Friday, November 24, 1950

Yuma Daily Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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Yuma Daily Sun, The (Newspaper) - November 24, 1950, Yuma, Arizona test M Mgfe 4aU BMT (Ms 4a'.e saitWjr it 11 a-M. til TI VOiUME 41 HOMMi 270 Ml AND THE CWar this mlUmwa, Saturday. Uttte YUUA. AHIZO.NA. FftlDAY. NOVEMKR 24. IftO Chinese Reds Hin Peace Price Is 7th Fleet Withdrawal Iww Toft To Pi CUB! V ftfchl Viiws To UN Stcvity Cowcl WAMONOTON. W thr 11.8. mmt LAU MJCCEM, N.Y, mrnualiit to tke KutUa. arrived May aad Rwwla onnaMl- -J--------------- tfcat It to argue IU .f list Uattod YUMANS in the SUN ly JONES OSBORN NEW YORK, Nov. 'Chir.i'.i to th. United Nations arrived by air today and Immediately hinted broadly that their price for peace in the Far East Is with- drawal of the U.S. 7th Fleet from Oen. Wu Hsiu-Ghuan, leader of the unsmiling seven 'men and two women who arrived at dawn in a British airliner, spoke of his coun- try's desire for peace and friend- ship with the "peace-loving people of the United Wu's surprisingly mild state- ment immediately buoyed Western hopes that can be negotiat- ed for the Far Bait. "A. profound friendship has al- existed between the Chinese people and the American Wu "I wish to avail myself of this opportunity to convey my to the peace-loving So many times, Yuma folks people of the Unltad States." have asked me, "What can I, The general, oaetlme chief of Just one out of thousands, do- to ataff to Gen Lin Plao who con- nulP quered the mainland for Red leader Mao Tie-Tung, pointed out that his delegation was here jtrlmarlly, to discuss the Peking Regime's charges against the U.8 of aggression, against Formosa. He added that ,if the received "just treatment" in the UN Security Councij it would be ''helpful to peace and security in the Pacific and Asia the dtalrc" of his government. The delegation was warmly greeted at Idlewlld Airport by every Soviet Bloc delegation .to the UN. .Russian 'Deputy Foreign "inlater Jacob A. Malik shook four times with...Wu with wtioin he spoke in' DUcusaloh of Chinese and Far Eastern problems at .the current session of General As- sembly, has been In a lull awaiting the arrival of the delegation to Impart Peking's views. Yuma Soldier Awarded Bronze Star Sgt. Ear] L. Burrow, of 2302 Colorado street, Yuma, -Medical Company, Ninth Infantry Regi- ment, has been awarded a Bronte Star with for heroic achieve- ment'in the Korea to a United Press'dispatch from .jjJfTokyo. today.- 18 Enlist in Yuma Guard Unit; 16 Short of Quota With the recruiting drive sched- uled to end N6y. 30, Company L of the Arizona National Guard has recruited-18 men, it was an- if lounced -today .by the 'company commander, Cap'tain Elfren G Cm. This brings company strength up .to 87, the 'captain said, which is 36 short of the unit's quota, 103 The'captain ..said there wi'll be nix? someone at the Armory on Sat unlay to give physical examin ations. to men seeking to enlisl and 'that men interested in en listing who are without means o transportation may call the Arm 1727W, and a vehicle .will be sent to pick them up. The ag limits arc 17 to 35. The 18 who have enlisted sine start of the drive art: Frank An aya. Roy J. Bllbrey, Alter M Black, Henry GhlotW, Roy Hoi Icnbeck, Coy H. McKay, Alex L 4 Montalvb, Robert L: Morris, Os- car v'Palacio, Robert Vomocil, Philip'.'M. Rojas, Antonio Peralta, Don E. Turrell, Miguel Orta, Clif- ford Moore. .Silvester B. Robles. anc! David TWO SECTION VOlUMf leaner jnao rse-Tung, pointed out Many ask that just to put them- that his delegation was here record >s being of t, primarily, to "discuss the Peking helpful nature. against Formosa. Others, ot' course, are sincere. He-added that ,If the Chinese would like to help tu.._i their community grow Into a bet- ter place in which to live. Well, today I'll tell you one way In which you can help. And It will cost you- only three cents. You all know that Yuma not have a scheduled airline con- nection with Arizona citlei, or with any other point to the west. east-west airline service for ten years now, and something always seem, to hold it up. Next week, ari official delega- tion leaves Yuma for Washington, D. C., to try once again to per- suade the Civil Aeronautics Board to authorize daily eajt-west air- line service for Yuma. Among -other: things, they will havevto prove to the CAB that Yuma NEEDS and WILL USE airline service to'-Phoenix arid points east. they will cite facts and figures and everything else they can find, to prove the point, V But to really-put it over to really convince the CAB that Yu- ma NEEDS -air service to the east, we need .something tripre. That's where you helpful "To- mans-come in. I'm asking you to write me a letter, right away, telling me just how you would be able to use -daily airline passenger service to Phoenix and points or how you COULD have used it some time In the past. Would you use It to get', to Phoenix on business trips To make connections with trans- continental air lines out of Phoc- To take a vacation trip? To get somewhere east or north of phoenix on a hurry-up week- end trip? UNF Launch F i North Community Chest Drive Reaching 58 Pet. of Quota The Yuma. County Community block area was turned in Wednes- Chest Wednesday paised the half- j day .by Mrs. Harold GUIS, a work- way mark in meeting ib 1950 goal. Total reports to date were 18.53 which is 58 per cent of the needed to continue the To get to the bedside of rela- tives who are ill? Just tell your own words. now you COULD have used air Icnbeck, Coy H. -McKay, Alex L service to the east, 01 nr__i.i..- WOULD use it it if we had it If you don't tmvc an envelope write, me on a postcard; Sign your full name and add- ress. iridbva SANTA SAYS: In spitt of the fox's cunning, hit skill is often sold. If you think it's smart to delay Christ- mas shopping, may gtf i skinned out of 9ifh you nwd. Address your letters to: Jones Osborn.. The Yuma Daily Sun Yuma, Arizona. VIJMA Bariwra Whitman, wus IWJMI Homrcinilag at llalu, high m-h.H.1, will rt-prewnt H a Sum Prlttnw la the annual Salad Hmvl parmle In New. Day afrenUag the. Salad Howl f.-thi.ll garni-. The braeflt football gaiw to by Ariiwu and the Vuma club HMllag Whitman ami YUIIS iHg kud to the went. Minn Whltmnu .will with Sun Prlmrwn from other high for the utatewlde crtnvn. (Sun er in 'the district headed by Mrs. Charles D. Phillips. MM. Giss reported contributions amountine to ?110. the member next year. "We malfe Br- tw uumineie meir cans yant president of and .turn in their reports at the stated .today. "The Boy. Scouts earliest possible Unie. -Yuma oh us to raise enough money, to'continue their prbgrairk-i. Unless we do, they have one of two choices..Ei- ther they must put on an addition- al; campaign of their-own, or they must cut their programs. 'The Community Chest was or- ganized to combine all and to eliminate all these extra drives by individual organizations I'm sure that w.e are all agreed that we. would "rather have one than to have eight separate "Although :we have reached on- ly Cent of our goal, we know .that there: are many peo- ple who atill contribute. I want to urge .-every person in Yuma county to make a. cbritri- butlon, even though it be only a small: amount, .v "All Chest canvassers are Vo lunteer workers who are contribu- ting their time as well as making cash contribution .to the Chest. Several have reported receiving contributions from families where the head of the family has been unemployed for several months: A dollar to those folks probably means more than 10 or 15 dollars JD to someone who is working tare." "Everyone benefits, either di- rectly or- from t h e Community Che-st. Everyone owes he drive was scheduled to end Wednesday, and Jones urged all kers to complete their calls Red China Soys French Invaded ChiRa 48 Times Hong Kong-, Nov. Communist..China ohargeu tbiiiiy that French' forces in Incio-China have invaded Chinese territory at least 48 times and warned Prance It must bear the "full responsi- pility and consequence." The charges, were, reminiscent of those made by North Korea before invading South Korea and it .to himself-to contribute hi schare." What is believed to be the re- Korean war. Man Nabbed On Charge of Theft From Parked Gar Paul Edward Crowall, transient is in Yuma County jail awaiting arraignment on charges irrand theft. He was arrested Thursday niglit in'the the area across the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks from town. Arresting of- ficers were Police Sergeant Bob Mabcry, and Patrolman Cecil Crow and C. M. Manasco. He admitted to police that he broke into an auto parked in the cord for .contributions in any one area of 4th and Gila streets Thursday night and stole a pair of cowboy a bedspread, a jacket and a mailbox bank. All the articles were recovered by police except the -jacket. The theft was reported by Mar- garet Mapp of Somerton. CoWWavc Covers Much Of Nation BY usirro HEW Winter's wont cold wave rode 'twtward across the nation on Icy today a, Americans r UiT.Cu to work fluffed with tur- key and trlmmingi. in tern- wratures that plunged to all-time owa for early in the the cold wave clowd in on the Atlantic Seaboard and (pear- ed deep into the Southland. In contrast, Southern Callfor- mans sported freih luntani a they went back to ahopj and of- fices after spending tht holiday lolling on Pacific beache. in lum- mer-like heat. 'The cold wave ana IMU weather served to hold down traffic on the highways, but the toll of violent by-the tragic wreck of two Long Island Rail road commuter Thanlu Sly ing to pass last year's record A United Presj survey showed at least 158 accidental deaths be- tween Wednesday evening n n d midnight, and late reports were expected to the toll There were 52 dead in traffic ac- cidents, three in hunting; and 103 from cau- ses, including tht Lone It- land train wreck. The mercury expected u to U brlow tn MM RrctliHtH or tfe Nwthera PkUaa teday. The kmrtt rrwHan ra- porttd to IT.S. Weatfear t k I mnrntar were bekw at Chad- ron, Neb., and It, below at Dick- inson, N. D. Chicago a frigid one below with strong west Chicago, -Milwaukee, Grand Ra- pids, Mich., and Fort Wayne and Terre Haute, Ind., reported all- ,Ume, record- lows for. so early in the season. The arctic stofm spread a blan- ket show over moat of the Mid- west, and blowing- snow created near-blizzard conditions in Minne- sota. Eastern North Dakota got a combination enow and dust storm. 7 Williaton, N. D., .was thankful Five Probes Opened Into Train Wreck That Killed 77 NEW YORK, Nov. at all signal blocks after a similar Gov. Thomu E. Dcwey and Mayor wreck at KockvlUe Centre, N. Y., Vincent ImpeUltteri flew home to- months ago killed 33 day from southern vacations to 'and another three aeo in- direct two -of five investigations jurcd 47. Death toll in the wreck to gons urc Into the wreck of two Long hland Death toll in th commuter trains which killed 77 77 yesterday when and injured Z'X. Public were shocked and angry at the third wreck this year on the Long bland commuter line in the na- "on. Investigators hoped to what cauaed the Thcnlugiving Eve wreck in which an eastbound ex- pren apparently ran through a red light at about 90 miles an hour and rammed the rear of a stalled local train. The engineer of the express, a man known for his caution among employes; killed in the accident. So it appeared unlikely the would learn ex- actly what happened in the few before the crssh. However, it seemed likely the brunt of .the criticism for the fifth womi U. 8. rail wreck since 1900 would fall on the management of the bankrupt line which failed to automatic safety devices an injured senger died at a hospital. Sixty- two .of the 329 injured pastengers still wore hospitalized, 15 in criti- cal condition. Dewey cut short a post-election Florida vacation to fly back to New York Early today, to take command of a State Public Serv- ice Communion inquiry. Investigators who checked the scene of the wreck In the Kew Garden section of the Borough of Queens reported that either a block signal failed to flash a atop sign to the express or the engi- neer of the onrushlng train failed o obey the signal, How By ChristMS Prediction TOKYO. Saturday, Nor. -A massive offensive to and war in Korea quekhjr astf hata Anwlcan CU'i map with them. They made a yesterday and China, before interv-cnngTn the W'liaton N. D., was thankful rean war for its two-degree-above-zero read- ing. yesterday. It was the wannest pein't in the state! Havre, recorded the col- dest Thanksgiving be- low; zero. But at a high school football carnival at Los Angele.V Memorial Coliseum, 100 girls of bifficis and-drill 100-degree heat. fainted in Hunt 3 Fliers Missing on Tucson To Blythe Flight MARCH AIR FORCE BASE, Calif., Nov. Force and Civil Air Patrol planes were scheduled to search the desert between Tucson, Ariz., ami Biythe, Calif., today for a light plane mis- sing with three men aboard. The Piper Cruiser was Schedul- ed to arrive at Biythe yesterday morning. It carried only five hours of fuel. Civil Aeronautics officials at Los Angeles the men abqard were pilot Homer Mllncr of Lan- caster. Calif., and Sidney Sebas- tian and Jack Klinger, both of Muroc. Calif. 13 4-Hers Leave For National Meet at Chicago PHOENIX. _ Nov. 24 (U.R) Thirteen Arizona boys and including six from Maricopa coun-1 Methodist chiu-ch. 5 Die jn Arizona Accidents Over The Holiday BY TiMTEO PRBSS Four persons lost their iivcs in highway in Arizona ov- er the Thanksgiving holiday and a fifth was killed when a Southern Pacific freight train was derailed northwest of Tucson. Highway were Manuel valle. 27, Miami, and Jose Vi- da'ure. 16. Cuahutenio Murillo. 22. and -Timmie Col.1, 16, all of Glrn- dale. Could a Councilman be recalled. from public office by the people ot Yuma under 'the proposed new city charter? The answer is yes; to learn how it can be done, read the editorial discussion in today's Yuro My Sin ty, left here today to attend the National 4-H Congress opening in Chicago Monday. The trips were awarded for out- standing work in local Club activities. ThoM making the trip are George Hawkins. Ada Mac- Smith and M.irriette Husacy. Fhuenix: Charles Todd. Gary ami Gloria Martinez. Roll: 'Thomas Wilson. Grande: Larry Stallinps. Max Grec. Valley: Billic Jane Xarra- morc. Palo Vcrdc: Josephine Guit- tcau. Tucson: Donna Lee Limt. Duncan, and Bobby Russell. Ki- frida. Snow indirectly caused one death in St.- Louis. Mrs. Matte Bowen was shot to death after arguing with a neighbor who Com- plained that her children threw snow .balls at his hoiue. More than Californians remained homeless as flood -wa- ters eddied over acres of lowland. Forecasters predict oc- casional rains but say they're not expected to bring new floods.. Mrs. McCarthy, Former Yuman, Dies in Calif. Mw. Marjory'McCarthy, daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. John K. Hop- per of Yuma, died last Mondav m Taft, Calif., according to word received here. She was burled in Taft, on Wednesday. The Hopper family came to Ari- zona from Portalcs. New Mexico, when -Marjory was eight years eld and she grew up in trie Yuma She was a member of the Sun-iving- are her parents, a sis ter. Mrs. Mason Elder of Taft Canf.. and two brothers. Car Hopper of Gadsden. Ariz., and Jack Hopper of Scheneclady, N. Trapped By Reds, 2 Yanks Shoot TWir Way Out With U.S. 14th Division, Korea, Nov. time Privates Moore and: Bailey drive their jeep to the rear to gaa up, they will take a compau and a road wrong turning when wi came-up to a ditch a- the. Pfc. Gene T Bailey, 20, of West Leganon, In- diana, said today. "I got out, and when I got up tn the ditch J heard someone 'say 'half in Japanese. "I looked up on a ridge at the left and there it Cook aoldier covering me with a rifle. There were1 four more'beside him and about 15 others a, few yards away. He motioned to me to put my hands on my head; and I did. And when the racket started" Pfc. George J. Moore, 19 of Knot; Ky., took up .was standing beside the ieep Gook got the drop on Bailey. Thev were.all watching him, so I.unlocked and swung the machine gun around, slow-like." ;It was a 30-caliber machine eun mounted behind the front seats "I hollered to Bailey to hit the dirt and opened I got three of them and Bailey'pi6ked off a couple more with his When Bailey got back to 'the jeep I turned the machine gun over to him and jumped in and started the engine. "They opened up on. us from both sides of the road as we were turning around to get the hell out of there." Enemy bullets bored holes in the jeep as the two men raced down the road with their niachm gun chattering. Neither man was hit. "I still can hardly believe it Bailey said "I'm still scared." BULLETIN! WASHINGTON. Nov. 24 irtoinarfr of thr Worker and hcir- plf.idvd innm-rnt tmlsiy lo rtwryrs that thry arc In con- tempt ol Yuma Women Clubs hinging Movie Premier Dec. 6 Yumans are to have the oppor- .untly to see a premier motion jicture Wednesday, Dec. 6 at the Yuma theater, being brought to Yuma by the Yuma Women's club with cooperation of the Yu- na theater management. The premier, its title not yet announced, will be a first-run-ma- jor studio film. Two arc scheduled, the tirat at 7'p.m." and the last at p.m. Advance tickets sales has be- gun wider the direction of Mrs, Marvin Smith, j v ,_ The Women's clubs have under- Doug ISM 'IfacArtkur flsjtf taken the project as a of to Korea to touch off tha raising money to apply to their building fund. If this event wel received by the public the clubs may establish it an annual e- vent. In such case it would mean Yumans could enjoy a preview of a full-length major production pach year. story Two Hurt In Car Crash At Wellton Two Phoenix men, both work- ing with a construction company on the Wcllton-Mohawk Canal project, were injured late last night when their vehicle over- turned about a mile east of Wcll- Kinser. stale highway rolled forward up U IS miles Friday. American ind South Kama visions and a BrlUsh-AaHralian brigade, jumping off .at a-m. in the tUrt of Gen, Douftaa Arthur'! final mat only scattered opposition ta tha Ing of Unir attack 75-mile front heavy M. Talk Stmna of tha A- merican Mth Uw pace, advancing w e t highway to Choagju, U Mtaa from the mow-eovand from which they Uundwd tMr The South 14 nine awoaa lUlb tride the main road to tka Tahi River (Umt, and Friday afcht reported only three of Twchon when nist forces rniMifl Tuk NlfWtanria of tka wttk- the line kallend in- three of Unsatt at gudong nortlwaat of tpaok. Uitam a ad North Korean Army ISM beMncd to have act up IU de- on a Una from Chongju, through ajrf Unaaa to Hufeho. uprivw oa choiC BABY IS BORN INWELLTQN Miss Donna Lee Petrlk, age three weeks, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Petrik, Un't much interested in the fact that she the possessor of a couple of but. she. a. The first white child born in Wel.lton for many b. The first baby to be delivered here hy new doctor Dr N. D. Kline. Donna Lee has two older sis- ters and her father works for the contractor building- the new state highway near Wellton. But right now her chief interests are the big bottle of. good, .white, warm milk, and her mother's reassur- ing- arnu. Dpnna Lee's obstetri- cian friend Dr. Kline, haB estab- lished an office in Wellton and ser- ves this community each after- noon. She will be more interested in him a fe-.v months hence, when it's time to chahg-e her formula. Legion District Protests Hospital Discrimination Delegates of posts within Dis trict No. 1 of the Arizona Amen can Legion have gone on record in of -a resolution protest- lug discrimination against Indian children 'in the state's children hospitals. The action came at Before returning to Tttkvn j Arthur flew in his stellatlon SCAP more than miles along the Yalu. PitcB plane. MacArthur more, han'30 mitai into China: American Jet flfhUri and air cover for hi, tha ground up to feet. Across the Yalu, the ChiiWN Have an estimated to 000. tioops massed Tokyo obser- veri Mud decision to aunch his offensive now was a ihallenge to Chinese Communist eaders either to commit this massive force to battle against the United States and United Na- tions or get out of Korea ton. Dan at a recent meeting of the district N'o. 1 dele- gates held here. The district in- cludes posts at Yuma. Somerton. Roll. Ehrenberg- and Parker. oiait; nignway g rcu iver. JS.CK patrolman, identified the men as i of is district commander. Murel H. Morris and Mason Mont-1 Tne meeting held for pur- goniery. He said they were travel- of ureparing resolutions to ing east In station wagon submitted at the mid-winter failed to negotiate the curve at i conference to be held in the detour to Wellton on Highway Fcbruurj- 3 and 4. 1951 SO. Post Commander Lafoon ot The pair was tafen to the Yuma told the delegates that an General Hospital where the full Indian team from arkcr was slatec- Anyone know who thla bov is? of thcir had nntjto.PIa.v f benefit football game He's blond, about 12 vears old i- this morning. a Valley team here an'jIMst week he saved "a Yuman known to have received i T. Proceeds from t <.u a i uman 5erious cuts gate receipts will go the Mar lUEtlN! Who's The Boy Who Found The Tickets? Anyone know who this boy is? It seems that Bill Walker, exe- cutive secretary of the Yuma coun- ty Fnrm Bureau, had lost 23 ban- quet ticket? from his briefcase. Th? unidentified boy found them am] returned them to the Yuma Farm Bureau office Intact. A t apiece, the tickcU were wor- th 463.50 to Mr. Walker. Now, lhr Iho'cd like to express his apprecia- tion to the helpful h c dovsn't know where to find him. Anyone knowing the boy should ask him to sec Mr. Walker at the Farm Burtiu office. Wyn.. IN'nv. 2-; HTiiry m-Mintnlurrr, a tMM rtx-hinr an tnidport crush on trwh- erow Mwran in which 21 [I lo havr (tivr- of Dimes campaign which Carrie: the fight against polio. Lafoon ex plaini-ii that although Indian child ren ordinarily are not admitte to crippled children', hospitals, the Indian team mem i bcrs felt that as good Americans The of Ihr worM AlptaiM .........._ FetMMt tde party banks, publicity officer. He told Maj Gen John Cbqlt- commander of the IT. S. Corps: "Yoa Ml them Mat wlkw Ket U tV Yala they eaa all etne t Allen Lees, Jr. 22, Succumbs Funeral are pend- ing the location of relatives for Allen Lees, Jr 22 year old son, of Mr. and Mrs, AUen Leeg of 35 Orange avenue. The youth died suddenly at his home Thursday afternoon follow- ing a short illness. Born January 16, 1928 In Am- arillo.'TexaJ, he moved to Yuma with his family about 19 years ago. Surviving; art the parents a brother. Zahe. of San Diego: anil a half-brother. Clovis Needham of Mndsay. California. Relatives are.attempting to lo- cate the boy', father who is in Los Angeles on business. Two Hurt in Cor Crash at Gadsden Two young persons were hos- pitalized as the result of an auto accident near .Gadsden early this morning. Louis O. Cochran. state high- way patrolman, reported that sedan driven by Douglas Huni, 22. of Yuma. overturned three or four times on a Highway 95 curve at the south end of Gadvden a- bout midnight last night. Hurd was accompante! by hia brother, Billy, age 20; Jack Cox. IS. and a pair of teenagers whom admitted Cochran did not name.'Cox is be- ing treated in the Yiuna OiwY.U hospital for a possible broken an- kle and one of th, the youngsters is under for VWULI internal faijortw. TlM they should partfcipate in money raising campaign. mjants. TM in other action the delegates op- others were treated fcr Bttaor i pointed A. O. Wjiiiainsun service and brulsea and officer: James Davij American chairman: and William FVr aMy WWHM rrach tfcv ff't al Iht DC-S nnlll ci; was i decided to hold" the January i in j in Roll. youths told him a lira flat was cause of Ott awkfcat citations tad thla Mr.