Thursday, December 8, 1955

Yuma Daily Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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Yuma Daily Sun, The (Newspaper) - December 8, 1955, Yuma, Arizona Here's good news for a lot of people: Contributions to Yuma United Fund Drive (which supports 10 youth and welfare agencies) to date have totaled's portion of the Telethon, after expenses, was total: That leaves us only short of our goal. Several business firms who have not contributed, and quite a large number of individuals, could put the drive over the top. They may send their contribu- tions to: United Fund P.O. Box 403 Yuma, High Court Hears Arguments in Ariz.-Cal. Suit WASHINGTON (UP) The Supreme Court heard arguments today on the latest round in the California-Arizona dispute over rights to billions of gallons of Colorado River water. The issue is of major importance in 'both slates. California, with a mushrooming population and lim- ited water supply, and Arizona, planning a huge desert reclama- tion project, depend to a large extent on the winding Colorado River for water. Disputes over division of Colo- rado Rivpr water hnvp been before the Supreme Court for about 25 years. The Question before the high court today was whether Colorado, Wyoming. L'lab and New Mexico should become parlies to the dis- pute between California and Ari- zona. fubllihid fellr ..d Molldiji 4t AT... Tumi. Ariz.. by th. rrtatlni Co., >nd .gtered .t th. M YUM. Art.., Cta.. Printed Thursday frvniovn 111 kr YUMA 299 20 PAGES PHONE SU 3-3333 YUMA, ARIZONA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1955 PER COPY ARIZONA SENTINEL-VOL. W Sainburg Seeks Court Release Two More Yumans Arrested in YAB Rifle Theft 3 Leaders in Scramble for Attlee's Job LONDON' I UP) The "big three" of the Labor Party today began thpir campaigns to succeed Clement R. Attlep whosp resigna- tion as party leader and elevation to the ppernge Ipft him with only his title. Herbert Morrison, deputy leader for the 20 years Attlep served as party head, officially tossed his hat into the ring last night. Hugh Gaitskell. pro-American party treasurer, and leftwinger Aneurin Bevan. leader of the hate-America faction, have until tomorrow to do so. Treasury Secretary Opposes Tax Cut ST. LOUTS. Mo. Secretary George M. Humphrey said last night he is against any tax cut at present because oi the nation's pressing defense nppds. On the brighter side, Humphrey said he is still confident that "we will have a balanced budget for the present fiscal year." FBI Nabs Pair For Conspiracy In Night Raid Yuma FBI agents, continuing their investigation into the Sunday morning theft of 95 M-l carbines from the Yuma Air Base, arrested two Yumans yesterday and charg- ed them with conspiracy. Jailed wore Benamin Franklin Shepherd, 28, and Melvin Lloyd Ferguson. 21. Taken before U.S. Commissioner John McGuire, the pair waived preliminary hearing and bond was set at SI ,000 each. Ferguson has already made bond. Details lacking No details were available as to how the Yumans were linked to the bizarre burglary that netted, enough rifles to start a small-sized revolution and 1.000 rounds of am- munition to go with it. The complaint says Shepherd ami Ferguson, "did kntmingly and feloniously conspire with James j Roy Gilstrap (an ex-airman) and Lee Alvin Wallace ian airman sec- ond class' to commit an offense against the I'nited States lo-wit to steal and convert to their -jwn use 95 M-l calibre 30 carbines of the value of -u the Yuma Air Rasp and said James Roy Gilstrap and Lee Alvin (Wallace to effort the object of the conspiracy did a certain overt act. to-wit: steal the carbines." The complaint was signed by Roger J. Lajeunpsse. Jr.. Yuma FBI agent, wlx> is in charge of the case here. Announcement of the arrest of the two Yumans was marie by Francis E. Crosby, spec- ial FBI agent in charge in Phoe- nix. Sppculntc on Market The case continued to arouse speculation bore as 10 whnt thp purport1 of the theft was. One re- port had the group making a plan- ned delivery to a Mexican buyer for a high price. The other was that the youths wore going to burs' Ihe guns in the ricsrrt and go shop- pine for a buyer. The M-l's are thei basic infantry weapon and were used extensively in World War II and in Korea. They retail at SGO each but could bring a much high- pr price. Gilstrap and Wallace were cap- tured by an elaborate net of FBI agents. Air Police, sheriff's depu- ties and city police early Suniiny morning after they cut their way into a 'storage building on the base. They had the guns in the back seat of the car and thought they were on their way to freedom with '.hem when the officers closed in and took them without a shot being fired. The two were armed with a personal rifle taken from the storage shed and a pellet gun. Both are being held under S5.000 bond. Televised Murder Trial Stops Business in Waco WACO, Tex., (UP) A sensa- Some filling stations have in- tional murder trial that is being televised live, for the first time anywhere, has "just about halted the normal flow of business in this central Texas city. The camera set up station The Weather Highest yesterday 72 43 Temperature at 11 a.m. today K4 Relative humidity at 11 a.m. Average high this date- 69 Average low this date 47 FORECAST to Friday nigiil: Clear this afternoon thru Friday. Little change in the temperature. Northerly winds 10 to '.'0 miles ppr hour this afternoon settling tonight. Expected high today 72. low to- night 42. lowering freezing in the-lower colder areas. Bulletin! stalled television sets and taverns with TV sets are constantly crowd- ed. The trial is also being shown to the civics classes at Lavega and Waco high schools and to Baylor University. Dean Abner V. McCall. of the Baylor University law school, said about half the faculty members and students of the law school were watching each day. He said he had not been to the trial. "But as far as I can see it doesn't interfere with court pro- cedures and favor of it." I am in complete KWTX-TV in the balcony of Judge D. W. Bartlett's district court is transmitting to perhaps persons the trial of Harry L. Washburn. 39. of Houston, who is charged with murdering his wealthy former mother-in-law. Mrs. Helen Harris Weaver, 52, of San Angclo. Mrs. Weaver was mutilated by a tomb that exploded under the hood ot her car when she stepped on the starter last Jan. 19 in San Angelo. Washburn and the Wea- vers were having family troubles wife was getting a the prosecution is try- ing to prove the bomb was meant for Mrs. Weaver's husband. Harry N. Weaver, an architect, but she got into the car instead. LAKE GENEVA. Wis.. (UP) Like the nationally-televised Ke-iA lone gunman appeared to have fauver crime hearings and the capped his S74.293 bank robbery masterpiece by making a clean getaway today. FBI agents and local authorities reporter! they had found no trace of the cool, brainy bandit who car- ried off the first bank robbery in the history of this swank resort town yesterday. Their only loads were a mocking note left to Lake Geneva police and Ihe knowledge that the gun- man was possibly an ex-bankpr ori bank employe as well as an ex- Bank Bandit Makes Clean Getaway The Nations General Assembly today overwhelming! Ipproval to a '.recommendation .'I [that 13 munlat and Conaunlst -be admitted. was.. 52 to with 5 aba tent- lona. The rcqulaea tl of the Secur-l YUHS Senior Class Play Opens Tonight "Seventeenth a three- act will hp presented to- night and tomorrow night begin- ning at in Snidpr Auditorium by the YUHS Senior Class of 1H56. -Marty Shaum is the love-stricken star of the performance who fails in love with Jack, protrayeri by Tom Hougham on the stage. Others in the play include: Elizabeth Mil- stead. Ray Tilford. Billy Harward, Linda Hutchins. Ruth Tench. Mary F.llen Bohersky. John Benson. John Rodriquez. Charlotte .Tones, Anita Face, and Bill Redondo. McCarthy-Army feud, televising of this trial" has disrupted thp sched- ules of hoifsewives and business- men alike and it has been the No. 1 topic of conversation in Waco since the trial started Monday. Lancaster, Pa., Fights Typhoid Epidemic LANCASTER. Pa.. (UP> The Lancaster City and County Medical Society, ordered an inoculation pro- gram today for an estimated persons to combat an epidemic of paratyphoid in this area. The society emphasized, how- ever, that thp program would not be effective in controlling thp epi- demic for at least 10 days, thp incubation period of the disease, which is a milder form of typhoid fever. A total of 54 persons, most of them infants and small childfen, have been stricken since the week- end. Jean Sibelius Reaches Age 90 HELSINKI. Finland (UP) Jean Sibelius, one of the greatest composers of modern times, is 90 years old today. The world's music lovers celebrated his birthday but he did not. Sibelius likes no fanfare. 4T am nothing myself." he was reported to havp said. "It is my music. They have my music so why should I appear A festival concert in his honor at Helsinki's University Hall will take place without him tonight. IWcphota AMERICAN BEAUTIES Culver, 18-year-old Pasa- dena City College freshman from La Canada, Calif., was selected to as Queen of the Tournament of Roses at- Pasadena New Year's Day. Joan, who will be officially crowned Dec. 28, admires her bouquet of roses. symboJ of her royal title. pcrienced stickup man. The stocky holdup man had al-i ready guarded himself against capture by taking only well-worn i small denomination bills and con-! fiscating the bank's list of currency serial numbers, through which thei loot might have been traced. I West Fears Reds Will Hold Gl s as Hostages Navy Bomber Down at Sea, 3 Rescued HONOLULU (UP) A Navy P2V patrol bomber, which normal- ly carries a crew of 10. crashed at sea 26 miles east of Kauai Island last night and a submarine picked up three survivors. They were identified as Lt. K. Guedel, Dover. Ohio, the pilot: Lt. ijgi E. F. O'Malley. Chicago, the co-pilot: and the navigator. Lt. Ug) Robert S. Smith, whose last mainland home was Montgom- ery. Ala. He has a1 sister, Sarah M. Smith of F.ufaula. Ala. Two of the. survivors needed medical attention. No further de- tails were known. They were being returned to Pparl Harbor. Police Strip Waitresses of Nude Appeal OSAKA, Police to- day ordered waitresses to put on clothes and the 'management to turn up the lights in Osnkn's 28 "nude" tea houses. In the order, an attempt stop the griming number (if ten houses featuring nudity with lemon or sugar, imllro said host- esses must wrar morn than "ex- tremely thin nnd almost trans- parent clothing." They nlso told HID teahouses (o Im'vn lights burning brightly enough so a man could read his newspaper. F.y JOSEPH FLEMING United Press Staff Correspondent BERLIN officials expressed fear today the Sonets would hold two captured Ameri- can soldiers as hostages in a dead- ly gamp of blackmail aimed at forcing the'return of a Soviet offi- cer who fled to the West. The East German Communist press hammered away again at the "corrupt" West Berlin govern- ment, and an official Communist newspaper said the "whole regime must disappear to make Berlin free from scandals and corrup- tion." The newest threat was accom- panied by renewed hints at block- passage of Berlin's supply ;ps from West Germany unless the Bonn government knuckles un- der to the Red demands it nego- tiate as an equal with the "sover- eign East German government. Tclcpholo PREDICTS IKE WILL RUN House Republican leader Joseph W. Martin Jr., shown with President Eisenhower in his Gettysburg office, predicted after'the conference that the President "for the sake of the world will consent to run for re-election." He emphasized that the President did not reveal his intentions. His prediction was only his own personal opinion.attdjuiprassions. Turned Over To Russians Thp two Americans were seized Wednesday by East Berlin Com- munist police ns "drunken Ameri- can gangsters" and turned over to the Soviets in apparent respect of a four-power agreement cover- ing such cases. Western officials siid their early return would show Soviet good faith in abiding by the four-power agreements. Identify of the Americans was still unknown. The Communist Party newspaper Npues Deutsch- jlan' identified them today as "offi- but indications were they i were enlisted men. Pictures of I them in the Communist press were !too smudged for easy, recognition. One day before thp Americans Funds Withdrawn from Non-Segregated Game COLLINS. Miss. -UPi The Covinglon County Board of Super- visors today withdrew a S230 dona- tion to help finance a California trip for the Jones Junior College band because the school is playing against Negroes in the Junior Rose Howl. Jones' unbeaten football team faces Cumpton. Calif., Junior Col- lege's tmhpnli'n football Icnm with sevenil Negro players, in Ihe line- up., next Saturday. Pasadena. were seized and charged with knocking out tile singing star of an anti-American political cabaret in the Russian sector a Soviet tank- officer fled to West Berlin. Entered American Sector The officer, 1st Lt. Ivan V. Ovchinnikov, entered the Ameri- can sector Monday and asked for asylum on political grounds. It was granted and he was flown to West Germany for safekeeping. Western officials expressed fears the Soviets would demand the re- turn of the Soviet officer and at- tempt to use the two Americans to bargain for his return. In the past the Soviets have held cap- tured Americans for weeks if their arrest happened to coincide with the desertion of a Soviet soldier. .They always released the Ameri- cans in the end. The Communist press said cab- aret actor Werner Lierck was the victim of the Americans who called him a "dirty Communist" land was beaten when he objected j to thpir insults. Krube Tells Of Killing 2 Mexicans EL CENTO, Calif. Au- thorities said today they will set a hearing to decide whether 17- year-old reformatory escapee Paul Krube is to be tried as a juvenile or an adult for the slaying of two Mexican farm workers. The Brook Park. Minn., youth was arraigned on a murder charge before Justice Court Judge James E Marahle yesterday after admit- Uing he shot and killed Angel Ren- iteria. 45. and Anaclilo Romero, 35. [for less than a dollar's worth of food last Thursday. Krube Captured Tuesday Krube. who escaped from Green Bay. Wis., reformatory a.ft- er going A.W.O.L. from Parks Air j Force Base near Oakland. Calif., was captured in a manhunt in the desert Tuesday night. HP surren- dered without a struggle. Officers said the youth, who al- so admitted stealing two cars and staging robberips and burglaries since his escape, was cooperative during questioning and unemotion- ally told them: "I went there (bunkhouse of vic- tims) to get food and I looked in a window and saw those two guys. One of them was in bed and he looked up and saw me and start- ed yelling in Mexican.. .1 shot him. Then I shot the other guy." Coup De Grace Given He also -told officers how he gave the first victim the "coup de gra- ce" after entering the bpnkhouse. "The first guy was still yelling, so I shot him Krube said. He then took two cans of meat off a shelf and fled, he said. Officers said the two cans were worth less than SI. When captured. Krube was car- rying a .308 deer rifle which offi- cers believe was used to kill the two men. Phoenix Chamber Group Visits Here Friday, Saturday The Yuma County Chamber of Commerce plays host Friday and Saturday to thp Phoenix Cham- ber's intercity relations commit- tee. The businessmen will arrive here shortly before noon tomor- row. First on thp schedule is a luncheon at the Stardust Hotel, followed by a tour of the area in- cluding the Wellton-Mohawk Di- vision of the Gila Project. Also on tap are visits to the Yuma Test Station and the old Teritorial Prison. The Phoenicians will spend Sat- urday in Somerton. returning to Phoenix that night. Children Involved In Kidnap Charge Flown to Texas Two small children involved in an alleged kidnaping, [or which Dr. Frank Sainburg is being held, were flown to Texas last night and delivered into the arms of the present Mrs. Sainburg at Dallas. Even as the pair took off here last night in company of Mrs. Bob Mabery. lawyers were preparing to enter the Superior Court here at 2 p.m. today on the writ of habeas corpus proceedings filed late yesterday afternoon. The writ seeks to free the 38-year-old Big Springs, Texas, surgeon on charges of kidnaping, burglary and second degree assault. Hearing at 2 Defense Attorney John Westover filed in court just before 5 p.m. yesterday and' Superior Court Judge Henry C. Kelly set the .date for 2 p.m. for hearing of argu- ments. In his suit, Vvestover al- leges three things: 11) that the bail of set by police Judge Linwood Perkins is excessive; (2) that Judge Perkins refused to hear testimony or listen to any evidence and that Dr. Sainburg was entitled to a hearing and did not get one: (31 that Dr. Sain- burg Had already been arrested on the same charge on a fugitive complaint in Texas, that he had posted bond there for ap- pearance and that he has not de- faulted on that bond. Prior to the departure of the children last night, the 'two were taken to the .iail by Attorney Keith Benton to see Dr. vSainburg. Ben- ton represents the present Mrs. i Sainburg and her father. Attorney i Neil Smith of Longview, Texas. The children are Philip Sainburg, II, son of Dr. Sainburg and a former wife living in Utica. N.Y. and Mary Jean Nance, daughter by a former marriage of the pres- ent Mrs. Sainburg. Charged With Threat The kidnaping and related charg- es grow out of Dr. Sainburg's re- moving Philip from his mother in New York, and transporting him to Texas. In Texas he is report- ed charged with contempt of court for failure to return the child to its mother and also a charge of threatening a human life, which was filed by his father- in-law. Chief Deputy County Attorney Bill Helm reported today that he still had not received the warrant of arrest that is supposedly on its way to Yuma from Texas. GM Warns Dealers: Get Out, Hit the Ball WASHINGTON .Gen- eral Motors Corp. has this word for its dealers who are not doing so well in the present, highly com- petitive auto market: Get out and hit the ball. GM officials also started offer- ing today a detailed, case-by-case defense to dealers' cha.'ges of un- fair treatment. The charges were made in previous testimony be- fore a Senate. Monopoly subcom- mittee investigating the giant auto concern. F. Hufslaflcr, GM vice president and sales manager, gave the first reply to M. 11. Yager, an Albany, Pontiac dealer, who last Friday accused GM President Harlow If. Curtice of being an "nm.gimt dictator." Yager also asserted (hot GM dealers are subjected to constant factory pressure to sell more nnd morn new curs even if it in- volves exaggerated trade-ins, ex- tremely Unas, ud. other unsound business practices. His testimony was similar to that of other GM dealer witnesses, most of whom had lost their franchises. Hufstader told the subcommittee i that Yager devotes only half his' time to his auto business although i his new car sales have been de-j clining for the past two years. I Nevertheless, Yager's profits havej been averaging J9.000 a month this I year, Hufstader said. Hufstader had testified previous-! ly that complaining dealers should! blame themselves for not prepar- ing for the (into "when customers; ceased walking into their stores! moring to have their put! on an order blank." I Curtice denied that his recent' offer to extend the period of the dealer franchise from one to five years "illusory." He said that the offer even applied to dealers: who had been warned that their, one-year agreements would not bo renewed next year unless they. Stepped up Suspect Nabbed In Kidnaping Of Bank Cashier JOPHN. Mo. -IB- FBI ag- ents arrested James P. Taylor, 30, Detroit, in a private residence herp today on charges of inter- state transportation of travelers' checks stolen from the Thief Riv- er Falls Bank at the same time bank cashier Kenneth Lindbergh- was kidnaped and murdered. Percy Wyly II. special agent in charge the Kansas City FBI of. fice. said Taylor was in posses- sion of a .30 calibre rifle and a .22 pistol, but did not resist ar- rest. The arrest was made at a.m. at 207 North Jackson here at the home of an acquaintance, who apparently had no connection with the case. Wyly said. A complaint filed in Detroit Dee. 6 charged Taylor with violation of the intersiate transportation of stolen property law. SHOPPING DAYS LEFT ,------Htlp Fight TB