Thursday, June 26, 1941

Yuma Daily Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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Text Content of Page 1 of Yuma Daily Sun on Thursday, June 26, 1941

Yuma Daily Sun, The (Newspaper) - June 26, 1941, Yuma, Arizona THK by U.S, Weather Hurciui 1 p. m. today Wcl.Uulb Temp. Humidity (ifi 6 p.m. Hi 55 6 SO 70 Noon 35 Forecast: Fair aild a little warmer tonight iiiid Friday. TIN EL at a.m.' last 24- last 2'i high this this, last 21 01 _ ice Januarj drimc of possible ycb VOLUME ISO YUMA, ARIZONA THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 1941 THE YUMA AfciXONA VOLUME 150 RUSS TROOPS RECAPTURE POLISH CITY R.A.F. DOWNS 9 GERMAN PLANES Nazi Troops Capture Russian Guard NAVY ASKS RIGHT TO HOLD MEN IN SERVICE Would Keep Men For Duration Of National Emergency Juno Navy asked congress to- day to approve legislation enab- ling, it to .hold in- service all cn- listed men, regardless of the ex- lion, usl terms. long os the national interest is' imperiled." Rear. Admiral C. Nimitz, chief of the Bureau of Navlgn-' British Continue Raids On Nazis; Kiel Attacked LONDON, June 26 fonnnUons of British bombers and firhtevs continuing Britain's night t cne jtmrcau 01 f ;kcd the .senate naval af- !and day air offciisivc Ge'- piration dates of their enlistment NAZIS SAY INDICATED fairs committee to approve a bill authorizing tho navy to retain 'men in 'service whenever congress Report Operations Proceeding On East Front As Planned communique') i sW e d Adolf headqurters luduy suHl that the ;Gprmn.n of-' P__Icnsive against Soviet Russia hnd won numerous frontier clashes successes innjor. scale 'RTetl indicated. The" coimiiUTilcjnc, xvhlch the (Jcmmiis hud indicated would dis- close for the first time "slnrt- ling1' Gerinnn mlltttiry progress against the Soviets, said merely I hat operations on Innd and in the nir on the eastern front were continuing "according plan- Thii ofTii'iul iimv.s Mi ill (icrmuii St tilt it ilivn liumln'ir.s Iiad dcslroviul 15 So- viet.. 1 tin Us., iiuil.. transport (ruin velii'-'U-s croivdcd with 1 ninps. Nuy.l' sou'rre.s rlahnud nir superiority for Lnruvuffc over the Keel air fieri. A German-Rumanian commun- ique had asserted -that -tOO Rus- sian airplanes had .been destroyed on the BcssarabiaiV front aJone Propaganda company dispatches reported German attacks on air- ports and bases hundreds of miles insitlc Russia. It was suit! that day and nighl tombing attacks had interrupted .Russian railroad .service. Direct oltl bomb hits were nir-dc .on motor (Continued an 4) formally- declares that the llonal is in dancer. j He asked that th'o provision the be; added to a pending bill which ft would require all future volun- teers in the navy to agree to serve an indeterminate period, during a national emergency. Six cars is the normal navy enlisl- nent period. The navy on the of army recommendations thai national guardsmen and aome iolectee.s :bc kept in service more han one year. This also would ;cquire action by congress. Defending his proposal against criticism by- Sen. Hiram W. JohiV: j many and German-occupied torrl- lory, were authoritatively.reported i to hnvc shot down nine enemy j planes this morning. Three British plane's -were said be mis-sing. These figures tolal of German planes shot in daylight sweeps since June 31 to 150 .it a cost of 46 British planes. BriUrh planes had made their 15th straight iit-tack 011 Ger- many during tht-night, centering their activities in the Kiel Bremen.nival base areas. Ijircc l-'lrrs Slnrtcd and SHIPYARD STRIKE IS f TERMIKATED Tho air ministry "said' that large, fires-were started Navy? planes aLso bombed the; i------------------i._. docks- of Boulogne during the on eastern w. ine ucrman-ceni-oicd niftht. for'tlVs pLYifrei nussiaiVadvance post-guardsman, left, is shown 10} S. F. Machinists Vote to Return ,r To Work Monday SAN FRANCISCO June 26 Jy A 47 Ony strike of nmchin- j ists was ended today'' by- an 'al- most unanimous" -vote to I'alurn to work" in San Fi'tincisco.'Shipyards next Monday. Members of the Machinists I-oclgc No. 6S agreed to the work return- after receiving 'assurances they would have, full 'privileges, of handling' their grievances it the -huge Pethlehem Shipbuilding Co. plant despite Bethlehem's closed-shop contract the Bay Cities Metal J rades Council (AFI with which the' machinists had broken. r .The.riMiI CIO nlHnlnlsl-s Local 1301' .meets In1 Otikiimd tu vote an -Jurmina- thm of the strike. There ivcrii inilieations this group would tnku similar action, The strike had handicapped. con- struction of worth.. of naval and meichnnt vessel1; in Reds Continue To Hold Back Nazis At River Pruth MOSCOW, sian troops have recaptured oh the Russian-Gemfah southwestern ;Poland, and have" cut off German Infantry from the German tank units .in the Vilna area on the" Polish-Litti Helsinki Bombed By Reds; Finns Proclaim War HFLSINKI Jllne 2C tt) ;l'nslilent .KIsto'Byti told the hjnnKh nation tonight that pressure from the cast is al- way's, tlircatcning us am! it is tu ilcstroj' this cterrmljncnacc that we upon onr dercn-iive batOc. Rytl ariiicit forces of tliB Geriiiaii 'criipiro- iiniler leader, Rekhs 'Chancellor. AiloU now suc- cessrul battle Iwsidens the forcfes of- the Soviet tin- Ion.' "The best possible men (Continued on 3) (O Yuman Has Narrow Escape As Rail Pierces Auto j The firing extended well inland, it was said, indicating that the RriUsh planes were attacking air- dromes, and war industries in oc- cupkd territory. Mist Aids British A cloudy ft.sea mint ov- er the French coast nidcd the Bri- tish planes, British planes made sweeps ov- Mrs. Leonard L. Smith, said'or Northern France yesterday and to be a resident of Yuma, cs- last niglit reported shooting down 33 German planes. Five. British fighters and (Continued on Pace 1) cnped dcatli but suffered minor injuries early yesterday when the car in which she was riding with her husband became impaled on a bridge guard i-ail in Imperial county, about five miles south of the Riverside county line, ac- cording to reports received here. A few momenta before the ac- j cidcnt. Mrs. Smith moved from j the front seat of the car to the rear snnt with her two-month- Beirut Shelled By British Ships, Bombed by R.A.F. VICHY, Fiance, June 2G .WASHINGTON, June 26 between foreign states and such With a minimum of opposition I'act ion is "necessary to promote President Roosoveil'-today appears j. tlie security and preserve the to hare established1, firmly this peace of th> United States or to country's foreign policy with re-1 protect the lives of citizens of the spect to the a id-to-Russia princi- i. United States." pic. In three quick moves, the ad- ministration announced its sym- pathy for the Red army's effort to stop Adolf Hitler, its intention to. such materia.l aid as pos- sible, and its-decision against in- voking .the neutrality, act in the 'jnachinists returned then The AFL' machinists rrcturn to I work .under tei'fhs of the Pacific Coast master contract, signed last April' operatois and unions spent many weeks in drawing "up of stabilization agreement. These ternis.provided for pay. of S1-12 an hom the Kusso-Cet man .war. current scilc of and. foi Scml jnm, half mc Umc Failure to invoke Lite: act will Juno 26 0) S iv inflictine alight early uaman frontier- thu Russian war communique asserted today Ferocious fighting was ed in: southeastern P.oland, with1 th% Russians holding fast It uas usserteil that 3tbe Russians had Ihrovtn til German at tempts lo cross the Pmth riv- er :on'the Bessurabiun frofit and the Skulcni sector the v Asians crossed tho Vruth to tho German Kimianlan iftcr iuflirlitig i feat on. tho aKivcklny uxls furccs Russian uc bombed Finnish porta mcl on the- Get man Lathuanum Baltic frontier shipping north uf the mn port of Li ban (and again bombed Constanza.. the big RumanhrT al base on the Black sea said The communique asserted 70 GDI man planes were shot down jestciday ind -siV admittctl that Russian planes failed If return, (The 'ihiplicatfon of the why! comniuniqu'e as that the Huv sians holding1 the septois of that while the admit tettly had nnde ndvinces not oil this fifth Ui> gf thc-swir biokcn through Hie Russian dc facilitate .deliveries, .of munitions, I if. any actually are scnU Amcricun) ships could not carry munitions if the act became operative. So far, there has .been no Russian request for .supplies. Deliveries will depend The bridge vail wrich ran part- British naval units carried out a 'heavy bombardment of Beirut to-: Branch Draft listration Deputies Named Somcrlon was dropped totiny from the list of hranch draft'reg- istration offices for Yuma county, it was announced at the local board headquarters here. Instead of having1 two valley registration branches, one at Soniciton and one at the U. S.I juratory It was decided thai the branch' at the migratory camp be sufficient. Deputy registrars lo serve at the July 1st registration in the ccunty were announced today as follows: AtYfl. Royal Mctz. U. S. Migra- tory camp, Somcrlon. Mrs. Madeline Spain, Spain's 1 store. Well ton. r Mrs. James Gibson, Gibson's j store, j John A. Provorsc, justice of the peace, Salome. S. J. Curtis, Curtts' storo. Bouse. Granvillc Fnquti. Fuqua's .store, Parker. Agent.. U. S. Indian Sti-vice, Colorado River Agency. Parker (for Central registration office will be at the local board In the cUy hnll here." !y through the car would have pierced her had she been in the front scat. Mr. Smith was reported lo have auffcrcd bruises, while Mrs. Smith may have sustained chest .injur- ies, it was said. The baby was only slightly scratched. lack on tho big Lebanese port, of- dispatches from Syria rc- ported tonight. The Royal Air Force simultan- eously bombed Beirut, Horns nnd Shopper-hinity Index Antorlcu'K first line1 uf dc- fpnso Is Its Navy: reserve .strength ilc.s In tho health of its citizens. Gwxl health ifc- largely on good food, ami that's why the IjtxuMng Markets of Vunia udvo- Better Foods for Amer- k-uns. Their shclvrs a, r e stocked fine, Iweiitli- protluclnjr footts priced .hi. UK) Amerkan Way! And this week-end extra- ucs are bclnp offered In their Dally. Check this In- THE 'SUN SAVE! Pjijjc 2 Groceteria S Safeway Stores I'afir, I ....Snnpjinettrs Food Stores Tayo !i.......... Moilcm Market 6.......... Grocery 1'age 1 George Wall Jtkfc Page 7...... Whig Cash Soucida as the Allies increased pressure on all fronts, the dis- patches said. The British column driving north frpui Damascus, however, was reporfcd ambushed at Doumjtj and fierce fighting was said to in progress Little Opposition So far, there-has been no than scattered 'congressional op- position, the' neutrality f aet'decision to legLslatiyc opponents -of -Roosevelt foreign' poiicies to make a voting issue of the wholc''question. Several senators urged that this country continue to concen- trate on providin'g ma'turial aid to Brilnin. The neutrality net provides that cither Congress -or the President oh 'the Soviet Union's ability to j withstand the initial of Ger- on the here as man invasion and also availability of supplies well as ships to transport them. The general opinion here seems to he pessimistic regarding the Pope Warns Only Heroes To Escape Flood Of Paganism considers'herself, at war.with Rus- There had .been no doubt inlands po itiou after pie stnte inent by Premier John Range! that Finland has-been attached nnd will defend herself all moans (Tho news .agency reportnd that So- viet bombei s heavily Abo (Turku) on .the Southwest Finnish coast causing many fires i and damaging the fimous cattle Damage to HelsinHi in today's j on Pa so 4) VATICAN CITY, June 26 PluSj addressing the (U.R> Eu- charistic Congress at hy radio, warned .today that "only heroic rinen and women will cs may invoke its provisions when I here that Japan will move on Si- cithcr finds a state of war exists Iberia If the Red army r County Receives In Sales Taxes Past Year Sales taxes amounting to Scions Accuse Aluminum Company of Misleading O.P.M. As To Supply WASHINGTON', Juno 26 charged that the Ol'M iff: The senate defense-invcallgaling forecasts of a shortage in ca- pacity made by the Reynolds f. i cape the flood. of "black pagan Russian army's but the jsm wnich tojay atronger Than the current of the Mississippi. "We send our voice to join yours in prayers of thanksgiving, the Pope said. "There is a current of black paganism todny is stronger than the current of tho Mississ- ippi undermining Christian cul lure. "Only heroic men and women escape thi? flood- Red army could fall back thou- sands of miles and still have need for American supplies shipped In- ter "by way of the Pacific- Thesu supplies would have to be deliv- ered, however, under the watchful eye of Japan, and there is belief committee charged In a report to- day, the Aluminum. Company of America "had convinced the of the adequacy' of thei supply (of aluminum) to avoid the pos- 3.ibility: anyone else? would go into.! .a field .which they-, had' for' soi 300.64 were returned to Yuma many years successfully monopol- county during th'e 1910-41 sales' v j ...i> "The investigation brought to tax year-which, ended the f w collections in April, it was b I light ,hortage of aiuminum ana that we ib h ve thrust a into'southeastern It sians were making n two pronged counter druc In Ihej hn' j lakeri Prezemysl and thit the' thrusting into the Germ Imcs in flic I vrOVf Biotiy to'the norlheast. Dispatches incIiLTlcd thai the mam battle ai still racing a.long Institute of Technology, fjuakc was believed about lies distant, east -Asia. The S.500 probably in South- ported today by County Trcas: juror R.-E. Lee Jr. I The total was J7.150 in excess of the .tax commission estimate of for the year, and rep- resented a gain of almost 10'pcr-- cent over the previous 12-month r eo, u is announced. sales tax year created, the iir-ccrtcy-of the need" i lir.nHmmrt. The 350 64 returned to the retail imlm rallonlnS and the' tcr.-itory she Principal development'of water county retail clcctricity ,lscd nomcg. tayhaVb j for big norn shcep and othcr wlw. business durlnff the status ol alum-] Hy of 915.000000 poumta annual- life In-the Kofa refuge ha3 been sales tax year. jinum the re-' of the service !n the state of Wyoming, Allison, in charge of. thn 3.000, 000-acrc refuges here for two I years, will be succeeded immed- iately by G. A. Amundspn, No Olhcr Changes Other personnel cf the service in Yuma county Is to be unchang- nd, it is announced. I Allison's Wyoming Iicatiquart 20-30 Members To Hear Address By Sheriff Newman Sheriff T. H. (Pete) Newman, director of civilian defense for Yuma county, is to be the prin- cipal speaker at the Yuma 20-30 club supper meeting in Clynicr house at 7 p.m.' tonight, it is an- nounced by Bob Johnson. The sheriff will explain plans for the organization of the de- fense unit here. He recently designated hy Maj. Gen. A. M. Tuthill, .state adjutant general, to have charge df the county organization. Principal club business will he on reports of committees, includ- ing that assisting in 'arrange- ments for the annual July 1th I children's party at the 'pavilion park. 75 Indicted In So. Calif., Charge Food Profiteering ).OS- ANGEUES.-June, A federal grand jiny, indictment returned befbre Fedeml '.rJuOgu Paul J. McCormicK today charged 7j cotporations indiviju Us with profiteering in Southern Cal- ifornia sales of foods, grocerits; candies and tobacco. A." Andrew Hank, special ni'atle 'a two-monthn. investigation of the inilustrics In- volved. an economic intjnity rather than a criminal ac- tion." Hauk recommended .nomi-. hail of set for tlofcmlant on each count. He pai he did not licsire to have wanants issued at this time. Tom C. Clark, special assistant lo the attorney 'gcneial and chief of the West Coast office of the anti-trust division of the Depart- ment of .Tusticc, termed the In- vestigation one into unreasonable price-fixing and pro- fiteering in tho food industry hi Southern California." Donations of 'candy, ice cream, soft drinks, and of prize awards for the vario-Ji- and othcr i TERM FOR contests slated, still are being sought by the committee for the STARTS 60-DAY JAIL TERM FOR DRUNK DRIVING children's fiesta. Only donations Reported to (lute ore from the Emporium depart- ment store which has contribut- ed eight prizes for games, four-', for boys and four for it was announced. Carl i-. Martinez Li. inV Yuma county Jail here late ycstcrilay Parker to serve a 60-day term for driving whll') Intoxicated. The Jusltce of the' Icnpowid SAVINGS ON SUMMER FOODS IN THE GROCERY ADS TODAY .w.. ml

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