Thursday, June 2, 1966

Yuma Daily Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

Page: 22

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Text Content of Page 22 of Yuma Daily Sun on Thursday, June 2, 1966

Yuma Daily Sun, The (Newspaper) - June 2, 1966, Yuma, Arizona THE SUN___ Thurs., June 2, 1966 VtlMA, T'B uut. CORE Chief Wants U.S. Out of Viet WASHINGTON i.M'i The I Congress of Racial Equality (CORK i advocated today thai th States put first pri- on Ihe civil rights pro- gram and gel nut of Viol Nam. Floyd .McKissick, national di- rector of th-> civil rights group, said While House Confer- ence on Civil Rights would be asked to back its stand, and he felt there was a very good chance il would do so. Tlie two-day conference ends today after adoption of resolu- tions in each of the IL1 commit- groups in which Ihe 1V100 delegates had been meeting. Presi'lent Johnson in an an- nounced appearance at a din- ner meeting Wednesday nighl, cautioned the conference not to expect any presidential mira- "Bui I do pledge John- son said, "to give my days and such talents as I have been giv- n to the pursuit of justice and ipportunity. for those so long denied them." The resolution CORE pro- sfs on Viet Nam says "this nation has not yet demonstrated its ability and willingness to af- ford both 'Runs and huttcr.' Therefore, he it resolved that Ihe United Stales makt> equal opportunities for its minority citizens the No. 1 priority. Be it further resolved that the U.S. cease its involvement in Viet Nam." Jailed in Lieu Of Paying A man went to jail this morn- ins inslead of paying a S100 fine on a charge of driving while in- toxicated Ernie .14 r.ISS Ivy Lane.] t'l-'ir Buddhist ipeared before Acting City Pon- Judge Anna Corrigan, The jail sentence, if served, will be 20 days. Hue was I be THCRES MOTHIW6 11 I WpULDVr PO FOR WJWIQUE! SWIM THE peeper WALK? ,WRE5ITTIN6 HERE UAITIN6TO CHOMP SOMEONE ON THE LE6, AREN'T W All RI6HT, 60 AHEAD, AND BUT WHEN TO CHOMP THAT THE QUESTIONi I'LL LET YOU W OM A SECRET, PETER YOI'P BE UP THE TOES' FURTHERMORE, MY X x NOT UNDERSTAND FfiRENTS PON'T HAVE BETH.' tT IS NOT NICE A THING TO SW ABOUT FOR TO SAY WHB4 I SET MARRIED OP THAT MOTHER AND HERE BEFORE I Will NOT ASK YOUR PARENTS FOR DOWRY, BETH.' WHOM I MARRY IS THAT CLEAR? FATHER PO NOT MAKE DECISION.' ITS NOT AFKAIO, ITS BE1SK5 PRACTICAL SINSliU AMP... IT'S RAlMlMS VERY MABD, MEN. BE SLJEE TO WEAK youi? GALOSHES AW, WHO'6 AFRAID OF WET Held To Answer In Burglary Case Nathan Kincaid, 52, West Vir- ginia, was held to answer in Superior Court yesterday on two counts of burglary. Kincaid, represented by court- appointed attorney Ted Bowen, is accused of entering a car owned by H. E. Lindner in the 200 block of Gila Street, and of entering room 219 at the Del Sol Hotel. The hotel room was occupied by Salvador Najar. Bond was set at by Jus- lice of the Peace Ersol C. Byrd. Legal Advertisement NOTICE (IF SALE reby Kivon that the Val YOU MEAN X OKAY TOOK IT UPON MYSRf TO CANCEL OUT YOUR LAST TWO I WAS CERTAIN YOU'D WANT TO WEET HIS US, DON'T YOU? AFTER ALL, I SHOULD HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT WHO COMES INTO THIS OFFICE TO PRACTICE, DR. SHOULD MEET HIM AT THE AIRPORT'WHAT TIME'S MY LAST OR. WDRELAND ANSWERED BE 'ARRIVING THIS AFTERNOON STFWE-TEN...FLIGHT BZJ DINNER -TOGETHER: i SUSPECT TREACHERY.' OH, WHAT WOULDN'T GIVE 10 KNOW WHAT THEY TAIK ABOil THEN WE WILL DISPENSE WITH THE GUARD. I SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR XOU WHILE WE ARE HAVING DINNER. WILL GIVE Ml "TOUR WORD OF THAT YOU WILL NOT TRY TO ESCAPE. SORRY, OOP... MO DEAL) I'LL Hap 'VOU WITH CHOW IF VOU1L HELPMEWITOTH' KNOW ABOUT WHAT I CAN SET 'gM TO EAT BUTD'VOU KNOW VOU'RE SONNA. SET FORTH' PROGRAM WELL, SKIN'S HOW TH'MOOVmN MEN'S LUNCH CUJ8 MEET.5 IN A COUPLE OF YEH. BETTER SO RUSTLE UP SOME GRUB _________ fiUZ.IlJ. MAKE A PEAL WITH THATSODD.V AH CAINY READ THIS ONE, NEITHER.'.' SO IGNORE IT.'.' VJHUT WE DON'T KMOW VJON'T HURT US .'I MOTHER TELLV-GRAM, MAYOR (lay of May. V.M.I.KV NATIONAL, I'll'' AlllWlNA DINOSAUR J. W. Peppers, who lives at the Andei-son Trailer Court near 1st Street and 19th Avenue, says the petrified egg is at least a million years old. He found the egg several years ago near Grand Junction, Colo., buried in 30 feet of shale rock while blasting and mining for uranium. The cradle is uranium ore. After 35 years of mining Peppers says he likes Yuma and figures on living here now. (Sun Staff Ky's Troops Recapture Buddhists' Stronghold By (iEORC.E MC'ARTIIL'K SAIGON South Viet Nam (AP) Premier Nguyen Cao Ky's troops took over the Bud- dhist stronghold of Hue today without any resistance from the Buddhist-led moos and antigov- ernment troops that have held the northern city in open renel- iion since mid-March. The junta's forces seized Hue's radio station and other strungiJoinls i" Ihe cily 400 miles northeast of Saigon a day after ruling generals came to a political agreement with onents in Sai- Admits Killing Two Oldsters PHOENIX (AP) Phoenix police are holding a 24-year-old transient in connection with the killing of two elderly men. Officers said Mori Wayne Sheppard admits slaying the men. Ray Jennings Morehouse, 89, was stabbed to death m his home Wednesday. The body of John William Keck, was found in a vacant lot in Phoenix in late April. He had been beat- en with a board. Tempc police arrested Shep- pard Wednesday afternoon on a warrant charging him with de- frauding an innkeejier. Investigators in Tempo said when they started to question Sheppard about an armed rob- bery, the transient told Ihem, "I want lo talk about some- thing more serious." Detective National at pnlilie nuction to the highest bidder for cash the items on the attached iisl. I I'M KM' Torch Lances Hoses Paint trap Impact Wrenches 1" drive drive e ttery Chargers Used Drills lAP) The Arizona of Public Welfare has decided to go out and get None people to sign up for state Medi- care benefits. The action became necessary when less than of some 'Jl.OOH persons eligible for assist- said Shonpard then Or ijlr. two homicides. 51547 To Get People To Sign for Medicare strongpoint of the antigovern- mrnt forces. Its recapture was a major victory for Ky, who has managed to slay in power with the support of his fellow gener- als and the United States despite the massive campaign mounted against him by the Buddhists. After weeks of street disturb- ances by Buddhist youths, Sai- gon took an unnaturally calm look. However, some radical Buddhist elements protested the Buddhist-government compro- mise agreement to add 10 civil- ians to the ruling directorate of 10 generals. Following up its seizure on May '23 of Da Nang, the other Buddhist stronghold, the junta's troops swept into Hue without a shot after 1he departure of units of the dissident-riddled 1st Viet- namese division. No opposition was reported from members of the Buddhist struggle movement there led by the monk Thich Venerable Tri Quang, leader of the Bud- dhist More and burned the U.S. consulate Wednesday ind an adjoining consulate residence in Hue. .Most of the foreign civilians in the city had been evacuated, but U.S. Consul Thomas Corcoran and a skeleton staff had taken refuge last weekend with U.S. military personnel at the barri- caded American military com- pound outside the center of the old imperial capital. A major factor in the govern- ment's reassertion of authority in Huf was a pledge of loyalty lo Ihe Saigon regime by Lt. Gen. Nguyen Chanh Thi, the powerful northern warlord and rival to Ky whose ouster March II) as commander of the north- ernmost 1st Corps gave the Buddhists an excuse for their antigovemment campaign Mercury, Humidity To Drop Temperatures continue to be slightly lower than normal for the first week of June, with the humidity also ranging lower. The forcast for to.lay calls for little change in temperatures this afternoon and tonisht, he- coming slightly warmer tomor- row. High today is expected to be 97, moving up to 99 tomor- row. Tonight's low should dip to around 65. The high recorded yesterday was 95, while the low this morn- InE was fi6. Humidity nver the last 24 hours ranged from a low vesterday afternoon of eight per cent, to a high this morninK rebellion in the north. than students sacked Extremes for this date show a 115 logged in 1957, and a 52 in 1891. The average temperature for the month of May was 81.2, 3.2 degrees ahove normal. The highest recording was 104, on both the 18th and 10th, while the low was 56, coming on the llth. No rainfall was recorded at the weather bureau, although some was spotted in surround- ing areas. Dr. Slrangelore' Author Found Dead ST. LEONARDS, England Author Peter George, whose book was filmed as "Dr. Slrangelove or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the found dead Wednesday night. He was 41. Police said he died of a head wound and a discharged single- barrelled shotgun was between his knees. A said the author had not been in good health recent- ly and had been depressed. Hottest Record Pleads For Patriotism's Return Bv GENE .ir .Nashville, as a reaction had signed up for the pro- all !ni.; gram by Wednesday HOLLYWOOD (AP) A! noncommercial recording Hospital officials will watchi: fo. tri.j Lin Broadcasting Corp.. Warm for patients who qualify o. Nashville! Pros, made the state aid to pay hospital hills I not covered by federal Medi- care. The money is wailing for them. All they have to do is to sign up for it, said Arnold Gulp, the newscaster and recorded by a: Nashville with Tennessee ban- country singer, is the fastest-j tone Johnny Sea and music-il selling single in Warner Bros.! background. dministrative ser- elfare depart- Records' 10-year histoiy. "Ther g like Sea. 23, in Hollywood to make 's probably been noth- i another recording before flying it since the early Germany to sing for r S. ties says a troops, said his reaction uvon reporting: the text was: "U'ln' i Tiie firm's three plants in great thing. I want to rcccfd California, Indiana and Xew il." York swiioh-d from 8 to 2-1 A partial text i Copyright hour operation to manufacture: Moss Ros.> Publication, wtr r the records. A disc jockeys' tip sheet WINSLOW 'AP) Winslow reported a "wildfire" of rndio authorities ai> investigating a i station use and predicting a sale firo which killod a three-year-! of two million copies within old girl and burned three or four weeks, her older In-other. i Copies Police Chief Vernon Mitchell1 "Day for Derision." released I said Priscilla Cordova died in: May 11, sold 212.000 copies in flames which ennulfed (he i two weeks. The record company Investigate Fire That Killed Girl, 3 Allen N. .OM Glory has never fall- en so close to the earth. Our f m b a s s i e s- are being stoned Our young men are dying for ideals which "Mn't seems to mean too much to Americans any more. Real Trouble "The truth Is, America's real cdtibc and; chartered a plane to fly 12.000; trouble doesn't lie jn the to Chicago to meet de- paddies of Viet Her family's two-nj-mi home and her brother. Krankie, was severely: mand. The recitation wasiroal ]ips jn play- mnicd j j.laved a' high school assem-1 grounds of St. Louis, the hillside Another brother, Rubin. blies and Sunday church scr-1 mansions of San Francisco, the escaped unharmed as liames' vices. The Chicago Tribune cur-' slums of Chicago. ried the text on page one. j "This is the ago of Ihe Ameri- Ncl all si .tions have played I can cynic, the year of the unne- the record. KMPC, Angeles, Hover. Old-fashioned love of rejected Ihe narrative as country and fnmily is t'ropriate to its music format, i passe. We stare at our ,sh v KKWR. Los Angeles, on the first laces when they r-lay (he Xi- nt play, "took a couple of tinnal Anthori ''.-ov1- thousanrl piione calls, about l.V are tlie fast guys who get au Iwlling. :hp children's' Mr. anrl Mrs. father was <if the pe. The n months ago when it smo'h- which were from with things d while in bed, Mi'rhell s.ud. j who said we shouldn't play any-1 "Our enemies .have seen thing like that. Otherwise the''he newsreek o' the hns been favorable i rd mnrchins; nround the Cntitol. and fnnlaslle. Mothers have I T.iey've distorted and blown Licensed To Wed JiiSlil'lt K. I1AX.LITT Assistant MiiniiRer Jull't 19titi. Licensed to yesterday by Superior Court Clerk .Tnrnes B. Lay llruce Ilolv son, "Jo, and Dorothy Gina Hirschl 21, Iwih of Yuma. caned, crying. Ncwsoiisler Spokesmen say the recitation was written by Alien Peltier, newscaster for WMAK-IUcUo, our mlstnlces This hetter- red-than-dead cancer Is mire feared hy the Amerlcsn soldier than all Ihe Communist mortar shclli.