Tuesday, April 10, 1923

Yuma Morning Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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Morning Sun, The (Newspaper) - April 10, 1923, Yuma, Arizona BURGLAR GETS LENGTHY TERM STATE PRISON Berala Admits Serving Former He fiad Partner On Job. Emilio Berela, the young man who was surprised while ransacking the Borner'of- B. P. Whiting last Satur- jfty Sight, :i'- .appeared In the local jupeflo'r "court-yesterday and pleaded guilty burglary :in the- first de- gree. V "Judge-' Ingfralvara Berelir to the "state penitentiary for an- indeterminate term of from 5 to 7. years. Berela admitted .yesterday tiat :he .had served time before in the :State penitentiary and had only been out-a short time. He also claimed that the Whiting job was the first he had undertaken, thereby dis- rupting the theory of. officers rial culprit guilty of numerous rob- twrios darlni? the past month had 'tfeen captured. He stated he had partner in: the-deal, but this is Squbted by officers, who. were, unable to find any'evidence of a second-man arburid the scene 'of- the 'attempted Italian Princess And War Hero Wed While ce 10-Year Quest For Banker Is Ended Populace PHILADELPHIA. -April d press) and had no April _ Slaughter wanted-'in Pueblo. ;CoIo-j on them Tado was arrested in'a suburb near as he 'always', presented negotiable ra here today after a'search that has been conducted since 1913. April reaching here of tBe' capture near Philadelphia UUIU Ul LUU hia j of Coney former caslii.er their-.deposits, of one of the leading banks, in Search has as e securities, covering them. PollowiuR his esca'pa the institution was forced to close- Its doors and was never able although depositors were reimbursed approximately. 80% of been conducted for (By Associated FreM) ROME. Auril- viva- cious princess of the House of Sa- .voy, today became the bride of Count captain and 'world war -fie'ro! The -king and. queen saw their 21 year old daughter marry .the man of her .choice In the historic Quiranah-Thousands of the. populace Were on'-hand 'to welcome the royal party, -during the welcome continued unabated. Search For Priest Ends With Surrender On Liquor Permits Case (By Associated DENVER, April Walter A. Grace former pastor at Arvada a 'suburb, wanted for forgery of liquor permits walked into the of- fice of U. S.. Marshal Jollison and 'surrendered this .afternoon.- A na- tionwide: search had been instituted the priest. Later he was ar- raigned before .Commissioner Foote and released on bail, which will be returnable- in June. Will Unite Dairying Into One Agency To bio, Colorado. At the" time of -.thej'i robbery. Slaughter made away with cash and securities to the value of He took letters of credit since' that time and on one occasion it was reported that he had escaped into Mexico disguised as a woman. "Momus Special" Proves Very Mum Affair From Standpoint Qf Interest V .i. Pima County Cows Have Received 0. K. TUCSON; 'April of Pima GETTING READY FOR CHAUTADOUA Guarantors Meet And Organize For Coming Chautauqua Session. Quite of the Ellison- White .guarantors for the present- season the rooms of the .Yuma Chamber of Commerce last evening and perfected an organ- _________, izatibn for this year's -work. The v nter jicReynolds concurred ini Samuel Gompers of the American number, of guarantors present was, incision which was instituted on' Federation of Labor charged that the .-_ ,t f fixinK bf. wages .of j Supreme Court had ranged itself on UI.I-ULI.UV -f< n... _u- ff nnnlfnl i n rl oiriinat nil- BEFHOf WASHINGTON; (By Associated Preis) April must be free of restraint in decid- g what wages shall be reasonable cannot be fixedly law according the Supreme Sourt's decision today.; thcre iK uo greater police power than Justices Sutherland, McKenna, Van- j fLxing of wages. j-county's' dairy-cows now have a clean ranee publicity given the.Special..ra- dio messages would be received and disseminated during the train's stop in Yuma, ciallst, "completed the testing work in that county last week. In all. 1764. cows were tested. Al- d during tne trains bLuy in Yuma whUe- aspiring- young j-proximately ten -per cent of the cows geniuseTwere invited to Inspect the showed 'react.on .and wore conf.s- that tho large crowd of pe_.-._ had gathered to'extend greetings to the visitors left rather disgruntled over the affair. hrough .the': help rendered by the emergency relief bill passed by the not as large as It should have been but Quite a .number who were not present phoned in to count, them in and-to assign .them any work that they' could do. The Chnutauaua dates in Yunia 'this, year are April 23, 29, 30 and' Mav 1 and 2nd. Tae following organization was perfected: Officers: John Doan, president; J. H. Westover, vice-president; L W. 'Alexander, secretary-treasurer. Executive. Committee: John Doan- j; H. Westover.. Ii. W. Alexander, H B: Farmer.. S. B. McVay and H McCIuro. Grounds. Committee: Newt Parks S. F. Stanley, Henry Levy. Committee, on Entertainment: F S. .Ming, C. W. McGraw and 0. P Bondesson. Committee on Pubicity and Press: J.. H. 'Westpver. W. H. Shorey. and Mrs. Kathryn Haughtelin.' Advertising Committee: H. B s about all that Iranspiredi except emergency relief bill passed by the h.t Z larn crowd of people'who recent Legislature the armers were allowed a fair, return for the_ cows that were condemned. 'This work marks a distinct step In the effort to safe guard the health of the people, and the knowledge that most sections' in Arizona will permit the sale from tested cows only, will encourage many from Control All Sales Army Nurse Receives Ci f< O. t. o t ie xnK 0. wa girls and women in the. Disttrict of the side of capital and ascamst hu Colunibia. Employer' and .employe inanity. MISS MOLINA CONTEST Local Girl Takes High Steel Industry Will Give Wage Increase Of 11 Per Cent (By Associated Press) NEW YORK, April U. S. Steel Coporataion today announced a wage increase of 11% effective 4pril loth. The increase will add half a million to .the weekly payroll BIG PARTY TO INSPECT YUMA PROJECTTODAY Representatives Of Firm Of Bankers Here For Survey Of Conditions. A dltsinguished party of visitors arc in Yuma this morning. Taoy came In at on train No. t to they had their special or pri- vate car attached. They are repre- sentatives of R. D. Stevens Com- pany, bankers of San Diego, LOB Angeles, San Francisco and Now York. They will take breakfast at tho Stag Cafe at 7.30 as the of J. B. Franklin of the Tnrna Na- tional Bank. After breakfast they will bo taken in cars over tie mesa and the valley and shown-the inter- esting things of the .project. They will leave on train No. 101 at this afternoon for Los Angeles. The party is composed of the following. San Francisco Thomas, H. G. Dennett, F. Merrill. Hays McMullen, H. H.Pile and J. W. Pulliam: Oakland (3. Stewart, F. D. Myers, i F. .G. ;RQw- bothas, J. S. Taylor, D. L. Los Angeles ..M. Watkyjis: R. D. Cripnen. Kingsley Marhain J. H. Crippen, L. D. Knoblaugh. B. D. Leavitt, F. S. Robinson and C. L. Wells; -San Diego D, Spicer, Gordon Decker, A...N. Ander- I son. C. H. Baker, B. H. Curtiss.'.T. B Drummond. B. W. Sibley, A. L. Yer- ner, J. A.-West. _Chapin Hall; financial editor of the Angeles Times and former Phoe- nix newspaper' man. Tucson Mu- sical Contest. ____ _____ and Schwab have recently TUCSON. April 9.--Although hosts i tentlon to the shortage of ___ iT. _ nnl-f I TVTilltl flFP HOW other here. states to make their Farmer, Jack Borer and C. H- Col- lier. Ticket Sales Committee: S. B HcVay. chairman; Mrs. J. H. West- over. Mrs. A. H. McClure; Mrs. P. T Robertson. B. D. Mc-j Graw, Mrs. F. S. Ming, Mrs. J. W Longstretb, E. M. Philahaum, Mrs "W B McClure. Mrs. J. Homer Smith J.'Homer Smith. Will H. -Minor Eagle Drug Company, B. H. Dress (By Associates Press) DENVER. April full mil- itary honors the distinguished ser; vice medal was presented to Miss J. Ryan, chief nurse at .____. Fitzsiiumons' General United S_tates CHICAGO April of army hospital here recently. The the dairy industry into one central presentation was made by Lieut, sales agency was voted at a. William J. Moncrief, command- habit Thrift Stamps Used to Promote Saying Habit Associated Pressl i Auril 9-r-To promote the! saving home ing, W. H. Shorey, C. M. White, Mrs John Doan. Mrs. W. H. Rankin, Mrs C H. Robertson, Hugo B. .Farmer Ed. K. Milliken, H. H. Baker. Mrs. Jack Cullington. Earl C. Hall. C. F Collier, Mrs. M. Winsor, Mrs. B. .F Cosper, W.-'B. Johnson, Ike Glasser Mrs. R.- N. Campbell, Mrs. 0. C Johnson, Mrs Anna Alexander; Mrs C. AsBli, Mrs. Anna Mitchell, Mrs men's meeting today, 75% of the industry. representing ing officer at the hospital.. The agency I The honor accorded Miss children, automatic thrift stamp dis- Ryan pensers have been installed in lo- The co-oneration. New Fraternity Home At Colo. Mines School (By Associated Press) April Col- orado -Schodr-.of Mines chapter of Kappa Sigma fraternity, the oldest organization of its kind at the school .announced plans for a new fra- ternity house to be erected near the campus at a cost of An ad in this newspaper is bound to bring results. The money you are afraid to in vest In advertising you are losing on left over stock. ver woman and Joseph's hospital. Catholic Priest Raps Spirit Photos Taken By Sir Conan Doyle fRv Asroriiui-u Press) NEW YORK, April Arthur Conan Doyle's spirit photos were de- rided today in tho rooms of the Eve- cal schools by Denver banks, automatic teller sells in denominations of "graduate'of St i and 25-cents.. When ._ have been, accumulated on t.ie thrift card to which they are affixed, a savings account drawing four per- cent may be opened at any one of certain designated Denver hanks. Ella McCoy, Mrs. Nora B. Elliott Mrs. Kathryn Haughtelin. Mrs. F. E Harrison. Miss Pliylis Hill, Mrs. J H. Haynes, Mrs.- N. J. Justus. Mrs 1932 Olympic Games Go To Los Angeles (By 9 wa The 1932 Olympic games will be held in Los Angeles rided today in too rooms 01 me mvu- gtnuoo ning World by father Heridia. who according to announcement here tp- g y nothing but i day. The 1928 games will beheld in Amsterdam. Holland. The welcome declared there was fraud to spiritualism. BHIMLUIUOUI. Two of the pictures were printed of the U. S. was extended in the Los which figures superimposed, j Angeles invitation. Report of Condition of THE ITJMA NATIONAL BANK OF Y0JIA, ABIZOSA At the Close of Business, April 3, 1823. RESOUBCES Loans and 565.4tO.04 United States Bonds........ Banking House and Real Estate Other Stocks, Bonds and Securities 50.966.75 Redemption Fund, U. S. Treasurer....................... Cash and due .from banks 103.825.51 Capital Surplus 'and Undivided Profits 22.109.78 Circulation Rediscounts (Fed. Res. Bank) 19.842.32 Deposits lUCl Clue liuui uaurva THE YUMA. NATIONAL BANK -THE BANK WITH. THE CHIME CLOCK Urs. Henrietta s Lizzie Morgan Frank and A meeting of the ticket sales and he officers of the Chautaugua Asso- ciation will be held at the rooms'of the Chamber of Commerce on Thurs- day evening at which time tickets will be. distributed to all of the tick- et sales force. If all members o' the ticket sales committee and as many of the guarantors as possible will" attend tnis meeting and get their tickets it will save the Chair- man of the committee a great deal o' work. At thi? meting refreshments of ice cream, cake and coffee will he serv- ed. It ought to be. and no doubt will be a get-together meeting of the members of thn Association Plans for the ticket sales will he discussed and the work mapped out In detail. It is expected the ad- vance, man of the Chautaunna Asso- ciation will bo present, at this meet- ing. It ia only two weeks until thr chantauo.ua begins sn it is necessary to put some pep into tiie matter of ticicet sales. The- guarantee this year Is the sale of 800 adult tickets or the equiva- lent, in childs. students and adult tickets. Adult season tickets arc student tickets are .SI.50 and rliiids tickets are each. The Chautami.i will last seven flnvs and there will be two good proKrnms each day with children's meetings in the morning and after- noon and a lunior chanrauqnn. The program is said to he the best ye' presented by file association. When customers aro few and are slow. It Is high time for yon to advertise to safeguard your inter- to schools from the southern part of the state in the first annual mu-j sical contest to be attempted between! high schools of. the state and which has been in session here for the past, two days, Tucson '.iigh school walk- ed off with .the majority of honors in the various events, piling up n total of 64 ooints and winning for the first time, the silver loving cup given for capturing the contest. Nogales and Douglas gave close competition for second place, Noga- les winning second honors with a point score of 20 while Douglas collected hut" 1C. All contests were judged by W. Francis Gates. Los Angeles musical critic, and his decisions were well received. Results of all events in the con- test were as follows: i Girls' Vocal Camp- bell, Bisbee, first; Clara Wilkinson Tucson, second; Elsie Chenowcth Xogales, third. Violin Reinhardt, Tuc- son, first; Gwendolyn Noon, Nogai's second. Boy's Vocal O'Neil Nogales, first; Rollin Burr. Tucson, second. Piano McBride. Tuc son, first; Thelma Molina, Yuma. sec- ond; Ellen Watkins, Bisbee and Lil- -lian Ulilzky, Douglas, tied for third Cornet Royyce, Tuc- son, first. Girl's first; Bis bee and Douglas tied for second. Boy's Glee fidst; Bisbee. second; Nogales and Douglci tied for third. Mixed first Tucson, second; Bisbee, third. first; Tomb stone, second. Girls' and Tucson tied for first; Douglas third. (Tun son won flip to decide tie but gav banner to Xogales.) Boy's first; Doug las, second; Nogales adn Blsboe tie ;or third. ..lixou first; Doug las. fci.cc.nd; Nogales. third. r.. first: Tcmbstone second. Colima Stops Uhlan In Tenth At Mexican' G( Quite a delegation of Yuma figh fans journoy to Mcxlcal! on Sunda to witness the 15 round bout betweo Bert Colima, Coast middle-weigh king, and Red Uhlan. Colima ha relatives in Yuma Rnd is quite we known hero. Tac hout is report? as a sizzler and in the tenth roun Colima landed the punch that put h opponent down for the count. By h to bo labor. Mills are now working at 92% normal. Constable Gets Bail Following Mystery In Shooting At Safford GLOBE. April Reed surrendered at Stafford follow ng a shooting was released on ond today. Mrs. Moler on Sunday ttempted to break into her hus- aud's home when the constable fir- d in self defense according to re- orts. All parties in the case jave eclined to talk- Real Estate Case To Be Continued Today ests. victory, Colima is selected tho main event tonight at Vernon California with Billy Shade, a figh or of national reputation. The case of Stuthman vs. Owen amc up for disposition in the local uperinr court yesterday afternoon. :he plaintiff is attempting to dis- tinned until today. Ancient Easter Egg Seen in Late Display (By Associated Press) LA RAMIE. Wyo., April: Easter egg, 79 years was: dis- played in window cently in a contain- ed many others almost as ancient and many elaborately carved; The eggs originally were .dyed and carved by Mrs. whose grandchild, Fred B. Gentz now has possession of the. collection. One of the'eggs has the Lord's pray- er engraved on "it, the words hav- ing been scratched in the vegetable coloring on the shell" with the aid of a penknife. London an Arraigns Co-eds For Spinster Tendencies (By Associated Press) OXFORD, April on the question of sex equality and equal educational opportunities for women. Dean Inge of St. Paul's Ca- thedral; London, declared that-out- of 600 women students at Oxford Uni- versity only 657 har married. The taken vows of said the distinguished London ecclesiastic, "that this deplorably low percentage is not final. When I walk through thn streets of Oxford and observe the verv attractive-looking young stu- (J v rv helpful hint 'SAVE !SM" AND YOU'LL "HAVE 'EM" safe place good place FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Yuma We Pay 4% Interest on Savings Accounts. RESOURCES OVER

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