Friday, January 12, 1912

Hayward Twice A Week Review

Location: Hayward, California

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Hayward Twice A Week Review (Newspaper) - January 12, 1912, Hayward, California HAYWARD TWICE-A-WEEK REVIEW TWENTY-FIRST YEAR HAYWARD, ALAMEDA COUNTY, CAL, FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 1912. NO. 4 William Lawrence's Birthday Surprise About fifteen friends of William Lnjwrence, who resides on upper B street, tendered him u surprise party Monday evening- in honor of sev- enty-fourth birthday. Mr. Lawrence warf out calling early in the even- ing- and when he returned he found his house in the'possession of his friends, who were masked and wore masquerade costumes. It was a bis surprise to him as he hud almost for gotten that it was his birthday. After the merrymakers unmasked a most enjoyable evening was spent wit! music and games, several vocal se- lections being rendered by Dr. Kut- zard. Mr. Lawrence was the recipi (Wit of many gifts, one of which was :ln immense birthday cake which oo- r-ciipied a prominent position in the crtnter of the table around which the guests gathered and enjoyed a fine birthday dinner. Captain Janus J Horree officiated as toastmaster in a most capable manner and short ad- dresses were made by all present. The party wus one of the most pleasant given around Hayward for n long time. After singing "Home, Sweet Home" the merry makers de- parted for home shortly after mid- night. Those present were: Dr. and Mrs. Huzzard, Mr. .and -Mrs. J.. It. Arm- strong, Mr. and Mrs. August Harms. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chadbournc, Mr. and Mrs. James J. Tiorree, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ouster, Campbell; Mr. and Mrs. J. Machado, Oakland: Miss Mabel Jamerson, Miss Maude Lawrence, Mr. William l.awrem-e. Country Club Holds Second Dance FARMERS MKKCIIAXTS It.VNK AND PI KMT NATIONAL HAXK KUttrr OFFICERS At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers Mer- chants and the First Xationa! Hank Tuesday the same officers that were elected last year were reelected this year. Trie banks have made rapid progress during the past year. The following officers were elected: II. Strobridge. Vice Petersen. A. Park. Assistant Park. H. Strobridge, J. A. M. Petersen, Jesse Woods, J. m. Geary. K. Murphy has enrolled in the junior class nt high school after be- ing out a year for the benefit of his health. POULTRYMEN ATTENTION! We Imvc a <-nr of the crleliralctl CYPHER'S CHICK FEED on the way out from their mill lU Chicago, which will arrive in alxHit a wwk. If you buy it In nt tlio Or you save money. Retail priiv IMT slush1 sack of 100 iHiunils full weigh! KAVANAGH-ROSENBERG CO. SOLE AGENTS AVATKIXS ST. and Opp. S. P. Ih-pol Telephone Hayward 103. The second dancn given by the Country Club Tuesday evening in the Bank Hull was a decided success. About twenty-five couple were pre- sent and dancing lasted until twelvi o'clock. A number of those present were from Oakland and they enjoy- ed the dance very much. Select music was furnished by Klggs orches- tra and fruit punch was served be- tween dances. A feature of the dance was the leap year dance when the young ladies' usked the gentle- men for their dance. Dr. Cecil Gor- win acted as master of ceremonies and wus assisted by Arthur Holfing and Adam May. Those present at the dance wen1 Misses Frances Berenice Gra- ham, Ethyle Welsh, Lily Harden Alice Harder, Hazel Hazel Fish. Louisa May, Meta Eggert, Irene Fowden, Katherine Muellen, Helda Neilsen; Messrs Doctor H. Eggert, Adolph May, Adam May. Harry Ilradford, Arthur ISolfing, N. Wesley Armstrong, H. Juhl, Harvey Strobridge, Geo. oakes. Jr., Geo. ileininger; Mi1, and Mrs. A. L. Gra- ham, Mr. and Mrs. k'red Meyers, Air. and Mrs. Elmer Welsh, Or. and Mrs. Corwln, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rich- mond, Mr. and Airs. Leo Haas, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. J. Manning. Mrs. E. Owen, .Mrs. H. Ileyer, -Mrs. E. Loi. Mass Meeting of Telephone Rates Voters Jany. 20th time th TO l.OfVTK IX IIAl The Ilayward Poultry Colony is increasing daily h> the steady in- coming of poultry fanciers. The lat- est arrivals are Messrs Karl and Van D. Nct'f, formerly of Concord but who have been residing in Berkeley of late. These gentle- men intend to raise Rhode Island lleds and have leased :i tract of land near Valley Crt-st. The gentle- her good schools. There is an men with their families will prohali- African in the woodpile somewhere ly move here the, first of February. he should be eliminated before the next call, that is, if he will speak out at the mass meeting. Un- less Hayward votes a high school there will be more vacant houses next year than have ever been here- tofore in the history of the town. The Review knows a dozen who are on the eve of removal but the At Native Sons' Hall on Saturday afternoon, January 20th, occurs one of the most Important meetings to this section of the county that has ever been called. It is for the pur- pose of getting an expression of the voters of Union High School Dis- trict, No. a, before a third election to vote, on bonds for a new high school and the purchase of ade- quate grounds, is called. The people of the district can hardly expect the Hoard of Trustees to spend their time, in the interest of the school and have their efforts meet with defeat. Their time is de- voted to this community FREE and they are trying to car- Are Reduced ry out' of the people bui when the votes were counted at the last two elections they discoverer that their work was for naught. A repetition of those former experienc- es they want to overcome this time if the voters will only come to the mass meeting. Some understanding can be arrived at IF THE VOTERS WILL ONLY SPEAK OUT. The position of Hayward liayw.ird is the place is a that puzzler, will get the benefit and THKRE SHOULD NOT A DISSENTING VOTE. JUST THINK OF hool for and .15 years to pay for it. Now, ladles and gentlemen, it costs money to call elections. There s not a person in the community but what openly admits that a new school is imperative, but there seems to a few details that must worked out satisfactorily. Kvery that Hayward votes down 'londs it gives the community jlack eye and the town goes on as being against higher edu- cation, when as a matter of fact layward has always prided herself Crystal Wedding Anniversary Rev. Mrs. II. Dent Naylor were delightfully surprised on Wed- icsday evening by the members and friends of the Congregational church n anticipation of their 16th wed- ding anniversary which will be on Sunday, the 14th. It was a pleasant social g.'Ltherinij during which the oldest present were rejuvenated by the games played. At the close of the social time, -Mrs. V. Hamer, the oldest member of the church (82 years) presented .Mr. md Mrs. Naylor with a fine large- rug made by her own hands. Prof. F. P. Johnson, principal of :hc high school, on behalf of church and congregation, then pre- sented two beautiful cut glass dish- to the pastor and his wife. Mr. happily responded by thank- tile people for these expressions of their friendship, loyalty ami gen- erosity. Delicious refreshments were writer has begged of them to give the voters here one more trial. These new comers moved here for the pur- pose of educating their children and now when 206 voters, as recorded in the last election, stand uir. and vote against their own town, they say it is time Va move on. SAX I'HAXCISCO KHXiKKTS Ferdinand H. Trick, who has been associated with the Palace Hotel for many years, has resigned his posi- tion to take up farming in Alameda County. Kricke intends to raise chickens. He was a familiar figure in -the old days of the Palace Hotel and remained with the com- pany both at the little Palace in Leavcnworth street and when the new building was erected on the old site. He has made a host of friends in these many years and his resig- nation is genuinely regretted. He said on retiring that his ranch at Ilill- Srd and an enjoyable gatheriln; clos- side, near Hayward, always would be d with heartiest to I open house to hig old friends, says :he pastor and his good wife. Mr. Naylor has been pastor of the Congregational Church for nearly ten ears and enjoys the ynod will and the Call. I'KKSIfYTEKIAX nooi> ippreciatlon hot only of his church. ill of the entire community. j When tile people gathered at the Presbyterian Church last Sunday cv- SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES r- JrtIL UVALJ wjth hjm CanKTe. gational Church win-re Mr. Naylor Was to speak on "Oypsy Smith." the The Pacific Telephone graph Company yesterday put Inl effect the two number system bi tween Haywafd, San Leandro. Ala meda, Berkeley. Oakland and Sa Francisco, states Manager Jlrowi This does away with the old systen of calling long distance when yo want an out of town call, simpl take down the receiver and cal your Oakland number or San Fran Cisco numbei direct, the same a local call. A person can now lull to Oakland three minutes for If cents instead of 15 cents for OIK minute, and 0 cents for each addi tlonal minute instead of 10 cents ,1 formerly charged. The rate to San Francisco will In 25 cents for the first three minutes instead of the former 25 cent charg, for one minute. Additional minut'-i will be charged at the rate of HI cents. if any particular party is want ed and the toll lines In hi held for the party, the old price? will be in effect, lor instance, if you want Mr. Jones at No. and th< Western Pacific Looking Up Data nf line has to he held until they up Mr. Jones and him to look tin the new rate does nol apply. It is just when you talk ti the party at such and such a phinn who answers or in other words can deliver your message for you. The show telephone company st-oms to a disposition to meet the citizens half way on any improve- ment in their line, and now if tli transportation companies would do <i.< well Hayward would KO and cheaper rates would he v( acceptable. The charge of 15 cents on the Oakland Traction lines from Hayward to Stanley miles far too much, when you can set on the car there and Iravt-l eijchtet miles for 5 cents. The local Odd Fellows, after their nstallation on Monday evening the ith. which was conducted by D. M. Heck, of Livermore. repaired to the Occidental Hotel where :i 'St elaborate bamiuet was enjoy- ed. After the brothers had dime full justice to the splendid spread. Rrother H. K. LJrunner was appoint- ed toastmaster and Mayor Ileyer. Judge Prowse. Rev. Dent Naylor. Sam Madsen. Arthur Manter and a number of- others responded to his call. The spread furnished by Ilrotht-r Uennett and prepared by chef K. Hudson, was one of the finest ever enjoyed at a lodge banquet. The table decorations were also one of the Vatures. The menu follows: Menu SOUP Mullogetawney Soup RELISIIKS Celery Radishes Pickled I sects FISH Hoilcd Halibut Kgg Sauce ENTRKES Assorted Cold Meats. Turkey. Chicker. Ham. Duck Compot of Peaches. Fruit Sauce ROAST Prime Ribs of llei-f An Jus VKOETAHLKS Mashed Potatoes Creamed Cauliflower SALADS Potato Cold Sl.iw OKSSRRT Assorted Pies Ass-u-t< d Cakes Cream Cafe N.iir MOV For rent at very low rales at BANK OF HAYWARDS. A safe and conven- ent pluce to keep jour valuable papers. creiit evangelist now in San Tran- cisco. And tin- wan The Hoy Scouts will m.-et on I-'n- Jay nlKht the cl-.-ti'.n of ciffi-- ers and for instruction in "l-'irst Aid" bv Hr. Ilrownimr. by the s.-rvic which is ur On Tuesday several office men the Western Pacific from San Fr ciseo were looking up data as to what action the Hayward Trustees and Chamber of Commerce have tak- toward the local service of th Western Pacific. They were after pies of the Review containing th petition of and resolutions passed by the trustees at the instance of T. V. o'Urien. The .Southern Pacific will shortly be running electric trains to Sail Leandro, and it has been stated that the line will he extended here next year. While the people of Hayward arc culling the attention of thy Railroad Commission to the non-service .if the Western Pacific, said a well known business man yesterday, why not the Oakland Traction 'ompany be called to account for naming 15 cents from Ilayward the Oakland limits. Thyra Lodge to Install Officers Savings Bank Increases Capital A meeting of considerable Import held Tuesday by the stockhold- ers nf the I lay wards Hank of Sav- ings. At this meeting W. E. Meek, who has been a director for some years, tendered his resignation. He Rave Installation of officers will hi- held January 20th. of Thyra Vidge, No. !l in Daiilii Hail. C. M SVTTHIMV XH.IITs. TH vor iv rou YOVK I.IBKKU. TKOX.UiK Silver Pereria Co. Phone HAYWARD 98 904 B Street, near Castro, Cal.

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