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Publication: Anaheim Bulletin February 2, 2012

Anaheim Bulletin (Newspaper) - February 2, 2012, Anaheim, California THURSDAY. FEB. 2,2012IWhole Home DVR■m r^iiseashowffiNiiaiijfTyjiittit house and resume viewing it in another raom.• Playback recorded programs on up to 5 adiiitioiiaimfrom a single DVR!* « Store up to 3X as many recordings up'to25"0hou7sTnsta^^ to 80 hours in HD! c*■ TRIO Prograniniiiig guide with advanced search features and user customization. > . I i \ t^^f^ /'/^^^^if^ sjÍ* CIGet COX Advanced TV for on|99/monthfor 3 months* '»''»mi riii>jripiif<n-"iiitiiigj|<w iiwiiir^iiliiii'r^^^^ uni ìTir~--r-"-■ . Q) Call 1-888-203-6744 ® Click Omm By G>x Solutions Stores* *Ofcr«cpw»s 3/4/2012. (IwaiMr to new residcnfal^ ^iwdnjuliimii i|>|><y.Aiid»iaMl ates apply ferptyMiwiwgpa^^ HMe Hwm (MR sysim A meaMy {Mi s«rvke fee apples for Ml. te IV EssaMial aiid/MvaiKcd IV1C9M «tf aiMk Orna daoMls caM« he Mcofded. IV OiiliM ic^^ OaBBMM) for 28 days after piemier. Pause and R^^ OOLCP lOP OC tftWT ;

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Publication: Anaheim Bulletin

Location: Anaheim, California

Issue Date: February 2, 2012