Wednesday, October 6, 1943

Blytheville Army Air Corps News

Location: Blytheville, Arkansas

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Text Content of Page 1 of Blytheville Army Air Corps News on Wednesday, October 6, 1943

Blytheville Army Air Corps News (Newspaper) - October 6, 1943, Blytheville, Arkansas j r BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME TBX BLTTBEVQiLK ARMY AIR CORPS NIW8 dAlly except tn tbr interest ol the pereonne of the Army Air Ad Tinoed Two Engine Flying Bcbool ot by BJytbeYllle courier K eontalni the iwwi ol the Air Physical Training Will Prove Of Lasting Benefit To Soldier Exservice men in the postwar live longer and slay in better health because ol the psysl M training they received while In the Tills Is the firm belief of Ralph veteran physical instructor recently assign ed to duly here with the Special Service And he bases his ppinion upon over 20 years of study of physical education and its re Everybody needs he even the crippled ami the In civilian hie we dont get enough of Weie to busy earn ing money that we dont take the time to keep those human engines In good Its a different story in the man has to get out regularly nnd And this required physical training is going fo be of lifelong benefit to the officer mid Ihe You wait and see if Im not Sergeant Smith is a fine example of his gospel that scientific body building Is one of the mostim portant things in any mans he Is heavily sinewed without bemg musclebound and can move agilely as a He is dy and capable of performing great feats of particular ly with his little In he Is willing to bet that he can muscleout as much weight with his little finger as any oilier man on the field can with one Before reporting Sergeant Smith was the noncom In charge of all physical training at the Club at Miami and gained national renown by taking officers some of them only three or four years and milking acrobats out of Relying upon his way with and his study of body lie gained the of his class Of then began frightening their mothers and fathers by toss ing them high in the always catching them ot balancing them on one handashe held them high above his and helping sumersaults and i Mamma and Poppa suffered aculely as Uify but their after the first few days of enjoyed themselves hugely and soon developed supple and unusual Sergeant Smithwasnt He knows the secret of developing childrens Most parents handle their kids he They pamper em and keep their muscles soft Never hurt a but help him build his playing with him in a natural Dont The Sergeant is particularly in terested in the physical training of children and adolescents because he remembers vividly what a weak ling he was as a child and doesnt want to see other kids go through the same Until I was my brother licked the heck out of me every says the And It was small I weighed less Ilinii a hundred pounds and had missed three ycnrs of school be cause of When I was I started loafing around nt the Al Ernest the physical Instructor fook nn interest In me and worked hnrd to develop my Within five years I weighed 170 didnt liave nn ounce of fat on was playing on all the YMCA athletic nnd could hold my own with any of Ihe boys uroimd the Gym I owe every bit ot It to He knew hls stuff I cnii tell After leaving Smith wrestled nnd boxed during his leisure and spent his days as physical in structor nt the Riverside Military Academy at where he worked under the supervision of he went to ivliere lie was physical director of the YMCA until when lie to Miami nnd organized his own athletic operatediuir til he entered the Army in After entering the he was ordered to Atlantic where he taught Rough Tnctlcs under famed Colonel the Marines master commando teach lie was hen transferred to where stayed until he was ordered What Is his recipe for body build ing its a simple friendly tussle Is the finest body developer there is he It gels every Inillds stain inn and and makes a man out ofa h But Smith has to keep his body In with other no one wants to tussle with OCTOBER 1943 A Moment of Peace in Wartime Religion tnkes piccedence oyei the duties ol war as these Catholic members of the Marine Corps Reserve receive Ihe sacra ment ot Holy Confirmation at Camp Fliers Here Study Huge Chart Of Stars ToLearnNavigation William Gardner Reports From Smyrna William Gardener hns re ported to the Blylheville Army Air Field from Smyrna Formerly connected with the Stntc Highway department nt he enlisted in tlie service Private Gardner has been as signed to duty with Qunrct Squad ExYeoman Now Wac UP Navy to Army In two world wars is the military career of Edith Warren Qulnn of Arling in the first world war she was n ycomanetlc stationed nt Washington in the bureau of sup plies and Now she is n private in the WAC Something new has been added in Bvlnlion training at the Blytheville Army Air For flying officers and fledgling military pilots became familiar with tlie landmarks of the heavens through the study of B2 map of the northern in cluding all nmjor constellations and navigation stars from at the to the These constellations nnd bodies arc depicted In whits upon tlie background of a 10foot cir cle pnlutetl on Ihe ceiling of the Tlies Army aviators and pilots tobe learn to fly by the stars as they sit in upholstered chairs and study the layout of the stars and slnrgroups ns they ap pear on the celling Of these men receive only nn elementary knowleelge of cclcsllal landmarks through their study of the They are fliers and arent expected to become ex pert the au thorities nt this station nre deer mined to give pilots most through Ira tiling for combat thnt is possible and they reason thnt an acquaintanceship with the set up of tliu stars certainly wont hurt anyone nnd ivlll undoubtedly prove valuable In Radio aids nre scanty In combat and ground check points are out until n pilot is fa miliar with the territory over which lie is So the aviator who hns even n fundamental knowledge ol Ihe skies certainly should find plenty of opportunity to turn that knowledge to account on bombing So far as is known this is the first experiment of its kind in the United And it lias proven a worthwhile for officers nnrt cadets have interested themselves In the CEiling chnrt and have studied it They have learned the names of he IB cancellations depleted In the cell ing map and have learned the lo cation of the navigation stars ns they sat In comfort in the rooms soft The chart is only one of the featuresof the War ful short wave capable of picking up broadcasts from Berlin and oilier distant There Is a complete library of the lalest aviation and technical mag Intelligence and infromation in addition to one large world map which reaches from the ceiling to the floor on one of the there are strategical maps of nil battle These features were nil planned ns part of the program to Pre par for IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPICOUNTY AtlS S Lew Edith Vest Plaintiff v James Carl WARNING ORDER The James Carl is warned to appear in the chnn cery Court for Ihe Chickiisnwba Mississippi Arkan within 30 days and nnsufcr the complaint of the j my hnnd us clerk of Enid court and the thereof on this the 29lh day of September HARVEY By UUlora c Scal for Pltf Graham ad SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON The California condor is the largest flying bird of the north em Have a Coke Happy Days or how to feel at home m the Bahamas they say in Nassau when they warn to make you Its a happy but no more so than the one the American soldier has made says and hes as quickly understood in Naswu as New Flora the poles to the CocaCola stands for the that tj become the highsign American friendliness round he world lOTTUO Of tHE COCACOtA COHPAHV BLYTHEVILLE COCACOLA BOTTLING COMPANY Coke CocaCola Its natural COT popular names I to acquire friendly abbrcvia I Thats why you hear I CocaCola colled Technician Badges For 112 One hundred and twelve eiillst I men of lie Blylheville Army Air qualified this week for the AAF Technicians The i silver wreath with bars Ihe wearers proficiency In one or more of 24 technical The current awards cover several types of technicians Airplane Link Trainer radio operator and radio AACS radio airplane parachute weather forecaster mid weatlier ob and teletypewriter To qualify for a technicians badge an enlisted man must meet two He must be a graduate of an AAP technical school or an authorized civilian contract or he must have demonstrated to his organization commander his capabilities as a I mined worker In a specialists In a GI must have six months actual service In the AAF in the duties required of the tech iJeloiv ute the men who have tnialiricd for the their spe cialties and their In lie 700h Squadron Radio me Staff John Brill James Puppos Raymond Technical Forrest Thomas Alrplans me Ivic In the 320tli Squadron Airplane Anthony Augus Technical Waller Perry Paul Raymond Albert Constantly Mastir Calvin Roland Paul John Randall Earl E William Mowery Roland Dom inick Mamone Harry John McDonough John Technical William James E Airplane James C William Sharpiess Parachute Staff An gelo Radio mechanic and Arthur John Master Edgar Radio me John n the Third Weather Squadron Detachment Weather forecaster and Master Joseph VVealher Staff Frank J Robert William Teletype writer Lloyd B In the Third Airways Communi cation Sciimdron Radio radio AACS rndlo spe Technical Harold N AACS radio specialist Staff Frank R RoycroJt Staff William Roland John ONeal Radio mechanic Staff Francis Corp Roland In and Headquar ters the 26th Link Trainer Frank Carl Charles Pvt Gorgc Michael J Technical Sergt John w Pvt Clark Technical Sergt Mark Staff Francis Donald Flem Leonard Gicrke Leonard Sergt Robert Staff Harry o Earnest Hadley James Sergt Theodore Scrgt Robert Hymnn Staff Peter W Kech Franklin SerEt Frederick Frank Irving Pvt William Staff Robert William Mansfield Staff Oscar Sergt Karl Franknn Technical Lurry Guy Phillips Robert Cora Rocbrt Peter A Technlcfi PQSrSFIREffii TD Fire Fighting Technique Will Be Shown At Field Friday Afternoon How to put out every type of fire that endangers life nnd prop erty be demonstrated Friday at 3 PM at the Blythcville Army Air Field ns the climax of Fire Prevention It will be the second dciron stration held on the parade grounds behind the and the fields fire chief is an even more dramatic display of the fighting A shack thrown up for the purpose will be ignited by gasoline nnd firemen in as bestos suits will show the quick est and stifetest way of putting the flames All the fire equipment of the department will be shown in ac from the 750 gallon pumper trucks to the smallest Over nn amplifying system an exper ienced firefighter will explain ev ery phase of the demonstration to the assembled enlisted and civilian During this week the drills and displays of fire prevention work will A film illustrating the terrible cost of fires to the national war effort and the meth ods of eliminating fire hazards is being for showing at the Post Unique Wrestling Bout Set Technical Ralph Smith of the Physical Training De partment wili wrestle Bill classification clerk and amateur heavyweight grap in a feature attraction at the Blytheville Army Air Fields gym Sergeant Smith has agreed to wrestle Corporal al lowing tlie corporal to use any holds he while the sergeant lies flat on his back and uses i his Sergeant Smith has a long amateur and professional wrestling experience behind J This unique match will take place on the smile card with six boxing The first begins at in the outdoor ring next to the Post it will be the final part of Ihe program for the Spe cial Services regional conference held here yesterday and Knows His Appetite NEW Elizabeth Fovoni isnt going to cook for her husband any more she doesnt want him to go when she petitioned for separate support from Mario Go she voluntarily handed over Radon Book David Technical Earnest Master Milton Staff Roy Technical Jamfs Master Sergt Adam Technical SergO Claude Master Lewis Staff Sergt Harold Staff Sergt Patrick Staff Sergt William Master Sergt Ray staff Leonard Radio Cart Lewis Radio Stanley Moch Radio operator nncl radio Technical Charles AACS radio Staff Kenneth Edward L Lonis Quaranta Robert Radabaugh Corp John Toolcy Harring Wliat do you want to know In this column a veteran of years of experience In all the noncommissioned officer grades answers questions on Army tradition and comment and ques tions arc Address com munications to the Public Re lations Army Afr Send in your By PETER WAKAKSA Warrant Officer JG NMB What class of supplies con stitute Class 1 supplies Clriss 1 supplies consist of Held Rations O and Field Hntlon A corresponds in general to the peacetime garrison ration and Is generally Being it is not suitable as reserve Field Ration B is the same as field ration A except thnt non perishable substi tutes replace per ishable T li 1 s ration is suitable for re serve In olnct words can ned and dried foods are substi tuted for fresh Field Ration C is n balanced ration in Each ra tion consists of three cans of pre pared meals and vegetables and Waraksa three cans of and soluble As this radon Is not it Is suitable for use as a unit or as mi Individual Field Ration D consists of three Tourounce chocolate bars per It is a nonperishtible ra tion and in suitable for use as an individual An Army ration consists of suf ficient food to feed onesoldier one The A ration is issued daily to all divisions and other units not actively engaged with the In battle one of the nonperishable rations or combinations of ration and D are issued fs here a prescribed maxi mum tonnage for various types of Army The of any of frnnsportatlon is determined by the following factors The outcome of the operation engaged in by troops being served distance to be covered amount of transportation available character and condition of roads and relative need and urgency existing for the supplier Whnt is the Army definition of effectives and noneffeciives The term effectives to soldiers who are treated and returned for combat Non effectives are who are to he evacuated as a result of dis Both terms are used by the medical And both apply to cither humans and ani What are surgi I cal and convalescent hospitals They are mobile hospitals established In the zone o Blve temporary liospItallzaUoii to casualties received from the various combat mills they j What is the dilfercnce bei Ivrcen Oeiieinl mid Station hospi tals General nnd station hospitals arc fixed hcsplials located in thu communications General hos pitals give definitive treatment to all classes of cases within ihe the ater of Station hospi tals serve only the troops in tha limited area In which they are lo station hospitals arc some times called fixed What are lines of communi Lines of communications art the network of and roads which lead Into the combat zone from administrative establishments located in the com munications zone or in the zone of the WARNING OliDEll IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICK ASAWBA DISTRICT MfSSISSIPPI COUNTY AR 8383 Frances Louise The defendant Frances Louise is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plain tiff Dated this 5th day ot Clerk By Eldora Graham sudbtiry for art Seal 10032027 Try our Own Made Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn from SlfJt School PITTED IJY Doctors and OPTOMETRISTS IN SINCl 1022 209 Main Ihonc 2912 Nice Quality Recleancd SEED MILLET and WHEAT Soybean and Used BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN 1800 Main Phone 858 SKATING Every at GUYGEANS SKATING RINK Located on North Second Across From NuWa Laundry SMALL LOANfT Main MAte Mtr Full half soles carefully put on will help keep your feet anr yourself Try Hfl LTtRS QUHL1TY SHOP 121 M fl I N 300 Grade 3 TIRES AH have beencarefully in spected and ALL SIZES Bring Us Your Blytheville Tire WE ATX DOCTORS PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVK YOU MONEY STEWARTS Draj Store mi Tractor Drawn OLIVER DISC ER COMI5INKS HAY RAKES Sec Us For ir Jtl AUTO AITS GARAGE t Experl Work 517 WAsh Phone 2552 Let Us Make Your MAJOR REPAIRS We hope youll never have a collision or n major Hut if yoti weve got equipment and the men who know 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