Saturday, July 7, 1956

Long Beach Independent

Location: Long Beach, California

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Long Beach Independent (Newspaper) - July 7, 1956, Long Beach, California FEATURES INDEX Amusements .....8 Editorial .......10 Churches ......6-7 Markets ........11 Classified -----17-23 Radio-TV .......34 Comics ..........8 Sports .......13-15 Phone HE No. HE 2-5959 BEACH WEATHER Mostly sunny today and Sunday with some low clouds and log late night and early, morning. Little temperature change with high today near 83. Friday's high, 83; low, 61. 24 PAGES LONG BEACH 12, CALIF., SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1956 VOL. 18 HOME Oe High Tide Washes Beach Auto Park Phoner Hikes Baby Ransom to ANGRY HIGH TIDE Friday evening crashed asainst a comfort station on the beach here and flooded sections of the parking lot m area at the foot of Atlantic Ave. Earlier, life- guards rescued 15 persons from the turbulent Photo by Roger 15 Saved Anti-Trust From Rips on Strand Seven-foot tidewaters flooded the beaches Friday night, threat- ening to wash away a public restroom at the foot'of Linden .Ave. A city bulldozer worked all afternoon and until 9 p.m. piling on Against GM DETROIT huge General Motors Corp. was accused of illegally monopolizing the manufacture and sale of buses in an anti-trust suit filed by the Justice <il LCi sand on the ocean side of the allU octic ui Department in Federal District Court here Friday. The department also charged GM--with -conspiring with four large bus-operating companies sand on tne ocean MUB u, s tain aiieged mo- building, but the swirling B washed most of the sand away and flooded the parking lot be- hind. The restroom, however, was not damaged although several tons of sand were swept away from Its foundation. About six Inches of water washed up on the parking lot. Crest of the season's tides will come tonight when the water hits 7.1 feet at Bull- dozer operations are expected to be carried on today to rebuild the embankment against to- night's tide. Fifteen persons were res- cued from tide rips which lashed the beach between Linden Ave. and 1st PL Fri- day afternoon. Lifeguards said breakers six to eight feet high churned up the currents, catching scores of bathers by surprise. Five of the swimmers were pulied from the water into boats. The others made their way onto the sand with the help of lifeguards. Motor Officer, in Sloiv Chase San Pedro motorcycle officer Sgt. Danny Danielson exchanged enjoin GM from selling more than 50 per cent of the annual bus requirements of the four firms. GM President Harlow H. Curtice denied the govern- ment claims. He declared in a statement that the corpora- tion "has no financial interest in any manufacturer or opera- tor of buses" and "no require- ments contracts with any bus operators." He also said GM "engages in no discrimination as regards (Continued on Page 2, Col. 1) Czechs on Alert for Rioting Test Urged on Wilson WASHINGTON House- Senate conferees agreed Friday to demand a "scientific test" be- the Army's 'Nike "guided missile and the Air -Forceps Talos to determine .which could best protect U.S. cities and Mail-Rate HikeOKd by House Democratic Leaders Overridden but Bill Faces Senate Fight WASHINGTON OLE) The House, overriding its Democratic leaders, handed President Eisenhower a vic- tory Friday by voting to raise the cost of mailing a first-class or airmail letter a penny an ounce. The roll-call vote was 217 to 165 for the bill. The measure, which now goes to the Senate, would raise an estimated mil- lion in new annual revenues. This would almost wipe out the chronic Post Office De- partment deficit which has been running about mil- lion a year. Chances of Senate approval I of the bill this year appeared slim, however. No hearings have been held on the legislation this year and there seemed to be little enthusiasm in the Senate for the proposed rate increases. Voting for the measure Not So Glorious Fourth final House, passage were 178 Republicans and 39 Democrats. Only four. Republicans broke party ranks to join 161 Demo- crats in -opposing the measure. Postmaster General Arthur <r-------- i E. Summerfield praised the other vital targets against air) House for passing the bill.. He 1 said lie was hopeful that the Senate would act on the bill before adjournment. He said in a statement that if I attack. They took the action as the House Appropriations Commit- tee added its voice to growing Defense Secretary the Senate passes the bill, "We will have relieved individuals of army of the Communist duel between the two rival ground-to-air anti-air- craft weapons. If Wilson does not take such action to halt the Army-Air Force feud, the committee said, "the taxpayers will be the prin- cipal loser." The conferees urged the "sci Bonn Solons Order Draft BONN, Germany (Saturday) .U.E) The West German Bun- destag gave final approval to- day to the government's con- troversial draft bill making 12 and cancelled leaves for securi- ty troops to forestall a possible Poznan-type uprising by dissat- isfied workers, reports from Prague said Friday. The dispatches from the Czech capital said the Commu- nist government alerted all se- curity forces for instant action last Tuesday as word of the Pol- ish workers' revolt in Poznan spread. A Czech Communist trade un- ion newspaper, Prace, admitted unrest in the country. The jittery Czech government took no chances when the Polish workers revolted. Prague reports said that on July 4 the Minister of Interior FILMLAND COUPLE actress Joanne Dru and actor John Ireland, photographed at Academy Awards a few years ago, found themselves m hospital Friday after a Fourth of July party. She had a-broken nose and he.topk overdose sleeping :t...... Was It Haymaker for Joanne Dru? By ALINE MOSBY of postal cost, made better mai service possible, contributed to eventual tax relief or debt re- duction, assured a sound pay-as- you-go basis for fiscal operations and ended the habit of passing postal bills on to our grand- children to pay." The surprise House action was one of Eisenhower's biggest HOLLYWOOD John Ireland recovered in a hospital Friday, from an overdose of sleeping pills that he gulped after apparently breaking wife Joanne Dru's nose and blacking her eyes in a Fourth of July Father Accepts Terms Purported Kidnaper Says That Infant Is 'Alive and Well' WESTBURY kidnaper of month-old Peter Weinberger telephoned the child's father- Friday and upped his ransom demand from to A man's voice on the phone assured the father, Morris Wein- berger, that the child was alive and well. Weinberger accepted the caller as the kidnaper and agreed to the increased demand. He pledged that the money would be turned over to the kidnaper on his terms. The father reported that the on the phone said he was calling from a Manhattan pay booth. "Am ready to meet your 'de- mand, awaiting your i Weinberger assured the caller. The caller said he would watch .the afternoon news- papers for confirmation of the phone remarks and for Wein- berger's attitude toward the ransom. He also said he would listen to an 11 p. m. television news broadcast. The broadcast was named- as John K.-M. McCaffery's "llth Hour which is carried only on the New York outlet of NBC-TV. In response to. what he said was Mrs. Weinberger's request. McCaffery Friday night repeated the "am ready" message. i He said, too, that just before going on the air he received an anonymous telephone call in me comerees mgeu LUC entific test" in reporting agree-1 legislative. victories of the ses- ment on a compromise bil-sion. Republicans charging election-year politics, stood firm against repeated Democratic ef- forts to whittle down the lion military construction au thorization bill. The compromise was the exact figure voted earlier by the Senate. 'The House had authorized a bil- lion military construction pro- gram. measure. ibutefl to the It passed 270-166. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer had demanded passage of the conscription bill to help defend West Germany against Soviet attempts to "encircle Europe" the Middle East and army which carried out the Communist coup in 1948. his motorcycle Friday lor some detective's gear to track down a slow-moving escapee. The escapee, missing from Danielson's home, 1632 10th St., San Pedro, for three days, is a turtle belonging to the children of the 7th Street School, San Pedro. The turtle, who has had the run of the school grounds for the past three years, was put in Daniel-son's custody for the summer vacation by the The 80-year-old chancellor charged in a loud and heated exchange with opposition socialists that the Russians are trying to sweep around Western European bastions "while pursuing a policy of smiles in the West." "This is all part and parcel of the Soviet Unions carefully thought out strategic he said. Tuna Research Set WASHINGTON (HE) The Fish and Wildlife Service an- nounced Friday it has awarded three contracts totaling for research studies in the tuna, Russ-Cambodia Pact MOSCOW tff) Russia and Cambodia reached an agree- ment Friday on Soviet economic 1 for Road More for Load Because he appeared at the City Jail .drunk, a 36-year-old laborer had five weekends added to his original 10-weekend sen- tence Friday. argument. Ireland gulped the overdose of barbiturates at the bedside which a man said only: "Say OK' before hanging up. McCaffery said he did not know if the phone message was genuine or the work of a crank. There was speculation that the letters could mean "Morris of his wife at Cedars of Leba- non Thursday night in apparent remorse over the argument that bruised her pretty face. "He came into the hospital room asking for a reconcilia- eyewitnesses said. "He yanked out the bottle nf sleeping pills and threatened to swallow them if she didn't forgive him. "He swallowed the pills. (Continued on Page 2, Col. 6) 1073 American was sen nurse screamed and grappled! Indochina kingdom. The assist- ance is on a commercial basis and does not involve military aid. The two nations also agreed to establish cultural relations ment ray on ove S toer the rext and technical assistance for th, weekends ,jn jail being the next with hmr" convicted of drunk driving. Jailers said he reported with liquor on his breath two Fri- shrimp and sponge industries, jand exchange ambassadors. -L.A.C. SAYS: Our Future Water Ike Talks Politics., but Aides Still Mum GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AP) Eisenhower discussed his political future with trusted confidants i days. Then June 29, they said, was just plain drunk. They re-arrested him for in- toxication, and he forfeited bail. Municipal Judge Charles T. Marilyn's Mate Gets Passport WASHINGTON Play- wright Arthur Miller, who al- <3jscussecj his political future with trusted conriaamsj 8 p.m. Sunday: most missed the boat, has been Thursday and the predominant impression around through the Aug. granted a six-month passport tpmrjorarv white House was that he still is running for 17.19 weekend, then warned Smith ordered him into court Friday to explain.. Grisback ad- mitted he'd had "a few drinks" on that date. Judge Smith extended to accompany actress Marilyn Monroe on a. honeymoon in Europe, the State Department announced Friday. Approval of Miller's travel ap- plication had been delayed while he answered certain "derogatory that kept a passport him two The future water supply of Southern California is being decided in the San Francisco hearing by a U. S. Supreme Court Master. It is a hearing on the suit brought by Arizona in which that state seeks to de- prive California of about 30 per cent of the Colorado River w.ater allotted to us in agreements made many years ago. When Hoover Dam was built it was agreed ihat Southern California should have acre feet of Colorado River water annually. The Arizona suit contends this should be cut to acre feet. An acre foot of water means an amount of water one foot deep and one acre in area. It represents 325.000 gallons. The average per capita daily use of (Continued on Page 10) information" from gettin; years ago. On that occasion he only wanted to see an overseas pro- duction of one of his plays. This time, with a honeymoon with the curvaceous Miss Monroe at stake, Miller made an all-out effort to clear his name. The only thing1 now standing in the way of the lanky prizer winning author and the overseas trip with America's best-known blonde is a threatened congres- sional contempt citation. a second term. Almost four weeks to the day since a major intestinal opera- tion cast new shadows on his intentions, Eisenhower talked politics this morning with Presi- dential assistant Sherman Adams and press secretary James C. Hagerty. Any definite decision, If there was one, was a secret locked up tighfly among this trio. But Hagerty_came away from Argentine Election BUENOS AIRES dent Pedro Aramburu an- nonuced Friday the first nation- al election since the overthrow of Juan D. Peron would be held some time in the last three months of 1957. 1 his talk President in bubbling good humor, wearing a Cheshire cat grin, and eager to volunteer to newsmen that he had been' chatting with the boss about "both personal poli- tics and general politics." Did the President say whether he would run again? a report- er inquired. "I am not going to Hagerty replied. If Eisenhower had said he wouldn't keep his hat in the ring would Hagerty-be grinning the way he was? "I might have been grinning him: one way or the he "if you appear at the jail with alcohol on your breath again, you're going to jail for 90 days not just on weekends." 250 Battling Santa Anita Canyon Blaze SIERRA MADRE (KB) watershed fire, apparently start- ed by children playing with matches, roared out of control in Santa Anita Canyon Friday night about two miles north of here in Angeles National Forest. The Blaze, consuming mostly brush, broke out in the after- noon and blackened more than 80 acres by nightfall. The U.S. Forest Service said it hoped to control the blaze, by 6 a.m, today. Two hundred and fifty men are fighting the blaze. grinning. This afternoon brought the first medical' bulletin on El- senhower since he came to his Gettysburg home last Satur- day from Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington. Here is the report, by Maj. Gen. Howard M. Snyder, the President's personal physician; Maj. Gen. Leonard D. Heaton, who performed the June 9 operation, and Dr. Isidor Ravdin of the University of Pennsyl- vania, a consultant: "The President has had a very satisfactory week. His convalescent progress has been steady and uneventful. He has continued to gain strength daily. He is eating a. normal diet. "Dr. Snyder and Dr. Heaton invited Dr. Ravdin to visit the President -Friday. After seeing the President, Dr. Ravdin ex- pressed himself as being very pleased with the marked im- provement that the President has had this week." Ireland's stomach- was pumped out and he was con- fined to a hospital bed near his wife's. As is usual with Hollywood battles, two versions were given as to why the beautiful brunette actress and her lanky actor hus- band wound up in the hospital. They had celebrated the Fourth at a barbecue at tha home of actor Mark Stevens and his wife. "We had an actress explained from her hos-j pital bed. "My face was hurt in a car accident on the way home." But friends of Joanne said she told them Ireland landed a haymaker on her pert nose dur- ing the domestic fracas. 7 BLOCKS AT 70 JUST MINIMUM FORCINNAMON WM says mostly sunny today and isn't this weather invigo- rating? Consider the 70-year-old mar- ket clerk, then, who chased a 15-year-old boy seven blocks Friday in Long Beach. Seems the lad swiped a cinnamon nut Yum-yum twist. There are those, too, who would walk a mile for a smoke. Conclusion: A cigarette is a cigarette but a cinnamon nut twist is a tasty pastry. Fire Controlled SANTA BARBARA (U.E) A blaze in Los Padres National Forest was controlled Friday after blackening about 100 acres of valuable watershed in Kern County. More than 200 fire fighters were on the lines at the height of the blaze. 'STOP, 70-Year-Old Man OutrunsTeen-Ager A 70-year-old man chased a 15-year-old toy seven blocks on foot to arrest him for stealing a cinnamon nut twist Friday afternoon. Market clerk Clarence N. Leavitt, 1915 Atlantic Ave., told police he saw the boy steal the pastry and followed him out of Leighton's Market 546 E. Pacific Coast Hwy., yelling'in the traditional fashion, The boy, however, ran. Despite his 70 years, IIIC UUV, I1UWCYCA, Leavitt chased him one block to Atlantic Aye. and then six blocks north on Atlantic Ave. to finally cap- The boy was turned over to the juvenile bureau. The cinnamon nut twist is valued at 39 cents.