Wednesday, August 19, 1936

Yuma Daily Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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Text Content of Page 1 of Yuma Daily Sun on Wednesday, August 19, 1936

Yuma Daily Sun, The (Newspaper) - August 19, 1936, Yuma, Arizona Today's News TODAY WHILE IT IS NEWS I THE YUMA DAILY SUN And THE YUMA ARIZONA SENTINEL Today's News TODAY By FULL L1CA8KD WIRE Vuliiiiiu IDS YUMA, AKIZONA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1930 The Gleanings By the Publisher L. A (IUOL1 PARKNT What makes a good parent? ITALY ASSURES ANXIETY TO o Wt' elders have our IK rhildren think? o In: Marian .1. Kitwhimions of j O'lumlmi lin-; recently asked .school Ijny.s and -1 tn high -elHKil .qirl.'i what they tikv host in a rather. Ainu in a, mutLier. What do you suppose it It dnTi-renl for ffilhern and mothers. o 'I'h'1 trait both loys itud tfirls s IMd'd in I tad WIK "spending11 Unit1 with his children." I BELIEVE 4 TRAPPED IN MINE CAVEIN TUE. ARE STILL LIVING B- By HF.RT MAKTMKKON I United Press Staff Correspondent- Over (11 percent of the bovs I iCnpvng'ht ll'.ld !JY I inter! Pres.i, ranked Him first. And fii; MO.'. Aug. HI IU.P, percent ,.f III..' Kirls ].iH it. first. rs n.rough 11 water v.-milal- ing shaft in :i coal tninc today and iK Unit! to play will, us." into the of a Ami t'nr Motlirr? Ht-r-'H what hoys and but! hUc in ;i mulher: rnve-in. hoping in open n path to J four mm I rapped but believed a- Jive lin tVft. lii-luw tin1 .Seven T r.'cuer.'i from tlie black drmip Jind -nidki1 in Charffc Tijiuinu Officials Kxlortcd Suits of Clothes I Former Bard Girl Named To Faculty j Of S. D. College I Nordfihl, dau- i-hlur uf- Mr. aiid Mrs. O. C. Nor- Oahl of Hard has been 'nppointcrt assistant jiicN-ssor of education ai. tlu- Slate Ti'itchurs' college at San Die-go according tu word rr- fcivod hy friends. Miss Nordahl ;utendo-.I tlie Yu- ma Union high .school, then grarl- from Kan Diego teachers' collide, school in the pub- lic schools at Pomona for several I years, and received hor master of art.) .Icfirec from Clarcrnt-nt coH- i' this fjinniiu'r. v Reporter Again Calls on Four Boy Burglars mine anil tin-.s at the m Oil., HI ..U.P1 Two Tijuana. city officials were under court order -today to app. ar for pre- liminary hearing charged -.eiti, "eNiortion" of two clothes. l-'raneisco district j After entering- their cells ycR- atlorney. and .lose Trevi, o j tcrday under the tfuise of il fellow osuna. his .-issl.tanl. w-fe r..- j prisoner the .same reporter vat: leased on their I granted another interview torlny ance alter their .uiest j with the three youths arrested for complaint of imfa-l I.. Vel- I four Yuma rcsi- I arde. Kan Diego deuces-- Ibis time without sllb- Velarde '.dd wa foiced terfuge. can bake good corn bread. .Mm-- j leroay bv lire that !hl. to ,-f- I The Ihi-e w.-ie stark linked. rr.-i--l.nro. Ti-nne.s.-iee. style last-i ''I1'1'1' release of impinmd.-d I having- washed their only set of nig of ,nc-il and crack- "mm Th, v in- am. hung them to dry. 'You don't have to think this U a nudist camp." said one. "There .-ived by pulnto- Isn't it the truth! A mother who j an cmcKi-n u-illi the good llu-i i kept grimlv at their task de- or and mice all cooked IN instead id but handjeap-. I ill I: a mother who can bake Trapped by l-'ire The four Wei -dl IN instead who can bake a pic with a crn.-t which doesn't steak knife: a mother v.lin TIIIIIII .-liall Th. y in-; ling. of Hour and Bi.Snn: i''luded one of the mm- He declined 'to a mother who can a .Swiss j The main mine sh.ifl was block-j le.j when they an ive.l. as steak for Sunilny dinner which I :1 eav-m at the lev-, v..stlld. literally falls apart when one A venllh.tmg shall then-, lead- touches it with a fork; a mother who knows how to coneo.-t good giavv. a mother who well tilt-re an molheiM who can cook and other: who are exp.-ru the only possible entrance Th, j j (JJ'SOll M. rescuer- to reach the. main mine shall. I "I thought you were kiddinff us yesterday." said another. "Didn't ('anal Contract 'In !a slopim- Innnel where I had :1 1' is the kind the boys been wmking. It hop you wrire showing the ar- ticle in yesterday's -Sun. Thv.-e three an- only VOllth.s, Hie oldrrt IT, th'-y're not immune in I'andy. A ion hy one of the jaikM'.s js that .some pnbllc- spiriti-ii. sympathetic persons with h or candy might lighten tlu-ir load a little by CUSTODY PRIZE .vear-iilil aclrc.' nbject nf a court In Los hel vvern I he girl's inoi her, .M rs. Harriet I'Vllowii, and her inotliiT, .Mrs. rVllnws. which ended today (lie mo- ther uithdrru" JUT uhjt'elions, and was granted (o the nmther. GRANDMOTHEIl GlilTS CUSTODY II A A I J A M. V 1 Jk. Film Star And Director to Wed at Santa Barbara HOLLYWOOD AUK. 19 Maufeon O'Hullivan, --ark-haired Irish nctrcsH, toiiay disclosed .she would married to John Farrow Australian wriler-vlirector, in a few weeks fit yanla Barbara. Calif.; AlLhuugd the two have been en- gaged for more !.han a year, plans I'or their wed c ing remained in tie- finite until Alis'-i O'Siillivun final-1 ly derided on a place for the cer- emony and approximately when it would be held. Pick Delegates to the Arizona NY DIKE PLANS RVENTION IN HOY PKOMOTKR'S CET RICH QUICK SCHEME HALTED Legion Meeting SACUAMK.NTO. Oil.. Aug. '.U.P.I-Lilic many got-ridi- tillick sfhtmus. thi.s one was good while it lasted. A nine-year-old promoter walked into a five and ten .1. Kislier. Harry Kelley, i CC'nt store, buuclit a handful Glunn K. Blacklc-jRC ant K. I chi.ap pencils and dragged .lordan were chowji last evening! his younger hnithcr to Un- its ileleRatc.s from the Yuma post] sidewalk in front of the .store, of the. American to the! luisinc-s-liki- state convention in Phoenix he punched the little fellow first week in September. until he was crying lustily anil Those four, it was known, would! icft him holding: the pencils attend the convention. Others are! to be appointed a.s it is learned in his cap. H.Vinpatbetir purchasers soon will IK- able to a! tend. J supply of A. O. WillianiKun. pwl corn- I nnrl pmefdm-o WJIH n- imm.ior was in of the until a sjoii last evening. In the of the a-.ljutanl. Win. C. Kill.s served in thai cup.icily. Al Rillus was in chargo of the refresh-1 merit committee which hair a lee.'ij waiting at tin- of the meel-j____________ intf. Ar.y members of the local post has who are certain they can attend vrral local n by police to investigate. The hoys parents, who nothing of tbt: money-making scheme, said it "wouldn't hnp- frrnu Hit; Frrd Ry LKOX KAY United I'resd Staff GorrospomK-nL (Cujjyriyht by Unil.ijd N DON, j Britain received I lhat Premier iJomto "Mussolini j shares its anxiety to prevent the I spread of the Spanish civil war Into a war that would engulf all j Kurope. it was said authoritative- ly today. assurances were given hy Count Galuazzo Ciano, foreign minister, it and includ- ed a statement that Italy had not attempted, and cherished no nm- tu LunuiuJu any an ting u- ment with Spanish insurgtuits re- garding the fiHuri; status ot Mo- rocco or tJie Balearic IslandH. of KvuuU That the aa.suraucou vvcri: giv- en, or were ncederi, due tn a series ol OVIMIU that uvrc mov- ing Euiopc again toward a vortex of possible war. next Tuesday; British na- val maneuvers will .start off Mal- ta, opposite Italy, three days la- ter, with Kir Samuel Hoarc. first lord of the admiralty, porsrmnlly attending; l-'nuiee will hold inan- Commander having a most onjoynbln vaca-'iiui frontier aivan and Krandmother over the. cus'.ody mi'l fciilH are talUmjr about, mm- hnd made tlirii wny to the Miniu-iipnll-. lor live R iiiK home iii-nl rind ravrinuu I wlu-n-. H "'asl1 stnieiuivs and tii from :i hunting trip, from a I h-'lliwi'tl. comparatively Ul'-' A11' Magazines wouMior Kilith Fellows, 13-year-old; from a day'.s work, from n mrmn- _ Anii-n.-an a.-rui t-. _ _.leleL.tivc flto- Burct.n was ;K, j j h I 'I j't i-l niO MM I' Mll-1 M. i I CONTINUED ON PAGE SIX l I Illtl'd ri'.--S j y ,.i'...... i W with on- of niolher'- _. wltlnlrrw her oppo-stlion "In Ihe! TUNA CtiPPER CREWS SAFE ON BAJA CALIF, COAST, STORM ABATES j Mm! 1 J UK' so Unit they may be dcsignat-! (ion and were in Kpringvillc, one day later A :jsuiu has The court battle I nn AlIflllst ,3 gi-t. up in Hi- middli- ..f the iiml write lr, (he Kirl I'ri.-iHl abunt. That's kind of a mother to I'li-lt fur yum- own cliddreil. boys! ir.i- majon-d in dninestie M'i'-iii'i' and liked it. rather tlii- KH'I ho inujoriMl in IMU-H. inteixr-l.t of my chiU.'.s HCIVIJII reer." Her nnnonnct-menl after; the darU-haired little sirl dcclar od from tin: Plur.-.l that WAS.'II.N-OTON e.u- K.un- bi-lorv and .spectators cruwilrd into littk- Irrigation Plan In Ventura Co. To Be Discussed LOS AiVGKLKS. Aug. 10 (U.B) A pnipoii.'il to irrigate nearly 000 acres nf now arid land Ven- tura county reached the forma- tive of today when the water and power coni- mLs.sion aniiouneed to ,-outer Ventura eoiuity s on the project. rlllldrcn'sl yi-Mr-nlay nxirniliK. The i Isner Crllifiifni.-i i n reporled the snrvivncs Tllr .-iehoul liny i-endilton and the I tliink.H IB a hunt twin- smari I arrival roasi craft to -ai! from on -Main street, it was an-. Hames ol specific, cbai i'i-di o nonnecd this afternoon by is spendmu the !w.i ion. .11, n j McClurc Jr.. local manager lor the; in Yuma at the San f.u'o Ili-ads List j eubernatorial candidate. hotel while transactir.1: ttu.sircss the list ,tf defendants a.- hi.s maybe three or four times atf H.- liktM for hi.s to at (o listen to hi- o "speiuiinc: time with us" ranlt.s ftixt. o As n-.urh as 1 lilte to .ilw-p in on Suml-ty and jufri loaf ami i-'-.--t over Ihe week end. I'll heeii yoiin.: si-ifm's pica tliiil we iliive over to San lake in a show, dissipate by ealiiiK a niidnifrht at favorite delicates- sen i baked ham wimhvieh- ,'S na they put up early to nut to the bead, an swim. HATTLK FIRK IN -SANTA BARHARA NATIONAL FOREST SANTA UAUHAUA, Cal.. Aug. 19 iU.IS A crew of 700 CcC workers today baltlcd a fore.-i fire hi Monterey section of Santa Knrlmra national a.s the flames headed for the coast remove them. out of Th" tuna boat Magellan. had railioed for assistance its ,-nililer and propellor were swept .uvay. uas reporled-out of ,ei li ale danger witli ship, the St. Therese ol" Sin IM- j-'liinillllf; by. The St. Ther- ese also was damaged bv the sU.rn, bul the over as the peas ealnted. Ttu- fourth vessel. Van CaMip Sen Food company's clipper ama. ran aground on the north end of Ija" hut was able I., pull off and uo !o ,iu, assistance of the Kniei ae- i-onlinK to M.aekay radio. Kvpccl ttesclle Twi, co.1st Ki'-'ird pa I nil boats j from San were expected to arrive this morning and take 't charge of the rescue The radio operator of the Pan ama :ha! Three Candidates For Congress, One For Attorney General Heard at Rally and its secret I expected to be lit 'charged with aidins: ant.s in a plot tn fi-, :u gin-erninent and l.eoll ton: di'-ta'.or The Cennan emb.i.-sy i .in uu'ilation u> T tlcfiar! meat. le i (ee.niission that advised lhat would be 'Me ropolitan f..r :id menace to Ihe nation than any broad to emhr.ic tion by a per.11'-n-: old pension plan. lie and for attornc> a rally b.-ld on me conn- to gain control of t li. .most hearnly endoi house lawn iail ninli! 'I'he meet- i Snvprmni-tu. He declaied he u ,s for! To r. a..r-i sponsored by the Veiling Hem- I'i-oblems Complex President most Uon nf fon'in'n' li.ide ucrats. was atiended a crowd j A, nf p.-opressiv president in Ihe his- j v s- at mole than I.'-D. nalion have Ihe problems lory of the nation." who sincerely u, William Taylor introduc- so ami honeslly ha- ,-tnv..r. to ed th.. spei.kcis. whose addresses IMlelps said; problem- social justice for the masses. 1 whose addresses a l-o broadcast over KU.MA. of -which ile- .lenicd utatr.....ill .-.u... i-cmoli. control. The municipal fmnro Kccnrity of I lie writer.-, who declared that a can- in 1IliN band played preceding' the spcak- jing program. 'i'lie three candida'cv for Democratic for Ari- zona'.-; -lone sent in the lower house of the national were: Judge M. T. Philips i'' "nder- MllKh who stood a ;j7-foot yacht with Ihivi ,s Vmn.u Iicrsons aboard was "lost" m the hay hu! no further in- First reports thai the searing- through acres boats were irouiile The for a time threatened when Ihe lOnte, prise seni oir a Ihe William Randolph Hearst j distress nicssa-.- indical i, ranch al San Simeon but. trained j ship was aground and i'r.- fite fighting- crews from the ranch up. helped to stem it along' front, j Tale 1' <l Ihe publisher's- boldiiiKs, however.! No fuilber 'ei.rd on were no! .omplel.ily oul. of dan- I of Ihe ship and its ihe l.y. and Dr. Only I.. Marsh of Or- rhelps l-'mal Speaker .ludee Plielps. the final speaker, by thanking the Young- Democrats for their efforts in ar- ranging the Sllch ef- forts. he said indicate a vital in- terest in goveinmental affairs, an intercHl wj.ich will preserve ol' nalion. and therefore it becomes didate cannot be for the of primary tance that s.-r.d I'lan and [n people should know liaik- linoHfVelt well, staling lhal Hu ground of candidates .-eekmj; pub- plan ;M, lie office. not a political problem. The tederal government is en- Kconomic Situation theiic i.rodiK h terinpr new fields, and new and Delvinj; inlo the his si-al so sttu he '-nuiil not in; 'dm Ask Tiidid Artists Aid Jdviitii'ication ASKS HMARINC DELAY Clili.'AOO. Aug. HI IU.BI-- Dr. i Trains Tov.-nsend. tounder of a solo a month oM uension j a.slu-d t'lilay Hiat a hearing bun by warring jlactions of the in be from Thursuav until Momlay. 1 'I'hc against Townsend asks of cnnlribulcd to the 01'Sl-.iin ir war.' c.-il. Auu. i s Tamo "artisls" tl-.i sya r.iuiorni.i today wi.-r.- to! h.iim: s.. th-il. aid in tlie of a vonmji le economic situ-. s, in woman whose null- body conditions will eontmn- winch, he s.-u.l. ..fleets Ihe county 'o make it necessary for ihe piv- re.-l of ihe world as well a, ibc SUJH ay ernnicnt to continue doincr this. United States, the sp.-aker said to the 'millions of ,ob-' initials "E M." lalooed o- the speaker declared. While he or, per cent ol Ihe v.-eallli of of others on half' the hip' reprc.-'.'r.'.ed tl.-- opposed of the fed- nation is owned by five per c.-nl additional million.- w-if, i only c'lue i.fler THE WE ATM Ell As reported by u. s Wcalhe, Highest tempei-ature today lol T.o.ves; lemperaluiv oul of with- found i! impossible, to obta'.' a of the Ihe speak. eral government on slate's .of the people; that 70 pe he slated favored federal and Ihe people owe more than I ihroiif.h lhl. i state nulhoiily over liroblenis possess, and lhal a last ins machinery in industry. of the woman who bad been trolled In- the- va, ions stales. ..neb .til tins lo-l powei -of Townsend plan will pr the people is relumed. ree months. Clarence An.rrill chief of (he last '.'-I child labor. the people is relumed. liemcdy. will our ceo- bureau of crimimd i.'-ntifi- "S For Replying o, .-talcments big' c.-ition. said he hr.d .ib.-.i. be-i .ImlR-c rhclps endorsed t 1, p i business can return prosperity if; fnv. thl, w I l-iamld; since .lanuaiy 1 .71 peivu of so I liull) Ten, p. lli-.m (i P. 111. Se- ll n m. Kil Noon 3.ri l.: Fair lonigbt and Thnd.s- Dcmooratic platform as adopted left unmolested hy cwe.nment. be i lmnstln r.s at a j Hendcison divo.c. 1 wile of l-atr (onif-bt I hnds- al the Plnladelplna declar.....ha, Ibis is j n llirjf, m San Peer., s.uior. n gene, and declared he believed the .siands of the six''cent, i description di.-, not tally" .7.' Vrcsldins al eial .-.curdy plant; sufficiently hoinou. CON riNULU ON PAGE M lhal of Lhe .slam I

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