Tuesday, June 30, 1936

Yuma Daily Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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Text Content of Page 1 of Yuma Daily Sun on Tuesday, June 30, 1936

Yuma Daily Sun, The (Newspaper) - June 30, 1936, Yuma, Arizona Today's News TODAY WIULE IT IS NEWS THE YUMA DAILY SUN And THE YUMA ARIZONA SENTINEL Today's News TODAY By FULL LEASED WIRE Volume 153 "YUMA, ARIZONA, TUESDAY, JUNK su, Tho 153 Gleanings Hy tlie Publisher A KATHK1VS CFUKK About as pathetic ;i thing as we have ever read was brought into the office the other day by 11. A. Morley, Koutc 2. Yuma. -----u----- U was a clipping from home U'wn paper tn Michigan and cnnsUicd of a heart broken fath- siory as his won lay dying in a li-ispital the rtbiilt of an au- tomobile wreck. o In the. following manner t h e father talked to a n-porter; -----o- "1 wiHli every Ixiy and girl wlio di ivcy. wri-ckk'SHly cutiM HUfferas Min Forces I iH suffering- -for JUKI one hour. "KMITL-M will Buffer for 200 HURT COAST FOREST FIRE YUMA m Mayor Refuses to Sign Act Calling For Vole 'Hiere will no .special elor.- Robs Benefactor I'JIUWI.'IX. June 30 1U.R) Griuly ypcnco of Fro.sno, Calif., WJIH lilM i mitomobile and io fBHli toclny because of his i kijiclliuurtudnesfl. A iiitch-hikcr j he pickerl up on tlw hiprhwuy near robbed him uf both nflcr riding ;i short illslnncc with him. ZIONCHECK LEAVES FOR HOME iind mnnlhs. If he lives lie I Uon u" 'ioeidc on pro-; will ho fiippled for life. chaitcr nmendinenLs, offi- JIIM not biUer nl. young I don't want yon to think I'm cruel, but If could nuffcr' Ul the loiiun; Kurrest is Cmi tor just inn. hour, never anger their Jlve.i ARIZONA GETS MILLION WORK RELIEF FUNDS: :inl.H announced todny. Mayor C. SUihl refund to sign cullhiK the election and .1.- Ilic fhiiiUT providi-.i it. June must. puhlislivd 10 times be-. Orating the gun hy in for.- the clectjon dale sot, and j Progress ilepuly lulmini.s- und til.- lives nf olhcrs. "fin unit 1 looki'il niter him. hnp- erl fur did we could In hi'lj) him prvpr.r? manhood. "Now look. There he lie., with bolh Iji-uk.'ii ;iml .--plintered. Cine .mill... Is hh-rnlly crushed. ovi'ii If In- iliil drriilo now lo llii-r "nly six iv trator Aubrey today dis- tributed of the new work-relief lurid nilliin Iliepil i die IMO-IMT fiseal year Tli-.- mayor has conlended that utarts ut midnight, v.-hen the measure wius declared: pawed on final recently by onK'T.ssional appropriation. to ,wo vole. Frank S.; hud ot- ,A from fuv iMi! need -icci'i; e.j vacated I .1 -in tin MI- neau., !hc S'f.'tOO.nnn.oon iipprnnnaiion. and Hvini; i{ Nash appointed m, ic HIM vie lies deal In one ami the allotnionts were ncues- with while .Mayor SUihl j Couiieibnan Comad U. Molina I 'Hi'' rUlnlinenl.s in, hid.. 1 Ari-, voted 111 the nepitlve. ..'iTo. Cnhforma Ming" vs. N'ash A suit filed hy ;ind j-oclt- IIIK Jin injunc'lion U'Stiainlns Nash from attempting to takej (CONTINUED ON PAGE SIX) Tlie reporter say? "stepped td :jr.'. Tin- hoy in his four- Ill day moaned and mumbled. A t'.m-e wn.- M hu ,'ilde. His face wn, iliscolorrd und a liniuliiK'' (-.iv..red part of his hi.inl. The fa- ther clenched his and swal- low. -J hard. stepped outMkle." And .Men up YUMA ItlLKS I IS 1 OF 8 IN NATION! yiiu. They can't talk. They can't i tell what happened. Thev m scon RESIGNED 10 The Worm Turns Rev. Kingman To Somcrton M. E. June JJOIU.R) Tired of having- 11s, loco- motives buiijji'd around by (nil-Its, 1he> Southern PacUh- railroad today nought judg- ment fur from a I'hoc- niv riintrnclor. railroad alleged ono of its locomotives tUuixigetl to that extent1 when of it. K. Caiiiuii's trucks collided with U. Rev. n. K. Scott war. ed to the Yunia Methodist churcli and Rev. (J. Kinsman, to the Soinortnn Methodist church. !at (he eloping sasaion of the I Southern California Methodist conference nt Long- Reach Id to !yesterday, according tn a United !Pr.MS dispatch. Olhcr a.-sijpiment.- in the -nicpro district. of which is si ipc rin tend- i.-iil, follow; Other Assignments Jdiinsoji A jo. Al R. Hv.'i'iii.rton, Anaheim Kir-it; William Rogatxky A n a h e i m Broadway; Kloy.i M. Br.iwley; culexifo to be supplied; I'anl I. Uoivi NEW FORGE TO TAKE OVER GAR hl'.-y. Ariz.: John M (CONTINUED ON PAGE, SIX) ITALY PLANS TO WITHDRAW MANY OF HER TROOPS Kone. T knew all fif them Itnnw their 1'ulk.i. It's "One of the two bny.s who tint hurt told me that Fo June :iil IU.P.I Italy One thiiiK'a certain: i bark.-i.i her bid for world reron- Ynnm Klks drill learn will j cihatlmi tn Ihe iinned fmiquoKt of Island high' in national Kthiopia Iniluy by wilhdrawinj; conlesl lo be held al. tlie "f foree from Knst Af- lennion week aft-.'r' rira. ki-pl v.-arnini; driver to stop July III. They're bound lo In i Snytrestiuns thai the victorious l-'orrrsl IIII.H ncviil- bcrn j They're bound lo lie al least t nmp.s were rominc home because lie told his grandmother who liave would be needed for that thai he did not want Klnh' clmmpions in iiiwllllilr-.i in Knropr were deprc- to make that trip to Ka.st I.ans-! lilct lhat they'll be higher up inK. He .seemod have a dioacl Ul that Acnmlnw lo word received ny; Yon fan lull Ihe fathers and L w- Alexander, .serrelary of llu iparnlively small and nol mothers who read ycHM ncw.spa- I "e but 'teams entered in Ihe ronlcsl. n> r ivspmislWhty in MuV ihdr' hoys j a chance, and girls drive cai I After .several months of hectic IHe in the national capital, llcp. 1 .Marlon A. Xlimchcck ic industry. "C United .Mine Both jrroups indicaled aniicipa- America and head nf .the CIO. iv- lion of slrikes as'mailied .silent on steel demands more than mo orpanizers ithat an open maintained. pushed into HUH'] towns. JHi.. lienteniints. huwevrr. flatly 1 Announced I rejected them. Tiui "in'ni ti-mpts at unionization lahnr leji-i-' nf! n'11 "n's who Is tn he in diarnc of tlie. Motor Vehicle di- vision inspection forcn at tho Yu- j ma quarantine station when Ihat ilr.partmotiL takes over tornorrov.' the work formerly in of tho stale h'ig'luvay patiol, ni- turned from a sctiool uf iiistrutv tion nt I'hoenix. The force, v.liiiii will inspect H- eenses ear.s cuteriiigr Arizona fmni uia. iryMudf-s: Hitftjin.-1, D. LMiillips and 'Norman Biuin. The highway patrol forre, in- c'ludfii-y; Sernufint William Dunne, Orville Smith and Miller, i.s to report lo headquarters in Pliiionix tomorrow for rv-aKSipn- imriit. on patrol duty. 71 was cx- pi.-ctud that Dunne and Smith, who havo homes here, would lie unsigned to tlie Yuma district. but. I tdly'ou wlion 7 .-i.H- my O' c- KdlV lo Lt'tm W. I'-ate-s' aollni inlrndrd to maintain n (CONTINUED ON PACE six. Trcne S. Bates. African army us n CHliH BUGS, GRASSHOPPERS AND DROUGHTS LEAVE A BARE COUNTRYSIDE; PRAY FOR RAIN pushed vigorously. of lo "AVo aro not st'oking1 war hut jstocks on we an- ready for a leader ufjdiangrt two in .--h-i'f (hi- N'o.v Voik SACHAMKNTO. June rUR'-- A rvorganixation plan which sup- will tnd district dictnLor- j sliijtK ami remove mm-h of the liquor com i work from Ijoa nJ 'day In thi' state hoard of equal-j izallon. (j'eorgo M. atnul. fornu'r score-: j tary of the vc-tcran.-' welfare j i boanl, hi-cnme stnt'1 liquor nd- in fin l as woII as in titk1 when the board voted lo i maliu h'lin ri'.spoiiKibh1 fur .stall1- I wide cnt'orcement of the C'ontn'l act. He will answer lo i Iho hoard n.s a whole, rather than to individual who in the past have directed liquor emit ml in thoir own districts. I OOKOTIIV STONK SANTA BARBARA, .lime I -u.n William Arnold Ion. '21, and Slone. It..- ui' Sti'rii-. motion pir- inn1 star. K'l 1 brrc toil-iy t'nr San Krimcisro tlieir niar- l :lt Vlir- Monleritn I'lvshy- ItM-nil1. i-lmrch. The i Miuaxeii n pun- I .mix1 that when ho 111 wen: 1 .sf.nk-nts in a I lolly-vood .4 NEW HIGH DEATH TOLL IN ARIZONA JUMP (UP) Arizona's highway death toll !u new hiiili of 102 t'or u f-'ix- month jieriod todny n.s thi: nanie.s of two more victims were added. Mr.s. Xulhi of S.tf- ford. died from head injuries she received Sunday when -be WHK Htruek hy an nuloniuliile during ;i dust .storm which blinded t h c driver. Kay ThoniHH. of Shnwlnw. was killed when tile truck lie was i dt ivint; eni. out of ront rnl ne.-i r here. (iO Days On Larceny ('barge (Diaries Thompson, colored por- ter, chinjrod wilh theft of Kuu j jiid walc.hcs from Srh'ott i Rrtis. TICWH rtrind and thy homvi of .Inek was sentenced yesterday allernoon hy .lustict; of IV-ace C. li. Cavanuli to pay a fine o! S'iO and a doxen in lies north of J here was .itill out oC con- [trol today with mom Hum 200 ml- I nor casualties reported from Uiu fire lines. Nearly a thousand voluntr.ors, most ul tlivm CCC youths, fighting the stubborn bljir.o Tindor conditions that 'Avre yftid to be "very fair." Hope to Control Soon j A moderate wind iva.s whipping1 I the flame.-- fitill ahead but fyroKtry I officials rxptffsiu! tho hopfi tif I gaining the upper hand before many hours elapse. The fire, was being- brought under tonlrul un- Hil n wind whippc-d it in- to new stretches of timber late (CONTINUED ON iPAQE E.1X t j Jurors Dismissed Subject To Call; Cases Disposed Of The jury vi-.nire which reported for duty in superior court yedtL-r- rlay morning1 W.'LH rij.smtsjted yea- 'C. Kt-lly, subjr.rt to call, tlio three uri the Irinl cnlendar having" been dlwposed of in one doy. The firsl, a criminal fiction u- lialnsL Irrcd Cleorgo Loidlg1, of pandering1, n dmrgi: Involv- ing1 his 1-1-year-old .stopdnlighter, re.su I ted in a directed verdict, fur tho defendant, tlir court ruling no cooruion hod been proven. A suit asking SVJfi.OOO for injuries unstained by Krank W. Juhnslon. Jr. in nn automobile, accident Mar. M. and nam- Mm. Lydia Kvelnioe, mother or Jilt-hard Svehnoe, driver ot the other car, defendant, was ftet- tlo'l, both parlio.s to judgment in tavor nt' in the niim of A .--i- niiUir Fiul was KIJ4S A1LKT nr.1 to slili'l-r-J fU.R) ir.irnicrM be.seeched county: for poisoned hrnn and prayed for rain todny afltfr wnlU-' inj; disconsolately through once- fcrtilc strippod to linro .stalks by ipasshoppci's and i-hinch bujr.s and reared hy endless nf Keorchinj.r Hiuwhinr. The combined ff feels ot' 100-! hen I and jic-sl.1! warf Farmers walking tliroujjh their fields kiclicd liordes of ci op-destroy- ing Inserts at every stf-p. The, dry stubble crunelied their bool.fi. Ttn-Kr farmrra eiillivatc .100 to iuies mi nn ot it in corn. oats, alfnlfa. rye, clo- ver, wlvat and sudnn a bay .siibslifnte udapled lf> drought conditions. .swarm over t h chinch buga literally jeut down staiuling crops. Over jail, tin; drought bluck 'shiulow. j Dean Jackson, who farms -100 J acres south of Glemvood, la., is in typical unfortunate. j "Tin- said. cleaned out rny ami I art: starting- nil tin1 small grain, jl've been fighting ihem with poi- Jsoned bran. Homo of this haw been stored so long- the mnlnHses ap- petiser T mixed my own mola.sses with thi: bran and ihe kill was twice as biK." Out of Mn pointed to a field on ;i rtide- hill. It wan brown, partially bare. "That was u pastuns.1' he said. the 'hoppers linve moved in- to the small and corn. I'm to cut my oats givrn ami beat the half a. crop than nom-. and it's pietty fiiir ferd." Farmers Wfi'i: crowding into county John office in Malvcrn. Towa. fut.ili-ly poisnnorl hran. tht-m 1 hof noiu. 1 "It's more serious every I said, have been out n! bran t'or 10 days, and don't know when to expect more. I1 can show you fields laid to waste by 'hoppers and chinch tJoth moving j from nil grain into corn fioldft. On hop of this we need rain loUs of hi." j "cleaned out" a strip of corn 3.ri row.-i wide on the Arthur Cox ffii-ui. COC cnroHees. re- cruited, fought (be invisbors with ,oil tnetal barriers. Kvcn Kat Posts The jinpnt Hfid one rr- ported devouring co- pusts in fence lino. TJiey to tin: shady eating1 'around with tho sun. Koine f armors refused lo cut. small near corn fields, ;t- Ifraid of driving the pcsty into the i Roadside. (Htcheis are. lined with idead KnnmTs arc jstill yprcuding1 the bran M'he.n jtbey can it. When they can't, they pray for rain ''It's all we run do one JMf Ihi'lP Silid 'We'll Take Him if He's Not Drunk and If He's Say Airline Chiefs As Zioncheck Starts Home STfflKE EPIDEMICS IN EUROPE AFFECT ONLY usy A HOARD CIAL' to Seattle. Hmu- .10 Capitol policemen guard- ing Hop. Marion A. 55ionchcrK. were replaced at Piltsbutph tnd.iy by two Unltimoro nnd Ohio iall- detectives .stationed ut ond of his Zioncheck remained biirricad.-i: in hi.s drawing room and had acnt m to him. Behind the cloyed door of the ilrawin.-.: room. XimichccU pomler- e.i just wl.Ut would toll whn will pass on UK- question of his iv-nlcction I his fall. ''WluHever -t h-' s.iid. "K'l! he. Jauntily, lie. insi.ilcd ihnt !ui was saiit-; Uiat lii.-; first in a' Washington h'nspital, later in the Maryland .sanitarium, had been caused by the "persecu- tion" of; unnamod perrons. He. es- caped Sunday muniiUK. he said. he diiln't care to be per- .se.cuted any longer and feared he mijrht iictunlly IOKC his mind be- caurp 01' tlie ni-oximitv of CHICAGO. Jimc :in lU.f'- Itep Marion A. is planning to fly from Chicago tn SoatlU-1 toiijfi'l.'t, at Northwest, f Airline.'-' Inc.. revealed oday. "We'li lake him If lie Un't'j rlrmilf, nnd if he's docile." airline officials yuii.i. i Tht) maile by the! Airlim-.s (if U'asli- were for George. Hislnip.; ctipitol policeman, and Kenneth i Roiniley, hoirc serjieanl-at-arm.-i.! Hi-shop is at-companyinx1 XHMI-' chvck from Wasli'iiifcton by train. 8ANDKRS HEARING I DKLAYKI) :iO DAYS KOITOK'S XOTK: I, Krer, wt.ro Press vice pivj-id.-nt in _ pninre they luivi; (.har.-c- uf Kmopean mi-! within on.r month iilyxes the Kuropran Miike .Mtu-' a snehl und Indus-: ation in the iollowm.y dispatch .evolution, achieved with u Kiicn. the denn of orros- ot ili-m tiers pomhrnls in u-ritos Irom, ,vtn." his 1M, i.s W.IS he has of la-, ulll) hor tro.iW.-.s whirl, uniCon rt1 'Jir iii-w (.'V.niiii1 1'ronr: lfl 1'nr: shorter hnui-s iuul: 1 ul CI'A 5 wmikl met. lly Kll T. KKKV I'AKIW. June UP- in i-'i anii1. rt'ii.-ri1 JIL-U mit nlnu-i a.s j arc snUf .ire bu; pai iv ui-vs Koniinir in Me nf th? st.ilo! iiyainsl Kinoat on r..m-; plaint of Tliumiis McKviiy. u.is oonliiuiod Ity OL' reaix1 (j. K. in, clnys. Un'ill f rll.iiT v.'ll.s acciiKod hy McKvny ol llic' city hist Wednesday with tho liitlrr liml onlrn.strd tnl 'him tho nifjlit hrloir. Sanilrr.s. anil hVltl no n-colicrlioM nf Mm nionry or town. 'I'hr mo.l.-y h.l.i lirrn MCI-'.VOV. It. KMS ixn.iinn SHU out 'I'hr number ot' stiikrr.s.' nl' mostly of Iho Stny-itl Viirirty nifiii-' Spiiiii niui nfhrr after llio Italian ormpn! inn- Hiirli i.s strikes which tho. Fas- Tin- iiuliiv.-iiilc li-iitun; of oi.-L regime, ii-athril at. thoir pnali wli.it i.s ;i u lot'll Of Now they sinlir- rpiih'niic is liic boo.n reduced, by .striKra ob- mrnt i.s rontinrd lo Dmnncracirs. practically all of their pailiinilarly in popu-1 doniand.s, to about ISO.ODD aral- IiunLs rrrrnlly 11 U-icd ovt r tlie. various provinci'.-r. iMirco PniniivpH The. are in the Saint Tlio purpose of strikes- Knzaire shipyards an.I in Ihe Mo. wa.s to forro the hands' sollc valley indil.'trlal di.shii 01 new and jimme! Arcord s continue the lullillnr.Mil nf (-anip.uu'n prom-. oaily and tho movomnit in suli- '..V werr Ki.inewl al Sin- AMn The S'Mi'-rnl IncI; of disorder uu- dou'ijU'dly was the of the In Lev vent ion with in i.'H'h.ilf of as as it.-; refusal 10 remove fitrik- crs from orcunic-J pit-iauH'ft deypitc the undeniable illegal invasion of properly rights. Tho government nMo snppivwed provacrtleurs wlio at t cm pled (o induce cnnUnii- ance of- strikes agreements. Tass In wiicve move- infill was tliV liiii.-ct of 5iie French striken and wheje armed forces, unlike Franee, jir-i the occupntioi; ff nation now is ex pec led to im- prove us a. re.su of liic inenfs iui.siy oi dccrcort for a -10 hours working week and va" cation.--. The agreement W.-.K not readied until after heavy in.iiisti ies. anj many Hphttir induMrit.i weor Involvoii. In Spain, where demands were, in Fnince niu! Belgium, the already nul HTO .stil' iiiii.. Mriiirlcl bmldin-;

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