Monday, May 18, 1959

Press Telegram

Location: Long Beach, California

Page: 31

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Text Content of Page 31 of Press Telegram on Monday, May 18, 1959

Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - May 18, 1959, Long Beach, California OriwgtCo, fop; 141 1 AN AH PI to Loon 151 .Trolkrj Auto Ports Repair (ON IUI ISIATt) tON KIAl IIU1I) ._, WM.. MM., n, m, A Moonlight .Sonata by moon dancint o? this fitl pool pic uri cntvlvh. Dlyln? .tllfer, ladder fc_ ,0117 o( mil pkturrbook stniiTo. bcdroomi room or dtn, forced ilrlwit A ixMnilvi to-wati bullion rangt i bir flwr-jo-celling ustobrlck HrtoTaca with raised SUdlrm-gliis doers -to POO! M covtrtd Mfl6. by rnisttr grfit with txotfc plants, ihrvbj ilush prttn dlchorwra liwti. AiV Ing drily VtrY reasonable OPEN DAILY It SUNDAY 9 TO I Farrow Son Rtahry 1112 IrooUiunl, A Available today on COMBINE YC to 1 low mor PAYMENTS ON J _ _ ______ H A Lll ILt SAVE A ined. Cherry Aulo Parli. ?lf7 CHERRY AVE GA for Sate 176 Autos for Sett 174 for AMERICAN i PARAMOUNT 1 TERRY HILLS TRAILER SALES fi CORIIER 101 t IIWYS. IUNTINGTON BEACH ELECTRIC CARS. TO S725. 170 AMEfilCAri. HE THIS buying nsw car in low or medium priced field, check the advantages' of a late model Cadillac. You are assured of lower depreciation and will be enjoying the comfort and qua ty of a prestige automobile. The saving could be substantial. Over 60 late model Cad ilacs on display today at LONG BEACH'S CADILLAC SPECIALIST. de Ville motors ANAHEIM AT ATLANTIC HE 7-2731 OPEN DN. Low Mo. PvmnH. (Ape. Cred.) '58 RANCHERO V8 WERDRIVE, raVo, healer, white "Kk; likt '68 FORD 3M 2-DR V8, rwf.o green, vi ry ow mllira. DN. -A-.ow mo. (Aiior. '57 Pontiac Star Cht.f Caralirta 4-Df. __ Ivdrsmillc, radio, tre> very cora CP1M2A1. BEACH CITY CHeVKOLET KOI E. Pac. Clt. Hwv. elUati 2nd loans Too High? will qive clear car and cairi for your equity Tn later rr.ixle cars, T-12 Died Can, 1333 L.B. Blvd.- 1500 L.B. Blvd. WANTED CLEAN 'SCK.'59i. Wt will pay to more for your than you been oHeicd. T-15 USED CARS 1333 L.B. Blvd.-ISOO L.B. Blvd. HE HE DEBTS BE thly Trailer loaces, nod. lac., corrc. patloj, 37.fl. rollers )25 mo. CMIoVen welcome. TIM Likewood Blvd. To LOW AS for Rtflt MO. NE MO. vac. trln., ml, Mil. Trail-K i oravt U rno tin nzn. AITCHELL'S, 11501 E. CARSON. SALES-RENTALS-REPAIRS 1773 Soyth SI., N.L.B. WE FORO 600 Victoria radio, healer, while jesi sclld wh 1 1 1; orlolnil '5i FORD GUST. 2-DR 6 Cvl. Slandard Iransmlsslon, radio, healer, light blue; wilnoul a blemish. Built tor economy. '55 FORD PONTIAC Chlrttaln cwtom. rvmr iteerlng, power brako, wMttwilri. A-l Only 110 down on m'< cr.) MARTIN MOTORS 197 S. Long Beach Blvd.' on Ists low as tna used vac. Sell-reni. IE 7-5721. Bumgarner IIW E Come to 1 A.M. TO 1 P.M. 7 CERTIFIED HC 4200 ATLANTIC AVE. Independent Home Vac. Scortland Trr. L.B. Blvd. GA A trailer for rent. Vrtll-aulo S, Insured. GA LOANS Wonted 4-0794 Banters' Assn. rutt Your Trailer For A HOME Solden Key Trailer Sales Cor. Orangelnorpe Knott Ave. Buena ParX LAwrence PAYMENTS TOO HIGH? We will 1'Ade vour cv ]r for priced car or bwv II for tool cash CREST Wagom radio, l-.ealer. Ivory ft, blue. Ready to roll. Beach City Chevrolet 3301 E. Pac. Cst. HY. GE PONTIAC Conv. Excel. concL througlwut. Radio. Unoerxei nea er. Pwr. power brakes, new tlrn t too. OSJMO m Original owner. 507 E. Arleili. GA J-2757. Private ptv. DN. Low rno. payments. (Appr. Cred.) '67 FORD V8 RANCH WAGON ....J17W Many accessories. '57 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN ....tlW9 Fcrdomatlc, heater, Ivory. '55 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN V'S Fordcmallc, radio, healer; brand new engine. InoroughEy reconditioned [P1555A1 Several More Choose From Beach City Chevrolet 3201 E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. GE DN. Low mo. pavmenti (Aoor. No. 'side of Santa Ana Frwy. KE JE -Town Prep'rty HAVE 7 B. 3 BDRM HOMES' to Trade for Trailer Homes CERTIFIED REALTY SALES 9111 E. Artesla. Ballllower TOrrav 4-3777 HA JUNK CARS WE PAY HIGHEST FREE PICKUP SERVICE GAVIN'S 7100 W. PAC CST HWY. HE 4-W95 Aller 4. HE 1MPALA CONY J22W 280 h.D., automatic Irani., power radio, FORD Convert., Fordo. A Dem. Must move. 1995. ROSCOE MOTORS Weil's Largest Gogomoblle For Equity NO afd.' 4Wt M bal. lot. Hying rm.-eV rm., 4- LoMlS Deeds Wanted fr CASH NOW, NO WAITING all cash for good house-trailer PMne NEwmark BISCAYNE V-8 powers llde, radio, hesler, wuiewall llres; 1 I'] L. B. Blvd. GA 4 (H33 7 FORD Falrla-.e Club Vic. TB er.B. Fordo. Padded dash. Tlnled olasi, Xlnt. cond. Owner. GE RAMBLER 4-door Gn uvM itanderd transmission, radio, hearer.. new Inside. out. Only down (05 aoo'd cr.l and i full rxlca el only 2 to chooM from: MARTIN MOTORS 107 3. Long fteadi llvd. Mvtfac! pane, clndtr bUc, fence 4 planters. Vacant. ARROW REALTY KB Box ellM, Laftyeth, Calif, (or latest biFormajkxi on land now1 no released for clean trailer. NE NEED Hlonesl prices oaln lor, 1950s through 19Sls. See Norm Isaacs. C. STANDLEE Broadway CE 44419 Scoof'rs NICE '58 CHEV. 2-DR _______ FORD Cllit. V-! 2Klr. Sid. m., J-br., JVji bt., hdwd. (In., toe. kitchen.. Full price Payments 115 mo. TYHURST REALTY JE TO BUY 2ND I.O.'l IMMEDIATE CASH HIGHEST PRICES PAID THE QUIVER CO HA OF A GAS HOG? 100% Financing on light wtlthl motorcycles scooters. GET UP TO 15? MPG DN. ONLY PER MO. What you save on car gas bill will more than make yovr mo or-cvc e payment. DALE BROWN MOTORS L. B. BLVD. GA financing en approved powerollde, healer; very few J20 MO. Fin acres, tim. kvef. near lake hwvs aex A-3340, I. P-T. ACREAGE Investors, write lor CARS WANTED GREGG PAYS MORE Free DICKUO service. .SIGNAL HILL 1 Beach City FORD Custom 300 X-dr. Orlo. o-wner, overdrive, olher access. Urn llres. Xlnt. cond. Ph. ME 3-83W or TO 6-6980. '49 FORD, SIM. GE pUENA PARK MOVE IN No Money Dn. Beautiful Mr., MM, homt In A. In nr. Golden WestlTrask. 14000 cash. TW W7II if ACRES. Riverside area. BUY VTiall TRUST DEEDS. S B. Salllc, <1< E. Braadwav. M6 7-4159 HA C PATTERSON vrlll Buy Clean Cars TCP Price tor Gooo NEW I USED or trada TCully In 'K Rambler Wagon. WA 3-3MV laodsc.- LA 2-72U. 1 DIRTY DANDY OriV dn. Must nil 'at once. No 2nd TD loans. 4-Br., 2-ba. Kev at Oirdtn Or, Blvd. TVY fvm JA AC. LAND M-2 lone. Paramount ME 153 N EED from prlvila MONEY DN. ALL MAKES L.B. TRIUMPH ARIEL 42< W. Pac Cst. Hy. HE NEED USED CARS WILL PAY FOP PRICES Sec Cal PachaJ SEVER IN MOTORS RAMBLER CROSS COUNTRY STATION Radio, 'heater, overdrive, white-walls. Just like new. sio down (on apo'd cr.) MARTIN MOTORS 197 S. Long Beach Blvd. (Corner L. B. Ccmplon Blvds.) HE 1-8649 M, private MMies to lake ovir payments on ouaranleed clean can. Payirxnli from SIO lo mo. AM makes modtlt to chooie from. No down. No cash needed. Corp. NE t-1755. 11130 L. B. BUY JEEPS DOSSER MOTERS Sales Service E. Anaheim GE LARK STUDE8AKEH ED BARBARi; the Service Makes pymnrs. Ask for Mr. O'Nell. HE Corp. NE '59 CHEV. 1MPALA Few carefutly tf riven Will trade .for good irajisporlalloa car and ttnsnci balance. GE METRO Ufct new. Radio, healer, bcairtlfu Mcne pink while. )IO down (on ocp'd MARTIN MOTORS 107 S. Long Beach Blvd. Corner L. B. Compton Blvd. KE Sensational buy. Priced SI7.000. Gd; terms. Bkr., JA Veil pump mot., TVt h.p. 3 phase. 3" column caslne. buyer needs lale mooX sports cars. 3560 E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. GE MASK Rambler station wag. Very gcod ccnd. SS50. TW 3-SMS3. '51 CHEV. V-8 4-cV. DN. S'O MO. THAT'S ALLI A. Vacation Ranchc. 5395 Sport Cars P.O. S1S5S..HE 5-8748. Autos for Sale Utte newl Only 11895, Take trade. Can finance. Prlv. 3-BRv 2-ba., folc., w-w carpels, blt.-ln RIO, covered callo 2-car, gar., snrlnklers. ACRES LEVEL. 520 DN. 520 MO. GA Cait 13 ft., 17', 20' Glaupar 14 ft., 16', 17' ft 14-FT. SEA FAIR DOES IT AGAIN APRIL SALES UP 159% THERE MUST BE A REASON Slop by and FUM-cYlve The TRIUMPH PRICES FROM Aealn for the 3rd consecutive month WE LEAD THE U.S. IN SALES. NO ONE Can Buy ANYWHERE For ANY LESS Than RIGHT HERE al DAVE THOMAS MOTORS mporl 1 Sport! Car Specialist Complete Parts t Service 3400 L.B. Blvd. GA CHEV. Impara JPJ. Loaded. Takt over or trade USE YOUR CAL-VET on this 4-BR-, 2-ba., hdwd. 11 r. .home. Has w-w carpets, file... gas stove, fenced BEAR doll house, shwr., elec., loe. lot. 53.450, dn. RY CARS ALL WAKES 8. MODFI.S. Ho dn. Wi Cairy Our Own Contracts. CAVIN USED CARS 2120 W. PAC. CST HWY. OPEN 9 TO'S HE CHEV. Silver blue Impala conv. 1 owner car. Only BrWO mMei, GE METROPOLITAN Spi. Cpe. R.iH., 2-lor.e, wiw. Just like r.ew. S1.399. ParXwood Chevrolel. ME 10054 flna.-Klng en approved Wanted All model! In 5 Lou Mlrablle. JAMESTOWN-: Authoriztd to Leon 151 (ON IIAl ready to oo, FrKludina seats, steering, hardware, wir.d-shield; matiooanv, completely Sportsman's Hdwe, A Marini Atlantic KE offer, '55 Chev. Bet Air, 2-dr., Powergllde. UN X-1593 a GARDEN Available Today 2nd LOANS Combine your debts to one low mo. pymt. Payments on teds as MO. MO. MO. We Come to Your New Too! Irna'gfnil Custom contemporary srvllna Is the keynote .for this new 3-bfdioom lamlly room home, located In an excellent Grove area, r block To xhoMlM, tic. Gleaming hardwood floors, forced air heal a decorative old brick fireplace, laroe family style kilchen wfth buHt-Ui ranot, oven all the extras, SHAKE SHINGLE ROOF clever or ardilfeclure make thli must sec riame at only Very reasonable terms OREIJ DAILY t. SUN. 9 TO I' Farrow Son Realty 9656 Garden Grove you like lo save S300 on a new Lark? Call Geo. Gray, KE 1-61B3. Lark? Cell Ceo. Gray, KE 1-41U. a kit., auto, transmission. Good cond. HA STUDE. Fully equipped. dn. S7-M wk. Call Flnanct Manaetr for Frtt homt trial. Till 10 pjn, TO 4-9721 CABIN CRUISER LOWMAN 95 H.P. CHRIS-CRAFT SIMOI i. Htad. sc< al situ M, St. Landing. Pt, GE3-3ISI II no answer, GE Licht custom work. MaVt offer GE 1-2035 or LEX OVER PAYMENTS '54 Eulck Special Riviera cpt. Full power. Loaded bca-jfifisf. mo. Jeifrey Finance Corp., NE OVER PAYMENTS Olds Super 88. Fewer steerlna L loaded. CHRYSLER V-8 Windsor 4-dr. To ro.ixf 1 1 Dowtr iteerlno brakes, 2-torve, wsw. Immaculate. Parkwood Chevrolet. ME 3-0717. 100% flnwcng en approved OLDS. 98. 3-dr. Automatic. R.1H. Clean. Xlnt. motor. Priv. Pjv. 1119. 1935 San tna., mahoo. deck, glaued hull, naugh. wbol. Full nvton trlr. with Kara wheel tire. Boat In water, ready to go. HIM, will Yi. BUICK Super conv.. nylon too. Must iill immed. S695. GE 9-1630 evw. 3-M02, Newport, OLDS Holiday SUPER M HARDTOP COUPE with rmro, Hydra, Mafic, etc. Beautiful blue and white wltti mafcMr.g Interior. Sold new and serviced by us. Another local new car and onty CStandlee Martin 1 Exclusive Okhmobll. Dialer OLDS M HI. Fully eoulpoed. down. S3 week. Call Finance Manager for Free home trial till 10 p.m. TO BUICK HI. Fully equipped. down. 55.60 Call ftnftnct Manager for Free Home trial til 10 p-m. TO DRIVE-THE NEW PONTOON BOAT AT OUR DOCK BEL. SHORE MARINE DOCK 5396 ADtfin Long Beach Belmont Shorl GE USED TRUCK CLEARANCE '57 Jen plckin drivt. Ui DODGE V-8 Cull. Royil <-dr. Powerflllt. 2-lor.e. A tewel. SLOW. Parltwood Cr.evro el, ME 34717. 100% financing on 9MW 600 "U95 50 miles per gallon. W M.P.H Wily cay more for a cal tha will do (ERMS7 JU Name Them. GILLESPIE MOTORS 17054 Lakewood Blvd.. Bellllcwer TO 7 6717 Open Parkwcod Chevrofd. DN. ft Low mo. Mvmtnti eredll) '67 Plym. Hardiop power. Like throughout. Sm Roxanne Ave. HA DODGE, V-8, 4-oV., R8.H, aulcm., S750. J85 dn. S39 mo. Prlv. ptv. HA RYAN Excrest cruiser, cam-pletelv classed, Mirk 75 I tracer, convertible top, canvas cover for complete boat. Built-in gas tank, all Itaals. SN al 428 W. lltti. KE 5-2027 after t Chev. Vi-ton Pickup. Tom. HE DODGE 2-dr. Good conrf. Sac. Prlv. Dtv. UN new (P1197A) -S1199 '54 Ford It-ton Pickup, V-t with Camper _____ S1099 'M Chev. Vi-ton Pickup. Hydra-Malic, radio; excellent automatic trafismlislon, radio, hta er; blut, rww. BEACH CITY CHEVROLET 3201 E. Cst, Hwy. GE MORTGAGE CO. SArfield 4-0883 County KEystone Sportsman's Boats Finest construction Honduras verv lew mile roe. Must movt. ROSCOE MOTORS Wesl'i Largeit GoDomoblle EDSEL. Take over pymls. Call Mr. Tom. KE 7-H95 Terms. Phone HE 7-S971; GE SHIPMENT LOW MILES '59 VWS AS LOW AS 125 DN. Sedans 38 lo CENTURY 16-lt. RHOrler, 1IJ Gray Marine, complete with stall, extra prop 8, Chev. Vi-ton panel. Very clem CADILLAC Eltforatfo Sevflle while top. blue body. All pwr. Clean. 1 owner. FORD V-I'Vlclorla Spl. Coupe. Fordo, 2-tor.e, wsw, a cream pulf, Parxwooo Chevrolet. ME 31.295. ROSCOE MOTORS West's Larcest GocomohMe 1201 L t, IM. HI --LUXURY PLUS- -.In this beaullful 1700 sq. tt. cus-. torn bit. !-br den house. A 17' livlmj rm. brick fireplace, loe. kltch., service porch 4 dm-Ing rm., on a775-sa.-tl. corner ot, all lenced. Shopping. Only J18.500, CITY FARMERS -Don't miss ttils. 74M SQ. It. ptol, all blk. fenced 3-br. house, all carpeted i draped, cust. pallo. S10.99S F. P. Good terms. Kitella Really 6 p.m.-HARBOR MARINE'S Al' Nlw OfFSHORE FISHERMAN Loaded. SIM. Limited guanlltv. 5098 L.B. Blva. GA Chev. Vi-lon Dlcxcw; 1-owner, an excellent CHEV. Won cab chassis, excel, condition. Driven very miles (C384) 51499 Chev. H-fcn Dlckup, V-l Hydra., shows excellent care (O93A) ._ Karmc-nn Ghlas 11 to choose 'i? K-Gfilas Convs. 3 lo choose FOREIGN IMPORTS 2330 L. B. BLVD. GA Call btwn 4 5 P.m. S31QO. GA 2-M25. TAKE OVER PAYMENTS '55 Cad. 62 coupe. Power steering L loaded fr.o. Jeilrty Flitanci Corp. NE OVER PAYMENTS Ford Loaded i, bea-jtl-ful. S3! rr.onlh. Jellrev. Finance Corn. NE Clearance A 1 B PONTIAC Starchle) Cilalln Must move. ROSCOE MOTORS Wes 's Largest Gooorr.oblle D 2295 L. B. Blvd. GA GALAXY Conv. Full pwr. or take over payrr.enti S95-O mo. GA TRIUMPHS FACTORY SALES SERVICE Roadsters, wacorts L sedans FREE RADIO. ALL MODELS, Hampton Imported Cars 111 N. Pacific, San Pedro TE M455 for free EVINRUDE ft Lone Stir ft Sabrc-crall Hollywood A.GIasipar LINNELL MARINE Sttf L B. Blvd. 1250 Pac. Csl Hwv.. Seal CAD. Vllle, all power, Green too. Sharp. Consider iratfe. Prlv. pry. mot. llres. Clea.1, pr v. parrv. GE PONTIAC Ht. Fully eoulpped dn. S9.75 wX. Call Flnan manager for free home trial, T 10 PJTI. TO Private Money For GROUP ALL YOUR BOAT t TRAILER SALES GOOD USED MOTORS SJ9 UP FLEET CRAFT GE 9-OH? 25tt E. PACIFIC CST. down, tow mo. payrnents <on arxx 13 More to Frcm. Beach City Chevrolet 7975 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. GE 30717 GE 3-7421 INTERNATIONAL CAD. convert., fully FORD rad., htr., rum good, 5U5, US rM.. SIO wt. L. A. A-vltrson 1M2 E. PRICE '47 CHRYSLER CAD. Eldorado convert., Garden Grove. LE OVER PAYMENTS '52 Pcntlac Cafalina Coupe Loaded beautiful. S16 mo. Jeffrey Finance Corp. NE MOVE IN TOMORROW 'In this vacant 3-br., Itt-ba. home. Nicely landscaped I. fenced. carpel llv. rm. hall. 1 tn shopping cenler. Only 577 mo. on Gl loan. Submll on USA. Sac. beaut. Inbrd Utility on Ir r. Best cHtr. 341B Arbor Rd. HA Highest dollar paid for any Imported car. paid for cr nol. 3300 Atlantic GA CAD. Take over payments. Call Mr. Tom. HE second car, 3599. ParX-wood Chevrolet. ME PONTIAC 2-dr. Power steerln radio, heater Hydra. eauitv assume Dymh. HA CAO Cpe, Mon., Toes., Thurs. eve. after 5. 540 FORD V-a Falrlafie sedan. TaVe over oivments. Call Don PRICE HUDSON S1A motor. See to acprecla e. WA THUKDERBIRD hardlop, l-own-er. ac. miles. Prlvale PONTIAC. Take over uym Call Mr. Tom. HE "LHODSES 1 LOW PAYMENT (2.500, Low Cost Low National sailboat with trailer handling dolly. Sails. S5CO, HA Call TO CHOOSE FROM-ALL CLEAN TO '54's. S395 TO MARK THORNTON 7911 OLIVE Largest Goggomoblle D r 22S5 L. B. Blvd. GA take 3200 for my eauit Pymt. 552. Priv. Ply. GA 5-5773 or HE FORD V-8 Custom Club Coupe. Fordomatlc, wws. Oro. O'f.-icr. Nice. U50. GE 1-1 ...OIF THE! BY OWNER 3-brs., hdwd. firs., fireal., service porch, carpel, drapes, cinder block fence, loe. lol, dble. oar., asking Ho real, ofler refused. Hi. JE 7-4969. .13291 earner! Way, Garden boat trailer In gcod stiaae '59 license, 5250. WA PEUGEOT IMPORT AUTO WHERE SERVICE COMES FIRST 516 E. ANAHEIM KE 95 F.P. IE PRICE '50 STUDEBAKER '52 CHEVIE X-soeed trans. GE 9-1446; KE OVER PAYMENTS MG Roadster. Black wllh whlfe too. S34 mo. Jeffrey Flnanci Cora. NE party. NE FORD conv., standard extras. Prlv. party. NE AUX. slooo, galley, head. L. B. Marina 50 or GE 9-013i CHEV. sedan delivery. RtH Good tires. UN Sport Cars FORD. Take over cvmts. call Mr. Tom. HE 7-H95. MO.I Lovely 3-BR., hdwd home. Carpels, lencc, pallo. STft dn. JA 7-8439, S 3200 E. Broadway GE EVINRUDE. 55 h.p. mo or. TO 7-79U T4 FT. Dory boat. CHEV. V4-T. P.U. Dlx. cab S350 or up. HA 1-6079. Ante Ports Repair OPEL ALFA PEAIRS BROS. Bulck. Beflllowe 15734 Beliflower Blvd TO BEST OF THE IMPORTS '59 _______ PRICE '51 STUDEBAKER 2-dr. overdrive. 1350 DN. 4-br., 2-ba1h. built-in rar.oe oven No 2nd T.D. GE 1-OOK JSoa Uicl. escrow. 3-BR., 2-ba. A <t GLASS boat trailer. Steering, wlnihhJeld, TO ENGINE mech condition, casl take over pavir.enfs, After Call UN I1UNT1NGTON n IN A HURRY! S Borrow on your Home. S Ccnwlltfale your 1275. Maury Ave. IOATS EVInruda motors, new. Prices start at J119.9J Jackson's Auto TR-10, ratfo, healer, wtiltewalli onlyf ju rKlllA Powered for thrilling 3-BR. ranch slvle, liresl., beam celling, w-w carpet, bullt-lns pallo; blk- fence, dble. garag< wllh attach room. Ice. lo Transmission 1BI7 American. L.B HE M.G. T.D., new, pairiTed, overhwled, HUDSON: R1H schools, J7.000 FHA Oviner. LEx. Low payments, takt VESTS lo pay. Appraisals within Hour. CALL HA 1-8261 The SUIVER CO. Mil DEL AMD t (Corner of Bdlllowir Blvd.) Buys (with no -trades) new ISM K tt. 10 It. wldt _I3900 IS ft. 2 br. Columbia <S H. J br. Liberty ___ ft. 1 bf. Star ___ S1700 '53-20 tt. Holly, full bam ft. King-twin beds Dale AA 1 TO OW PER GAL. 1 Electric Gear Shift 1 The Friendly .Car Thai 1 Pays Ils Own Way! '1195 ,OE ROSCOE MOTORS Lenej leach slza comfort Rejular ip tt 55 ra.p.iaL 72 28 ft turfliBf LOW SS78. 3-br., Ise fam Ui ba. Corner lol compl .fenced blk. Ideal loi growlnj family. J14J20 F.P. TYHURST REALTY JE AUSTIN-Heary. New cond. H 000 miles. GE MOTORS 1 2440 -AMERICAN 1 K.H 7 V.W. SUN ROOF, UN Soirrt Boy Property Us For The Lowest Cost HOUSING AUSTIN. HEALY, black. Imniac Jun TORRANCE-GARDENA 2-BR. hses. East i Lo mila- 165-J1S5 on. 579.50 mo., ils 3-br. lues. Redondo An hdwd. firs., Itt ba., some btl-ini 3-br. Torranca F.P. No Commission Chargt i SPOT CASH For 1st 2nd larst deeds any No escrow No appraisal fee. No red tape. QUICK ACTION. 14 years In T.O. cvsl ness m L.B. The amount 1 pa s .s ret to seller BANK REFS PRIVETT HE H73J; GE S-181S FiM Bldo 320 E. Artnla, Beliflower TO 4-3777 HA 5-rtOO ROD REEL OASIS YOUR GOLDEN KEY TO GRACIOUS LIVING SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY We Trade TDs. Golden Key Trailer Sales Cor. Oranoelhorpe Knolt Ave Eves III1 9. LA 7-7737, Butna Park Close Sundays for Ur THIS MONTH ONLY Clean t Spark Pligs CkKk Pointt Timlnf AdjMt Ctrkuretor Iniitct System Eltctricil SyttiM John M. Stokes OMimoWI. TIM LakewMd Belllfowtr TO Pom Repair K Honesl Che) Motor Ovei On 6-Cyi. Parts Repair 169 Value! rrolel "haul Special Savings V-8 Modeh 1 Inslall rlnos and Dins. 1 Rirfoe ream cvllrxJers arlnd valves, adluit all bear-Ir.os. PARTS INCLUDE: RIHGS AND PINS AND OIL. fe Grind Your Valves All Bearings en ALL MAXES mi d by Wrrttrn GuaroirlM. iHEUROLET elvrrw Comor HE 6-3293 CIO5ED NOON iAnilDAY DAY A IRAND NEW '59 FORD All Models Available AS LOW AS MO, Eaulnofd wfth Fordo matic, radio, hMter. ncludlr.g all maintenance. This Tease available Jo FndMtfuals n welJ at larc< companln Will or one hundred. Me! Burns at Nekars-jlm, Germany No Down Pymf. (with zoo. credit) 5075 Low as O per week C.StandleeMarHn 1227 Ung leoch Long Opon PRICE '52 STUDEBAKER 2-dr. '199 Studebaker-Lark 1944 E. FireitoM Hit. Down if REALTORS 24011 Avalon TE Prep'rty Lucerne OASIS i) AC.- heirer ranch. 20 ac. a la f. B RoDerlson. 220 Allanllc HE SECOKD Trust loans. J year to pay. Prom pi efficient service Buff Smith Co. TO olltr you a beairilfu new 1959 Id-It, wise Terra Cruistr, Universal, Venus. Roll-Away or Fieelwood at near cosl. RAY'S TRAILER SA1 ES 4747 Long Beach Blvd., L. n Special.. O7 UDCET TERMS' Car paid For er Nol REMEMBER V and Adjust Similar tor MODELS. All Work Cowrx HARBOR 1 Af V AHaHtic at AiKHrelm fAHIJ AND StlVICt ,WfB 1959 88 HOLIDAY SI SCENICOUPE DOWN EE MARTIN KACH LUXURY ESTATE 1 1ST TIME OFFERED Dpcfor Paul Hllsson'i beauiifu 1 homes 3'A acrei. 178 oranoei, s 1 Iruit fovely crourrf 1 affording view gr; 1 citxn Coofeflio, spilt <v< 1 TICHTM I LeWoe tTcvne room, ex per I rmoorled waMpaMr wood par I cMno. Cuslom draws, kxuriou waif (o wall carpeting, 3 fir 1 VU C. STANDL 1227 LONG WE nay cash for isl I 2nd TDi r. Top price. No de'av NE 17S44 LAXEWOOD, A51516 115 mo. Due 1'fi vr Olsc. lo yield U 23% HE trailers, new, sleep t. E835 Alorufra, Paramounl. ME T.D 7% 5 vr, Dlscounl 20K HE 7-I545. tsno 2ND T.D, DM I 79-fl. with bath Xlnl. cond. 11700. TE -TOH4. 'a TRAILER, Jl-tt. LlMrly. JS% dftc. OE OrMOfl. Lot 204. GA