Tuesday, September 8, 1936

Yuma Daily Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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Text Content of Page 1 of Yuma Daily Sun on Tuesday, September 8, 1936

Yuma Daily Sun, The (Newspaper) - September 8, 1936, Yuma, Arizona Today's News ODAY WHILE IT IS NEWS THE YUMA DAILY SUN And THE YUMA ARIZONA SENTINEL Today's News TODAY By FULL LEASED WIRE folium; 211 YUMA, ARIZONA, TUESDAY, SKl'TKiMBEU 8 The '.ill. Gleanings By the Publisher _____It. Wti'KK DOING "Knock knock." "Who.s there r" "Dizzy." "Dizzy o Aflcr all, it's election lime, yuu know. w'nine1 three or more iii'L- running together lor an of- lice or iioinination there are bound lu be Lwu or more head- j lichen ill'it1 r the election. 3 HEAVY VOTE BEING CAST HERE TODAY "I'll soon find out just liow niMiiy liars I ln-i i- arc hi the rciuii- one cam.idate said the other uuy. "I've asked them Jiii to vote for me, ami Home UU percent have promised to do so. Tile vote w.ll tell." o But some bad are to lie left as a result of tlli.1 pri- mary. Tncy'll novel' quite, heal. Bitterness will lie between sever- al ol them until death. It's too uiiU; but true. o Anyway, the Sun's planning on having an election parly which is all tor tun. Uom us anu watch the results posted. And hear the re- ports ol thu stale as they come ill over our llumted pros..' printers and are broadcast ironi llic puii- ile address syHtcm which wo have engaged lor the evening from Mr. 1'ost. o All) fOK 1'AKM I Ul.Ii if, alter you get the piimaiy elcclioii all settlei. and want to take mi something of a pcrnmn- i'ti benefit for the I arm problem. 300 Die In Labor Day Celebrations, Auto Toll Greatest yuu read Henry views il in the Seplembei Am- oilcan Legion Monthly, case yon can't loo Dick will nlipi'ly in MOHK IHVOHt-KS Meliopo'itan l.fi.- insurance com pany slalistles show lhal, with the i etui n of there are more divolccu, as well more of praelieally cvi-rytl.lllH else. A man of Ihe old busi but goes right ahead driving it m Keod, we hard limes. But ill :n.uiancc man wh At r.'.mt I-HKSS men, women and rhildlen paid v.-ith their lives for celeorallon ol Labor day, it aji-j peinc.l todaj.1 j 'Ine death toll of the. three-day huliuay wcek-onc latjl ul thej summer mounted to In .'if stales curly loday. accord.ng to a tjnitud I'ress survey. .1 Accidents in the hours and of Irage.lies in seclude-! l.lLlriels wele expected lo swell Ihe loll well pasl of tluj thousands whu erowckd beaehos and lake retiort-s relief from "Indian MJIII- nior" heal -Jlowned despile elforl-i season with near-perfect leeords At loast a in ail plane era. hos. Murder lire and rei'.l--'il -.tiiilruetiun Ine g lives- lollowci. Ihe iiunilr'jds ol thousands of niolori..ts luied to Ihe. hig-hv.-avs by [air weathor. In I'oilervilb-. lour >-I- sons were killc.i ivnoi. llioir au- tomobile col'nle'.l wuu a train. Services Wed. For Uollin Heed Public Invited To Sun's Election Parly This Evening Tin- public Is Invited ID the Sun's election party timitfht. County results Irmn each (if the IiH precincls in tin- rmm- lv will be posled on Hie bulletin hoard in front ut the; SUN office. Slate results, coming in nvcr tin- I'nitnl Pn-ss prinlcr- machines, us well as local returns will In: brnsid- rnst Inim the olficr over tin: Pii' I pnhJt'- :idilress system. K is returns will stiirl roimnu in I ruin tilt; siimller preelnel.- short l.v :ift- cr seven o'clock and that hy a. in. Wednesday snUicient rctni-us '.i ill on band to dicale winners in the ctiunty anil justice JUT- cinct races. URKKTING KICHMAN AND MERRILL AFTER ATLANTIC HOP Hectic Contests Bring Out 40 Pet. Vote Up To Noon k'iul Time For Applying, Wealhcr Indications of a heavy vole in today's ptiniiM-y election in Yuma were on the. basis of the number eas up to noon, approxi- Job Here j ".alul.v -lO ,Kr eenl the total rofiistralion in tile local precincts. I Wide interest has been shown in Due to lack of compet-ilion, j several heated contests fur slate time for filing applicatio. lor a cuniily offices. U. apl .Civil .Service examinaliun I Polhainus Made Member ol' Int. Police Chief's Wiinl limes Midi as thu eountiy ginning to enjoy, he buys a new one; trades in the olu one on the down payment. o Kanie way. apparently Wllll a or a husband. Time the gill who is wi-'-I'lllK. When times lire hard she has about all she can (lu tu buy her clothing an-.l ke-ep and trlrnd husband In f mill. I She may lire of him bill she can't I i.u much about it. But when tililCH get better and she a raise or goes lo a eompelitor at a higher wage she lech a'ule to get a divorce; and does. It's an ill win 1. etc. OKK Saw tin i e men down from up north Monday morning on their way lo l.os Angeles. They were all hypoed up about some lich ole fury had found up aiounr. enhiirg. Chinned lo have had some of it that had run a ti-.H of ?10UO a ton. o The i.in- grab right hold of a guy. I've thought more about the story the Unco hilaliously let drop than 1 have about our newspaper since then. Who of has not hiu. j died last w pital, Tuc.-.on, will be held at the Veterans'! r'jl I lias been aco I today Hull u: I'oihaioils is a member Hie Inlerna: ional association Is Iriendn annuunceil today. The An erleiin Legion will have charge of I Hervices. I Members of llle family left Tue-; son .Sunday lor his ok. home in on Wednesdav instead of l m, is as originally planned. will, nearly HI.) per I'olh.-imns is Iho second man In An-.ona over lo aolneve ibis hon- or il Is said, the other being Sn insistenl with attention were the natives "f Uic.lK'rrill lamlo.l Illeir plane alter a rceoril-lireiijdiig- 'til ehl across the Atnintic. lhal Hie Iherr, loreeilto lake ri'liiK'-- in the cabin and close II.e iloor. In Ihis NKA radiupliolo, llmvn lo Ixnldon andllaslieil iieross the oeean, a iMiinan holding- a baby will. Hioliinan (center) anil Merrill as Ihe.vslainl guaril nvi-r Ihe plane. AT FLY HELD The H. S. liepartmenl morco will establish a station in Iho Kepi. I when II lo ncnv nl Ihe Hiuilllrrn l.'al-I At Long Beach n nanixati by Johnsonlo Arnold, curpH chief, tiun of Ihe ahandonimMil of tin1 radio station. located at Fly Kield iU'ven year.s Decision .Made His letter, in part, follows: "Heeause nf your eff'.rtH and Rebels Fight Way to Suburbs San Sebastian Ity I1AKK1SON LAKOCMK 1'niliMl I'risis .Stall Oirrrspmiilriil I lUIlli It.v I'nili-il I'l'oss KKBAKTIAN, Spam. s Hebel en- cncling lliis apparently cily, lollght their way into Ihe Mli.urbs ot San Sebaslian loday. Mnoke and flames appeared to :he eiusl as Ihe anarchists among Air Corps inncheppe.. wlncli Ihuy sent "a.stily lortiiied as a last onl- t Com- .vealher budding vacated armv aliandoned LUNG MEACH, Oil. Sepl. S A slight was r-.- eoidct. here at i> a. m. toilay but no damage was reported m thoj city, police said. r.lany re.siilenls wci a number ol' years, the K.MPOIUA. Kans.. Si-pi. S l'cr month. Tlie job Roger Don R.t' c'hule jumn'r and pilot Lansing. Mich., gunneu a liLUe1 white sped plane hurVj first Lo-! day in the OH-milc Shell cnp race, -t V iasl even, in the National' Hlarl comiiiK in sliorlly after sev- en o'clock from the smaller prc- cinels and that by 2 a. in. .suffic- ient returns will be in to indicate Ihe victors in the various races for county and .state offices. i _ _v 12 Arrests Over Moiv than a mile Witlman 0.tacled "flying pro- OF CRICKET S'KST Holiday Weekend .second and Marion McKoen of In-1 tJivi-n by .1. L. Lauderdale, Cal. third. U. S. Court Rules AAA Quotas O.K. disn-iel for Ihe eiadieatlon '1'" a formula; ol enckels Given a two-day chance, Ibu cket J'illed lu ovnrflow- Ihe holidays, with J2 c-rs and cily residents. This formula enn be .split into .smaller quanlitiea if desired. Me advised that this is poisonous, LOS ANC.KLES. Srpt. S and dangerous to uso aroinul chii-j v.-arranl 11 Karnet (larner, Negro, ia be- g held by a phone call author- thc act on lh' ha.sis of a hunts in the be.'iuulul norseh harbor this famous i Jack rainier ins Scholarship At FJapUalT ino nVai faclions hauled in tin- I-Vdcral iJudge Leon Yankwich', dien or loose poultry. j Charles Willliiglil, Negro, wau .sireclri. rnle.l loday that marketing pro-j Twenty-five pounds of bran arresled on a car theft count at ail efforts to wring concessions l vi. ions of the AAA a.s related to i mixed dry witli one pound of Khrenburg. from UK- Rebels in return fur a tiuula.s by the 1'aris Green or white Arsenic.; Willis Kurd, Negro, iil.'iu ap- to spare the cilv irom de- of agrii-ultuic were not Add lu llii.s two uunees of ijanana j prt-hen.led al Khrenburg, was held smi'eiion have so far nulcd. j let led the suprcnu; court de- ihn.-e galltms of water violniion' ul" tlie federal Dyer A considerable is m. oil invahdnling porMons of Ihe two quarts of blackstrap mula.ss-1 The I.iyer ad is tlie law both combaiant.s and Sow this mixture in-oadcast. [.asseil to aid (lie G-men in Ihe iOh-cuiiujalanls crowding inio ralrhing m' ear ihicvcs, making- it a federal uJ'fonse lo transport a stolon car from one .slate lo anollier. Tom and George Hurley. In- ns, were 1 days or .isiicc Cavannah ol Sonierion lisiurbing the ]icaci'. J. Li.M-M. AiiH-nc.lM, lor- USEINBATltEOFTAtAVEiiAS up to tliiH morning. Cnrre lilltti hv I'nited Tress in a desperaU: eonnler attaeli. K. 1. l. h 'U.FJ' Tht'i threw the lleueis baeii lour nnle.s .vlet'i.ni..t Ihe rapi- I Inwanl Talavei-a. The I i.-. i i- toilay tnr (.'in-line iK jllHt ill fruilt nf lili t il.v. it in; I-.. he Talavera A United i're.vs wa.i finotl DETROYAT WITHDRAWS FROM AIR RACES AFTER ll.V I-KO 15AIION United I're.ss Stall ('nrri-spinicl'-nt LOS srpt. IU.P- Michel Dot royal wilhdre.v from the Shell Cnp da.sh, final evrul uf the national air tuiiny a.s a sporlsmanlike gesture to American air races who claim he racing a field uf "bacliwaid mechanie.s" with a plane e 11 ic- l-Vendi gti verm i icnt Sl.ntiu.uoo." The tall genial I'Yench awards in two announced be wnidd keep tlie blue-huMed racer which is the center of the conlroversy on the ground today hi Hie Americana "a chance the money." Ortman Next After his performance in the Thompson da.sh yesterday, aver- aging miles an hour for Ihe inllf.s. he. had been con- i cded u walkaway in Hprinl. With Pel royal out. Orlman, young Okla- hfimaii. was given llu: best chance tor Uio biggest share of the purse loday. Orlman was Ihe only flyer wh'; trophy rare in I.o.s Angeles co.-i r.ne million francs, not one mil- lion dollars, a .spokesman fur th: llciiaiilt Company .said today. One inillic'1 trancM is equivalent lo enl fi m. ,iexl l-'n.l.iy. The schoi body was found. (j ;i. m. i arsliip, whicli carries .More IK-ad Noon L'V uf all fce.s during his freshmai At anolher jio.nl in lln- lire-1 KOKKt 'AST Paitly cloudy to year, was awarded fur bis swept canyi'iis an auhmiobile Conthuied warm i .standing record in hmh ivpurti-d overturned with two pei-j SOILS pinned beneath it and n-j purled -Joad. Ji' the bvcu, fiie waidciiii said, in iamiinenl danger of tuMiy buni- j. I cd. i A ilil'l' oi-ean whipped a 1 Umall into a thieomili! ui lii'i.1 last forcing thou.s- amis ul icsidenis. canmcrs and la- I oor day merry- maliuis 11 .Madrid wllcre the j visited the area batlie of the 'confirmed lhat Ihe I is I a Ironl ln-lwei- Sim-Mi -uanis and j miles east nards i tlu- s who l end 'and Tan: Hart. Indian, was iM-d a NEViS NOTES OF CHAMBER OF COMMEKC by Smith, Secretary (_N- .vri'KLClATION fleet iclaly has roooivoil lit thousand IH-I-SOIIS attended splendid letter fioni .loseph Ken i-uiioninj; ol -Pj-rolia irecl' cup race and cost one million fi-aiu.s. n-j'. ilulli-'i-.s." the man said. I (el royal thf plane, paying Uu- packing ur.il shipping paying his own way." The, spuUvsman asked il anyone migbl purchase Ihe p'.me r a similar one for francs. Ho plane.s of ;he type were nut for sale to Ihe Ihe le-openiug ot Tyrolian C _ resort north uf Galaba.sas vacal- ULO San ci the place huiriedly t'ne he expn II.LMICH approached. The Saddleiuck ranger Tuma, parlicnlany tlie (.'nan a hoy cunt camp, buddings on .U Commetcc lor liclp tv.tf ianches and an nidc.lcrmmcd lalt'iil an I puft on mimb.-r of were swept. the c.xpn.siiiuii by VUUK.H; 'Mi-1 clu.se tu the1 He ai.-o inv.tcd hand nrg.in furmer lesidcncu uf Dix the j Lions of Yuma to ho pivsnil 1 l.on star, in Las Tunas, Ihu hit I and n-nrlor certs. Hi-cause of tin: lack of lim" nut activities inciilent lu the rioiisly IhreateiH'd wcie Keri'- cmng of .M-hnf.l this wa-.s Inimd im- wuud in Tupango canyon where: 'uul- the m vital mn M Uieri' a if -Km and a rnnnU-1 tu of the detention camp al the hcaJ bands wliu jierfurinci: at !hc Los Mure.-, canyon. Deputy fher-. tin., past hliinnu-i I'm U> ruKn llU! tlie Yuma In Or K-ASli HUKIS; pnsoneni tiym lh- du-tcnt'.ou band ;nid ML- bin'! j if UK- fbe uaiiit! diner. I'HOKNIX Sepl. S (U.R> A cache ol IVno [inunu.s nf. AT LAKi; CITY TUCSON COP DIES Kubeit Cummtn.s Tucsf.u motor-j higi.way hlnsling powder a whorl Hugo K. Karmer, wlio lias cycle policeman. distance awiiy was threat-'lied. wa.s not lapped by the Fivneh- pflal here, la.sl nighl i mm injiirirsi All deputy were off, th, lie received wh: n he was thrown' wern let-day which raised the flurry of from the vc'hiclo In e uuned lu go to in the ol ect and h.iri iieen l Vuiy In 11 if Chamber of I he aica and wai n residents to I Connnercn m II.H UL-tiviLies in be- Moo. half of the lei L c.-nly grmmds Ite' Cunmihis, who li ,'ivi his I 'nmper.s and equip-, morning lor Sa il Lake ('it lo pl'ine.." ow and four rhildi-c.-i, came hern menl trom aJiu olnc1', attend the iiatmnal n-clamal j with other TIICKUI puhee to h-ari nearby cities were sent against' thi-rc. U'h" DKN'V HIKfK COST para-'.e tin; .-'ate Atncr- tin- Korewt. rangers Vjrunght Salt Lak" Ciiy Mr. Kaunei PA :it-pi. iiJ.iii The Ke- j lean Legion t nax. ul mn. Killing i m CCG I'j.mi Santa Hal- ct'iiicr .in naull t'andruii plane m which Mi-jalnne. laler. he wa.s thinwr irnm'b.if and Knn Hernai dmo iSaLionaJ west cm n-cl.iiiialmn clicl Dclruynt Hie 'I'liomp.son' Jii.s wjn'ii it ..Is. I InMy v-'Uh JoJui G. i i I It- is in .search of a will be u Umdly one paiiud health. An easlei n man l-lag.slall tin! tru: i.s I rymg iiit-n and chil- i billei- TONKill PI ULyOLU commissiono ri'clamalion. Tile trip lo I lu- (Mali made under Ihe. a -it the expense ui the ject association. IIKKI-; I'OK rni-; u INTI-; Kvcry (.lay now tile (.omn iOcrctaiy i- contact ing ire desirous of im.lnr.; a wml-- home in Yuma. Sat. imUanec, il wa.s learned t] least four li.ive del i 1 ;'icked Yuma ,is tin- .spot lo winter. After cu uul conlact, wui i! ii; ave here thru the ome back i nnn: Iwo roavalcscs-.'its I dy who he i.- sciidniL; h. re. A in Viciuria, Ji. 'i rrive ild'e the the icmaimter of the :n Democratic ranks by many the IradiLi'm mod at ic nomination lor is lantamounl to cl- ci i m A They believed i...... iy tied vitucr .Mce'.ir or Stanford would ..v. iim Hepublican nomin-jo m November. 'I in' 1 >enioeral ic race for con- was described varioiiiily a.; parade" and a "pageant." candidates, 10 men and line llu-ir pai! 's mid lor ll-c p-'Si vacated by C-.m- I.saIji1 llsi t irccnway. lest, ill Some Tjilavem West a< liia! l-Mlll.' I e.isl t'nal llle I ...ysibs! s Lilly caplured Ui- and the gnvermnetil had 1 any such capture Tht: result was icgardcd 1'issup. l-'.u- Ihr lirsl tune in CohnnlMi.s Kepiiblican.s also bad two n h.n-Ui :i1 K. C.j Ihe gllberiiillnnal I.lie I bring Ins' it a HIM MI need "ny i Gov. Turn Campbell and will laniily here helore i-elmol slarl-- L. II. Moi in. I'.usi-' John II. IMiill I'll' The :-.--t i-.1 in order t hat he i hddi en m lu1 1. lie li ,ih- were j lamily may cnler :i..buol on Uu-! All uu'mUM'.s weru urged .sonalil Campbeli gtiicully acting lirfct i m. lei-ardi'i! hv all rver.s as hkely In be "I I'oiir." (lllu-r.. diaiicc in win the nomin; .Inlin K. Murdi.ck, i.rnii a, the stale roili-ge at Ti ;ind Ni-lhe T. I'.u.sh. I'.irkci', fill woman pnhilcian. l.i; i-nsed river pil'-i, jir.i a h...-; nl Himg fli-n. IViham illy .I'.n-.v ;n (COf'TINULD ON PAGE TOUT

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