Monday, July 27, 1953

Humboldt Standard

Location: Eureka, California

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of Humboldt Standard on Monday, July 27, 1953

Humboldt Standard (Newspaper) - July 27, 1953, Eureka, California Recreation- Highlights Road Knights will meet tonight at p. m. In the Marine View office. Friendship Circle will begin the evening with a potluck dinner nt p. m. Everyone over 50 is Invited to Join this friendly group that meets in the Teen Center, 406 llth street. Men's Softball In the first game at p. m. at Parkslde, Broadway Center will play Mu- tual Plywood and in ;the second same the Telephone Employees will play the White House. Horseshoe and practice sessions will be held night at Parkside courts at 7 p. m. movies will be held at North of Fourth at 10 a. m. on Tuesday, July 28. Two showings will be held on Carson Park; one at 1 p. "m. and again at 2 p. m. Portsmouth Plaza in San Fran- cisco is the-original plaza of San Francisco in Spanish-Mexican days. JUST TONIGHT nnd TUES. DON'T MISS T.HIS ONE JM SwCiAfilfl ENDING TODAY! WHEHWORIDS VvlllDE TECHNICOLOR TOMIC 1CITY HOST MISS THESE TWO DIFFERENT PICTURES! NOW TWO HITS You! iEGIIfn AWAMII HUMBOLDT DRIVE-IN NOW SHOWING "Man Behind the Gun" In Technicolor v 1th Randolph Scott Plus 'According To Mrs. In Fire At Barbnrn Huntingtnn. noted trick-rider from Eugene, Oregon will he a feature the Fortuna.Rodeo. August 1 and 2 in the famous Rohner Park arena. The rodeo will be a major part of the For- tuna Diamond Jubilee, which gets under- way on 29... Western Markets SAN.FRANCISCO ( Live- stock: Cattle salable 1100. Receipts in- clude the equivalent of about eight loads of steers nnd a load or so of heifers and the balance mainly cows. Trade very slow with not enough done on any oth- er class to establish the market. Sellers asking firm prices. Calves salable 250. Trade active and early prices fully steady. Sev- eral lots of good calves upwnrd to Physician Father Two Arrested for At Age 92 400 Ibs. 17-18. butchers 20. A few head choice Hogs salable 300. Trade opened j moderately active and steady, j Early sales choice number one ;nnd two butchers 180-240 Ibs i 27.25. j Hogs salable 300. Trade opened 'moderately active and steady. Ear- ly sales choice number one nnd two butchers 180-240 Ibs. 27.25. Very few other classes offered. Sheep salable Receipts include a number of loads of well finished spring lambs. Supply of fat spring iambs practically the largest percentage of any one this season. Market not established. LOS ANGELES (U.R) Rabbits- Live 24-25. Dressed 58-fiO. 1'OULTHY SAN FRANCISCO ed poultry wholesale prices: Broilers, l-Vi-2'.-i Ibs., Fryers, Ibs., 45-46; ;2 Ibs., 48-47. Roasters, 47-48. Hens, light type under 4 Ibs.. 34-35; 4 Ibs. and over, Hens, heavy type, all weights 30-40. Old roosters, all weights, Squabs, 1-1.10. Ducks, 45-40. Young torn turkeys, 40-50. Rabbits, SB-fiO. SAN FRANCISCO _ Live poultry wholesale prices: Broilers. Ibs. 30.31. Fryers, Ibs., 32-33; 4 Ibs., 33-34. CLINTON, la. OP> A spry physician, who at 92 delivered his own son, said today hard work keeps his virile and temperance kept him healthy. Dr. John D. Hullinger's 32- year-old wife bore him an 11- pound boy yesterday at the fam- ily home and Hullingcr said he was "still rarin' to go." The cornet-tootling doctor said his prescription for virlity was: "keep everlastingly on the job." Hullincer, w h o has practiced for more than 50 years, qualifies. He has delivered more than babies. Hullincer married Lucille, his housekeeper, last year. She has n daughter by a previous mar- riaqc. The 32-yenr-oId woman mils her elderly spouse a "per- fect husband" and a "young man." )runken Driving Booked at the Humboldt county jail over the weekend, one person was charged with tampering with a motor vehicle and three others with driving 'while intoxicated. Howard A. Woods of Shively was arrested by sheriff's officers betwcen and ind charged with tampering with motor vehicle at Dyerville. Booked for driving while in- A loxicated were George J. Peter- AfCata LIORS son, 23, of Eureka: Norman R. _...._ Worley, 41, of Eureka, and Rob- rlCfllC I OniQllT ?rt R. Henry. Peterson, arrested by Arcata police, was also chars- ARCATA The Arcata and cd with driving without an opera- Blue Lake Lions Club will hold tor's license. Worley and Henry their annual picnic tonight at were taken into custody by offi- Camp Bauer with the affair to gel DRtrol. cers of the California highway underway by 7 p. m. with the Hue Lake Club as hosts. Follow- ing a barbecued chicken dinner prepared by George Hale and T. Carlson, the annual Arcata School Bands To Meet Tonight Three local elementary school hands that are to participate in the Fortuna Jubilee and rodeo festivities next week will convene :oniRht. Scotia elementary band mem- bers will meet at the Scotia school it 4 p. m. Rio Dell members arc to meet nt p. m., in the Rio Dell gymnasium. Loleta members will meet at the Fireman's Club- house in Loleta nt Radio Programs Kcs. Monrtiy. July 57, I'jvi m. mil. p. Wnndrrlul Cl'.y. p. Oclt Broun. p Oahrlri Hotter. Lxiccer l.umherl.irli Show. JMSp. m Sam flnvrn Hill Ilcnfv I.ornl m Six nivcn nrport. p. Fnlk Munlc Show, Crlrrm Fishier.. m AlKn Sfiizcr New, SMS p. FlrrwrMhrr. p. Time To'Dancr. p m. p. Mutual IU IMI p m Kciltiin I.PWIH, Jr .m. Coke Tlmr. m Dream Time. Under Arrest. The Falcon. m in Tnnilir. Jnlr fn' "'Viill.inM. li Yawn Patrol. m. Mve Jlln U'Hr, n, jnn m Wenther J'iC1 H'BlonM News a. Hemlncway Newi. a. Breakfast m Harper Newn m Minimi Send m._ Mnrv Ixin. a. Cecil drown. a, Let'a Talk Ahoni Oardenlnc. sine Alons. liiiimn. m a m.-Tollo a. Take A Break With Bine. a. Stars tn the Spotllchi Ladlet Fair. Hrlffi. Oneen For A n.-n Ill Noon III p. m Hrlznrrt> News n m fnrm Artvlior. p. Flreweather. I'Mip K-irkxrnnrt m Pacific Coast Headllnr p. Feminine Fancies. p. Lucky U Hanch. 2.30 p. Oame of FM Oni p. Feminine Fancies. p. m rtlixton News I no p. Ilrmlnewny News. p. Accent On Melody. KRED-96.3 nnasters, 34-35. Hens, light type under 4 Ibs., 23-24; 4 Ibs. and over, 25-26. Huns, heavy type, all weights, 20-29. Squabs, 75. Old roosters, all'weights, 17-18, The hawk-moth not only capable of swift, dartlnR forward flight, .but can dodge sidcwise, fly backward in mid-flight, and tionlcss in the air. sses. "eavy Losses may run as high as for the fire that razed the Hanson-Pacific corporation lum- ber mill at Fortuna Saturday evening, when a trim "saw, edgeri mill building, and the entire elec- trical and conveyor systems were destroyed. The blaze broke out only three days after construction began on new sawmill. Presi- dent and genera] manager of the corporation, H. H. "Bob" Hansen, Jr., said today construc- tion on the new sawmill would continue and may be completed before the original completion date of December 15. Original plans had been to include the razed mill as a part of more ex- tensive mill operations. The fire broke out at the .ex- isting mill at approximately 6 p. m. Saturday. The baze was discovered by the night watch- man, the fire sprang up from underneath the mill's trim saw. Two fire trucks from Fortuna answered the call, with about 20 volunteers battling the blaze, as well as one fire truck from the Eureka fire department. Robert Lee, Fortuna fire chief, said the fire apparently started either in the electrical equip- ment or from spontaneous com- bustion in sawdust and bark. There were no injuries reported because of the blaze. General Manager Hanson ex- pressed his gratitude for the co- operation and quick work of the Fortuna firemen and other volun- teers that helped to prevent the fire from spreading. Hansen said the head rig nnd resaw were saved largely through their ef- forts. He said plans for recon- struction of the razed mill were undecided "at the present time. Losses by fire will certainly exceed an earlier unof- ficial estimate, said Hansen, and SB5.000. Azalea Shrine Azalea Shrine No. 47, White Shrine of Jerusalem, will meet at Masonic cmplc tonight at 8 fol- owing a potluck' supper for members and their families. A hobby show will be one feature if the meeting, and nil that have lobby material have been invited to participate. Tables will be set up in the lobby for display purposes. A program will follow :ho business meeting at which Mrs. Parks will preside.. Pvt. Rollan L. Quillcn US 56- 220 282 of Eureka, California has been assigned' to Camp Roberts, California In begin his military Pvt. Quillcn whose fa- ther, Rollan Quillcn, resides at Route 1 Box 522 Rutrsks, Vsllsot- nls has been assltrnc'd Jo Co. "A1 23rd Armed Inf. Bn. at Camp Roberts. HEARING AID USERS -SAVE On Factory Fresh Batteries SUITE 201 507 F ST. MIIMROI DT Monday, July 27, 1953. Page 3 T.V. Time Is NOW! Art Fudem Mr. T.V. DEBT COLLECTIONS >l of In Amrrlri. tollrrllon'.No ill dOMB. JOHN ft. ADAMS CO. Ml tth EUREKA. fh. HI I-4SU FOR VACATION CASH From S50 Up to See the "MERCANTILE MONEY-IN-MINUTES.MEN" Del Rrlihln Loan Officer lion tlniwnrth nranch Manfitr Phil Loin Oflltrr I Salary -'Furniture Auto Loans (Paid for or Not) 45 DAYS BEFORE FIRST PAYMENT MERCANTILE ACCEPTANCE CO. i 511 H Street Eureka HI 3-1608 S. F. Dairy Market SAN FRANCISCO W-Dalry- B1f T JSft el r n A "id Tom Rouse will provide en- Grade A tcrtainment. Willis Webb of the grrrS2 score 67; graded is general chair- Grade A loaf 42-43; man lhc affalr score 65. Cheese: Poultry Producers: Large AA 73; large A 68; medium A 62; small A 43. Western Dairy: Large AA 73; large A G8; medium A 62, small A 43. From Manhattan Mr, and Mrs. Crosby Hardin and daughters, Vickie and Valerie, of Manhattan Beach are visiting Mrs. Hardin's mother, Mrs. Mabel Frost, and stepfather, Carl E. Frost, 3416 Union street. The visi- tors motored here last week and expect, to return home this week. It is their first visit here In nine years. Wednesday Meetlnt Bridge is section of the Eureka Woman's club will meet for bridge Wednes- day noon at the clubhouse at 1531 stop abruptly J street. The point system will be hover mo- taught to any player present If she wants to learn it. COMING TUESDAY TWO SHOWS Music iV Entertainment -jAr 4 Comedy NIGHTLY 'Take It From Me dollar for dollar and Ounce for Ounce THERE'S MORE FLAVOR 111 BUTTERNUT BREAD Pick R1TZ LOAF from your Grocer or LOGGER LOAF tonight. See for Yourself! BUTTERNUT BREAD bakery at 4th and Commercial Streets Eureka "V If you spending money you'd like the job of General Purchasing Agent for Southern Pacific. He upends over half a million dollars every working day. Our large, but it takes n lot of money to run a railroad. A great deal goes fnr frnndft. materials and of the Golden Empire, (.pending many mil- lions of dollars with local people nnd local industry. Many of these arc outfits that S. P. attracted to the territory in the first place, thus making it possible for S. P.. and every, body to place more business in the body to place more misiness in i re This illustrates the rapid industrial growth money to run a rauruuu. n of our Golden Empire. right out again for goods, materials and offlcoi nt Portland. Snn supplies to keep the railroad running, our E1 paso passengers happy and your freight moving NowOrlcaroibuy from several thousand smoothly. Some of the things we spend the money for are either staggering or peculiar or both. More than a million and a half new cross tics every year pounds of assorted rubber bands nearly 16 million barrels of oil... two million gallons of creosote scores of new dicscl locomotives thou- nands of f reight.oirs. These arc just a few. And a lot of the money goes for things you wouldn't ordinarily think of in connection with a railroad, like two thousand dollars worth of parsley. S.P. s vast modernization program, we bought several hundred thousand dollars worth of electronic switching and communication equipment last year. We olio bought more than 90.000 tons of new rail, angle bars and tic plates-or about 50-ton carloads. Southern Pacific buys tremendous quantities of the things it needs within the eight states s'g A STNBOL OF. OIIOON CMIfOINIA NIVtDA UTAH AIIIONA NIW MIKICO 1IXAI IOUKKNA local concerns and individuals. All told..our purchases totaled over 140 million dollars last year-an important factor m the econ- omy of the area we serve. People, nay that money Well, is oneol our Plcasurc to do business with you! WEJTtRK 1 PACIFIC COMPANY. D. J. RUSSELU Prwldfnt. SAN FIIANCISCO