Monday, July 6, 1959

Press Telegram

Location: Long Beach, California

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Text Content of Page 1 of Press Telegram on Monday, July 6, 1959

Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - July 6, 1959, Long Beach, California Ihousands welcome ThtSc LONG BEACH 12, CALIF., MONDAY, JULY 1959 Vol. 132. PRICE 10 CENTS TELEPHONE HE 32 PAGES fgg- CLASSIFIED HE HOME EDITION (Six Editions Daily) RUSS RECOVER 2 DOGS PROJECTED INTO SPACE INSTRUCTIONS FOR HER MAJESTY Prince Philip (right) leans forward to hear as Queen Elizabeth is briefed on welcoming ceremonies in Chicago today. Wiley Buchanan Jr.. gestures as he describes State Department plans. Mayor.Richard Daley Army Guns Fire Salute for Royalty Royal Pair Gomes Ashore on Barge From Their Yacht CHICAGO UP) Queei Elizabeth I! stepped ashore ii Chicago today amid the thun der of. Army artillery, roarin ships' whistles and the cheer of thousands of spectatoi massed around Buckingham Fountain Landing. A cordon of police strug- gled to hold back other thou- sands trying to approach the re'viewing stand on the dock. 'royal yacht Britannia's barge brought Elizabeth and Prince Philip ashore at 10 a. m. The yacht was moored SNORED BY WORKERS Kozlov Winding Up West Coast Visit SAN FRANCISCO Soviet Union's first deputy premier today winds up a slay in California during which he was wined and dined by capitalists and virtually ignored by everybody else. Heading east ic faces in Detroit the first officially cold reception o Rocket Shot )escribed as Routine Moscow Broadcast Makes No Mention of Orbital Flight LONDON Soviet. outside the breakwaler. Cl A 21-GUN SALUTE began when the launch started lo ward shore.: In close forma lion, a flight of jet fighter roared low over r.he Sierra Fire Roars Out of Control S1ERRAVILLE, Calif. (DPI) forest fire-started-by-a -year-old boy playing with matches raced eastward on igh winds through the Tahoc National still' out of ontrol in its fifth day today. planes scene. Hundreds of smal his United Stales tour. Since Friday, Frol Romano Kozlov, Premier Nikit Chrushchev's right-hand man n the Soviet government, has >cen hobnobbing .with Cali- brnia businessmen and social uminaries. But those whom the Communists 'might clas- sify as the working class Union has launched a rocket containing which were returned to earth, Moscow Radio said tonight. The announcement from Tass, the Soviet news agency. Moscow said the launching showed practically no inter- est in his presence. ,_Li _ t. f ____ ALMOST NOBODY showed up. to watch at any of his scheduled appearances or .for his arrivals or departures from Jiis hotels. As the final event .of his (Continued Page A-7, Col. t) Air Crash Kills 4; 2nd Plane Down XENIA, Ohio toll of a private plane eras reached four th occupants of. the aircraft th smashed to earth a half mile soulh of nearby Yellow Springs. Robert C. Fuller, 26, of Mo- ravia, N. Y., died in Greene Memorial' Hospilal at a. m., aboul eight hours after the crackup of a rented plane that may have run out of fuel. Ralph F, Miles Jr., 26, of East Palchogue, N. Y., the pilot, was killed inslantly. Paul J. Bollinger, 25, of Troy N. Y., lived only a few min- ulcs after the crash. Robert Thomas Burns, 23, of Albany N. Y., died in the hospital at a. m. "We've 'lost it completely on the said Forest Serv- ce dispatcher John Bigley. "I have no idea when it will be controlled." Bigley said the weary fire fire fighters were able to save a Forest Service radio relay station at Harding Point dur- ing the night "but it was real close." tour, arrangements were made for. Kozlov: and .his party to visit the Berkeley campus o the University of California and its Lawrence radiation laboratory. Kozlov had official wel- comes in Sacramento and San Francisco, and was a hit with some of California's upper (Continued on Pg. A-7, Col. 4) vas made July 2. It described the event as a routine launching of a single stage geophysical ballistic rocket of medium range. Previously the T States had recovered ___ monkeys sent into space. One of these died.later. MORE THAN acres of iimberland have been de- stroyed so far. Winds which reached 50 miles an hour in gusts Sunday forced .fire fighters to run for their lives. The Weather Bureau predict- (Continued Page A-4, Col. 2) ALL FOUR MEN aboard the plane were service trai- nees of Nalional Cash Regis- ter Co. in Dayton. They had rented a plane to go home for the holiday weekend. Miles and Fuller were sin- gle. Bollinger leaves his wife, Frances, and a daughter, Holly Ann, 4. Burps is sur vived by his wife, Alois Maria. WHERE TO FIND IT Holiday death toll soars to 513 with 271 traffic fatalilies. Story on Page A-3. Beach B-l, Hal B-7. B-7. D-2 to 7. 7. A-8. B-2. Editorial-rPage B-4. B-3. Shipping D-2._ C-l, 2, 3, 4. C-5. TWes, TV, D-8. Vital D-2. B-4, 5. Your A-2. Slocks Head for Another Record High NEW stock market headed for another record high today, paced by motors and steels. Gains of a few cents to and more dotted the list <n active trading as the Asso ciated Press 60-stock averag rose 70 cents at noon t and the Dow Jone average of 30 industrial climbed 3.00 to 657.76. Bol established record closin highs Thursday, the last trac ing day. U. S. Steel was up a and. General Motor 51.75 at Other gainer included Alcoa to Eastman Kodak Litton Industries 53.1 to and Lorillard 5 cents to Goodye dropped to Southern Pacific was down 7 cents and Kenneco was off 50 cents at THE FIRST animal of note to' be projected was the Russian which died. Mission of the rocket was to aid scientific research "the upper layers of the al- the broadcast added. It did not immediately say if the rocket was put into or- bit around the earth or retched farther into space. lere was no immediate indi- ation how high the dogs ere sent. Moscow said the rocket as equipped with apparatus or studying the ultraviolet Lost Calif. !Six Tots Among 12 Fiery Boat Woman Saved as Boat Sinks Beached as wrtion of the solar spectrum, he slruclure of the Idno- phere and the micro-meteor- c stream. Instruments measuring the peed of air currents al dlf- erent heights, density, pros- urc, temperature and compo-, ition of the atmospehere also vcre hoisted aloft, the broad- cast said. tt 6 THE TWO DOGS were dcntified as Olvazhnaya and Found Safe YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK Maria Hen drika Kersten Lip, 38, was found alive and in good con dition today about four miles from where she disappeared Six small children, including a 4-nionth-old baby, were among 12 persons rescued from the deck of a sinking power cruiser eight miles off Long Beach Sun- day afternoon shortly before the crnlL sank. narrow escape cli- in Yoscmitc National Park last Wednesday afternoon. Two rangers reported bj radio that Mrs. Lip was hun gry but appeared otherwise to be in good health, Quits, Eyes New Reign Crew Flees CAMERON, La. master and crcsv abandoned Ihc flnming Belgian motorship Anvcrs early today moments ?r Tr3nricr "1C vessel was The Coast Guard said mag- ,lown beachgocrs. Max L. nesium explosions prevented Weaver. 47. of Los aiiemnis lo board Hi. fell overboard and drowned sh'P (lrld llic flrc' The jmaxcd the drowning of a boat owner within view of down JERUSALEM ILlLUIiy Bcn-Gurlon was expected to aromuj ias his boat pulled away from ,'lhc dock nnd a friend fran- iticnlly tried to turn the boat ..__. Snczhinka meaning Daring fanrl Snnluflalrp Vplv. e soulh and Snowflake respctively A rabbit was also aboard, the broadcast said. For Olvazhnaya, it was the third space-defying rocket ascent, said the broadcast. The total weight of scien- tific instruments and animals aboard was put by the Rus- sians at kilograms around pounds or more than two tons. ELKTON, Va. twin- engine light plane carrying an unknown number of persons crashed early today in the fog-shrouded Blue Ridge Mountains near the Skyline Dr. One occupant of the plane reportedly made his way to Calvert Yacht Sends Urgent SOS From Off Australia Coast DARWIN, Australia UPI The American yacht Sea Fox with Hollywood actor-magi safely where aid. he summoned Shenandoah National Park rangers started to the crash scene, approximately 12 miles north of Swift Run Gap near Bear Fence Mountain. A ran ger said the territory wa rugged and that he did no know how long it would rescue plane. lo reach th manufacturer, Edsel Ford. An earlier message said the The Australian dispatched a sea ian John Calvert aboard was lower decks were awash, the reported in difficulties today n the Arafura Sea north of Australia. A rescue plane was sent out from Darwin. It was the second yachting mishap involving Calvert in a little more than a year. A radio message from the Sea Fox said "we need help at once. Crew exhausted and lying on deck." It asked that a bilge pump be air dropped main engine broken, the main sail ripped by winds, the ship taking water, and the bilge Himps cracked. The previous message sak the eight crewmen were bail- ing and that there was no Immediate danger unless the vessel was struck by storms a i r fore -air rescu plane and arrangements wer made'to drop the bilge pum Calvert requested. The Sea Fox sailed from Darwin for Sydney last Tues day on a world tour. Calve is due to open a show i Sydney Aug. 1. Aboard the ship with Ca vert and his wife, the form near the vessel formerly It said the crew was able to rig a makeshift sail and the vessel was proceeding at about three knots toward owned by the late AmericanlElcho Island, 110 miles away. Pilita Corrales, is the cm'm panzee Chellah, made famo1 in Tarzan films. The act plans lo give the animal Ihe Taronga Park Zoo Sydney. begin forming a new govern The rangers' brief Lip ilion as prime boundary of the {Q oycr an QUICK ACTION of the 30- minister cli-'fooi sailboal Jolly Dolphin, rk. P. MRS, LIP will be taken ack to Big Trees Lodge in ic Wawona area where she ad been slaying with her amily. She was expected lo rrive there aboul 2 p.m. Israeli arms deal with Wcsl Germany. The 15-mcmbcr coalilion governmcnl, which quit Sun- day nighl, stayed on as caretaker regime until advertising man, was credited by Ihc Coast Guard with sav- ing the lives of 12 aboard the LuSea, a 30-foot cruiser skip aipercd by Paramount manu ifaclurer Raymond Baker. ncw one is formed. But Ben- The party was returning from a picnic cruise to Cata- Scores of searchers, aided Gurion said he will "have lina Island when the boat sud y bloodhounds, had hunlcdjnolhing to do" with the fourjdcnly began to sink eigh Lip for Ihc past avs- 'parties. I Mrs. Lip was described as, -rncsc four brought anoutljQU experienced hiker and fa-jibe four year-old govcrn-j miliar with Ihe Yoscmi le menl's fall by voling againslj rea. Her family had vaca- the sale of ioned here for four years. o West Germany. Her husband, Otto, of them already have ages a farm on Vicloria Island [been delivered to the Bonn near Byron, 20 miles wcsl of eight (Continued Pago A-4. Col. 4) Tax 'Heir1 Slocklon, Calif. Weather Low clouds late to- night and early Tuesday, but mostly sunny Tues- day. Little change In temperature, Maximum temperature by noon to- day: 78. IN HIS LETTER of rcsigna Jon to President Ben Zvi, Ben-Gurion accused the four of violaling the principle of collective cabinet responsi- bility by their action. All cab- inet members had pledged in 1057 lo support cabinet decl sions or resign. Preliminary talks on the formation of a new govern were lo be held today An unemployed Long Beach man looking for a fob spotted his name In The gotten Fortunes" list of persons due federal Income- tax refunds. Today's list Includes Ihe names <A person's from 23 Long Beach area communi- ties. To see If your name Is for more the lucky Job hunter to Page C-S. Bgncsilm ingoli the Coast Guard said, was part of the ship's miscellaneous cargo. The ship's agents said chemi- cal stores of undetermined na- lire were also aboard. The ship's master, Henri Snnglicr, and the remaining 11 men on the vessel were brought lo Ciimcron, five miles southwest of where ths Anvcrs was beached. i --f TWO LIFEBOATS wilh 26 other crew members, includ- ing Ihc master's wife, were lowed into Cnmcron earlier from the vessel. The Anvcrs, which sails out of Antwerp, was toweu o within three mile? tf nore, before it was aban- oncd. The 442-fool vessel was ound for Frceporl, Tex., lo Lake Charles, La. The ship was anchored about six miles soulh of when the fire broke out. The Coast Guard said the ire started in the engine room and raced oul of con- .rol lo the number four hold. Rafts Overdue; SOS Is Spotted GREENRIVER, Utah W) Sixteen persons in three rub- ber rafts failed to come out of the turbulent Colorado River and a pilot said he spotted two persons beside an SOS sign in the sand today.