Thursday, July 19, 1962

Blytheville Courier News

Location: Blytheville, Arkansas

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Blytheville Courier News (Newspaper) - July 19, 1962, Blytheville, Arkansas Blythe Ville courier news VOL. 58—NO. 71    BLYTHEVILLE,    ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JULY 19, 19R2    18 PAGES    6 CENTS Venus Spaceship Scheduled Begin Journey Saturday By HOWARD BENEDICT CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. <AP> —With a successful balloon shot in the record books, the nation's space agency now takes dead aim at Venus with an interplanetary spaceship scheduled for launching Saturday. An Atlas-Agena B rocket is set to blast off before dawn Saturday to start a Mariner I spacecraft on 226 million mile journey to probe mysteries of the cloud-shrouded neighboring planet. ! Scientists and technicians labored Wednesday to ready the rocket and payload as another group launched a 135-foot diame-I ter balloon to a point 992 miles in space to test ejection and inflation techniques tor an improved ! Echo communications satellite. *    *    ti The balloon, folded in the nose of the Thor booster on launching, separated and inflated successfully at an altitude of 230 miles and | soared upward to its planned ‘.ra- j jectory peak before falling back ' to burn up in the Earth’s atmos-j phere, as planned, 23 minutes after launching. * • • Project officials watched the inflation flight and burnup of the i giant sphere on closed circuit tel- 1 evision -clayed from a camera mounted in the Thor nose. The National Aeronautics and 1 Space Administration reported complete .success of the mission and said it plans to launch one I of the 13-story spheres into orbit in the fall as an experimental pas-| si vc communications satellite to be named Echo II. I    ♦    • • The    balloon, largest    but    not heaviest manmade vehicle ever ; launched into    space, is    35    feet | taller and much more rigid than I the Echo I balloon placed in orbit I two years ago. Echo II will help determine i whether this passive type satellite or an    active    repeater    type    like Telstar is the most feasible for an operational space communications network. In contrast with Wednesday’* brief flight. Mariner I is intended to make a 4'2-month journey across the vastness of space before flying close to Venus in early December NASA hopes to send the spaceship within 10,000 miles of Venus to unravel some of the secrets hidden beneath its thick cloud mantle. READY FOR SUMMER CAMP — Members of Blvtheville's National Guard battalion yesterday loaded this giant eight-inch self-propelled howitzer on a flat-car for shipment to Fort Sill, Okla. The unit leaves Aug. 3 for two weeks* summer training. Capt. George Ford, battery commander, said 96 officers and enlisted men will make th# annual trek this year. (Courier New s Photo I HSC to Elect Community Committeeman BULLETIN AUSTIN, Tex. (AP) — The Texas Department of Public Safety said today its investigation indicates the death of Henry Marshall near Franklin on June 8. IMI, was murder, not suicide. Marshall at the time was investigating Billie Sol Estes’ cotton allotments. Soviet Offers Nuclear Deal Speak By DORIAN FALK GENEVA ' AP* — The Soviet | Union indicated today it would! w ithhold nuclear weapons from Red China it the West dealt likewise with West Germany and other Atlantic Allies. 18 Candidates Will Here Tonight Eighteen candidates have accepted the Blytheville Jaycee s invitation to speak at the giant political rally and fish fry to be held tonight. Ray Gill, chairman, said ap-provimately 750 pounds of cattish ! country or bloc which does not have been ordered.    j possess them. These countries in The fish fry will be held at the I turn should P led 8 e not t0 seek Jaycee hut and the speaking will 1 nuclear weapons, and forbid their be on the Safeway parking lot. ;    " County and state candidates will j ^     M J \ /IcafAC get IO minutes to speak. Candi-1 VrfvHlQIOvllCS dates for governor will be given .    la* about 20 minutes. Gill said    |    \    ^mISSCO The fire hose may be manned again tonight by Jaycees to douse speakers who go over the time limit, he said Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister.    ,    . Valerian Zor.n told a committee ment t0 the committee which is . discussing side issues while the of the lunation disarmament con-1    „    .    ... lerence Moscow is ready to join bjll conference is in recess until j the United States, Britain and j Tuesday. France in a tirm pledge to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. He said the lour nuclear powers should undertake commitments not, to supply atomic arms or military nuclear data to anv other Nominations have been made for community committeemen, the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service here announced today. Ballots will be mailed to eligible voters on July 23. Ballots must be postmarked or returned to the ASC offices in Blytheville or Osceola not later than Aug. 2. Each community will elect five committeemen. Here are the nominees ! Bassett—L. J. Bell. B. G. Ben-use on their territories, he said.     net ^     w    Bennett,    G.    C.    Bennett, Western diplomatic sources in-    j r ( g    jr    Cissell: terpreted the Soviet proposal as j Joe H Felts A , ex Goble Jr <f H referring to China.    E. Mustek, Charles    Ryals,    James Zorin bitterly attacked West* Terry. German “militaristic and rev an- Burdette chist circles" during his state Parachute Fails; Girl Falls 2,000 Feet, Flits In Lake speedboat, and with aid of Fmd Whit Iv. who was fishing on th# lake, sped to the girl’s rescue Whitely said Miss Frotten tumbled down through the sky “end MARSTON MILLS. Mass. (AP' —Lois Ann Frotten s parachute failed to open Wednesday and she plummeted 2.000 feet, plunging into Mystic Lake It was the 20-year-old girl s first over end jump, and she gasped, "ITI never Almost at the same moment, jump again."    I    L.    LaRoche,    22,    of    Water- She was rushed to Cape Cod! t®*?- M “ fr 011 '"'* instructor. Hospital in Hvannis, where attend-j land, ; d lh , e lake aller Parachute ants were amazed to discover she I!"* from '' ,e P rlvale P la " e , H » apparently escaped serious injury. had scen * lw was tr0, ‘ bl< ', on Preliminary examination showed l L he " a * down and ‘ ea P«l al ' ar her. U.S. Delegate Arthur H Dean came to the delense ot the West Germans He said Zorin’s attack "against a nation which is doing its best to take i'.s place in a peaceful European community oi nations is a piece (rf blatant war propaganda.’ Zorin said that preparations are I^eon Brothers, Tom Callis. S. W. Chunn. Elmer Cole, G. A. Hale. Herman Hart; Gary Jumper. E. L. Thorton. Hays Sullivan Jr., Chris Tompkins Jr. Carson Lake — C. W. Bowles. Richard Cromer, Frank Edrington, John Ellis, VV L. Fleming; Alex Goble Sr, R. H. Jones, H. A. Nicholson. F. S. Reese, J. H. Whitaker. Dyess— H G. Bounds. Willie Glover, Claud Jewell. J. C. Johnson; George Linton, W. H. Mahan, NOT J. F. K. BUT MORE EXPERIENCED — The honor of throwing out the first ball in the American Legion area tournament which opened here yesterday went to Mrs. J. A. Luckett, 74. Mrs. Luckett has been an avid sports fan here since she was a child. (Courier Nows Photo! only facial cuts. • • • Scott Connell, 14, was on the lake shore when Miss Frotten landed in some 20 lect of water. He said she hit the water feet first with a “terrific splash.” Noting Connell got his family being intensified on the part ot .John Ramer, John Wallace, M. M. several nations, in particular , Williams. W. D. Womble. West Germany, to acquire from Etowah — Virgil Ashley, Knox the Western Allies atomic arms ; Clark, W. S. Cockerham, Raven or the scientific information need- j Creecy; Peru's Military Breaks Protests On the way to the hospital rn an ambulance, Miss Frotten, dazed and almost incoherent, gasped repeatedly, ‘Til never jump again.” Later, she asked: "What did I do wrong?" Fellow members of the sky diving unit of which Miss Frotten was a member said she apparently forgot to pull the ripcord of hor emergency chute when th# automatic chute failed to function properly Miss Frotten. whose home is in Brewster, Mass., is a telephone operator in Hyannis. Gov. Or val Faubus and two ed for their production. "Any turther dissemination OI these weapons would make it dif- Cand(dates who will speak tonight include county political candidates will; ticult to carry out disarmament he speakers at rallies to be held' measures,’ he was quoted as say-in Osceola.    I    inf? Faubus will speak at a rally on Lester Gill, Sulvan Girdley, Lloyd McAdams, Roy Poag, Bob Wilmoth Jr., Larry Woodard. Hatcher—Arthur Boras. Billy Badford, Jimmy Davis, Charles See ELECTION Page 3 By THOMAS J. STONE LIMA, Peru < AP '—Demonstrations continued in Lima Wednesday night but were broken up quickly by the military junta, whose seizure of power brought sharp rebuffs from hemispheric allies.    J    teen-agers,    broke    out    in    the capi- The armed forces clamped die- * n P*‘°tGst against the military tion and appeared in complete 1 lomatic relations. Brazil, Mexico control—at least for the moment anc j Panama said they were study--atter overthrowing the constUu-1 (    , h „ s , luation tional government of President _ ,    ,    ,    , Manuel Prado    Prado, 72, denied to the last the Sporadic demonstrations, which n ’ ililar >’ f hi f‘ s '     lhal *>* were sparked bv students and felons h a<i >**" rigged. Uncon- firmed reports said he was being tatorial nile on the Andean na- Kenneth Coffelt. Bubbs Rickets. the 0sceola Courthouse lawn July Gov. Orval Faubus, and repre- A free chicken dinner is plan- j sedative who will speak for Sid ned by bis supporters. I he speak-; McMath in the gubernatorial race, j in # begins at 4:30. Sen. J. William Fulbright and Bob Holthouse. candidate tor his opponent Winston C. Chandler; county sheriff, and O. D. Brewer, Kelly Bryant, candidate    for    seeking election as    state repre- Secretarv of State;    sentative, will hold    a series of Mrs. Crip Hall, candidate for rallies this Saturday, state treasurer;    Their schedule includes Luxora, I Jimmie 'Red' Jones,    candidate    Osceola, Wilson and    Keiser. for state auditor;    - Frank Holt Thorp Thomas and Tel star Show Set J. Fred Jones, candidates tor Su- j preme Court posts;     !    UNITED    NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) I with County Judge A. A. <Shug> j —The U.N.    _    —     r .— Banks, L. H. Autry, state repre-i from U N headquarters will be I and fled. Another Arkansas Bank Robbed By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS la phone bill. She said she heard i Friday night and made ott wuth The Gillett branch of the De- him enter, and yelled from the J over $5,500. Witt Bank and Trust Co. became ; ventilated vault for someone to Authorities will not say wheth-Wednesday the tourth such msti- i free her.    '    er    they    believe    the    rash of crimes takeover oi the government to nullify the June IO national elections. held aboard a warship at Callao, Lima's seaport PkICE goes up ON ILLEGAL TURNS Downtown left turns in violation of the city’s new traffic signs will cost $5 in the future, Blytheville Police Chief Charley Short said today. "We've been giving only warning tickets for these violations for about three weeks now," Short said. Beginning tomorrow, regular traffic tickets will be issued. Bond for such tickets is $5. Weather tution in a week to fall prey to |    *    •    • robbers or thieves.    The    description    given by Mrs. A man wearing a straw 1 hat and Smith fitted that of one of the dark glasses picked the noon clos- men who robbed the Atkins bank ing hour of the bank, confronted of nearly $17,000 at gunpoint last connected. The state police Mrs. Dorothy Smith, manager, a gun, took about $800 in says a live pickup bills, then locked her in the vaui. sentative; Bob Holthouse, candidate for county sheriff, and O. D Brewer, candidate for state representative. The fish fry starts at 5 this afternoon. Speaking will begin at 8 p.m. part of the transatlantic televi-1 Mrs. Smith was forced to stay sion exchange to be transmitted in the vault tor an hour and 3d via the Telstar satellite next Mon- minutes until the Gillett superinday.     1    tendent    of schools came in to pay Thursday. Two persons have been charged with robbery in that case, but police say it is yet unsolved. The money has not been re covered. Tuesday, the Wheatley hank was robbed of $800. Burglars stole into the Leslie State Bank last Troops, firing submachine gun bursts into the air and tear gas. and police, using water cannon and wielding truncheons, dispersed the demonstrations. Three students were reported wounded during the day. Federal Bureau of Investigation A bigger threat to the junta and other enforcement otticers! came from the giant Confedera-are working to solve the cases tion of Labor, whose leaders were The last robbery, by cornel- I reported considering a general dence, occurred exactly a year to | strike in protest against the mili-the day from the only bank rob- tar y seizure of power. The eon-bery in the sta'e during 1961. federation controls 75 per cent of On .July 18 last year the taylor the nation's labor force, branch of the First National Bank AREA FORECAST — Clear to partly cloudy and warm through Friday with isolated afternoon and evening thundershowers Friday. High today and Friday 88-92; low tonight 66-72. Outlook for Saturday, partly cloudy and warm with isolated afternoon and evening thundershowers. U. S Weather Bureau Agricultural Service Keiser, Ark. of Magnolia was robbed ot about $7,000 Tile robber was caught and sentenced to prison. A over River j day w ith amounts generally less j than .25 inch, but up to an inch I in heavier showers. There will be a warming trend high pressure cell located Friday and Saturday. In the the Great Lakes and Ohio southeast and southwest areas, Vahey was pumping an I isolated thundershowers covering DAILY RECORD Traffic Accidents Cars driven ny Robert Dewayne Bowman; Wade's Trailer Court and W. O. Reeves Jr.. 1013 Kotli-son. collided at VV. ChickasawH<i and 21st Street intersection yes terday. City police said both cars were heavily damaged. Reeves was taken to Chicka sa ba Hospital for treatment of cuts about his tare Where's The Fire? Poll Underway On Tax Cut WASHINTON 'AP) — President Kennedy s aides are polling congressional Democrats on their attitude toward a possible immediate tax cut to cushion the economy. Confirming that such a canvass is under way in the Senate, Democratic leader Mike Mansfield of Montana said in an interview the results thus far have been mixed Mansfield said he is certain Kennedy has made no decision on whether to request a reduction in levies But he added the President irass tire al tmh and Martin I obviously is interested in knowing in advance what reception he could expect it such a request were made. in the session, it j anf j a ballooning deficit.    j    ure through Congress on an un a difficult thing to Chairman Harry F Byrd, D- certain course. Street at 2:35 p m damages reported. No property “This late would be manage, Mansfield said    J Va., stands athwart the portal of    For    instance,    Mills    and    his    com- Kennedy is said to he reluctant.! the tax-handling Senate Finance I mittee    colleagues    might    insist    that to acknowledge any such adverse Committee, determined to figh* ; a withholding tax on interest and trend in the economy as a tax    against any reduction which 1 dividends be    included    in    the    bill reduction request would signal,    would    further unbalance the bud-    to    help    make    up    for    revenue Beyond that he is said to feel thai j    get. if a request were made and re-    •    •    • jected the reaction could invite While he may He somewha a recession that might otherwise more tractable, Chairman Wilbur be avoided.    p Mills, D-Ark . of the House As politically incrediDle as it    Ways    and Means Committee remay seem in an election year.    mains    to be convinced that a tax Congress appears tar trom eager. reduction is desirable at to vote a tax cut There prevails I (imp losses The House voted for this hut Byrd's Senate committee knocked it out ol a tax revision measure now before it The United States qiut ‘j^ easterly to northeasterly flow of less than 15 per cent of the area enounce the coup, sl ‘ s pen e ^ Arkansas this morning. are expected today and tomorrow, diplomatic relations with Peru, I    I    ,    ....    ,    . ,    ,    , and halted further Alliance for The flow .lied in more pleas- Little change us unheated or Progress aid, which has been j ant temperature readings.    Saturday. Options will generally pouring into the country at the No rain was reported at any j be J ora *J or eld work for ***• rate of $75 million a year.    recording station, but radar picked I next da >' s - *    *    *    up some isolated light showers in The southwest arca needs a The U S. action stopped short of southwestern and north-central good general, soaking rain, but a full break in diplomatic rela-j areas yesterday afternoon i I the forecast indicates only isolated tions, and U.S. Ambassador As the high-pressure cell moves ’ act |v ity tor that area through Sat* James Loeb was ordered to re- eastward, winds will become more urda V- main in Lima to report develop- southerly tomorrow over Arkan- ^Vind speed will pick up a little ments. Such consular relations S as. Yesterday’s highs ranged toda - v and tomorrow, especially in between the two countries as is- f rorn the upper 80s to the mid 90s, J southwest Arkansas, and may b# suance of visas and commercial with a '*4 at El Dorado the warm-! 3 limiting factor in splaying op- est and an 85 at Helena the coolest eiat i° ns - Moderate to heavy nighttime dews are expected the next thie# nights. arrangements will continue U.S. aid projects already under recorded high temperature way—school lunches, road, water and sewage work, and low-ineome housing—also will continue but no new U S help can be nego- In any event, a tax reduction i tiatp( j un(1 | p eru fiP ts a govern- would have to be made a tem porary one it the administration this t later is to get the general over I haul ot the revenue code it wants. the United States recog- at nearly all levels some apprehension about how the voters will react to continued high spending i which would start the tax meas t t JO n to get anywhere. ment nizes Four l^atin American nations— Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic— conditions j sweetener of a permanent reduc- also refused to recognize the mil- isolated thundershowers are ex- itary regime and suspended dip-, petted to form F riday and Satur- j Moreover, Mills would be likely j Such an overhaul would need the to lav down some The Bootheel of Missouri reported pleasant readings in the mid 80s. Overnight lows were in the 60s with a 61 at Batesville the coolest readin eported by Arkansas stations. No showers are expected in Northeast Arkansas toda>, while High Yesterday- *9 Overnight low—64 Mean Temperature —76 5 Precipitation past 24 hour* (? a rn. to 7 a in.)- none Precipitation Jan. I to tots oat# —31 64 Sunset today—7 ll Sunrise tomorrow~3 OI This Date A Year High yesterday—93 Overnight low—69 Precipitation Jan I to this d&t# —34 99