Saturday, May 23, 1925

Yuma Morning Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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Morning Sun, The (Newspaper) - May 23, 1925, Yuma, Arizona COTTON New York snot cotlon bar liter 07 3-S, IS 5-8. WEATHER (By AwoctatM fair ilny and SnWijjr. VOLUME 19. THE MORXUi'Q SVS, I'OMA, 1HIZOSA, SATURDAY, SAT 23, 1925 KUJUEIt US NO WORD FROM PLANE POLAR PARTY Middle West Swelters In Grip of Sizzling Heat MERCURYHITS HIGH MARK OF flDUKINGDAY 'Thunder Showers Promise Tomorrow, -Claim "Weather Men; Oire Death Is Reported (By Associated CHICAGO, May The Middle West -sizzled in the grip.of a sev- >ere heat wave which riifh-i the mercury to record- -breaking levels for May. But tonight, 'the weather 'forcasters promised, rain :and a cooler temperature. The heat which swept off the plains of Nebraska and the Middle. arid Northwest today, with a- of the wind caused jump upwards "of 40 de- grees in temperature with- in a few hours, arid thous- ands of people who went to in top coats and spring apparel returned to- night with blossoming hats and all .spare parts of attire carried over the arm. One death from heat prostration was reported from Lincoln, Nebraska.. Thunder showers .to- night and early tomorrow promised to bring relief within a few hours. In Chicago, the mercury, hit a new -record for any -May day up to the twenty-second of May, and equalling the record set May 26, 1911. At Milwaukee, a rise of 28 degrees in 20 minutes was recordeoVand a new record of 91 degrees for the day was set. YUMAFLYING PIPI MtLU BtlNu MADE READY Air Mail Flyer Is Here TVIakinjr Final Plans For Preparing Local Land- ing: Place Lieutenant Harry Weddington of Kelly Field. San Antonio, was In town yesterday completing final details with the chamber of com- merce regarding negotiations for the new airplane field on the Yuma Mesa. Clearing the ground baa begun, and within two or three days the field will be ready for planes an'd Yuma will be on tho mall and army route of flyers. H was through the work of the chamber of commerce that the Held was available. Getting the field ready was also the achieve- ment, of this body. It Is onn of tho finest landing fields "on tlic routo according to airmen. CaliforniaWoman- After Family.-Jar With Her Hubby, Seeks to End All By Jumping Off Dock; Tide Sticks In Mud BERKELEY, Calif, May quarrel -yith her husband, a comely young Berkeley matron early, fled their home rand walked hurriedly and. tearfully hr Uie .direction of San Fran- cesco Biiy with, the announced Intention'of "ending it "all." Stumbling through the darkness out OH to little7 wharf, the woman who was tired of life paused for a moment and shuddered ns she giued down into the black waters. Then she gritted her teeth and Tlw tide wns out She landed In six .Inches of water and four of .ooze. Her screams were leard by a passerby who found her stuck fast In tftC nud and sinking-deeper every minute. Bidding the woman in distress to Se of good cheer and as- noting, tier that she. was in no great danger until the tide tiirnpd, the rescuer: rushed to a telephone and notified the police. The officers arrived with-ropes and other life-saving; para- pheruallia. After several easts still sobbing matron was lassoed and dragged to safety atop the wharf. At the-: emer- gency hospital attendants, scrapped off thickest: >f the coat- Ling of mud and the patient home, sUU sniveling but with renewed determination to carry CHARLIE DOTEN ACQUITTED 1RY IN Young: Mexicaii, Charged With Slaying Colored Man, Freed After Seven Months In Jail Charles Doten Junior Is cleared of a charge of murdering William Rhodes, colored, here last fall, the fury .returning a .verdict, 'of not juil.ty deliheratlhg t one hour. The verdict was unanimous, ac- cording to L.'W. man. -'A? When-, the result Doten's aged father tried to thank the jury, hut could not do tears of joy .rolling .down his-'cheeks and his throat, choking, with emotion T.he case went to the jury about o'clock yesterday; afternoon. Arguments for the defense began at o'clock, Attorney Hooyer of the firm of Timmons Hoover, laying particular stress .upon. the way, the defense contended Rhodes "vyas killed. He arranged chairs in front .of the jury to impersonate the seats of a car, then demon- strated how Rhodes turned around, Doten's giin-supposedly fell from his -lap, the hammer struck the car's footrail, the pistol.was fired and the bullet plowed into Rhodes' head. Attorney Timmons closed tor the defense with an able argument to substantiate their contention that the shooting was accidental. Deputy District Attorney Coppre took put little time to present his case, marshalling tho facts'In the trial and giving them to tho jury in a clear, comprehensive manner. Several witnesses were called during the day by the defense Doten himself taking the stand in his own behalf. Among .them were Earl Hall, Henry Levy, and A. H. McClure. The state called F. H. Berry and Mrs. Lizzie Rhodes In rebuttal. Doten made a good witness. He sale he drove the machine to the Rhodes house after Hhodes was shot, and that Mrs. Rhodes' had im: pressed upon him the shooting was an accident. He said he -did not know it was his which fired the death shot until he got home and found one shell discharged. Baseball Anociated PIOT) lUTHWAL.: IBAfiDE SI.' Louis.8, Boston''6. "Chicago' 2, -Brooklyn Pittsburgh 0, New York 5. Cincinnati 11, Philadelphia 2.. AMERICAN LEAGUE No gaijies played. COAST LEAGUE Portland'.9, Sacramento 8. Seattle 2, Salt Lake''4. Seattle 4, Salt Lake 7. "Vernon 6. San Francisco 7. Oakland 5, Los Angeles 10. Oil Rig And Rotary Drill Have Arrived In all probability, work of erect- ing the derrick which will take the. big rotary oil drilling rig'which ar- rived here yesterday will begin Monday. A corps of expert drillers Is on its way here now, and It is ex- pected that'tho drill bit will be- gin biting its way downward to tho liquid gold within a very short time. TO BE MED ON SPEEDS Cify Officers Will Make Drive on Autoists Who Like to Tramp Down on Accelerator Would-be Tommy Miltons and Benny Hills, here Is a little warn- ing to you which you will do-well to heed. Gents and ladles who tramp on the accelerator of their gas carts are going to be summarily, arrested from now on without fear or fa- vor. Judga Stanley will do the rest, and he has a reputation Jor .crimp- ing the pockethdok., "Of late, the speeders have been cutting, up high, wide and hand- said Motorcycle .Officer. All- man yesterday, "particularly -those at night. From now on, I will not go off shift, early in tho evening, and he who craves speed .had bet- ter satisfy his longings some- where else than hero. "And, say, tell them this, too. I'm going after the cars with poor, or unadjusted lights. .Tell ,'ein to .get them fixed up pronto. "Oh. yes, almost forgot.: Giving wrong signals or not giving any signals at all, has been allowed too much hero. From now on, autolsts had better give the right hand signs. If they don't know tell ''em they had better find out Having thus delivered the ulti- matum to Yuraa motorists, it's up to you. By the way, the first grist in the mill was yesterday when Judge Stanley nicked Lyle Novis, "Red1 Black and, Fred Bradford each for speeding. Miss -Fay Coi of Gadsden will learn her fate this morning. NEW federal grani Jury ordered the o: Helen Agnsta (Wsea-Tolk baby farmer, on a charge of firsi degree manslaughter in connec- tion with death of William ma- ters, a month-old babr Trio In iiitttoriiB. HIGH WATER is COMING PplfllBE IRE Meteorologist Gordon In- formed Stage Will Be 22.5 Feet Then; Warmth High water 'coming Meterologist .Gordon of the'local Weather .-bureai? yesterday received the first warning; of 22.5 feet .with a dicated-by jurie.l. :This yis a .foot. higher than the highest so' far this spring.. Warm'weather over- the headwater statesr the past week is.field .accountable for the rise! The gage reading here yesterday, w.a's. feet :A year ago it 'was 23.2 feet. Statistics in the sion' of feather Man Gor- don show -'that June' i; 1924, trie gage was 23.8 feet, and the discharge 000 second feet. Last year's cYest was 24.2 feet with a discharge, of second feet, oc- curring June 24. CAR1CC10ENT Mrs. John Nelson was seriously injured and Mrs. Earl relationship" .between badly cut. about the'head and body yesterday afternoon when a. wheel camp off a new car they were driv- ing.'.on.'the highway'just west of Somerton. Virginia, small.daughter of .Mrs. Earl Nelson', was not scratched. Mrs. John Nelson was- unconsc- ious for over an hour, a medical examination at the office of Dr. Sibert in Somerton, disclosing she was'suffering from concussion of the brain. The cause of the accident was a tlefective wheel, it suddenly comin'g off while the 'women were driving at a fair rate of speed. Mrs- John Nelson is the wife of a Southern Pacific' fireman, JIrs Earl Nelson being the wife of a driver for E. F. Sanguinettl. Both women are now at their homes, here. Clarence Dunbar, live-wire dis- tributor here for the Chevrolet car, is going to have one of the flos- siest show-and sales rooms In Ari- zona within a very short time. Work has. already started on it. Tho new building will be located on Second avenue next to. the Pluraley photo shop. The total cost of construction IB estimated at Since taking tho-agency for tho Dunbar has made it one "of the most popular makes In thin vicinity, and Is to upon bla success. Just Having Spring Here TTlio said Tuiiui was the hot- place In the good old ;u.- s. TOioevcr illil his .don't know his to use a slnnir' Tot-Hcr" day in .Phoenix, dur- '.ing a' discussion of warm, wurm- and wannest cities, first and '..second honors, were .handed, to :i'uuia and KeetUes for being in itiio superlative class ail by them- ;selves." Thcii along comes the State iveather man, and knocks all ;that. sky-high, His figures sliowedrthe follow- '.ing temperatures: Phoenix, 105, Needles 102, i'uma 102 and Tuc- Ison 100 degrees. i.-. Summer niayi hare arrived in but along this bit of the Colorado river, wo are enjoy- ing spring. Guess that will hold you, other towns. PLAN WELCOME HERE1AY31 Sixty Piece Band to Play, v Parade On Main Street, Many Other Features To Entertain Visitors One'hundred and fifty Shriners, enroute to: Los" Angeles to part in the conclave there in Juns, will .arrive hero by special train May and. be loyally entertained by the'citizens of Yuma during their hour's stay, .Mayor Frank Ming, J. Homer Smith, W.-Baird, J. J. Waddell, Clement Colnian, all Shriners, will join with other prominent cit- izens.ot the" city in paying the vis- itor's a w.elcoine which they will long remember. One of t" e features of the day will- be a parade and band concert by a wonderfully fino 60-piecti band carried by the Shriners on their special train of nine Pullmans. Other details of the entertain- Jnent in store for the fez wearers H bo given out later. ALL IN ONE FAMILY II Tliuse "three sets "..of tSvina are dreri r of. Pal meisBal I rich iiiflriufncturcr suburb of .ClilcUgo. They are foui six and eigUt years old; Cotton (By Associated Press) (jencral cot- toni market-.closed 1 point higher to 10 points lower. Futures: July 22.72-23.74, Oct Jlarch 22.12, Dec. 22.29- 22.30, Jiin.' 21.90. New Orleans spilt, cotton 2S.ttO.; COPOYMIOUSLYAlITlNG IIORMATION ABOUT OR SAFE RETURN OF AMUNDSEN PARTY No Message Received About Expedition's Success Or Failure Up To Late Hour Last Night; Secretary Wil- bur Expresses Hope For Polar Flight Eventually Reaching Destination and Returning (By Associated NEW YORK, May 22-The'North American News- paper Alliance announced at o'clock that no word had been received of the whereabouts of the two planes of the Amundsen-Ellsworth polar since their hop-off at Kings Bay, Spitsbergen, Thurs- day afternoon __ The convoy ships, STATCTOAD) YliACmZE IRATEHGHT Corporation Commission To Intervene On Behalf Of This Section In convoy ships, Farm and have arrired at Danes Is- and, and complete confidence in the. safe the plants (Tras- expressed by members of their TOWS. Power Suit LOSES AN EYE Flying Piece of Steel Des- iroys Optic Of a Section Hand: Another Loses Thiunb the -'Arizona' Corporation Com- mission will 'intervene on behalf of he citizens of Yuma in the case of he Southern Sierras. jany California Rall- oad Commission, it was announced yesterday by Loreri Vaughn, chair- man of the commission: The 'Southern companyi which- t power used In Yuma' for. domestic and commercial purposes, 'has rouglit.suit commission; .to Conjoin', it from' pre- venting, the i power, company from putting into" effect 10' per cent ncrease in its rates. .The case will )e heard in Los Angeles before the Jni'ted States Distrifct Court on Juije. 28. Following the notice that 'the suit had been citizen's Yuma asked that the corporation commission intervene in the'case >ri behalf of the citizens of Ynma and Yuma valley, who are cpn- sumers of the power furnished by .he company and who must pay .ho 10 per cent increase If the suit is successful. IS TESTED OUT Jack Morgan, clever driver of the "Ynma Fire Department, was smil- ing like a basket of chips yester- day afternoon. Reason? Here it is in Jack's own language. "Say, kid, that now fire hose we just got in is all to the mustard! Boy, she's sure tough as an alli- gator's hide." Having heard that much, ye "cub editor" sought further infor- mation Morgan put 220 pounds pressure at the nozzle on the hose and 250 pounds at tho engine, 500 feet being iised in the test. It took five strong men U> ihe nozzle when Jack got the nig members all citizens of Yuma am -engine pumping woll, anrt they tho valley who can go are Invitee Manuel Hortrique. S. P employee, while at work on the granite spur, injured his hand and had to have his thumb taKen off his right hand. Pedro Mirando suffered Injury to eye. and completely lost the sight ot it. He was sent last night to the hospital at San Francisco. Track work is being rushed on both, sides of the river and a gang of about 100 men is at work near Colorado siding. The cantaloupe force Is now being put on. Forty men examined today and will report for duty at the P. F. E. for icing cars. Canteloupe trains are mak- ing everybody rush around down in the yards 'and thereabouts. -------.-----9------------- Chamber Of Commerce Going To Barbecue AtWelltonEnMasse The chamber of commerce at its meeting last night agreed to attend the barbecue at Wcllton Sunday and passed a resolution request ing all members who can do so t attend, this big meeting. In addl tion to the chamber of commorc' were back" as jiresseil it. DKJJVKK, 11. M. Ammons, mer governor of Colorado, 4Eod i at his homt? uero. by the chamber to join the proces sion to Wcllton tomorrow and en joy tho barbecue and tho program Badges can ho had by calling 01 the secretary of tho chamber commerce. WASHINGTON May lor the success ot the Amundsen night to "the North Pole was ex-- pressed by Secretary Wilbur to lay, who said the eipeditlonyhad the .very -heat-wishes' of The secretary pointed out that the-T AmundsehrBllsw.orth- ..-nnder- ;aking had an entirely different abject, from 'tlie McMillan' aairv exploring expedition to Pole this was -merely van -to -.reach. the Awhile- the'.McMillan party. wfliv'ilcpJte'-.-'tts' .'.attention r to ex- tweetr'tne 'pole anil .Alaska as. well sections of' Oreen-. land, Tiabrador .and Baffin .-Bay. Sunday, May 24, Wffl Be Memorable Occasion In That City; Hosts Will Be Present All roads lead to Wellton, Sun- day, From all over the state, dele- gations are coming to Join hands with the Yuma boosters in fittingly celebrating the starting'of con- struction of the Eapee main line from Wellton east. Delegations are also expected to be present from Southern Calif- ornia, particularly several of Imperial Valley. The day will be one-of the mott important in the development of this section for many years. The delegation from Phoenix will comprise Mayor Louis B. Whitney, the entire city commis- sion of that thriving municipality, and F. J. Elliott and F. B. WatBns, president and manager, respective- CITYACQUI TRACK UND On behalf of the city of Yuma, Mayor Ming yesterday filed several deeds of tracts of land which tlje town have been trying to get. One was from Agnes Hodges, and was for a strip of land 10 feet wide and 50 feet long along the west end of lot N 1-2-4, block _ Another from the same party was ly, of the Phoenix chamber of for a strip of land 10 feet Vide and 13.91 feet long along the west end of lot 14, block 117. A third was from Jennie Pol- hamus to the city of Yuma con- veying a strip of land 10 feet wide and 50 feet long along the west end of lot S1-2-4, block 117. SANTA N. to run down tho slayer of Xadlne Coen, S, who was shot to death on an Isolated ranch home near Mad- rid, were continued. authority of tho war ministry rldknled a report at- tributed to Rabat sources that men were braced for an attack by the Itliilans on tho northern front of the French zone In Morocco, saying: tilts number was greatly exaggerated. commerce. The celebration has been, in pre- paration for some time, and will be held In conjunction with a linge public barbccuo beginning at noon From reports of the progress ot the Yuma chamber ot commerce committee having the celebration in charge, it will prove to be one of the memorable events connected with the construction of the main line railroad. DATTOX, theory at evolution is a tiling of evfl bom of the devil and fostered by In- fidel minds, In the opinion of Squire Arthur.Benson, one of the three justices of who found .Toliu T. Scopes, blol. ogy tcncher, had taught Darwin. Ism and held him for action by tho grand jury.

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