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Daily Fayetteville Democrat

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Daily Fayetteville Democrat (Newspaper) - August 11, 1915, Fayetteville, Arkansas DAILY FAYETTEVILLE DEMOCRAT. VOLUME 21, NUMBER 235. FAYETTEVILLE ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11. PRICE 35 CENTS A MONTH. BULGARIA LIKELY TO VOTE FOR WAR BY WEEK'S iIs Reported That Serbia Will' i Slake Important Concessions i Demanded. I By 'itcd Press. SOFIA, Aug. cn- trance in die war looms larger todav of I However, Petrograd Dispatches j it mi. j. j ttccorumg w n nutv i.v j Say That Slav Retreat Will igign offices and Be Orderly. these concessions Bulgaria is to 'a force against Constantinople. Rep SLAVS IN FULL RETREAT irefentetives of llle A1Iies think lhilt _______ both Greece and Serbia will join the GOV'T. AGENTS TO MAKE FIELD TALKS C, W. Watson and B. Mercicr to be in Washington Count} On August 18th. Allies, although the Germans are con tinuing diplomatic and press propa Carranza Warns State Depart- ment and Pan-Anscrican Con- ferees to Keep "Hands Off" of .Mexico; Troopers Clash With Mexican Raiders on Border. EASTLAND OWNERS IWnifTrn DV HTDV JVA1 Berlin Reports Russians in Retreat I Along Entire Line; Kaiser Fear- iganda and apparently hold a hand yet. By United Press. LAREDO, Aug. third batlallion, 9th Infantry U. S. A., is for Browns- i By United Press. j CHICAGO, Aug. 'and officers of the Eastlam! "Aeie in- dicted today by a state grand jury on U. S. DemonstMlion Agent for Ark-j C, W. Wuisoii mid C. Mi'viei, j j government agricultural agent from Washington, will be in I County on the Ifith of this nu.jith on I which day they will hold meeting- in j demonstration fields nn farms be- i longing to Muck Morton, Dan and II. C. I'ortei. A meeting will nl- MEAT so be held at Prairie Grove. TUcst- Permanenl Suspension of Rate Advances of Western Rail- roads Ordered. meetings will be belli in the field.', where practical demonstrations muy be had and nil farmers of the county By United Press. WOMEN MAY BUILD ROAD, leaving this afternoon PETROGRAD, Aug. PHOENIX, Ariz., Aug. men ville county under rush orders from IS NAMED chaiges of manslaughter and criminal I aro U1.ged to uUm, u mcvtinf, ,a om; negligence. of these Topk.s corn culture will be, discussed. may be evacuated by the Russians be- 1 haven't got "gumption" enough to General Funston. This is the second j fore the end of the week, military ex- J mend the seven-mile stretch of high- j regiment forwarded to this vicinity. perts here say, but they consider the general situation at the front as being____ satisfactory. The teutons have been j intend to don overalls and sunbonnets military leaders heie today and it was way between Higley and WASHINGTON, Aug. Secre- suburbs of Phoenix, 400 clubwomen j tary of War Garrison conferred with hurled back repeatedly by the Rus- sians by desperate heroism after the shells had torn gaps in Kovno forts. If the Russians evacuate they will likely make an orderly retreat. Slavs in Retreat. and do the work themselves. This was made plain when the mem- i ue issued at [learned today that orders will likely any time increasing the bers of the Civic club of j forces of United States troops pa- Chandler and the Linger Longer Club trolling the border. Secretary Ga of Higley announced that they were son said today that there are three weary of waiting for the men to transenrts at Galveston and one at BERLIN, Aug. entire tackle the task nf repairing the road- Kussian line from Lomza on the south i to Novogersievsk is in full retreat, awarding to official reports here. The Germans have captured a fortress east of Novogersievsk. Violent Attack. PARIS, Aug. Germans have hurled against the half a French million shells works around Vienne Lechteau in an assault that is so terrible that the forest in that vi- cinity has been denuded. The official statement says that the French have maintained their postions despite the violence of the German assaults. Feared Bombs. AMSTERDAM, Aug.- was learned today that the Kaiser did not enter Warsaw because it was reported way. They secured a flock of mules, many road implements, and began the difficult task'of transforming a rough trail into a gleaming boulevard and when they are convinced that the men are mere triflers they promise to have the signal given, go to work, and put the males to the blush of shame. CALLED FROM DANCE Tft RATTI P of state Lansing advising IV imi> fn New York ready for call. It is as- sumed that they are being held for or- ders to Mexico. The Navy Department won't an- nounce the! destination of the New Hampshire and Louisiana, U. S. war- ships, until their destination is reach- ed. It is understood that Admiral Caperton, now in charge of the situa- tion at Haiti, has been ordered to be ready to rush to the aid of ships in Mexican waters. Carranza has directed a note to [him not to meddle in Mexican affairs. AS COMMISSIONER At a special meeting of the City Council this morning J. B. Scott was appointed as one of the commission- ers for the West Mountain Improve- ment District No. 1 to succeed C. A. Pearson, who did not qualify. The other commissioners are Bruce Hoi- comb and E. L. Nettleship. NEW HOSPITAL. PENSACOLA, Fla., Aug. hospital of the Sisters of Charity, now nearly completed, will begin to receive patients during the coming week. ROGERS EVAPORATING CONCERN INCORPORATED LITTLE ROCK, Aug. Ar- kansas Fruit Evaporating Company of Rogers has been chartered with a capital stock of of which 000 has been subscribed. The incor- porators are M. G. Glymer president, Martin R. Thompson vice president, will be conducted in one of the build- ings of the College of Agriculture at the University. While here the boys will bi- the guests of the Business Men's Club and will be entertained in local homes. Frank Barr, manager of the Lyric Theatre, has announced that he will admit the members of the clubn to the Lyric Moving Picture Show free of charge on the "Cth. By United Press. LONDON, Aug. a battle ov- i er the east coast of England last night and early this morning between Zep- The Mexican chieftan also advises the E. H. Thomas secretary, and i Pan-American conferees at New York jTeasdale treasurer, [that they had better keep out of Mexi- j A. S. that bombs had been placed Tinder public buildings and Russian spies pelins and British aeroplanes fourteen planned to take his life. can affahs. In a message to the de-1 SEVEN reels, Lyric tonight. CHILD HAS NARROW ESCAPE FROM DEATH Lee Holt, four years old son of Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Holt, East Rock Street, barely escaped death by elec- trocution Wednesday morning shortly before noon when in the playful way of a child he grasped a seemingly partment, Consul Silliman says thatlpected and known raiders. Carranza issued a note deploring I Jt is reported thai Mexicans at Ma- anti-American demonstrations in Mex- tamuras intend to attack Brownsville people were killed and twelve injured jico. Vcra Ciuz and Mexico City are jf there is an American occupation of Vera Cruz. Posses are out in all by projectiles dropped from the Zep- now quiet. pelins. But little property damage Near Brownsville, reetions. Two Mexicans have been was done by incendiary fires started' BROWNSVILLE, Aug. ll.-Fuller! killed near Sebastian. by the mvadm? Zeppelins. British repoHs. of kmimt nf TJ. g. j pm KATES RKJH'CEU oinmiwiisn Holds Advance <nt Meat and Packing House I'ro- duclH Not Justifiable, By United Press. WASHINGTON, Aujr. nounces a two days school for mem- bers of the pig and corn clulisi over the county to be held August and n Fnycttuville on 27th. The School W II. Dyer, government taral agent for tins county, nko an- lllterstale Commerce Committal, suspended permanently ndvnnccs in freight rates on grain and grain pro- ducts and live-stock except on train load and multiple car xhipments. The advanced were, also suspended on packing house products and fresh meats except between Nebraska and Iowa pointti. The Commission held as not justifi- able, increases on rates of cotton niece jjoods and also held that the increases in car-load rates from Texas points were not justified. Incieases in rates were allowed on shipments of rice in less than car-loud shipments. Increased import rates and pro- posed increases in carload minimum rates from gult ports were justified by the decision of the Commission. Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana roads arc affected by the decision. MISS MAMIE BURKETT KILLEDSELFTUESDAY Mis? Mamie Burkett, daughter of G. W. Burkett of Summers, this coun- ty, took her own life with an overdose of chloroform about o'clock Tues- day afternoon. A coroner's jury which met at the Burkct home Tuesday ev- ening returned a verdict that the de- ceased committed suicide for a cause unknown. Mias Burkee had been in ill health for the past five or six years anil but recently underwent an optuition fiom which she thought to hnve com. pletely recovered. She was well FLAW IN ELECTION LAW CAUSES TANGLE LITTLE ROCK, Auj? story printed in the columns of the Democrat yesterday about (he tangle brought about by tile now coru-nlidul- wl election !aw 1ms caused till soria of i commotion among ihe twenty circuit Flight Sub Lieutenant those killed. Lord infantrymen near Palmgarden says i NEW YORK, Aug. among those killed. He was dancing I thal battie laited f01. twenty niin- JMadero, an uncle of the Madero who with his fiance just before he wasjutes twenty-five raiders and i was assassinated while ruling Mexico, summoned to battle. She was at untji re-inforcements has been suggested as a candidate for death-bed in the hospital. FLIES LONDON, Aug. 1. (By Allied forces in the Dardanelles are for- jcame and dispersed the raiders. I President at the meeting of the Pan- harmless electric light wire which had "ot only Anting Turks, but a burned apart and had dropped to the midable ground. The boy was immediately I The flies al'c even worse tlla" the rendered unconscious by the flow writes a There wa1- another battle at Norias .American confeiees in session here to- and also at Armstrong but there were iday. The conference will attempt an no casualties. The situation is tense and the country is filling with sus- (imicable settlement of fairs. Mex af- known many communities over the county and was u member of OJIP of judges und tlip twelve chitncciiurg of the state. They hove been .secure in belief th'-v would have 110 the prominent families of the countv i personal interest in the 101B pri- .She was about years of age rf offj L R. Smith, of Summers, who was maii But the new net had been constru- ed by the best legal talent of Uie. state, and nil agiw Hint it is perfert- on the coroner's jui y lust night was in Kayetteville today on busmen. He stated that Miss Burkett left the re- n'- the current into his body and, accord- ing to F. L. O'Neal, Superintendent for the Fayetteville Gas Electric Company, would probably have been killed had it not been for the timely arrival and forethought of Bert Wil- liams, a barber, who seized a dry piece of wood and disconnected the wire from the child's body. Persons who witnessed the accident rushed the boy to the office of Dr. Otey Miller, where medical attendance was given. Gallipoli. Food is black with flies the instant it is brought to light and sleep is al- most impossible, due to the constant buzzing attacks of the winged enemy. Jam, which enters largely into the sweets of army stores, is pounced upon greedily and it is only by dex- trous and long practiced maneuver.: that a soldier is able to beat the flies to the eating of it. Midsummer in Gallipoli finds the One finger was burned off the right Sola'er khaki dri11 shirts' hand and several slight burns were trousers that end above the knee' suffered. The child was unconscious Curettes on the peninsula are an for minutes after the accident. absoiute luxury' accordlnS The little fellow was returning home rrespondent Tlle soldicrs are from a neighbor's house and pay a heavy for walking along East Rock Street when he saw the wire on the ground, and, not knowing the nearness death to which his action might; him, picked up the stranded wire. Per- sons residing on East Rock Street knew of the "live wire' 'and through- out Wednesday morning had been cau- tioning pedestrians and others who passed along1 the street.' The wire was re-connected shortly after noon. W. 0. W. DAYAT sold by small Greek be-1 hind the Allies lines. The cigarettes iaie made in Germany, but the troop? smoke them just the same. GIRL KILLS ASSAILANT FT. SMITH, Aug. Ethel Dickerson, thirteen years of age, .shot and instantly killed Walter Holliday, j alias "Happy Jack'' at the residence j of her parents in a tent three miles j north of Van Buren at o'clock yes-1 terday afternoon and an hour later PANA MA PACIFIC FAIR was of all blame by a cor- SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. oner's juiy. Her defense to the kill- Woodmen of the World reigned su-' inE was sne protecting her preme at the Panama-Pacific exposi- honor, and all circumstances pointed tion today. This was their "day." Thousands of members of the order poured into the grounds to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the order. to the absolute truth of her story. ARKANSAS MAN DELEGATE TO DEFENSE CONFERENCE LITTLE ROCK Aug. The medical examiners of the or- i der are holding a special convention here, physicians from comprising the Pacific W Little Rock- has bee" tified by Congressman Julius Kaban, chairman of the National Defense West "have'IjeaKlle' '1's as a dele- nine states been assigned to discuss the topic of ate to the Conference on National "Unprofitable Risks." The Still Small Voice, Special Feature, Skydomc. 'spAPEkfiRCHiVi I Defense to be i ton, October 4-7. Vitagraph ;many years been held in Washine- Mr. Clarke has for prominent in t he 1 work of the G, A. R. lart SchafTner ANNOUNCE the in- V' troduction of our special "Tailored to Measure'' line for the Fall Season, 1915. If you are hard to fit or have an idea that you want a specially designed suit, you will appreciate the efficient service we are prepared to render you in our neiu depart- ment. A card or a telephone call will bring our specialty tailor to your home or office with a line Of the newest things in men's wear and clothing for Fall, Take advantage of our service. We will give Sponsor Votes on all future orders hooked mainder of htr about o--ij clock in the afternoon as they were! h making kraut on the back porch of fl I the house. About an hour later r a i Ellen Gibson, a cousin of the came to the house and inquired foi Miss Burkett. Mr. Burkett, father of the deceased, told her thai hit daugh- ter was cither away from the house visiting in the neighborhood or was in her room. Miss Gibson then went to the room and found door locked. She hurriedly told Mr. Burkett and V returned with Miss Gibson to th window drawn. That there was a well-directed at- tempt at suicide seemed evident. The authority. "No one believes the I.ceis- liiture intended thai a mini .should run for an office three yours before hu as- jsunted its but if the act lilfciinH what it hiiys, there can be no about it. And every judge who wishes lo succeed himself hud bettei go after the nomination next March or he will stand a good to lose. It if, pre- e root" posteroufi, of ooursr-, but it :r, I'm iaw, and after forcing the open found i i n i and there is no power ouUlde of the his daughter on the bed dead. The T i u .u i Legislature that can cure the defect.' shades to the room were n. i If the law is susceptible nf this con- struction, and for the suite of person- al safety it is not probable that any 'judge will assume the risk of ifsnorinp dead body was found with the head m j it jt rei .fo w; containing chloroform j p_ Orli nomination at that time would :ti'ura Ibis tenure on thy .Supreme un- ;MORE RIOTS FEARRD ifl1 mn- wh'jco IN COLpKA DO. "'vili Ef.DOUA, Colo., Aug. run .-iKiiin men wanted" in ;i 'liicn that mitflit hfrn lh COMING Tex., Awir. II. der .Si-ott" of the uAn-d the v.'di'ldV <ibout lo end. he I old hi', lion, "de Kingdom utri "Ah has teen a VIMON know1-. month Ah a wash bowl and was in a marred condition, health is attributed as the cause the deed. is <'i adnin a certain beauty spot on Ihe hilU heieabout.1 today. And men wunt to it very much. Minuri .stockbig1- and in scant Greek costume, liciintirul young women dance on Uic preen .iwurd. Of course, there's nothing to 'oiiwil. i of when the girls go swimming in Luke F.ldora, sereciied from mon'i. vulgar eyes. cmira'p t- r -it liai.d. an i All tk-m i.u.iibi-iJ An' whah Uey carrion crown gain' in crie Lyle Bryan and Henry D. Tovey tir- i to do rlc.sti notion of kingd' rived early Tuesday morninjr from I dp Good Book prophesied. Detroit, Michigan, making Che was dem carrion crows overland in a new Dodge Motor wai. gwine lo Mexico; dat'a v.hoh 'ley I Car of the roadster type, which they j was gwine. An' what fo' jey 1 purchased at the Dodge Bros, factory gwine to Mexico? To fie at Detroit. They were two weeks en-idat'.1. what for. route, but stopped off for a day or so I "An1 dal aint all, beloved: at several The roads weie. Germans i< kil'in' evor'l "i'j j almost impastable at some ac- yondah and pretty xonn dey'1 i cording to Bryan, but 'very worse ihop heah and you'll be [in the btatc of lows than any (what you will. You iee dt lelse on the route. .Join's eotmii'. mer twine SKVEN Lyric Miry I'ickfortl Vl E W SPAPEJR fl R C HIV E

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