witli little hope of be- ing contained for the nett three to five days. More Hum actw> of vrflu- nble water ihcd valued in the millions of dollciis htive been butncd over along with eight struc- tures, Including at least five homes m the lo Monrovia Fire Still Spreading Hundreds of residents were forced to flee with Iheir posses- sions lor u time Kfltluy nf> the roaring blaze spilled over into In- habited aicas of this Los Angeles suburb, Police Friday night said they had found two boys admitted pltiyinf; with mittchos and ac- cidentally jtartmg the Hie. They weie lurned over to until juvenile authoi Itles can consulted 'Slnte uS be Tlie aicii declined a "state o[ emeigcncy" I'rlduy by Gov. Goodwin J, Knight. Hundiods of firelighters and badly needed equipment weie uiihsci tn the niea -Jioitly after tus prodama- tion Mme thyn 150 men Including Hopls und Niivnjos I nil Ions, s in ftLeliglUir.e, bullied the (tumcs during the night wlulc hunchtd sditc. ty and city firefighters caught up on their sleep Mure thitrvl.ODO fire wrrc expected to be at flirhnos alter sunrise when dropping humid- ily Hnd high tompcrntuii'S along with morning winds create the greatest chance for the to spieatl They also will be nsnlstcd by planes bombing hot 6 pot 3 with berate solution Six plnnes were uvd yesterday, Seven lire tig liters wcm Injured Friday nntl had to be given hos- pital tieatmcnt lor buins and smoke Inhnlatlon. No have been rrporterf national Airport at am EOT, The British Overseas Auways Corp started scheduled service for paying passengers within hours! of receiving port of New Yoik Authority permission for Jets to operate at New Idlewlld International airport There were 4B persons aboard the Comet, including MX who paid the regular trnns-Atlanlic fare, thus making the flight the fust of Us kind. The eastbound Comet IV reach- ing a top altitude ot feet, landed at London airport at p.m cdt. live minutes after it Clashed over Hie airpori towel It had left New York at am, cdt It wus tiie fastest Atlantic cross- ing tor a Comet, and a record of sorts. The pasiengers, on the first east- bound jetliner boarded at New York's Idle wild Airport at 6 55 am.cdt and the lour Rolls-Royce Avon engines producing a total thrust, were started Immediately Cllmlit LI Ito Flgtitnr The plane taxied away, took oft almost nt once und began climbing almost like a jet fighter. It sJiot up through a cloud cover and half an hour ater croHied Nantucket Island at tt.ODO tcet and a speed of 585 miles an hour. By 9 a.m, cdt the Cornel saw Torbay, New I o ti n d 1 a n d which (lasihrd beneath its wings, and llien bolted for the Irish Coast Skimming across the Irish Sea and the coast of Wales, the Comet reached Brlston at an altitude ol feet, and, using air brakes (Coat, an Page 9, Col. 7) SLUGfiEB Hunk Itniier in all four New York Ytinliiio runs luihiy HB thi- Ninv Y inkers sen red their flrnt vic- tory thti 105K Woild Serloa by Mi 4-0, Ruiior hit n To Iciisito HiiiMTlo to short contei field to drivv lit runs In Hit1 fifth Inning. ]Io then inili'rtslicrt a- hnnii-r met (tie It ft field with En us hliuighlor un base, for two morn nun In the Restraining Order In Divorce Cose HOLLYWOOD hus- band of actress Rhonda Fleming agreed Friday lo have a mutual rodtratmtig order made a part ot hit wife's interloctory divorce de- cree. FleminR had complainsd In an (iHlduvIt that Dr. Luwls V V, Morrill faced his way Jnlo her hoiifcp Sept. 12, struuk hw> and talked to her in "lewd and pro- lane language Dummy Corpse Chides Non-Voters BELDING, Mich. (UPD- The Junior Chamber of Commerce, In an effort to spur vote rcelBtrutlon, placed a dummy corpse In fiont ot A bunk with a message read- ing: "Might as well be dead on elec- tion day .I'm not tcgihlered, M 1 can't vote. President's Health Is 'Excellent' WASHINGTON (UPI) PrasJ dent Elsenhower today comploti'd an overnight pliyslcnn examination which his doctors reported, sho fed him (a be in "an excellent Bronx Bombers Win One In Three Games Hank Bauer Is Hero, Driving In NY Runs NEW YORK, Oct. 4 Bauer drove in two runs with a fifth-inning single and two more with a seven- inning home run today to lead the New York Yankees Lo a 4-0 victory over, the Milwaukee Braves in the third game of the WorJd Series. It was the Yankees' first triumph in this 1958 classic and came before a throng of on this crisp, sun-shin- ing October afternoon. The Braves had won the first two games m Milwaukee. The Yankees got only four hits off the starling and los- ing Milwaukee pitcher, Bob Rush and Bauer made three of them, Don, who pitched the lust neifecl gome in world lusloiy in 1356, was thi; winning pitcher But the sore- shouldered right-hander tjred in the seventh inning and needed lelief help from firebalier Dm en gave up all six hits the leaden; arc look- ing into the poasililLly ol Riving Mate of health The bi medical hulletin on Ihe results or the medical iesls given tlie Piesident Friday and today said: "The President underwent a complete physical examination which included boi iun) studies of the gaslro-in testing! tract and op- yiopriatr Isiboraloiy lesls, at Wal- ter Reed Army Hospital on Ocl. 34, 395B. "The results of these nil-In- clusive studies show thul the President continues to maintain an excellent state of health" The brief rcpott wus signed by Maj. Gen Howard McC Snyder, the President's own physician, and Mnf, Cen Leonard D, Iloalon, commanding olfirer ot Ihp Waller Reed Army Medical Center, Tlie Lunch President, tiller light lunch nt the hospital, drove di- rect ly to [lie Bmnlnp; Tree Club in nearbv Maryland lor an altpr- noon ffol[ game In sunny, cool weather. After past medical checkups, the President's doctors have Issued mme detailed icports on their IfndIngs Including such physical stutiMics UK his Mood pressure and the results of blood analyses. Such dulalls were completely ab- {Cottt an Page 9, Col, 4) Braves coJlecLad, but struck out eight hatters in the seven Innings lie worked Dui'cn had trouble because oC wild ness but was able to preset ve Larsen's shutout In 1956, Lai sen pitched a perfect game against the Dodgers, not a runner reaching til'st base In that series, loo, the Yankees 'the first two'games. Larson and Rush matched shulout pitching Tor tour .innings today and then the roof caved in on Ruth He walked three bat- ters in the Elfth and with two out, Bauer hit n looping single to right Field. Hank Aaron just missed making a shoe-string calch, and two Yankees scored, Country Slaughtci, pinch-hit- ling for Larsen, was hit by a pilch, Bauer lined a ball into the led fields stands for a home run. That wi apped up all the day's scoring and in Sunday's 'fourth at 2 p.m. will be the two southpaws, Whiley Ford Find Warren Spahn who faced each olher In the first game dt Milwaukee on Wednes- day, Spahn wop that one, 4-3 in 10 i.mnigs, but Ford escaped being charged with the defeat He wis knocked out of the box as the Braves rallied for run in the r ighth mm HE to tip the scoie and Duion went on io Jose It. Lai-son and Rush weie locked it a scoreless pitching duel when the Milwaukee mirier lost his control in that Illth Inning, Then with thp bases loaded and two out, Bauer dropped a looping ball on which Aaron tried for a shoestring catch, but missed It. It was Bauer's second hit of the He had singled in the first inning to i'un his record itreak of World Soi les hitting to 17 consee- ulivc games. It was only the second hit that (Cont. on 9, Cat, Lifting The Iron Curtain-IX Censorship Means Little News For Those Behind Iron Curtain (State Sun. Hubert B, Hud- son at Browntvlllft recently fetmnt month behind the Iron Curtnln In Ituanla anil tho ellttca. 'this to one of a nerlcs ot columns by him exclusively for Freedom Bv H, HUDSON As I look back on my trip dur- ing July and August, this was an exciting lime to visit the Soviet Union. The only place where T could obtain news of the Middle Eastern crisis ivns at the Ameri- can embassy or Erom one of the To reign correspondents. To give you an idea how effective Soviet censorship can be, I want to re- Jate an incident from my diary: "Today, American troops landed In Lebanon, No mention oC this In the Soviet newspapers. For three day a Ihe Soviet ptois end radio remained sllenir I was asked Jur- tlve by several Russian who knew America had taken some action, When a crisis of this nature oc- curs the Soviet official line must lip decidrd upon by th< Kremlin Politbuio. On this particular oc- casion there was a notteahly In- creased tension on thovfiart of all Intourist guides and officials as well as olher members of the So- vjel Elite When the news of the rrfels was finally broadcast, the Soviet Politburo announced "troops and naval maneuvers" in the Black Sea area and along the entire soul ham border of Russia, which touches Persia and Pakistan, America's allies In the1 Baghdad pact. Furtheimore, these areas were closed to for- eign visitors, I was upset as I was tedvlng in two riays for a boat trip on the Black Sea (opposite the Tuikish doflst) and then had plnnned to Jly East to Tashkent Alma-Ala, also In the forbid- den border area. My guide, Nina, wont to the Moscow head of In- louilst who informed her that Ihe Adlai Stevenson purty and myself would be allowed to con- 1iruc otir tours Into the forbidden area with one limitation; no one could fly Into Samarkand (a few muos north oC the Pakistan bor- dnr.) Meanwhile, we heard rumors that there was going to be a mans demonstration againU the Ameri- can embassy to protest the land- ing of troops by the American "imperialist aggressors In Leban- on Two American friends of mine, i Indents, unwittingly took part in the mob demonstration, From the dairy: "Today, Jim (an American student) told me ol their participation In the attack on the embassy, He was spending Ihe !rlenri afternoon with m Moscow a Russian to (Com, an Page 9, Col, 2) Negroes Plan New LR More LITTLE ROCK, Ark Oct. the Little Rock Private School Cornoiutiori thousands of junior high school students to educulc if ;fj plan to operate private schools for high school of succeeding, it yas learned students show ol succeeding, it was learned to; The oDjcct would be to drug down the private-school s-in-privjte classrooms plan wilh more stu- dents than they could possibly handle. Sn lar, junior high schools have operated normally on a fully segregated basis. The plan which tlie National Aisn lor Advancement or Colored People has studied to add further lo the Private School Coiporalion's burdens would work -S follows1 Negro legal think that if Ihe private schools go jnto op- eration they fan go into federal court and a hit for integration ol junior high schools Svhooh Only Only high schools are included in the present inlegration plan, but Negro lawyers take the view that the start of a private school system would relieve the present school board of having to administer a high school inte- gration plan, ft could then admin- ister a junior high school integra- tion plan. An act passed by a recent spc- 01 d! session of the Arkansas Leg- piovldcs that if a school district votes to voject Integra Uo'i, "no school In the district shnll be integrated The Little Rock district has al- ready voted to reject integration for Its hlgli schools. IF the junior high schools wei'e ordered inte- grated, Gov, Oivnl E Fflubus would have to close fhcm, That would make necessary for private schools lor jun< ior high school students, "Walt Anil Sra" Faubus was uskcd in his nows conference Fridny whether he would close liw junior high schools if the NAACP tries lo integrate tliem, Faubus-i'epllod, "We will have to wait and Bul tinder Die law passed by. the Legislature he has no choice to class them II ihe federal uourtg order then In- tegrated. As for Little Rock's'four closed high schools, Faubus said they would stay tlosed to this year un- less opened ai private, sogiegaled schools He refuted io budge in spite ot a U., S Supreme Court unanimous derision thai slates cannot nullify 'the rlghta of Negio pupils through "evasive schemes" such as private schools proposed for Little Rock. "The people have voted and tlie law states they will remain said Faubus Froser, Colo., U Coldest Spot NEW YORK' (UPI) Frascr, was the coldest spot report- ed In the nation this morning with a temperature ot 12 dtigrces, the U.S. Weathei1 Bureau 'reported. Highest temperature reported In the nation Friday was 105 at Thermal, Calif. Alcatraz Search Is Canceled SAN FRANCISqO (UPIl-Wae- ileii Paul Madigun of lias called ofl Ilic search for a St. Louis blind 1 1 who disappeared JTDIYI the island prihon and today waited "for the body to wash Tha i n sinking search ol I lie island failed to turn Up any sign of Aaron Bui'gcU, win allcmplK lo "Tha Rock" Monday with Clyde Johiuon, a Memphis Temi bunk robber. Johnson was recaptured on the Island sJiori time later. Mudigan said he wus convince! Burgctt was "no longer on the lilund think he file war den said, "and I'm waiting tor tlie body lo be washed ashore.' Mudlgan's beliefs were support- ed by professional musc'eman Juck JdUlannc, who lias awum most ol the treacherous water in San Francisco buy, Friday, Laltmne" attempted lo swim the gruelling mile and a half of iwitl-runmnf; water from Alcatraz to San Francisco under condition? lo those at the lime ot the escape attempt. The strong man was pulled Irom the water niter swimming three quarters ol the distance. HE uild he hud plenty of energy, bui the water was just too cold and the current too sirens, 1 No man could liave made Lalannc suid. The warden told a press coiv Terence Friday tliat normnl ton. tine would be resumed for the 29T inmates, bul that measures on the intended to hold) the nnllon's toughest would be lightened 1n the weeks ahead. Beale Worker Seriously Hurt W. AspluiHl, IT, at SS'M IIiDwl Ormngcvalc, In In Mirloun conilltlott tn KltlcDiit Memorial lluiqiltal tnday following ft conntrurtton accident yenlerduy nt Bonlo Air Fofce Hose. ADjilund (Hiffi'rcd K broken neuk wlwn he wan hy a boom y e n nftrrnnon while working the lie te omjilayci) by tlie Stohe On., for the new SAGE Insinuation it Brnle, NO SWITCHBLADE THIS TIME Although hp deean't purtlcularly look It here, Sal nllneo huppy berainic he hM from thr "llcbet Wltlioul CMUM" lyjw-caittJaif of A nnnrllnjt imnk with nwllchblade In hin MPW plctnir, Walt DhneyV ho plays a Indian boy, of Sltlinf Bull, with craxy, wild horw named Ton ha. Vice President Took Peacemaker Role On Visit To California By JAMES 0. ANDEKSON SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 4 (UPI) Vice President Richard M. Nixon played Uie role ot peacemaker wlih lop Republican candi- dates during his throe-day swine through California. Whether he succeeded or not can only be determined by tlia. campaigns ot US Sen, William F. Knowlund and Gov, Goodwin Knight in the final wseks beiore Nov. the voles of some six million Call torn tans on elec- tion day. realist and a shrewd analyst ot trends, Is known to feel that as ot (his moment Knowland is running behind Dem- ocratic Attorney General Edmund G. "vown in their race tor gover- nor and other GOP candidates lor statewide olfice also are in danger, The Vice President the situation is not hopeless--but lie is convinced Republican candidates and their supporters can go down the drain in November unless they unite and fight, tight Democrats, not themselves, Major Factor Nixon is a major factor In Cali- fornia'Republican politics and has been since 1950. In years, he sometimes has skted wilh Know- land forces, olher times allied himself with the Knight team. In Uie present campaign, Know- land has endorsed Ihe entire Re- publican ticket including Knight. Knight, on the olher hand, has re- lused to come out lor Knowlnnd and Is running an independent campaifti as ore most olher GOP candidates for statewide office. Nixon is for the entire ticket. Both and Knight are on opposite sidra of Die (cnce on the conntvoverslnl right -to- work ballot proposition while Nix In has adopted a hands-off policy on Ilie issue It is known that the Vice Presi- dent dining hw Call torn In. visit, m closed-door sessions with high Republ cans and particular- ly Knlglit, tlvcm lo forget pasi differences, close ranks and unite against the chal- lenge ot the Democrats. Independent While Nliion personally h lleved (o feel that it would be politically wise for Knight to endorse Knowland, lie is aware (Cant, on J, Col, 3) Atlanta Man Believed Dying After Dog Bite ATLANTA [UPD A old Atlnnla man is lying in a local hospital wilh the knowledge that within a week he may be dead from rabies K the doctors' diagnosis la cor- rect, Willie Ester Ray is doomed, Ray WHS bitten on the nose by a dog Scpl 33. JVIdny night lie was in "critical" condition at Grady Memorial Hospital six} apparently about to became one of tiie care humans killed by rabies, At the time he was bitten, health authorities advised him to either begin rabies treatments or Cud the dog to see if it rabid, Ray declined to da this until he found himself unable to swallow food or water. He suffered spasms ot the throat muscles, one o( the first signs of rabies. The dog has not buen found, and thus doclors will not say lor certain thai Ray it dying ot ra- bies. But they are fairly mre he is. Ray said he knew he was "go- ing mad" from a rabid dog bite but could not find a doctor who would believe him. According to police and hospital records, he tried three tlmex during the past week beiore tlie city hospital would take him as a patient. Hospital authorities sold they had doubted Ray's story because IK was a wanderer and hometera and they thought he wat Juit seeking Irec bed for the night. Ray was finally admitted to the hospital with chest injury which he received In n fall, It was then lhat Ihe tentative rabies diagnosis was made. XJuemoy Troops To Stay' TAIPEI, Formsoa (UPI) olgn Ministry officials, mollified by U S. assurances that there will be "no Munich in tlve Formosa emphasized today that Na- tionalist China has no Intention oJ reducing its garrisons on the be- leaguered outpost islands, "The Americans have never told us before to withdraw our (orces from the offshore one official said. "It they do, wt will say 'Go to belli' Nationalist officials were deep- ly shocked by this week's news conferance statements by Presi- dent Eisenhower and Secretary ol Stale John Fosler Dulles, which were taken here lo mean lhat the United States was preparing to ap- pease the Communists by flban- their lute. Dulles promptly instructed U.S, Ambassador Everett Drumright to assure President Qilting Kai-shek llml Uie United Slates will not re- treat in Ihe lace ol Red force. tCniifanaUoit Accepted Drumrighl relayed Dulles' us. surances lo Chiang Thursday. For- eign Ministry officials said today they liave "accepted the American It appeared certain, however. (hut the Nationalists were still bit lei- about Dulles' remark that Chiang may never regain po- lon ai the domtnanl figure tn mainland China. v Chiang's whale policy since fie fled to Formosa in 1349 has bun based on Ihe expectation that if would IK able eventually to in triumph to his homeland, Meanwhile, ihe Communist thai have blockaded the QuemoV oulpont lilands since Aug. 23 con- linued to thunder. The Nationalist Defense Ministry said Red short batteries hurled 472 shells at Little Quemoy, Tallin and Ehrtan between midnight and dawn UxSy, N EWSFAPER RRCHIVE' Child's Escape Called Miracle C FRANKLIN, (UPI) -Chrii- tina Sierski, 1H, was sitting oh a railroad tie Friday. Along came t New York, Sus- qucnanni Western freight train, nt 10 mites an hour. Engineer frank Oonklin said he didn't tee the little girl until it was too Itte to brake to a stop. The engine hit Christina in UM back and threw her onto adjoining tracks. She escaped wilh minor In- juries, "A said Cppklin, NEWSPAPERflRCHIVE(