Thursday, June 25, 1936

Yuma Daily Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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Text Content of Page 1 of Yuma Daily Sun on Thursday, June 25, 1936

Yuma Daily Sun, The (Newspaper) - June 25, 1936, Yuma, Arizona Today's News TODAY WIIILE IT IS NEWS THE YUMA DAILY SUN And THE YUMA ARIZONA SENTINEL Today's News TODAY By FULL LEASED WIBJ5 YUMA, THURSDAY, JUNK 25, 1930 Gleanings By the Publisher K. _ _____ A CAItUMI) OK KVKS "Men, as I came into tliis room a bit ajfo 1 saw one of your mine curs .sluing out there; a" big live- Ion car. Since I have been in hort and have observed you men and taken account of the eye injuries you have suffered. 1 made a roueli estimate and I doubt if thai big- livv-lon car out there would hold I all eyes lost in your industry, the mining industry, in the United States curing the pasl Some few ago I heard ;J 'uuivau of mines otfieial make I that statement to ii group of scv-! cral hundred coal miners. j ------u------ I The great room was filled with' miners and many in Ihe gioup prcscnU'd mute testimony of the of their occupation. o..... Sonic were on crulelie.s; others were wearing patches over injur- ed, or lost. eyes. NO CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT PLANS! OUIZ JAPANESE GIRL Kitted, 3 Hurt in CrasAjTENTATIVE DRAFT OF IN PLOT TO STEAL II. S. NAVY SECRETS I OS ANGELAS, June 25 agents an- nounced they have questioned and are keeping un- der close surveillance today a beautiful Japanese'girl j friend of Harry Thompson, former U. S. navy petty l officur, who is under indictment along- with a lieuten- The close observer have, f-c.-n nd.sxing lingers and thumbs, i Or jagged hluisi, scars afternooi Imperial J: spionage charges. !f The g'ii'l, agents said, was questioned after! Ihompson and Lieutenant-Commander Toshio Miv--' azaki were indicted by a federal fcnind jury here and I ini-' IjuTOiu" wlllcllC'fl Ulllil llUl' Stol'.V is checked. AjfClltS i-v .1 Ix-lifvcrl that a woman may have had sonn- pa'rt was .straiiyeiy 'i nr illu.-tm- tno asuerteil ring's lion he luui .....i iviticn in filching -unnery .fchetl- a.s it wa.s. hin, .slnick [-ilrs. fleel niovcinenl report.-; niul lioine. 'i l.'.jsi! men, hardened min-, oilier informal inn from Ihe Han IM all. were a carload j Pedro anil j of vye.s. And UK- mi.scry and With Miyaxaki unlo rated and! icriiiK oi' time- and mon-1 hclii'v.'d to have relumed to Jap- vy u-pi-u.-ieiilfil. federal a.....H.-i nnnoum-ed ihoy! -subjiueimriiK reeordn of Ihe AUTO CRASH INJURIES ARE FATAL TO GIRL I think ol' that a.s IMHII til uf; Yokohama Snecii- hank in San July time approar ne.s. I feni lor j u-lu-re tin; oKieer had I the youth of in i.s eoinnmnity. I i an neconnl from he sent win "I l'i JUM WMl" an-nrdlnp to. InjurioK .1 'U1 )C ILM1'- ,_ 'lhl' imliH'nrnl. tllc, in w, IdlMSftS i HIS Barber Laughs As Hop; Slumps In Witness Chair LOS ANGRLKS. .Inn.- DEMO PLATFORM IS COMPLETED BY COM. By JOE ALEX MORRIS United Press Staff Correspimdenl Copyright 1930 By United Press PHILADELPHIA, June 25 Democratic I platform sub-committee completed work today i a word tentative draft of the party pledges 1 t' ll Cll 1 i T 1 I 1 11 11 i-lii-f-i i-i 1 4 f, ,......._____1 _P _ i Fred .S. -SuniiHT, -I j-year-old U. i I S -rvifo atiilioiHMl 'hero for .several years, wan fatally injured shortly after' noon today when his scum ear! :unl a la i HO Union Oil com puny: truck driven by C .K. Ponder of Yuma collided tu-Hdon near Hprin-j Ki'i'-s .-ci vice .-tatimi. in miles weal! of here cm U. s. Highway SO. He iliei. a lew minuie.s after buini.' hnm.'JH lo ihe Viuna (ji-neral without including a definite proposal for 'constilii- wife murder trial Kob-jUonal amendment Jcti t11- L of tl10 ot_lht' ''L'sokiUons subcommittee conference at 2'..i'.> V. M. and said that the group's work H. Hope, contend ae. compi -i slnnd while tk'Hcribing how they (lOHG. had forced a bare leg of .fames'! beautitnl young bride into a box J Jl O rontainitif; a huzzing raltleisiiahe. R K ......-iflvll .James, ihe debonair much mar- i .'d barber, lnuuhed an I -j._ ..v. i.. CM in :t i v (ii ii ii" r i 1 in pital in thb O. C. Johnson tonight at II San Curios. Other-, ivlm will mini's danghte, installed are: l-'irsl vice presiiii-nt, in Hie run- soul ot Ihc. William -.econil vice.prrs- hcr sustained a nactnred sknll ideal, Nee, wen- and was not expected to live. His .J. C. l-'r I've heard that pinvdvr hums I warrants uiH, ball sel a. Sh di.-.l at In the lavorue starlmj; point of Jio.ulll. for Ihe lu-o men ma I ss llorothy Danxcll.j ICONTIMJLD ON Vll-: _....... din-dor.-, Alfred .Morgan, .on and .1. C. llamhh his laughter rang through I h e said; "Thr pJatfunu as LunluLivcly .Inen not specifically rec- oiuiin'.nd H coii.siituliimal u'nioiul- iiH-ni, hut. H eonl.'iitis a paragrapli ixf.'iiiii- to the and situaliui; uliid] had prupusal.s lor :is aiucnilinr.rit. "Hun paragraph i.s uuuchod in tt-rni.s. pstiinntp.l llu- tin.1 plati'onn at li.OOU won i.s- t. ine won I-'e coin I room. .of the platl'orm at words DiK-lors wcie calicd In admin- I'l lUKXIX. Ariz., .him' M IU.B "aliuiit lid minnles reading- isler restoratives to Hope. i Arizona's II couniie; were ask- time." He said that it u-as a In Midst of Testimony j ed today to contribute S100.000 to- "tentative" dnifl and would ho. -eh.. i i, of ilidigenls dllriinr open to amendment when nrosenl- Am. il' theie i.s a more in death than tetanus it is alone. Thompson. win) served I cruise with Ihe navy, slole 0 i schedule of employment of t; I'aients. iileiisc. holore turning, naval vessels from tin- f's u your and .girls hio.-e with Uroolih at San -tnd'loi-i fireworks to do will, as ll.ey please papers bullel in hoard ol i nnsnpervlsed and icn.n-anl of ol danger, give it a Ilioujjht. A'I'IKn'si. a and inf; away with il. injmie-. and Imcio and hac'n. Orsini. wllo was also injured in the clash, wa.s talu-i The "hardnoiled" lornn-r Bailor........ n, MIMVIUIIIIC-IH wnen present- 'iwas in the midst of sensational Ul1', .V1'ar IwulnnlllB July 1. ed lo tile full committee on res- it, .stimony when lie could no lone- ,A1 "lcl 't was indi- olntions at the convention hall an ler continue. He had ili-serilieil H1'1'-'1 lioard'n soon alter :i M. as Mary strapped lo a lh.IK will he fought Ijll-1 sihle. ''.V -M-iricopa county, which Chairman Itoljcrt K. Wacner of would he required to furnish New Vorli. was confident the .k-UIIUil! IU VlinHIUU to furnish S37.- New confident the HP ftlTW nminTrill ITIinr milled tin. Wle of a ralUer in under Ihc proposal. The Miirl- platform could he put hefore tin: OF CITY DuuBTFUL; SIGNATURE the .More dangerous still pi actKo of hack dtu. I've known tliem to lie doi- inant for Iwo or thteo in i nut en after having been liplUi-U. Ami' llu-M suddenly COLMAN NAMED HEAD OF ELKS II. K. Colman was e.leeted e.xalt- inlet of the Viima Mks la.Mt to nil the unex- If ihe rounder has it In his. hand tryiim lo reliant it. it may r nican another ryt- lo he piled on', rolman DIES OF HEAT .i. Jr- appolnt- u- i _ niiMjt adniinJKl raior of tin ns un- eiinnnt be held it' il r, j signed.'spitc thi.s in format ion. small truck Xow Ihe depart-! ft is a oaid Kronp and .' I ?30.0UO III equipmenl belong lo wh" llioi: last March S. AUTO, BURNED' Tu" eandldnu-s w (obert K. Ma'.iery and Tliomas T. H. H. rolman. city ntioriiey 'J'lie city now must maintain an planning a .saie and ir leenum ut-ei. 'mi uni i -n.-n me proposal TO inque.s Sl ,a.x lilniialion city hall ami pool and" o, he, rvj-V 1 lllljlv n 1 A. I maxiniiini of SI on .are exoenscs now nol ilri-n-i-d of: y bl' 'I'lii- liu >-lin. So far as conl.l He this! conU-asted vividlv the' 1 ,ir from a .short l ln in while A. Pnlilt hnd lo the last U. A po ilion of minor oh.server has lieen added lo the local'U. R. U'ca- er liJnrean .station, il nonnccd today hy .Iain.-s in The po-' aition. he aiiid. i.s open lo a lu-h .school jjradnate not more than 20 yeais old. Unlics will consist of s.'neral office work, wilh a chance ]iromotion in the .service. The i salary ssfi jier month. And dealli's. o And ri.'JiJ eye injuries. o And TiT cases of hlindnivs. o It's worse than dynamite ralt Icsnaiics comhincd. KACLKS TO HOLD MYIVICMIT1 ernellv. MarKarel Nix-1 1OAU.HI on Iln.-eli has filed a suit in the i superior court clerk's ofifcc ask- Imlialion will In- at Ihc j ins a divoi ce fioin .loseph Hi -ecli' KilKles lodKe ineetin- Innlfjlil, i Tncy wcie married in Viiinn i .V.-i-ii-liiry Fiank DelKado annonn- March II. lilSii. arcordin" to liic ceil. A conliiiK system lias hcnn; hill of romplainl. Plaintiff a.sU.- ni.slallei'. he said, and there will permission to re.snnu- her maiden a "feed." name, .Margaret Nixon. j Property is listed as' I.os Angeles ,.r P HO K.MX. Ariz.. 2f, leal estate valued al ruin J" J' hndi seal of' insurance, ,1111! XIT.J in hank Meivlianis aie to In th.. will, ti.slaloi iefl i I .-ir.d .Mr .Mann., nl.m. lo a carnival and field day of .-Venls [he liou-i Ice cieam and loolini; are lo he .served. Karl. :'ie lali-r Uvo namcdl ''''''am -.vill he -iveii hv execulois and Cieanieiy and soi.a water iy Soinhu-. -lein Ice and I'.ild ronipai'.v. .Min- i-Ms saici. i income iriiiu the properlv ;o his I .Msler .Minnie, and at ln-i- death! the plopeily JK [o ic divided man-1 .11111. share aliUe hif sislvi- Orace and Krwin and' relalivcs. Knneial arranKemenp- had not hi charier was adopted and at Hi. employes alone costs Ihe haltery of his car repaired. MAMAC IIANDIT sl.AI.V Cal.. ar, (UK an imidenlified maniac armed win, (Jranled To Killer, TWO .JAM.lTl) OX HACKAMKNTO. June L'fi 'UP'' LIQl'Oli OI1' INDIANS (onio t'ahl era. j'l. wh i ho left work at S a. in. ye.s- i 11 M. (.ID mi iiieiii n led i mil) iae a rin cd U'i i nilililiB of Iheir city, the the cily has to pay oil a a wns Bhol lo death'on -1' was and Ivl Ij i.l more firemen, more on <M hydrants in order lo the hish-wiu- of here ,'-u ln 'll yen- were aiesled last nialil hv Viinin r-mcn. more upkeep and -jive Ine all over crilicall wo ndin c nei U" nnir-I rcscrvalion olf.cer. char-'c' of en-npnient and s.reets and city. Marion equipment and streets tfH. Down Town Orow.s spread mil to along- (CONTINUED ON PAGE SEVEN Giannini Urges Roosevelt's Cites Improvement Since Hoover Era police Marion I.. Manser IL'. A I Del l.a.......... ill March The the lion dale until .Inly 1M nellcno! aneslcd hv ,-ilv explained that police on a drunk charee paid a nilorined I'lnef .In tiee s 1 o in K in II. Wa-le ihal I'alie, U'mc.'s conn ihi, inoniili" 'jim had field Till n.-r. anesled a an order denying a will ol I'oiain naruf diew a Hl-Hav sn.prnded ni.uli- by the San llernar- i-enlfm e. HERE; FLAN HOP TO PARIS I'aris u.s their announced Kliiil. (Jlyile Pannborn. trail-Pnelllc flyer, am: MonU n. Mason. I.os KAN' I-'IIANCIHCO. June LTi IU.R) A. I- ihanmni. founder of the i hil''l.'-v Mil-v iuo Hunk i-f A 11 i. of Transamei iea Cor- poralion. and one of the nation's foremosl linani'iers. lodav re-eleclion of J'resident vcll. prospects of rea.l and prosperily. t'he pi-npli- are now Me had to do thinKs. and "in askcil In Ini-n from I'resident hurry, lie had lo build up the Roosevelt and put inlo office nn innrlili- of ihe people and dissip- ,le Covernor I eompa, alively in-j ale fear. the Cenlennia, th f' J j -Cerlainly deb, of the I in business: 'Slop and has increased. Lei's sav lhal Imposition ill Dallas, pick in 'a'inee lOlld 01 ph-datehc to lNVW, speciid .stitinpci! air-mail to lie drp carried." sion t" Kood limes." he added., enronle lo Dallas. Th'eir plane, a Ma'on '.oy a p.-VV. Wasp molor, carried. is a decided departure from the I After Ihe Paris flight hil ronvcnlional ilesi-jn. and iillnif I- intends adapting the Meteor loi eounlry." j today. Can Ihere be any belli ed much of Ihe.' usual fuselage, Ihe .ship is jirac- Ucally n true "flyinpr slreanilincd In the. detiiil. with a single ot-foot and I ho did he do will, tlie nionev1.1 "The day ol conecnl raled we.-ilt: in a feu- hands i.s pasl. -I'he jun pie will no longer .sland lor a rid lhal makes the poor poorer richer. inns] realix, lhal the and file I.s he worth' while." i con'di! iors I ii' wonld be in this 11 hanmni "lo lake illven-I "Of this. SMiuiulOil OH" ,-u least! V.'e n-oni loiy and compare a.s will hack fion, ,he KIA' ,he -i.-rr........e, Fly field, last niRhl announced "Thi, will "ll vvhile." I (lie first load of be daiuicrons in this I (iianmni added I .1 the Owners loi t lie I la c K fill! ill I lie slao- coinniurclal purposes and placing! '''lannim said his reasons for j -ii-Kiinii-ni. for Ihe re-election of ilixalion fund the .ship in production al his Los! pro-Kooscevll and pro- Mr. Uoosevclt V" 1 Angeles jilnnl. New Deal in face of the fact that Coinplaints Baseless "Thai leaves' Ihc ol Pnnshnrn, who wa.s piloting Ihe bankers are io the "I know business i.s complain- nneniplovmenl relief and the de- erall. nn old-timei in Ylimn l-oosevelt camp. are "si ricllv mi; .u-ainsl liiclii-r laxes I ,-or.l- n, A lhal the coat of government "What d pression around tail surfaces constructed on an-avialion circles having heen sla-1 reasons." ollt-i-lj-s-or boom. Thb tioncd here dlllinfi Ihe war. I Tilings Improving- has caused apprehension, lint 1 i imn OIK) increase in ship K- doslRm-il principally "I l.avc jiut rclurned i'lom a say is'i'a, jn.s, e.mse lor mean in III 'the ii, Udl mile flew the Taylor club lour of inspccnon of our branch-'complaint against (lie inc-as-d ''he nation's annual I.andon ov ered n, well Kc.ou-n i.i, ihal m nopoj-t- lh- insl charges of "bioken pru- miltee re-ecled lllc "lews ol'dnv mi.--'-s" and rolled back tile accn. I.andon." Kiihili.-'ull said, "it w un- thai the Republican con deniable thai the commillee wjis vent ion -'ciuexiioned Ihc good lor a ol M. Lalldon. it knew to be 'of sympalhv its nominee, in its platform. with Ihe platfnim" years and he 'the of th.....Guerrilla Warfare" have been made mi' coi-.v. ...aiil ve Ihe office wilh -i ic- i I" tile adnnnislration has "fidlh- him as Ihe grl fill. and present sy Mr. Hoosovoli four more oxlrcine long-cislance flying-. Ma- .son said. H ha.s a fuel eapacily of llTiO gallon.s and a cruising- rn- ilius of more llmu 7000 miles. lo Inip.-rial airport today to if our times. "I am ionfidenl Ihat ;he .-ell seeking i-llerests will not Ihe pe, pi lie department, of commerce Iral) f'.-i for a jirjvntc jillot's license. Ihe Miulh ,.Southern Call- tax hnrder.. and Ihere should l-een raised fi-.-.m despite Iheir lihertv he continued, "and from, no lea, of govern......Hal costs a.s; Mow can Souths.' Klv.s. what 1 have seen and hi-iiril anyone say it ,s excessive? We a uni- "II ihen- has been partial dc- o.niale ,l.s the idle, .if foe nubile ,n Ihril relattn -..o lu and lh'.' bud- i the pliii- gel." he added, "illal lailnil- is .d 11 lo the IS colisid- I (CONTINUCD OH PACE SEVEN)

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