Saturday, September 27, 1947

Yuma Daily Sun

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Yuma Daily Sun, The (Newspaper) - September 27, 1947, Yuma, Arizona THE WEATHER AT 1'UMA Highest last 21 liours................100 Lowest last 21 hours................71 Average high this Average low this date..............65 Relative humidity 11 Tl AND TH NTINEl li! WEATHER FORECAST TO SUNDAY NIGHT Clear today, tonight, and Sun- clay; little temperature change. VOLUME 228 Yuma, September 27, 1947 VOLUME 228 Poland Asks UN Ban Marshall Plan BATTLE IS STAGED ON REFUGEE SHIP One Jew Killed, 7 Wounded; British Sailor Injured JERUSALEM, Sept. One Jew was shot to death and seven others were wounded today in a 20-minuto battle aboard the refugee ship "Despite" when a British naval party intercepted and boarded the vessel trying to run the blockade to Palestine. The party was work- ing its way toward the ship's bridge when a group of refugees armed with crowbars cornered a British sailor. The sailor fired five shots at bis assailants, killing one and wounding two. Five other immigrants suffered head wounds from swinging clubs in the short-lived resistance to the jackets. Hrltim Injured One British sailor suffered a broken finger in the affray, ac- cording to an official British statement. It was the second of- ficial account of the boarding. The first had said it was carried out without resistance. (Continued on Page 21 300 Attended First Teenage Canteen Dance Last Night More than 300 students attend- ed the initial dance of the Teen- Age Canteen last night at the Kjlights of Columbus hall, ac- cording to officials of the Lions club which sponsored the affair. Many of the parents of the teen-agers 'dropped in during the evening and were saitl to have been peased with the conduct of- the -dancers attending. .This is the first of a series of dances to be by 'the Lions for the Tecn-Agc Canteen. Saturday Salvos By Sam Siciliano Sec where they painted some new bright, white signs at certain corners on Main street warning NO U TURNS. It's ;i step in the right direction and pruves, as far us we're concerned, that city law enforcement officials are willing to heed suggestions. Octuplets Born To Chinese Woman 'it (U.R> liirlh of octnplets, seven or whom lived, was rtt- portiMl today by Chang Shu 1'lng, lllri'r.tor of the Tax Bu- rrnu nl Ishing, 120 miles from Shanghai. Chung lold H correspondent for till! newspaper Shun that his niece, Mrs. Chang 1'lnff Wei. gave hlrUi to eight boys July 5. One illcil shortly af- ter birth, ho said, but the others, as well us the mother, lire "sound and hair." The lilrlhs took place, he. said. In Communlst-helil Yang I'ang Chen, iinrthras t of Tientsin, where the Iteds or- dered special rations for the family. 1'rcvioiisly It had been reported from Tientsin that scptiiplets had been born to the family, the Communists furnishing four nurses. President Takes Immediate Steps to Aid Europe Traffic Violations Reported by Jr. Highway Patrol Yuma drivers who have recent- ly received little red traffic cards from H. B. Breech, chief of ;po- lice, may be interested to, know their violation was reported. by the Junior Highway Patrol. These are the children you sen at the intersections in the school zones who assume the responsibility of seeing that their fellow students are allowed to cross the street safely. Citizens were urged today to make it. a point to obey the safe- ty rules in these zones by city of- 'icials. According lo E. C. Byrd. city recorder, no fines have yet 5een paid on. the charges, how- ever if local drivers continue to run- the stop signs and drive in excess o -flhe speed designated they will be subject to the full penally of the law. find most of the drivers in Yuma are eager to cooperate with the Junior stated Byrd, "but there arc still a few who seem to be in such a hurry that they continue to ignore the speed limit as well as the stop signs and orders of the student on duty. When we receive more than one report on the same per- son, there is little we can do but prosecute the case." However, we can't expect ev- erything to come from them. Ad- jmtlecl, that's their job. But there is an old adage which says that two heads are better than one. And it follows that several heads are better than two. L( not pass off this safety and traf- fic problem with wave of the hand in the direction of Uic police department.. You drive those streets time after time, day after day. You can see where an inv provcinunt can be made here, an error rectified there. Tell the next policeman you see. Or tell us and we'll pass it along. Like the fa- ther who told us that too many drivers arc ignoring the stop signs that control traffic onto Eighth Street, lie's worried about that for his daughter has to cross that street to go to he should be. (NEA Tclcphoio) White House reporters make a mad rcnch for copies of President Truman's statement handed out this morning, announcing that he will seek stop-gap aid lor Europe .without a special session of Congress it Note huge pile of hate and coats in foreground as Washington suffered unseasonable colcj weather. LABOR DISPUTE TO CLOSE L A. HARBORJUES. LOS ANGELES, Sept. (U.R) -The W a t e i- f r o n t Employers Ass'n. announced today that It And which civic organization is Mrs. J. Bogart Is Released While there are no new devel- opments in regard to the case of James Van dc la Bogart, accused of robbery of the California Cot- tonseed Oil company, he will have plenty of privacy -in which to think of the things the future will hold for him. He is locked behind three door.s on the upper story of the Yuma county jail, with small chance for him to <iu- plicate his canny escape from the Amarillo, Texas jail. Mrs. Bogart, wife of the ac- cused, was released yesterday af- ternoon after being questioned by county authorities, according to Asks Support For Minor Children An order to show cause was 'iled in the county clerk's office yesterday by Virginia J. Hender- son against her divorced husbanc Willie E. Henderson. She is HsKing the court costs, goin; to contact which other civ- ic organizations find a com- mittee formed to study the prob- lem with city officials? Went, on Hint Sunday morning ride with the Silver Spur Riders. Of course it really wasn't n Sun- day ride. It .started so early to be honust you'd have to rail it a Saturday night ride, Mercedes answered the alarm clock, she does that in return for n.s hang- ing out the wash, and we wouldn't remember a thing after that un- til we opened our eyes and found ourselves in the Whiff enpoof" rat- tling our way horscward up chickens. As we went by a rooster yelled. "O.K. you jumped the gun now rrow." Seriously though, we'vo foil for a long time that a riding club was needed in Yuma. IL will he an invaluable nid to rodeo do- ings and the tourist trade can al- ways iisd the shot in the arm pro- vided by western horsemen. Tint, no kidding, how about a later hour? We can't stay up that long or up that early and, more, we didn't see n .single tourist between five and .seven. Did you ever stop and think ol what wonderful eoiKursatUmalisls (Continued un Pniju 3) would, close the Los Angeles-Long time program Beach harbor to all shipping at nidnight Tuesday because of. a fight over the right of. foremen to ioin-.'uhib'ns "under the Taft-Hart- ey Act. The. shutdown will affect move- rient of all curgo vessels except tankers, which generally are own- ed by the oil companies and will not come under the WEA order. Order for the shutdown came yesterday from W. R. Marlowe, ocal manager of the WEA, as a result of' a dispute between the CIO Longshoremen's Union and the Luckenbnch Steamship Co. and Outer Harbor and Wharf Co: YUHS Band Entertains Fans Between Halves at Opening Game Al Havens' blue and Yuma Union high school march- ing band last night entertained the 4.BOO grid fans at the Yuma- Ajo games with a 15-minutc half- music and stunts. The organization took the field under the direction of sophomore drum major Roy Goss, and pro- dded by five baton-twirling, maj- Alva DeFraga, Billie Baseball League Managers Plan Meeting Monday Team managers In the n e w hardball league have scheduled a meetings Monday night at 8 to lay final plans for organization of the league and scheduling of games. In the meantime, two n o n- tonrnnment tilts are scheduled. Sunday afternoon at Somer- ton meets Wellton-Tacna at Well- ton and Quechan Indians tangle with San Luis at San Luis. I To date six teams have entered I the league and four official dia- monds have been designated. Or- ganizations wishing to sponsor and enter a team should send a repre- sentative to Monday night's meet- ing at the home of Hurry Chap- man, next to the ser- vice, station. The teams entered are San Luis. Somerton, Wellton-Tacna. Quech- an Indians, Yuma Skyhawks and Rivera All-Stars. Diamonds are located at Snn Luis. Somerton. orettes, Jean Whitman, LaVcrne Duke, Travis Gowan. Palsy Anderson and Janet Flem- ing, clad in red and white satin. The band spelled YUHS and then Bobby Roberts and Beverly Davis staged a musical question-and-answer stunt on baritone and trumpet with the assistance of. announcer Lyle No- vis, and the majorettes did an Indian war dance to band ac- companiment. Cheerleaders this yoar are Lynn Bceler, Jenny Hodges and HANNEGAN RESIGNS PARTY POST Sen. J. H. McGrafh Named New Head Of Democrats Sept. 27 f' Robert E. Hiinnegan of Kt. Louis rosiywd today as j Democratic chairman and an- j noiinct'd that .J. Howard Me- Grath, D.. R.I., has been desig- nated n.s IiLs .sucuossor. Hannegan has been in poor icaith for many months. His an- nouncement said his physician liad directed hint to limit his ac- tivities. Presumably he will re- tain his position a.s postmaster neral. MnGrath. is a form or frov-1 ernnr of Hhodo Island and a for-1 solieRor-gnnenil of the U.S. He resigned from the latter post last October to accept the sen utorial nomination. Hannejrati also announced that Gael Sullivan had resigned, ef- fective immediately, ay executive director of the Democratic Na- tional Committee. In that cap- acity. Sullivan ha.s been actively directing the National Commit- tee in past months during Han- negan's iilness. Hannegan called a meeting1 of the National Committee1 in Wash- ington Oct. 20 to choose t.he date and placr for the 1048 Democrat- ic national convention. This meet- ing also will formatiy elect Mc- Grath as Hannogan's successor. Mother's Direct Action Wins Her Custody of Baby rilOK.NIX, Si-jit. :J7 itcliuii proved siH-crsMful for .Mrs. Millf-r M-sU-nlay. la tltf midst of a custody li curing in court, she cltilcIiiMi IIIT uinc-nniiitli- old sun in her iirni.s anil I'h-tl, 1 c u v i n ultnrm-ys Jmljjr J. ('muff and her sis- li-r, who cus- Imiy, .standing "Tiiix (It.'inonsl ration of love ami Judge C'maff ruled, "cntith-s .Mrs. Miller In Uccp her halty." .Mrs. .Miller and her hus- band, Joseph, had sought rtis- lody of the boy. Joseph, Jr., from .Mrs. M. A. Armistead, Mrs. MJllerS .sister. They said she refused to reliiuniish (he child when Miller return- ed Iinnu; from overseas army dufv. Sen. McFarland Urges Fixing Of Export Prices on U. S. Goods Fixing- of export p can goods was proposed here to- day by Sen. Ernest W. McFarland as a "brake on inflation and ns- in" living costs in this country. The senator made the sug- gestion in a speech before the American Association of Univer- sity Women. McFarliinJ expressed hope that a special session of one is be postponed until various congressional com- mittees now visiting foreign coun- tries and other committees which have plans to visit them can com- plete their investigations. "I think Congress should have first hand information as to what not be repaid. "Frequently when you lend mon- ey to an indfvidual and he cannot or will not repay, he becomes an encmv. That is something we all know! T think the same principle applies to nations." McFarlaiid said ail the condi- tions that make for war exist in the world today except German and Japanese militarism. He added that his hope that the United Na- tions would prevent recurrancc of such conditions had been dimmed by the attitude of Russia toward these problems. McFarland added, must not quit in our fight to DIPLOMATIC WAR MOUNTS IK INTENSITY Pole Delegates Join In Aftack On United States City Policc-nian Bob Russell de- cided today that he would be a little mure careful what kind of snake picked up. whether it happened to be a pretty one or to not. Russell's fourteen year old son came into the living room of their apartment on Prison Hill last night and announced there was a snalrc in thr kitchen. Sure enough, when he went to the kitchen he found a cute little snake a little over u f'jut long, decorated with beautiful orange and brown colors. It was so pret- ty in fact Russell decided to pick it up and place it in an empty milk bottle. During several other occasions during the evening" he picked the snake up by its tail. The pay-off, whirh sent a few chills down Bob's spine today, was when he found out he had been playing with a coral snake, one of thc'mosi deadly reptiles known to man. The coral snake is not believed to be in this section in large num- bers, but Russell is leaving it at Chamber of Commerce office ci's may be able to iden should be done about a loan of secure ft lasting peace." support and maintenance for her- Ralph's Mill at Tacim. Jinii the self and minor children. Quechan field behind Indian hill. Senator Suffers Painful Hand Injury Take Part in I. V. Tourney Yuma's football Delinquents, the Criminal "B" squad, gets its bap- tism tonight at Holtvillc where it participates with other Imperial valley B squads in a gridiron car- nival. Coach C. O. Miller's Delinquents are scheduled for one quarter of play with one of the Imperial so valley elevens. j "tify it and not tnn miSLaue did. A! Lent, Tucson, Will Address Rotarians and Their Ladies Al Lent. Tucson, district gov- ernor of Rotary clubs will be guest speaker at the meeting at MM p.m.. Tuesday at the Crane VII school when Rotarians will en- j tertain at Ladies night, it announced by Sam Park, chair- man. Rotary Governor Lent has chosen for his topic, "Commun- ity Service." Also a speaker of the evening will be John -McEl- haney and his subject will bo, 'Gila Project" This announce- ment was marie, by Sam Park, chairman nf Ladies night. At tiio moot ing ot the Rotary club Tuesday four guests were present including Horace Wisely, child on the let Johnnie Baltkvfch. of Salinas, the ankle. CI 1 yd is Bit Committees Named For Nov. 1st Gila Project Celebration Mnrtliv TV-ill and uvo executives of the Ai-.-ordimr to (ho doctor's report, Committees who will he in Riley while James DiKlluj .ul p m vii.Um ,q (lojnK chHi-ge of iiiakijij; the Gila Project have Marge of the mole.-, and jn Ule Area.'" and will be up find uroimd' shortly. Alex Doten. .Ir.. son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Doten of Yuma, was treated at n local doctor's office yesterday for a rattlesnake bite. Young Doten and several other children were playing around the chassis ol an old automobile on Prison Hill when the snake was spotted under the car. The chil-1 of the world. LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., Sept. Ti today asked the United Nations General Assembly to denounce the Marshall Plan and transfer to the UN responsibility for the economic reconstruction of Europe. The proposal was laid before the Assembly's 55-nation Economic committee at the climax of a strong attack on Secretary of State George C. Marshall's Euro- pean aid program by Dr. Oscar Lange, permanent Polish delegate to the UN. Lange said the Marshall Plan had split Europe ia two and warn- ed that "prosperity, like peace, ia indivisible and cannot exist in one nation, one group of nations or even on one continent while mis- y and chaos arc elsewhere." Says it Cunnut Referring to the 16-nation Par- s conference which is working out ietails of the Marshall program, ..ange said, in effect, that the Am- erican-sponsored project cannot possibly work because it has rais- ed a barrier at a time when East- ern and Western Europe need eadi jthers' help and resources. Lange submitted a formal rcso- ution which, although it did npt name any countries or refer di- rectly to the Marshall program, stipulated that the; 55-nation As: sembty should call on all the United Nations to "carry out all recommendations of the General Assembly based on economic and social masters and make use of the machinery of the United Nations' in settling fundamental international problems." Repeatedly, Lange said that the relief and reconstruction program now being prepared by the 16 gov- ernments of Western Europe and the United States had by-passed the UX and threatened the world organization with gradual extinc- tion. Africa i'tilicy Defended In the trusteeship committee the Union of South Africa defend- ed its administration of the Ter- ritory o'f South West Africa with a refusal to accept the role of "in- ternational delinquent" in the United Nations. H. G. Lawrence, minister of so- cial welfare for South Africa, said that any attempt to "stigmatize" this country might set a precedent "that would be sincerely regret- led" by the UN. His defense followed three days of debate about the General As- sembly resolution during which 18 nations have criticized South Af- rica tor its failure to grant trus- teeship to South West Africa. At the end of the first two weeks of the Assembly the U. S. diplomatic war was at fever pitch. The objectives of each side were to completely discredit i the other in the eyes of the rest dren. not knowing what kind o snake it was. began teasing it with sticks. The snake struck the child 'on the left foot just below celebration in the Mohawk Valley a success were announced this morning by John Fnirweather, manager of the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce. According to Fairweather, the celebration, which is scheduled for November 1. will attract some of the most notable men in the na- tion, many of whom will be at- tending the National P.edamation meeting which will be held at Phoenix October :iO and ,'il. Eliiborate plans have been for- mulated in an effort to nmke this one of the most important project introductory celebrations ever to be held in the Southwest. It was pointed out that all of Yuma county is expected to at- tend the barbecue to be held at Mohawk Valley school at Roll at p.m. on the day of the cel- ebration. Abe Marcus will be in charge, of the biirbecue and will be assisted by George Robinson ami Frank Leidcndeker. Visiting officials will be served breakfast before the sight-seeing trip of the project begins. Ar i-iingements have been- made tn fly who wish over the area. Flights will be in i.-hargc of Har- old Woodhousc. Wnyne Wright will dust the cel- ebration area with DOT in order to clear the location of inserts. Visitors will each receive small gifts. Dr. Donnlri T. Hall, nrphcw-ln-luw of Scnntor Douert A. Tatt, tn- Kiwcts the congressman's hand, which injured when n cnr door .slummed upon It us lie lenvinp, n Seattle, railroad Elntton lor an uptown hotel, Six sUklics were taken in the iHJild, General ('dill gene r a 1 nil lee ommittt'e charge will be H. McElhancy, .lack Xaquin, -Toe Rilry. Ted Crlsmnn, Frank Katley, Charles Hnrkeye, Wayne Wright, Harold Wonrthoiise mid Alton I'.Hikc. Transportation for llic day will be under the direction Joe grounds. The welcoming committee is composed of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Batley. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckeye. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Mc- Elhaney, and Mr. and Mrs. Har- old Woodhouse. Ladies who will oversee the serving at the breakfast and bar- becue arc Mesdames L. C. Spain. Wayne Wrisht. Alton Duke. J. Davidson, .lack iN'aquin. Paul Pr-n- luit. Frank Batley. Jack Roll and Pat Dunn. Music for iiie day will be under the nire of R. H. McElhancy. Lighting arrangement for the grounds will be under the super- vision of Jack Naquin. Somerton Boys Form 4-H Club Boys of the sixth, seventh, unit eighth grades at the Someiton Grammar school interested in ag- riculture an afternoon -1-H meeting with Al Face, assistant county'agent, Thursday. It wns nn organization meeting anil the boys chose for their club name "Junior Farmers." Officers elected were: Presi- dent. Keith Garrett; vice-presi- dent. Milton Johnson, secretary. Harrv Davis; reporter, Colton Smith; 'Council Milton Johnson. They voted to ask Bud Yancy to be 'th'eir leader. Asslstnnl lead- ers will be. John Slaughter and J. W. Gnrrctt. Regular meeting will be the second Tuesday of euch month at the Legion ball, Take Sides in 'War Mongering' Issue British Troops To Be Withdrawn From Palestine LOXDON. Sept. 2T (U.R) A Foreign Office spokesman said to- day that Britain would withdraw her troops in Palestine as soon as the United Nations As- sembly decides what to do with the Holv Land. Well "informed Whitehall sour- ces predicted that Uritain would begin the withdrawal, or a reduc- tion which would be only the first step toward the ultimate with- drawal, within two months. The Foreign Office spokesman said Britain would refuse to ac- cept any postponement of a de- cision beyond the present meeting of tlif UN" Assembly. "ThiTC will he an early with- drawal in the absence of a settk- I nunt." he said. However, he conceded that Brit- j ain might agree to remain for (in intermediate period of one or two months at most if the UN decided I to up new international au- thority for Palestine. Valley Roadlo" Be Closed For Bridge Repair Shown at UN General Assembly session arc Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, who was lo present U. H.'s case Hussion chaws of wur nion- ccring, unrt Pnliei< rWiwnH1 Oscar Lnngc c-i-rhn, v.'lio voted con- S'mi'-rt'in nvcnui- from Kith street to Mth ntrect will be closed to tniffic for one week beginning Monday, Sept. County Knglnc- IT W. L. KlliHon announced to- day. The road will be clowJ that the bridge may be renewed, he said,

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