Thursday, September 24, 1959

Press Telegram

Location: Long Beach, California

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Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - September 24, 1959, Long Beach, California IKE. NIKITA READY SERKHIS PARLEYS Red Cancels Tour r Brush-Up v- May to Nation on Vital Meeting WASHINGTON The White House announced to- <ja'y 'that Soviet Premier Ni- kita S. Khrushchev has can- celed plans to tour the Rational Institutes of Health here Friday so he can devote that time to preparing for his weekend meeting with Presi- dent i At the same time, there seemed to be increasing evi- dence at the White House that, the President .might re-; port' to the American people1 on his talks with Khrushchev at Camp David, Md., shortly after their conclusion Sunday. .Khrushchev will make two major public appearances here Sunday an afternoon news conference and an eve- ning nationwide television speech. r. t KHRUSHCHEV, WHO re- turns here late today from his tour of America, had been scheduled to spend about an hour and a half at the Na-, tional Institutes of Health at] riearby Bethesda, Md., Friday morning. Khrushchev, however, ac- cepted an invitation by Secre- tary of State Christian A. Herter to a luncheon Friday if Anderson House, a private frequently used by the secretary to entertain foreign visitors. Khrushchev will he repre- sented at the N1H tour Friday by a ranking member of his Dr. A. M. Markov, a Soviet professor and a mem- ber of the collegium of the Ministry of Health. THE PRESIDENT and Khrushchev will travel to- ge'thcr to Camp David late Friday afternoon, cither by Car or helicopter. Their con- Terences on East-West ten s'ion's, the truly serious busi- ness of Khrushchev's visit to t'his country, will get under way- immediately. -..They plan to return to Washington together at mid- day Sunday Hagerty said he expected the President to at tjen.d church services in the Camp David-Gettysburg, Pa., area Sunday. Winning Numbers Cash Easy 'There is still more money The awaiting winners in Press-Telegram's Lucky So- cial Security test.' Numbers Con It's easy to win. Why delay? Every day winning numbers MRS. K SEES THE SIGHTS Mrs. Nikita Khrushchev, wife of Russia's premier, lakes in a view of Pitts- burgh from a hilltop overlooking the Steel City as she and her husband went separate ways on today's tour. Beside her is interpreter. (AP Wirephoto.) Nikita Swaps Watch for Cheap Cigar Red Chief Plugs Hard for Trade at Pittsburgh By ARTHUR EDSON PITTSBURGH Nikita Khrushchev, in one of his jaycst, bounciest moods, to- day plugged for Russia n American trade, offered to sign for equipment right now, and then swapped his watch for a cheap cigar. The discussion, and un- usual exchange of gifts, look place during a visit to the Mesta Machinery Co. It came as he was winding up his historic, and possibly, fateful cross-country trip. Late today it's back to Wash- ington' for talks with Presi- dent Eisenhower on world tensions. An optimistic note has' come from Adlai the 1952-56 Democratic presi- dential candidate. V AFTER TALKING with Khrushchev in Iowa, Steven- son said: "I think Mr. Khrushchev is serious and wants to reduce burden and danger of jarmaments step by step with simultaneous inspection and control appropriate to each step. "At least his proposals should be carefully considered and not dismissed as propa- ganda." Khrushchev's last formal speech was scheduled afler a luncheon at the University of Pittsburgh. He went out to the univer- (Continued Page A-6, Col. 5) HOME The Soudilaiul't Futesl Evening Newspaper LONG BEACH 12, CALIF., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1959 PAGES Vol. 201 PRICE 10 CENTS TELEPHONE HE 5-1161 CLASSIFIED HE 2-S959 EDITION, (Six Editions Daily) U. S. MOON-SHOT ROCKET EXPLODES ON LAUNCH PAD Hub Forger Beaten Badly U. S. Steel Chief Severely Stabs by Gang of 5 Self With Knife Victim's 2 Friends Try to Fight Off Tire-Iron Wielders HYANNIS (UPI) A knife wound suffered by Walter F, Munford, 59-year-old U. S. Steel Corp. presi- idenl, was inflicted accidentally, Dist. Ally. Edmund IDinis said today. Five men savagely heat an nm there was ex-convict, with tire criminal action" in the Wednesday night in an rjinis (old newsmen at em prison revenge attack. Cod Hospital where Willie CUrk, 20-year-o'idjMunford was recovering from convicted forger of 40S S. j emergency surgery. Holly Avc., Compton, left unconscious in the yard Dinis, afler questioning Mrs. Munford, house guests of a home at 15114 Falkner'and others, reported that the Ave., Paramount, after a wildlexecutive suffered an ab- dominal puncture from a paring knife. He said I In: Sheriff's deputies said one accident occurred while Mun- of the attackers is believed toiford was putting away uten- fighl thai left every window in the house broken. be a former crime companion Clark informed sils in the kitchen of his sum- who thinks Clatkimrrhomn nt nearby Chatham on him to police. .Wednesday. rilAIll FS SCHINKF 1 "THE Kn'CIIEN flnnr is the five men came to ihoir .pMlmford lclls me is Paramount home abou. down lhc p.m. and demanded to the whereabouts of Clark, who was not in the house hlld issued a brief .statement. tlle limc' Munford was hospitalized One of the men npprd off Wpdnesdny the from screen, and then the surgcry; A five left. Mrs. Sclimlu- (jon wns bcfiun whcn next door to call the sheriff of lnc slahhinR wcrc DISPENSING A LITTLE HUMOR Sovifit Premip.r Nikita Khrushchev injects his spe- cial brand of humor into today's tour of Mcstn Machinery Co. plant in Pittsburgh by pretending to stuff a napkin dispenser inside his coat. In the right background is Henry Cabot Lodge, U. S. ambassador to the United Nations, who has been at the premier's side as official host during nation- wide Wirephoto.) CALIFORNIA POLL i in i aim iin- station and had juslt returned kcd when Clark did arrive condition al the house. Srhinkc and a friend, David' W. Poole, 21, of E. St., stepped outside to Clark about Iho men who had been asking for him. )eals Blow o Hopes for .unar Orbit AF May Postpone. Attempt to Match Russians' Success CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Atlas-Able rocket icing readied for a U.S. shot t the moon exploded on its lad during a test of Its en- gines today. Klamr.s spurted from the base of the towering rocket is the downcount reached '.cro in the static engine test. Suddenly thr missile erupted n a flash of fire. A mass nf boiling flames and black smoke engulfed the aunching pad for more than t minute. Clouds of smoke liovered over the area for several minutes. None of the approximately 40 members of the test crew m the block- house SO yards away was nf "good" tod ay hurt, after thr surgery. THE AIR FORCE issued HOSPITAL said Mun- this statement shortly -after ford had been under care ol his personal physician for the past few weeks suffering from WALTER F. IVTUNFORD Police Prubu Mystery described was (Continued Page A-7, Col. 2) JUST THEN Ihr samo five men rounded the side of the1 {house and one shouted al Clark: a Kansas Flood Perils 10-Block City Area GREAT BEND, Kan. waters of rain- swollen Walnut Creek spread out into lowlands near this oil city of today and threatened a 10-block the explosion: "An Atlas-Able missile ex- ploded on the launch pad this morning during a static test at the Atlantic missile range, The missile was being pre- pared for a space probe early next month. No personnel were injured. The cause of the explosion is being investigat- ed by the Air Force." The Atlas-Able was to have ibecn launched sometime be- tween Oct. 3 and 6 whcn thi moon was to he at its closest State Demos Favor Stevenson, Kennedy By IYIERVIN D. FIELD Dlrtclor, thr Culllornli Pall Separation of Joined vs "-Twins residential area. Only a few residences on point to the earth. The shot would have been Posts Broad Advance NEW YORK U Istock market made j Ex-Illinois Gov. Adlai Stevenson and Massadin- off the men trying to break isetts1 Sen. John Kennedy have strengthened his hornc; r, -j i' Pnnlr smashr-d one mtriid- face popularity lead over olher Democratic presidential! "You've had dead Schinke and Poole man- aged to get hack inside the, house, but Clark was struck down before hc could reach the doorway. The men him with tire irons until he lost consciousness and then ,hegan breaking windows jibe house. Schinke seized a souvenir' ........._ military sabre at onc point in! CHICAGO opcr- night and everyone will states can ready an- the fight and used it to was when the crest starts other Atlas-Able rocket in time for an early October launching. This means it will the northern edge of the city an attempt to put a 375- were invaded by the satellite in orbit about this morning, hut officials said the water probably will move into city residences late this afternoon or eve- ning. Civil Defense Director Cy Miller said "We worked all the moon. A television cam- era in the satellite was to at- tempt to take pictures of the dark side of the moon which man has never seen. IT IS DOUBTFUL that the The it two .separate the into Jhe town." Shultz Siamese u RESIDENCES were heavily be al least early November TO ENTER, simply write your and So cial Security number on a d mail it to Thej Press-Telegram, j e.. Long Beach 12.ilhat swept -.When you win, bring iden-j Gains of nr more Hfication and Social peppcred ,nc list card to The I, P-T. jsteels. molors, chemicals and I BOITIDS Here are today's winners :elcctronics -.......J-.....M (deadline Saturday. Sept; TO FIND IT suspect in icry freed as twoi. "'ing 48-hour general ler's hand with a jack handle hut physicians said thr out- sandbagged and most resi-.beforc sucn a launching can hopefuls among California voters. While more hc rcacncd jn through for Siivjng CVCn onr. wasidents probably will crats say they would like to see Stevenson gain theirjbrokcn window of the front ..v Furniture and valuables were' t A_ If.Unllm.nsltnl'.ntUnnnn'.rJ.n.n.- TtlOVffl tOSJlfcnlflCCS 111" tilt 1 I'll I'l UlL-lIlUrC party's nomination, Kennedy is believed to he the can- door. ;didate who would make the strongest race in I960. all major groups were standout HHIVl.u i Dr. Willis J. Potts, sur- Scnrps nf 100-foot tall rocket was 568-32-2287 510-16-3234 483-22-3038 551-40-7952 040-16-7409 (SI 546-46-6074 S50-IO-2377 .W4-07-0159 530-16-1048 552-22-5345 547-58-0903 Here are Wednesday's win-' ners (deadline Friday. Sept.. 25, 326-22-1313 551-16-4289 525-10-3040 In 562-22-6906 549-09-8999 549-09-2555 396-I4-280S 550-10-4818 487-03-6069 S4R-56-3704 i 2M-18-44M Bend, were covered with flood water. r-hiliHrrn'e irnnnq and Red Cross 3 bitter blow to U. S. hopes ppnn-in-cn ic i HI lurCn S i riHji'S HIIII ivt-ti California Edmund d car h lhe workers were standing by in.for Icvclmg the moon score Pa.) Browns followiriR has Memorial Hospital where the Ru increased also. His third placeL, of dcputics. 5-day-old girls werr brought jn hamlc( m n h the Soviets re- position behind Stevenson Dcputies onc Of the Wednesday, said the jo wcsl Of Groatjcorded a spectacular space and Kennedy is now more attackcrs was a wno secure. t t f t arrested with Clark on forg- nave s m a 11 I TO MEASURE the pomi-lcry CharRCS and 'imC "mounts of food, hc said. WMPRP TH FINJn IT standings'of some of W1'h mr" al hrcalhinR has hwomc WHERE TO FIND IT BUENQS AiRps _w pcr. Poh e more and lhci ,SCt suspect in Pico- marked sonalities who may he in the ,.7k at a rale haS Kivera robbery freed as two, of a runninf, for ,nc 196n ack "n crease. One has a heart mur- confess crime. Pagclino ifi.hmlr dcmja, nomination. tnn mur. hc said. feat by hitting the moon with onc of their big rockets. Beach B-l B-9. Page B-9. D-6 to 12. B-10, II. B-6. Death B-2. B-8. B-3. Shipping B-6. C-I to S. B-6. Tides, TV, B-9. B-4. X. Your A-2. Aftrr treatment at St. ii-i f rt til i I 1 1 I I I UO I IIM.II' against belt-tightening eco-. forma Polls trained opinion; Hosnital Bcllflower But Potts said. "They can nomic policies of Argentina's reporters asked a cross-sec transferred to los-nnl live this way and they! igovcrnmcnt. tmn of potential Democratic rm.ntv r.pneral Hos- I Except in Industry, the voters these two questions: Angeles County General Hos Istrike looked like a flop. -Which onr of the men on nilal' todaV 2 Falls Into Lake Superior entitled to a chance to Police charged enraged this of possible prcsidcn- Communists and Peronist tjal candidates would you liko _ jlabor agitators sparked a to see nominated 'as the n (wave of terrorist maneuvers Democratic candidate for DrOZIIIQII in desperate effort to keep (Continued Page A-7. Col. 1) cnnd.tion as the strike alive. Bombs planted in two buses injured five persons. Another went off in a passenger train coach, vacated moments be- fore by passengers whcn thr !bomh was spotted by IA bomb knocked out pow" jhriffh- in thr industrial nf Burnos Aires Weather Low clouds late to- night and early Friday. Mostly sunny Friday afternoon. Little change in 20 SAO PAULO. Brazil A OUTLOOK a I the moment for saving both chil drcn is almost nil. and of sav ing onc very hc said. Potts said it was probable that the arrangement of the] .children's internal organs Brazilian commute, plane cx-j ,ha, one could ploded Wednesday tsvpd Tha) d-rrjsjrin while attempting an i n- m ,he Mj 'ports said all 20 'aboard wrrr- killed Ti- lt was nnt know, n whrthfr day junv aboard Mr' at Valparaiso. Ind., Msrilvn Srhult? PORT ARTHUR. Ont. Collapse of onc sec- tion of a huge waterfront grain elevator spilled more than two million bushels of grain inm Lake Superior Wednesday night. Wheat, oats, barley and flaxsced slithered into the water as tons o( concrete gave way. Thr combination created a 12-foot wave which j flooded a nearby pumping to1 dislodged a half-dozen float planrs miorrd nearby. Some pulp log rafts were' washed ashore. There were no reports of. injuries. The elevator is owned by the United Grain Growers, Ltd. Police estimated the total damage about 10 million dollars. The 150-foot-high work- house, center of the eleva- tor, is flanked on the north and south by an- nexes. It was the south annex, which contained 64 bins, each feet deep, thst collapsed.