Tuesday, March 10, 1959

Press Telegram

Location: Long Beach, California

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Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - March 10, 1959, Long Beach, California LOOT RECOVERED 4 'Amateur' Robbers Seized in Bank Holdup U. S. REJECTS MR. K'S BID ON BERLIN TROOPS THREE OF THE "AMATEUR" BANDITS accused of holdup of a Massapequa, N. Y., bank while wearing grotesque Halloween masks are lined up at Nassau County police headquarters after their arrest. From left are William McHen- ry, 31, insurance salesman; Richard Hatch, 53, blueprint developer; and Ana- tole Rylsky, 44, tavernkeeper. They were caught dividing photo.) Ike Convinced Defense Plan Meets Needs WASHINGTON WV-Presi- dent Eisenhower was quoted .today as saying he is con- vinced his defense program meets the needs of the situa- tion despite the alarms voiced by some Congressional Demo- crats. Republ i c a n Congressional leaders reported after their regular weekly White House session that Eisenhower also said he of course puts the defense of the country ahead of everything else. There have been sugges tions from Democratic critics that Eisenhower was so bent on balancing the budget that he was ready to weaken de- fenses in order to do it. 6 THE DEFENSE program was reviewed thoroughly, the GOP leaders said, during meeting with the President. The review was against the background of mounting de mands among some Demo crats that defense spending be increased, and more man power provided for the armct services. Both Rep. Charles A. Hal leek of Indiana, the Hous GOP leader, and Sen. Leveret Saltonstall a mem her of the Senate Armed Serv ices Committee, told newsmc that in their opinion the Pres ident is the outstanding ex pert in the field of nationa defense needs. Halleck added that the Re publican leaders who attenc ed today's weekly sessio were in absolute agreemen with Eisenhower that the de fense program is adequate. The demands in Congres for stepped-up defense spent ing have been linked particu larly with the Berlin situation MASSAPEQUA, N. Y. UP) men with a variety of ordinary occupations who allegedly decided to take up a new rob- seized early to- day less than 15 hours after a fast-moving but amateurish stickup here Monday. Officers burst in on three of the men counting stacks of bills at the home of one of them. The police action as so fast none of the men ad a chance to grab at any the guns in a small arsenal them. The look on their faces as said one the raiding officers. Arrest of the quartet so uickly was attributed to Dad, Three Kiddies Die in Home Fire LISBON FALLS, Maine children and their step-father perished in a roaring inferno early today when fire leveled their two- story home. Neighbors said Lester Sim- mons, a 30-year-old laborer, was trapped in an attempt to rescue the children. One of the children re- portedly pushed her mother, Sara, to safety through a sec- ond-story window, then be- came trapped herself as a door shut, on her. THOMAS PARKS Implicated Others >ainstaking detective wor >ased on the slimmest incident seemingl unrelated to a bank robber} DETECTIVES GOT a t: that one of the men, Thoma 'arks, 27-year-old plumber i Bay Shore, N. Y., had gone 1 New York recently to buy pair of handcuffs. Parks was picked up fi questioning about 10 p.m less than eight hours aft the robbery at machinegu point of the Security Nation Bank in this Long Jslan community. Officers thoug there might be some conne lion with recent robberies which victims were han cuffed, although none h; been used at the bank. Parks denied buying ai handcuffs, authorities sai finally admitted he h bought some grotesque face (Continued on Pg. A-6, Col. 2) raq Radio >ays Revolt s Crushed Russ Saying Same Thing, Aids Assert Brandt Blasts Soviet Proposal at Expansion Try Compiled from AP t UP] The United States today dismissed as meaningless So- viet Premier Nikita Khrush- chev's offer to let some Allied troops remain in West Berlin if it became a "free proposed by the Russians. State Department spokes- man Lincoln White said this offer and other so-called con- cessions made by the Russian eader in recent statements are "simply saying the same thing over in different terms." White said all of Khrush- chev's recent "suggestions are a variant of the original one" made by Russia in its note of Nov. 27. At that time Khrushchev urged the West- ern Allies to pull their forces out of West Berlin by May 27 and permit it to become a "demilitarized free city." HOME The Southland's Finest Evening Newspaper LONG BEACH 12, CALIF., TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 1959 Vol. LXXII-No. 31 PRICE 10 CENTS CLASSIFIED HE 2-5959 30 PAGES TELEPHONE HE 5-1161 EDITION I Six Editions Daily) DA Launches Rebuttal in Duncan Case Defense Rests After Mistrial Motion Rejected VENTURA (ffl The de fense rested its case today In the Elizabeth Duncan murde: trial and the prosecution sen to the stand a string of re buttal witnesses. Their testimony was de signed to put the finishing touches on the prosecution' BEIRUT, Lebanon IP- aq's government claimed to ay it had crushed a Nation- ist revolt and huge crowds wept through Baghdad pro- aiming support for Premier bdcl Karim Kassem, the! aqui radio reported. Slogans shouted by demon- :rators could be heard clear- f over the Baghdad Long live Kassem." "Down itri damn Eisenhower" and Down with the plotters." The radio-said the demon' trators marched to the min- ,try of defense .to proclaim leir allegiance to Kassem in ront of his office. The demonstrators handed Cassem a set of resolutions. )ne asked him to "take the ecessary punitive and diplo- matic measures against coun- ies plotting against the raq Baghdad said. THE RESOLUTION men- ioned no nation but it pre umably referred to the Unit- id Arab Republic. It echoec i government official' :harge that an unnamed for eign power had stirred up th rouble. The rebels had an nounced sympathy with Pres dent Nasser's program fo Arab unity. The rebels, whether b; choice or necessity, main :ained radio silence after sign ng off with a final claim t control of all north Iraq las midnight. The silence wa utter and eerie. The victory declarations o Premier Abdel Karim Kas sem's Communist influence regime via Radio Baghdad me no further challenge on Mk die East airwaves. MYSTERY still surrounde the insurrection led by Co Abdel Wahab Shawaf in oi rich Mosul for few specif details had been disclosed b either side. THE RUSSIANS also said that in any event, they pro- posed to turn their sector of East Berlin over to the Ger- man Communists and force (Continued on Pg. A-6, Col. 2) case. The WHERE TO FIND IT A new synthetic rubber, made in the Torrance area, las proved as tough and dur- able as natural real )0on for the United States in case of A-2. Weather- Mostly clear tonight, but early morning fog Wednesday. Slightly cooler. Maximum tem- perature by noon today: 67. Beach B-l Hal B-7 B-7 D-l to 6 7 C-6 Death B-2. B-6 B-3 Shipping C-8 C-l to C-5 Tides, TV, D-I B-7 B-4, 5 Airliner With Dublin Mayor Forced Back SHANNON, Ireland An Irish Superconstellatio airliner with Dublin's woma mayor and 53 other person aboard made it safely bac to Shannon Airport today o hree engines from 700 mil out over the Atlantic. The mayor, Mrs. Catherin Byrne, was on her way Boston for the St. Patrick Day celebration and a montl tour of the United States. Eisenhower Selects Israel Ambassador WASHINGTON R. Reid, a director of the Ne York Herald Tribune, w nominated by President Eise hower today to be amba sador to Israel He w named to succeed Edward Lawson. publican. Reid, 33, is a R L B.-Rome Flight Ends South An attempted mstop flight from Long :ach to Rome, Italy, in a ngle-engine' plane ended MX) miles short of its goal at :14 a.m. CST today when lot Bill Mullen was forced iwn at Bristol, Tenn., by me- ianical difficulty. A local representative of e Mooney Aircraft Co., wnsors of the flight, said ullen elected to land after <penencmg ouble." "some kind of MULLEN, a 3 5-year-old exas sales manager for the lane firm, took off from iunicipal Airport here at m. Monday, alone in a four- lace Mooney Mark 20 craft had crashed twice on' revious efforts to fly to ome. Two years ago the plane -as fished from the Atlantic fter floating for three days nd on an earlier flight was in an Italian vine- ard. Both times the plane for another at- vas rebuilt empt. The plane will be readied or another interhemispheric light as soon as the currenl difficulty is located and emedied, according to Jack ,innard, manager of Cor- porate Aircraft' Associates .ong Beach distributor for the rtooney Co. prosecution picture the grandmotherly Mrs. Dun can, 54, as so jealous of he son's bride.that she hired tw men to kill her. Before calling the rcbutla witnesses, Dist. Atty. Ro Gustafson asked permissio to reopen his. case to ca Mrs. Helen Franklin as a wii ness. HE WANTED to call he earlier, but she could not found, and a bench warrant was issued. Today the war- rant was canceled and the judge granted permission for ler to testify later. Mrs. Franklin, a friend of Mrs. Duncan, has told police Mrs. Duncan asked her to iclp her get rid of her daughter-in-law. And she has said she was in Mrs. Duncan's apartment when Mrs. Duncan slotted to kidnap her son to ;et him away from his wife. Two laborers have con- fessed they killed Olga Dun- Continued on Pg. A-6, Col. 4) B52 Hauls XI5 Aloft at Edwards EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. rocket ship X15, carried aloft under the wing of a jet bomber, sue cessfully completed its firsl captive flight test today. The sleek black dart, ex peeled ultimately to carry man more than 100 miles into space, was in the air for an hour and 10 minutes. North American test pilo Scott Crossfield was at the XlS's controls. The B52 bomber, with thi X15 locked to a pylon unde its wing, took off at a.m. and circled this deser base throughout the flight. Subsidence in 600-Acre Area Halted Motion to Close Oil Field Taken Off Court Slate Preliminary water injection! projects conducted on city-, controlled tidelands continue to prove the effectiveness of water flooding in stopping subsidence in the Wilmington Oil Field, Port Manager Charles L. Vickers Monday told the Board of Harbor Commissioners. Reporting on results of a subsidence study just com- pleted by harbor engineers, Vickers said reprcssuring the oil zones through water in- ection has completely stopped he sinking over an area about 600 acres in size. ACCUSED OF PLOT TO KILL HUSBAND lrs. Beatrice Gurley, 41, Shown After Arrest OFFICER POSES AS SLAYER .y. He said she gave him 100 as a down payment in he deal to kill her 45- ear-old husband. THE ALLEGED install- ment-plan murder drama was layed out in the preacher's STOLE IT SHE WAILS Lady Docker's Gems Worth Gone SOUTHAMPTON, England Norah Docker reported that somebody stole nearly half a million dollars worth of jewels out of her parked car Monday night. "They've taken all my jewelry, everything I've wailed the blonde society figure whose sensational ex ploits have made her a international headliner. The loot included emarld bracelets, gem-encrusted ear rings, and necklaces set with sapphires and diamonds Norah's industrialist husband, Sir Barnard Docker, report ed the total loss at pounds "SOME OF THE said Lady Docker "were as big as half-crown pieces." The British half crown is the size of an American hal dollar. Sir Bernard said the theft occurred while he and hi; wife were attending a dinner party. The car was parked in a dead-end street only 150 yards from the Central Po- lice Station. Docker said they had the jewels in the car because they were on their way from their country estate at Stock- bridge to their London apartment, Hold Wife, Pastor in Plot on Husband MIAMI, Fla. 41-year-old woman and a oung preacher were arrested Monday after a detec- ve said he posed as a professional killer in an alleged ot against the woman's husband. Mrs. Beatrice Gurley, other of three grown chil- ren, and John A. Walker, the preacher, were ooked for investigation ofj onspiracy to murder Hugh rnest Gurley. Detective Jack Metcalf, ho-said he played the killer- 3r-hire, arrested Mrs. Gur- hidden tape re- mstion picture ar while a order and amera recorded the affair, YIetcalf said. Metcalf said Mrs. Gurley igned a statement in which he said she wanted to hire omeone to kill her husband Valker denied any connec- ion with the alleged plot. Mrs. Gurley was quoted as aying she wanted her hus land killed so she could ge in insurance and be cause he had been "mean" to Find Former Medic Chief in LB. Dead Dr. Kenneth C. Branden- burg, a former president of he medical association here, vas found dead this morning n his home at 217 Park Ave Investigating police of- ficers said he "apparently committed suicide." Pplice said he took a tablet jut the compound was no her children marriage. by a previous Later, Mrs. Gurley said her husband had little insurance and she wanted him killed be IN LOS ANGELES a heap ng on a motion for a pre- liminary injunction aimed at closing the oil field was taken off calendar by U.S. Judge Harry C. Westover. William P. Gray, special as- sistant to the U.S. attorney general, said major oil pro- ducers have done a "con- siderable amount of work1' in repressurizing the area with salt water. He said the companies have submitted affidavits showing what had been done and what they planned to do in the future. 'Our office checked and found that they were making reasonable he said. "On the basis of this investi- gation, the government de- cided to give producers more ime to develop their pro- gram." VICKERS ALSO SAID the ..oods have been successful in reducing .the rate of sub- sidence over another area ap- proximately 900 acres in size. Vickers said the repres- sured area in which the sink- ing has stopped has held level (Continued on Pg. A-6, Col. 1) dentified. The body was found by his wife, Yvonne. DR. BRANDENBURG, 59, was an eye-ear-nose-throat specialist but also was well- known for his efforts in the battle against mental iilness. He was a former president of the Mental here. Hygiene Clinic He was president of the harbor district of the Los An- geles County Medical Assn. 1944 and earlier was the district's secretary, He had served as presi- dent of the Lions Club and Radar Line fo Cover Greenland WASHINGTON Defense Department an- nounced today that the radar warning line across the top of the continent will be ex- tended across Greenland at a cost of more than 27 million cause he wouldg't let her gojhad been a director of the to church with Walker, who shared the Gurley home, Met- calf said. GURLEY SAID that Mrs. Gurley and Walker attended church and prayer meetings several time a week and that Walker's presence in the home had caused arguments. Walker moved into the home about three months after he met the couple at a revival, Gurley said. Walker, as the only member of the Long Beach Tuberculosis and Health Assn. The body is at Mottell's Peek Mortuary pending coroner's examination. THE BODY was found in bed. Nearby, police found a note, written in ink but signed. It read in part: "1 just can't stand the tor- ture of these feelings of fail- ure and futility any longer h. It is better this way. I can't hold up any longer. Life trio who can read and become without purpose took over the Gurley finan- or meaning for me and I do cial affairs. "I'd just take the pay en- velope home to John and he'd take care of Gur- ley told newsman. "Where'd I get my spending money? Well, he'd let me keep my overtime pay." Gurley earnf a week as a truck driver. not have the power to go on. "I hate myself. "If I knew anywhere to turn for help, I would, but there is nothing. dollars. Q, The Distant Early Warning Line now runs from the Aleu- tian Islands, around Alaska and across Canada to eastern Baffin Island. The line was built to give warning of a bomber attack on North America. The department announced award of two contracts to auild four stations across Greenland. Two of the stations will be atop the Greenland ice cap and the other two will be in coastal areas. THE PENTAGON said Peter Kiewit Sons' Co., New York, received a contract to build the two ice cap stations. Danish Arctic Contractors, Copenhagen, received a contract to build one ia I e "AH I know is that I must Ration on the west coast of 'Greenland near the mouth of find an end for my misery. 1II1U jjiiu-- T can't stand it any longer Itivdelq Fjord and one on the I am just sick." coast near Kulusuk.