Monday, March 9, 1959

Press Telegram

Location: Long Beach, California

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Text Content of Page 1 of Press Telegram on Monday, March 9, 1959

Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - March 9, 1959, Long Beach, California 8 BANKS OF AMERICA LOOTED HERE BABY FINDS A FRIEND She doesn't' have a for Jane but this girl, about 4 months, has a new friend, Sgl. M. M. Anderson, at San Pedro City Hall. Po- lice reported a woman handed the baby to a cus- tomer in a.Wilmington tavern Sunday, saying "Hold her for then disappeared. The little girl is in Los Angeles Juvenile Hall today while au- thorities look for her Photo.) Iraq Claim Rebellion Quelled in North BAGHDAD, Iraq swarmed through the streets of Baghdad today celebrating a government announcement that insurrection in northern Iraq has been quelled. "The government is in complete an offi- cial said. "Col. Abdul Wahab Shawaf was killed by his (Ho'we'ver, Shawaf-WSisieJf went on the air Intries Made >y Pass Keys on Weekend Mail Chutes Pried Open; Thugs Also Hit Panorama City Burglars armed .with pass eys entered eight Bink of .merica branches in the ong Beach area over weekend, and looted mail rops of an unknown number f deposits. A ninth such burglary was eported by the bank branch n Panorama City. The thieves struck some ime after the banks closed Friday and before they opened his ,mornihg, police said. All nine burglaries fol- owed an identical pattern, police said. 4 USING PASS KEYS, the hieves entered through the main doors.'Then they used >ry bars to force open thej ightweight boxes attached toj :he letter chutes in the doors. I Then they let themselves! out of the bank apparently without taking anything else, bank spokesmen said. The Long Beach area banks involved were: Bixby Knolls, 3804 Atlantic Lakewood Plaza, 6437 E. Spring St. Lakewood Village, 4140 Norse Way. Viking Way, 4145 Viking Way. Lakewood Center, 5247 Ha- zelbrook St., Lakewood. Dutch Village, 5510 N. Woodruff Ave., Lakewood. Bellflower, 17445 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower. Paramount, 15901 Para- mount Blvd., Paramount. Bank officials in Los An- geles said they could not esti- they The Finest Evening Newspaper LONG BEACH 12, CALIF., MONDAY, MARCH 9, 1959 PRICE 10 CENTS CLASSIFIED HE 2-5959 30 PAGES Vol. 30 HOME EDITION [Six Editions Daily) TELEPHONE HE 5-1161 2 Killed, 29 Injured in Crash of Farm Truck and 2 Autos to deny this from Mosul.) From every appearance in Baghdad, the government has no fear of the rebellion spreading this far. The few army units here do not seem to be on special alert. The curfew which has been in ef- fect since the July revolution was lifted to permit observ- PARIS Prime ance of the Moslem Ramadan, Macmillan Talks With Allies Start mate the loss until check with depositors. THIS WAS: THE SCENE of devastation in Norwalk where truck loaded with workers, overturned after collision. Minister Macmillian today be- gan a swing around the capi- tals of his major allies in which begins Tuesday. The airport is open to regu- lar traffic. Arriving passen- Igers found soldiers, customs search of a Western policy to officials and other airport with'functionaries clustered around to a gov- ernment spokesman's asser- Continued Page A-5, Col. 1) take into negotiations the Russians. I Arriving in Paris to confer with President De Gaulle, Macmillan said he feels the Russians want to negotiate on Berlin. "The Russians accept that these immediate problem! Berlin, Germany and so ought to be settled by nego Macmillian said. He conceded that there are wide differences between the West and the Soviets. He said in view of this, it is all the more important for the West- ern Allies to get together "to confirm our common policy and purpose." IN EAST BERLIN, mean while, Soviet Premier Khrusn chev held a surprising meeting Khrushchev's invitation __with West German Chan cellor Konrad Adenauer's chief political opponent, So cialist Party Chairman Erich Ollenhauer. The meeting, helc" in the Soviet embassy in Has Berlin, angered West Berlin papers. Paris was Macmillan's firs stop, to report to Presiden De Gaulle on his talks in Mos cow with Khrushchev. Th prime minister returns t e a tragic e The Soviet Union has of the that point before. But Corps Khrushchev a "If it is necessary, would even be agreeable tha he United Army's -s rrance and the Soviet and fi or neutral countries tea in West Berlin a S number of are no "They would have the Berlin. Th of protecting the status of the free city, but would more no .right to interfere with the internal life of the Sol em r us to more aro "If such guarantees the Khrushchev in j1 "then nobody would be brews to disturb the Man life of the free city." e WESTERN OBSERVERS pointed out that in son potential tro Khrushchev's plan the we Union would get their ex tary forces into West alread lin. This would not be on a able to the actic In the past the are mo have had some soldiers the n West Berlin to guard fat (Continued Page A-5, Col. Army and the as he said the Marine battalion are being Stennis declared ow facing a crisis The situation there serious by the crude benches on the bed of Hospital, Norwalk. he truck. They were spilled out onto the freeway when :he truck flipped over. Killed were Archie Davis, They were taken to Carobil THE 13 4 OTHER persons still hospitalized included two occupants of a statkjn' tragic error to cut the about 30, of 12416 and one of an aute- brook Compton, and James Albert McKinney, 34, of Los Angeles. CRITICALLY injured were four other farm Harris, 17, and Earl mobile struck by the truck'as the two vehicles headed east on Imperial Hwy. In the station wagon Roy Williams, 31, the driver; his .brother-in-law, LeRoy JRuhl, 34, and Clara F. Bohae, Higgins, 44, both of Los An- au oj whittier, who were geles, and two men identified -eturning from a camping trip in the Kernville area. Also hospitalized were William Cole, 60, of Glendale, driver of the automobile, and his Ike's Decision on Oil Import Curbs Due WASHINGTON wife, Lillian, also 50. Cole and Williams were released aftir in bind existing the globe, nations be dy. Trouble ormosa and ther similar us to re-gree in other spots. d to actually g combat ined and al-I-by alert for IE very units <ely to need ew years? ass of man-A-5, Col. decide Tuesday regarding the future of restrictions on oil imports, the White House said today. On Feb. 28 the President ordered a 10-day extension of the program of voluntary controls on importation of oil. That extension expires at midnight Tuesday. and early morning fog, but mostly sunny Tuesday. Slightly I warmer. PAT O'BRIEN NEARLY IN TEARS treatment. 'f ABRON THOMAS, 27, ;of Los Angeles, told sheriffs deputies he was driving the load of farm workers home from a day in the fields. "When I started down the hill from the freeway I had- said Thomas from his hospital bed. 'Then I hit them again and they wouldn't work. 1 just couldn't stop it" Thomas attempted ;.to swerve out of the path 'of traffic pouring along the busy highway but broadsided into the station wagon, officers said. Then the truck whipped around, struck the side ;6f he automobile and over- turned. Dying Boy, 15, Meets His Heroes Squadron at Langley Force Base, Va. Air PHOENIX 15-year-old youth dying of muscular dys- trophy and his heroes in person Sunday. He looked out of his oxygen tent and a smile split his face when he saw movie star Pat O'Brien, auto racer Jimmy Bryan and television actor Tris Coffin. They were old friends to Gilbert. He'd watched them often on TV. He told his best friend, sheriff's deputy Jerry Centner, he'd like to have them come to see him. Centner said that turned out to be no problem. PAT O'BRIEN handed the youth a base- ball autographed by all the Boston Red Sox, training at nearby Scottsdale. Gilbert thought it was great but he said 'a liltle wistfully, "I wish it had come from my own San Francisco Giants." The veteran actor choked off tears later when he said, "I came to give the kid a lift and instead he gave me one. 1 have four of my own but I felt he was one of them." Bryan left a model of the racer in which he won the 1958 Indianapolis 500- miler. Gilbert asked all about it, and talked a lot about racing. "I was said Bryan afterward. "The kid keeps up with everything and he knows as much about racing as I do." COFFIN, STAR of TV's "26 the story of the Arizona Rangers, left a marshal's star and autographed pictures. "His said Coffin, "seemed to be the one of my horse." There may have been plenty of tears inside, but none of them showed when the three left the smiling youth behind. WHERE TO FIND IT County officials have de- clared war on Gov. Brown's state-county partnership pro- posals. See Page A-7. Beach B-I. Hal B-7, B-7. D-l to 5. C-6, 7. B-8. Death B-2. B-3. Shipping A-7. C-I, 2, 3. C'4- Tides, TV, D-6. Vital C-5. B-7. B-4, 8.