Wednesday, October 17, 1945

Long Beach Independent

Location: Long Beach, California

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Long Beach Independent (Newspaper) - October 17, 1945, Long Beach, California Navy to Release One-Third By Jan. 1 Discharge Point Score Drops Nov. 1 J'VM) nary tonight an- pro- which wilt about of by 1946. November I, the re- point score for male officers (55 be reduced from 49 to 48 for main enlisted personnel thire will be n cut of from 44 to 41, for WAVE off Icon 'from 35 to 32, and' Cor wave enlisted person- art from to 26. Fw doctors the score will' be re- (hired November 1 from 60 to 53 These score reductions will in- cresie greatly the number, of per- KKlwJito return to civilian stittus fljf the nuvy said, It Is estimated that. by .the tint sf the slightly more, than a urn! more Hun 10DOOO officers, will haye taw discharged. Tho nnvy snld that due to the ipeclal ciicunttlimc.cs Involved In flie requirements for navnl nvlntors review of their status Is being _nHite the present time, Jt is expected an announcement Weeding the release of aviators will be madn before November .1. Mnmwhllc. the navy stated, 'Ivlifor release point scores will "ebntlnuc at <M tm aviators above tte.rank of eiislgn and. 36 for those ef tte rank of ensign. of personnel at separa- ton-centers Is now slightly ahead Mfcedule, the nnvy revealed. Of- ficers nnd men released thus far 1 '-'total Tills is an Increase 6C over the number expected ta at ihls time. i ApproHlmalcly officers Ind men arc being returned to civil We.diilly, the navy said. The- navy declared Its demobtli- ESTRANGED MATE KILLS WIFE, SELF Five Telephone 676-4I Loiw BEACH IHDI PIKMHT LONG BE.AGHS.'-.ONLY MORNING Vol. 43 Long Beach 2, California Wednesday, Communists Entrenched In Berlin, Ike' Declares WASHINGTON, Oct. 10. (INS) 'KInmihovvBr totlav Oennitn hold most of Ht-ntriclr party hi Burlln. lie that "fair anil Imimrllni" elcclloit woitltt cud Ihelr Such an election, he said in a to the war department, would reveal that most of the pco. pie do not wont communism and would support the social demo- crats and Christian democratic un- ion, In that order. Elsenhower disclosed Russlun occupation authorities have per- mitted the communist newspaper In Hcrlln lo print copies while holding other party papers Marshall Greatest WASHINGTON, Oct. 18. (INS) President Truman told the reserve officers association tonight, that General of the Army George C. Marshall had performed the "greatest task of any military leader In history" in bringing the Hospital Ship Beariog 8M Ubwws to U. S. I'KAIH, IIAHBOR, Oct. (INS) The imvy U, s, iVx-lfcd UnmiluHl tirletty tmtoy tot oft M of llgnollilu. Tim KM ft, nllinml MO prfctoni-M of interncen, coBtliuitHt its to SMI Of (ho 3D ho tlteot (ilviw thuy Hud rted ilnrtaf Inlrrmwwl at war to a victorious conclusion. nflrw. In hnnnr. nfin0r' InClUdC! UlC COI71I1 Tittle, Chrisi I ioft to ench. Berlin's four main parlies, list- ed by Eisenhower In his second gover- Police Lug Away 'Sitdown' Pickets Brunt of tabor unresi wns being Son From School Finds Bodies -n crowd Included tho business. "rcmtiiMnyiiif; the suspects (Contlnm.'d on PURO 2) lo Ing crime wave. "1 was relmsod with alwut 3001 Henceforth, any person mmim ling, or attempting Sonle nf 'less murder or robbei-y will Vw court mnrtlnllod. found Ruilty .will be j Trlppi cnmllrd .vosicrd.ny the Whrm he ted played nied the rifiht of appeal ami willimmhall until WPIU Inlo tlw be executed within three his sophomow yi-ar. after sentence. Thunders of Silence (Editorial! .-I, are being lorraed tej combat tho demagogic, intol- "wHngg ol certain opportunktj who preach anti Semilism, and about ov'ery known kind of oto plcrying into tho o! Iho rabblo They arc making martyrs ol thorn erod giving them pub- what they ceuld otherwise hope (or. to blpck the speaking of _nd fch opportunists. Auditoriums are being denied Opposition being Jormod and olherwiso (Continued on Pago 12) fC'nntlnund on J'agc 41 with officers. .Meanwhile film "nar" Krk (Continued on 1'nge 21 Weather for l.nitg Hi'iw'h unit Vli-lnlly, O-iiiily Mini riwlcr tmliiy. Murtitng cots for nliv> doy jinrlod in iln> Munlchwl suijfifl- rluin, KxlMliw dnriniinrit's will, tslti' of IDflfl The nviyw has 10 ihc Will row control 'DffhM) to fur lint ivitfstrmton period. Feofures Index Southland Pays Honor to Halsey Today t l.lfi! l.nrry Crtlllnn Jr 10 19 nm wnr A4m, William wroto In 12 llmv tVttrsuii )1 Knillo Sorloly fl-T Kimrls 10-11 Slutllt It Atliilrf It Sfft, SMI Hiitlun... 12 i tniluy tu Jfi'i'iil i K. t'ltell) Jliilwy, Ilitnl Anh'rtniti lilitiiry. j TfKlny at Jo a. m. Hnte-y'ii Ws; J.u Tiji-iM, Slutwon, PiKDin-os, Pjro I nnvy transport Is duo (i> Hml Rroadwny to 51ih niul JJrrtiKt- i down in AnRfli'S wuy, Ai thai liolnt wHl airpoH en roulir from.S.m Fran- j form! find prowd slmv via will he by Hrniidwdy, First AiiRoit's city ami Hi'ar to iha cMy hill! Adm, W. L. FriCiMl. N.-ivy lli-DMt.s tttnl CoffWlw mv of i he llth nitval district, Krom (wlwluW ID "ivixvr" ndinirnt thi're Ilalwy unt! hln parly will i during bin trlmiiiihani psriiilo to mntnr to tlw city hall liy chy-hiill will wix'lvo lowing route: Si'pttlvodti (Continued on 2)