Monday, March 28, 1977

Yuma Daily Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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Yuma Daily Sun, The (Newspaper) - March 28, 1977, Yuma, Arizona CANARIES Jumbo jet collision death toll climbs to 580 PEOPLE AND MORE PEOPLE was wall to wail people was This was a new record lor a Padres name in played the San Yuma, aided by hundreds ol fans Irom San Fran, .-co Cianls. The paiil a! tendance lor t he Additional crowd photo on story and to the sponsorim; (.'aballiTo'. de Yuma. photos on I'ajie'.I. iSiiiifnlo) Yuman has good neighbor; saves him from home fire tin- trailer was in -.pivailint; In nearby trailer il.ime- Inn tin' lij'h'.rr- iliiin'l il homes. anyone lla-trailer. expl.lineil that llames SntneMuhiersononenwinehroUKht two hoses int.. trailer search il h" ll" :llr Tins is nnMnvn.v when a lu-hters Ms- wal.-r the hoses ''H'1'1 llr1' in k.nicl, back tlie Ilium-, uhili' ihev lifimi'rs said. -earci, Ihe insi.le. ause which roved I s ami damageil While the search uas under way. lire electrical u ires it. was listed as a th'hti-f- mi 11n- nilirr engine con- ciraretle. I told police that he i-i-niraii-d i in prevenl Ing the fell asleep while smoking in his bed. Wafer need greater now, Castro says WASHINGTON lAI'i Tht-n.-edlor ami construction of these units cnuld 1 wale. mil unlii th.-M-cretaiy ot the Ci.uit special miiMer gavi- it vironmi-ntal impact statements said Later ;nh! lire ihe greei; light, (ii-v. Haul t-ild Casiro The ernor said the I' S. inclutio unlv ;uu units ot the project. A man's lib was saM-u >e- morning by ,i neighbor who from a bur rum; hmisi :raiii-r. I he uir.a l-'ire Uept. reporl'-d. l-'ire lighters sail! I lei !l) !7 M.inie A vr.. w sleeping in his trailer when tin- -r iiriike out. His neighbnr. Hill Srhwali 111. saiti he atn-r 2 a.m. by ihe sineil ot smuin-. Scl-.wab he !ir-i his nun trailer and Imna: -.'..isu'i Then he lookeC .nil -.iw sir.oke mil ui ..i-iei I Schwa'n lan out .md on the side o! I let i; Then Schwab ran i" 'In ironl dour. About I he t inn- he IP-IV Schwab said. Ib-niand. .m' the ( and the m-idf the trailer that il uas Schwab'- and imt the J'ire and smok-- that Kin- .uid a ladder truck ;lu-> could -e.- a red Inonhursl Inr Licavoli family's record traced to show organization in Arizona Sr.. a IViroii i-angsier moved to in the !ox un- detailed in published account-, n: i.'ie latest installment series by .1 !eani of investigative reporters. The xt'.irii-.s .ippr.iMd Monday editions o! the Indianapolis Star and some other papers available "i: the street Sunday They sani oil's "ir.icK nmrd from his day.- .i> i.; ;hi- "id Detroit Purpi.- dani: to hi- pr.--ent stewardship of an mob illustrates how firmiy en- trenched crime Meconu- in ami ihnuiiihont the and I-.diti-rs. Inc.. alt'-r a six-month effort A: ma. Stories m punt traced the activities oi another crime tigure now in -losejiti "Joe ii.manas Sr. The Mnnday -aid thai, ac- coiding to as-iH'iate-. Licavoli. 7-1. has become ip.crea-iugly reluctant to be inviiived in narcniirs because his Teti once a heroin addict. Thr acc.uini-v add that tu o nther -on-. Peter Jr. and Midi; Southwest The stories in prim s e Licavnli y carried on it- criminal activity virtually by the law since Pele Sr. c.iiiv nt pri.s.m in aiur ;w-: yar- for tax evasion Since iln n. arid hi- sons havt1 operatt'ii w it hmit in- terruption or felony arrest. Tho punHshcc! covrred th.- Ifith part of a copyright, serir- Ifith part producod by dictate for The 1 trug Kn- lorceip.ent Ag.-acy. which ideiitifie- Peter -Ir. as ihe -uccessoi to his father's throne, says young Pete operated a .smuggling ring from Mexico to St. Louis. Youngstown. Ohio, and Anaheim. Calif. Peter and Michael l.icavoliaresaidby DKA to be nnancmg other smuggling rings..." The -lories in print said that Lica1. oil ret er.t conviction on a charge of trying to sell a stolen painting to ;in undercover FBI ngont "is living proot of the adage ih.U old Mafiosi never die: they go into semi-rotireniont in the Min and work an occasional scam." Licavoli sentenced on Feb. 1 to 1> months in [inson and was lined SID.DOO in the case. He is appealing. According lo the stories in print, Licavoli has laced criminal charges. but was convicted only three tinies before the painting i'ase and spent only years in prison. The earlier con- victions came for bribing a Canadian border guard during his rumrunning days, toi income tax evasion in the liifiOs and for contempt of Congress in connection with his refusal to appear before a rackets inve.-tigation. I he published accounts said Licavoli purchased the Crrace Ranch outside Tucson in HMI and added that the property "quickly became a haven for the mob and has stayed that way for .'in years." Among the Licavoli activities detailed in the published accounts: --His purchase, through associates, of a controlling .share ol stock in the KilliU) Race Track, a horse racing track in in 1953. A year later, ac- cording to the stories in print. Morn's lidnll. then a county attorney and now a congressman from Ariznn.i, "exposed the Licavoli infiltration." (Turn to SANTA CRUX TKXKR1FK. Canary Islands tAP) The death toll from the fiery runway collision here of Pan American and KLM jumbo jets climbed to nSD in history's worst aviation disaster, airline spokesmen said today. Most of ihe dead were belie veil to be Americans: A spokesman for Pan American in New York said ;MO of the .'iiH> persons aboard its Hoeing7-17 perished. A KLM spokes in a n at t h e airline's headquarters in Amsterdam, said all persons aboard its Hoeing 7-17 died, im'luding four Americans. Despite the airlines' figures, Spanish officials on the island placed the death toll at nfl'J. with 7'2 survivors, including in very serious or grave condition. Pan American said there were survivors aboard its aircraft. Most of those aboard the Pan American plane boarded in Los Angeles, officials said. There were conllicling reports on the cause of Sunday's collision on ihe fog- shrouded runway. The Spanish news agency Cif i a quoted airport sources as saying a misunderstanding of control tower directions bv the American Pan Am pilot may have been a factor. Hut Spanish officials told a news con- ference '.he "key point ol the in- vestigation" was whether the KLM jet had permission to take off. KLM identified the four on the Dutch plane as Mr. and Mrs. DonCillis. Mrs. Terry Twist and her 18-month old daughter Melissa, all from Rochester. Y. M sairl CiMN pnuhicti-.p control manager tor a Xerox plant in eastern Holland. "The whole (American) plane was on fire and people wen- crying a nil screaming trying lo get out." said James Naik. '17. of Cupertino, Calit. "Within jusi a tew seconds the metal started to come apart." The Spanish news agency Cilra airport sources as saying t he [light recorder Irom the American plane showed the airport control lower had ordered Pan American pilol. ('apt Victor (irubbs ol Centerpori. to move onto t he main ruimav. The 14 among those in let crash I'llOl-.M.V lAI'i At least H reportedly were among those aboard ;i chartered I'un American jet im ilived in iliii worst crush in history Sunday, the Hepublie rrpnrlnl Monday. Two residents wen- listed by the newspaper as Mirvivors ot Lin- coil is ion of l wo Boeing 7-17 in mho airliners on an airport rumvav in the Canary i.slantls. No olfirial complete passenger list had been released Sumliiy. According to the newspaper report. Mr and Mrs. Kdward Hess of Phoenix were among tin- suivivois being treated at several hospitals around Santa DeTenerife. Tom hurke oi Phoenix said Hess telephoned his family Sunday to leporl he and his wile ueiv alive. "He tuld his mother ihal he mil seriouslv iniured at all." said burke. "Hi- alsu us Mrs. I less had received burns on her arms ami legs. Itin he was not certain about how serious thev are." Other reportedly aboard the were Mr. and Mrs. Alden Miller of I'hoenix. Mr and Mrs. Hardaway Uinwiddie of Phoenix, Mr. and Mrs. Hyion Stettarud of Phoenix. and Linda Philips. Brezhnev warns U.S. against interfering MOSCOW (API Soviet leader Leonid I. opened nuclear arms talks with Secretary of State Cyrus H. Vance today with a warning that American support of dissidents in Russia could undc.rmino U.S.-Soviet, relations. comments at the closed- door opening session were reported bv li.S officials, and the Soviet news agency Tass. l-ividently aiminu at President Carter's public support of Soviet dissidents, was quoted snyinu L'.S. policy does nnt "square with the principles of equality and noninterference in the internal affairs of each other. The weather Tt-miH-rninn-llii m. tmlny IIJKhtmlny Ixiv- Rt-lmivi- humidity 1 1 ;i m Korornst for Ynm.'i nnd vinnitv Wimlv. iincl mostly sunnny this nfu-rnfwm rlomly tonight Mii-.lly sunny, windy ;ind rnnl tomiirnm- North to norihw.-st winds I'l.'i'i IM.r hour this iWrpasmn to miifs JUT huur ti.ninht. North winds I'v.'HimilcN per hour with urcniionft] hlowint; dust Tuesday Sunset sinirces said the U.S. plant1 apparently misumlersUHnl the order ami taxied onto another runway where the KLM plane was taking off, Cifra said. lint Manuel de Prado. president of the Spanish national airline Iberia, said the KLM plane had beon ordered to lid i <to the end of the main runway, turn ISO decrees and prepare for takeoff. The Pan Am piano was told to follow xlown the runway and turn off onto a taxiway. DC- Prado said he (lid not know whether the KLM plant1 had permission to take oft. "This is the key point of (lie investigation." said Tenerile (Jov. Antonio Oyaivabal. Askt'd about a possible problem, a spokesman tor the control tower said the controllers talk to air crews exclusively in Kiifdish. In Xew York, a Pan American spokesman said the airline expected "anything substantive" concerning the cause of the collision to come trom a U.S. government team sent to ihe crash site "and anything else we view with concern." Cifra quoted (irubbs. who at the Santa (leneral Hospital, as saying he was taxiing down i he main runway at the lime of the collision. "The crew saw nothing right up to the moment of impact." he was quoted as saying. Another survivor. Hoi and Hrusco .Jr., of Longview, Wash., said I he passengers were lold the KLM jet was to hold its departure while the Pan American plane taxied across the runway to await its turn for takeoff. "According to our pilot, the oilier plane was to hold at the other end ot the runway." Hrusco told the Port la mi Oregon ian newspaper by telephone. "We pulled out and lollowcd them. Just as we got lo (he of tramp, where we would get out ot the way. well, com- munications must have gotten mixed up." Survivors listed on page '1. SUN 115th Issue, 74th Year SENTINEL 1 1th Issue, 105th Year Yuma, Arizona, Mon., Mur. 28, 1977 Court to hear Nixon case against release of 30 tapes WASHINCTON i AIM The Supreme Court today agreed to hear former President Mil-haul M. Nixon's arguments against release nt While House tape recordings played during the Watergate cover-up trial ol his top advisers. Nixon's appeal asked the court 10 overturn a decision hy the I; S. ('ircuii Coiirl of Appeals in Washington I hat I he tapes "are no longer runlident lal and lhal copies may he released to the public The ex-president's in the court lusl out In those nl the three leievision network1-, publu- television, a news din-dors' and a recording company which wan! the tapes made available In a derisirm October, the circuit court i e n-ci ed Nixon's arguments that the tapes' release would invade his arv and prove embarrassing to him "The einbaiiassinenl Mr. Nixon fears is not republication ol highly personal matters." the court said. "Kather. we deal with coin ei sat ions between business associates admitted into evidence as proot of criminal misconduct." the court added. "The embarrassment Mr. Nixon anticipates is largely lhal which results whenever misconduct or questionable conduct is exposed." The tapes, transcripts of which were highly publicized during the Watergate trial ol.lohn Mitchell. II.K MaMeman. John Khrlirhman. Robert Maidian and Kenneth Parkinson, are ul con- versation-, wiiliin the Whin- Ibni'-e Oval Olliiv. M released, the tapes wouhl let t he public hear lor tin- Ihsi time the voices ot Nix..n and llie Watergate discussing (he scandal the and in I lections ol voice used by each man Kiting suit last year In have the tapes released We] e War Her Cum- municat ions. Nat tonal Hroatleast ini; C'o.'. American Mroadcasting Co ('US. the Public Service and the Kadin-Television Neus Direct, irs Associatiim. Warner indicated the desire to reproduce the tape-, as [ihonnj-r.iph records and cassi-tles. Altonieys loi Nixon I hal such reproductions would In "played at cficktai) part ii-s and in sal inr product inns, and In- in anv other fashion." Nixon's also argued thai release ol the (apes prove barn; lul (o Mitchell. llaldemau and Khrlicliinan. who are appealing t heir Watergate convictions. .Ian 11. lor the net- works and oihi-r companies see t he tapes submitted a proposal lo I: S I list. Judge John ,1 Sirica which envisions tin- National Archives selling one-hour tape caseHes for lo depending on tape Included in t hal price would be a complete t ran- scipt. packaging and mailing. 11 Sii ica approves and I he high court agrees to the release, a hill set id i he tapes containing about hours ol White House conversations could be bought lor about SUM. good evening Yuma OKOUPOFllOHSKIUDKHSisshol at on Sunday online. PaKe KASTKH SKA I, telethon surpasses all expeclations n YUMA COUNTY KAIH enteitaimneiil to be rock sports THE PADIIES AND San Francisco coinliini.-d to score 21 runs and pound out.'iO hits yesterday but, unfortunately, Son came out on the short, end of n score. Page I) Comics............... Crossword Editorial Markets.............. Movies............... 12 11 4 2 11 Parker Somerton.......... Sports............. Weather........... Women............ .......u .............6 ............13 .............7