Tuesday, February 4, 1936

Yuma Daily Sun

Location: Yuma, Arizona

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Text Content of Page 1 of Yuma Daily Sun on Tuesday, February 4, 1936

Yuma Daily Sun, The (Newspaper) - February 4, 1936, Yuma, Arizona Today's News TODAY WUJK1C IT TS NEWS THE YUMA DAILY SUN YUMA ARIZONA SENTINEL Today's News TODAY By FIJIX jVKASKD WIRE Voliuuc a TUKSPAV FKKRUAKY 4. 1930 Tlie 29 BEHIND THE SCENES IN WASHINGTON H i_BY RODNEY ji ip-r WASHINGTON- Liberty1! IS I Lcnpuc blickei.s have decided to L Ll iromotc a third pp.rty whose func- tion will lu- to draw votes away rroin the Roosevelt lleliet. They hope to put Al Smith in the field as its presidential cundi-; late. This rcporl come." from a source wjjich has seldom if ever proved1 lo he wronjr. j According lo the same advices. I. the men willing to put up the i inoncy for a thlid and conservative, purty realise that it will he slra-j leglcnlly essential to have it ap- pear that the nomination is thrown ill Smith and thai he accepts It onlyin response to clamor. NKEIM-KS, Calif. Feb. I IU.R' If matters can'l be iniidii to Workmen searched Ihe ruins of work out that way, thc rumor. Parker dam construction camp runs, another man (the names of I dormitory today for possible addi Ritchie of and Kly of j tional victims of a. fire which took Masuaehu.-'eltH siuujest thcmsel-j the lives of at leant seven work- yes, will be picked and Smith will crH. appear as the new party's (ju.ir- Idinn saint and chief orator. POLICf 1KKADE; AROUSELPROTESTS lo Learn IdcnlHy Of Three Others uw of Ihe far itory were sifted, Or. K. ol Sun n coroner Hcrnar- Walter Doesn't Want Position As Bureau Head RELATES HISTORY OF FIGHT FOR .GILA PROJECT RE-INSTATEMENT Yuma and viclnitv and to state of officials who have In.ly towanl that orked uneeas- end. R. K. Walter, chief engineer of bc, al Ihe bureau .if Reclamation who has been recommended by Yuma organizations for appointment as director o( the bureau, succeeding Dr. Kdwood Mead who died re- eenlly. would be averse to accept- the appointment, he stated in :i letter received by Huuo B. Far- mer, secretary-attorney of the Yllma-Gila Irrigation dlslllct. Ilia letter follows: HUite.s Department of the Interior Hnreau of Reelamation Washington D. C. .inn. si, Mr. Hue" H. Fanner, Yuma. Arizona. Dear Mr. I'-armer T hereby acknowledge receipt "f tonoirrapbic siirvfy that there N-ews that the Yuma-Gila viy of entire unreclaimed area been re-instated and that! and determined that outside of thc jncejland embraced in the original Yn- and a call for bids advertised an i ma piojecl. there were over fiOO.- sooii as posMble brought cheer to l 000 acres which were susceptible gnomic reclamation from tho (Colorado river by meant; of pumps lo be operated power deycl- ti.m district: tlie Irjwer reach ,CTl two determined Hint within this tract Colorado river within the United (hm. -si iicrps of good States nnd on its .-astern side, nolll j Yuma, are situated over a million ac.re.s of land, of which thc United Slates Buieau of Reclamation has delcrmined, after careful soil nnd af'v'.-r excluding all non-irrri- Kiblii areas and deducting six per cent of the total area for ditches and joadways. These ynma county 1 Decides Canal to Be Routed Around City of Calexico WAHINGTON, Feb. -I 'U.R> Ilie wa- "nidlilll Inom'-n.....i "f oavtv uM In't Intend I'.fi fi.....' r I" ,b Itain such nomiv'i'i.n. Smith's that assuiane, some sine, hardlv anvone bad he, n., a nosslble before dawn and com-iinicd Ihe It WISH believed lo have d In a linen closet shortly Assumini; Ihe accuracy n) thia.dlno county ordered a rollcall In Ireport mini; light would appearj an attempt to Identify three bodies Smith's assurance I charred beyond recognition and lilt Ihe Liberty League dinner thai j account for several others who for could not be located in a prelim- 1Inarv check. MnM IliillilliiKS The fire destroyed every build- Ing In the Colorado river camp eepl start reunrded hi'nself nominee nnd later a few wond, why he didn't i-'i on nnd all the sleepinp, he wouldn't accept a nomination aroused. If tendered. Nurses and doctors, rushed here I from Ixi3 Angeles nnd olher Boil- In any event, the alorv chimes In1 ,vith Al's jironil.se lo "lake n walk." i Tberp ha1' never been nnv doubt I here th.at the industrial and fiiuin-j cifll forces opposed to Roosevelt] would be willing to promote a Ihird party headed cojisei-vatlve Lnemocrats il that appeared to flllvn them the best chance of de- eating tlie iireshlent. The one Ihing Hint, had held Itli'-m back was a wldesprend fei'l- llni; that their besl rhnnees ,if re- Iplnclne him lay in a lle- [publlcan-De'i'nocratic fljrht. Tlie reported decision I third party is f.aid to be I- Ian Ini-reasi-d belief Hint for two story wooden dormitory before men could he PARK ronrv FTRMENTTAN ANNUAL DANCE move J menl could be devised under th labels of Smith and other dissat lisfied Democrats which would iil- tract many who wouldn't other- wise desert the Uctllocrntic label. You ear, be sure, for toe lime Ibeinc "i Ica.n .ihal the third par- JIV-AI Smith story Is firmly be- lieved al the House. The l.-a.v -.vhi.-h peivades thai causes high command (0 iiaii Ihc news a.s an evidence enemy -desperation" rather than a dangerous portent. ent New Deal as to Al are to "laugh him otf." Xevi theless cheeks are again beiiiR- made- to gauae Al's popular atn-MKth. His chief stronghold ii.' .with the New [Cngland Irish, his influence .spreads more thinly through other industrial j states. He has lost much of his 1P3J party politicians I because: I. The admini---tration hius tn- on" some of them- -such as Boss .Hague your wire of January 31. my acceptance of the appointment as" Commissioner made vacant by ON PAUK FOUIt) approximately fiSO.OOO acres which J ..lcll ialRl u, are. .susceptible of economic recla- I malion. Of these lands about 50.- BALLANTYNE ADDRESSES FARM BUREAU fltlil acres lying in the Yi ley, approximately inoil acres on Ibe i-ii'Sl soil Pi o' and A. K. ttallantyne. University of Arizona oNtensIon led :i large crowd farmers al Ihe last night in discussion North i-aliev are irr. with water the under the liiif' there nre sei'enil neres aU.ng MIP Oila river of Yli- ma which are in-united hv thc pumping- of water from wells. Still VTircclalmril Tile remainder of the area con- sllll unreclaimed. The iirlginal i for the irrigation of the mu- enliri.1 area many special advantages, of them nre set foi-th in the .-..llached lo the en- le.loll. nf II, .o Hui-emi of Reclamation a" 'till' mill' P nf fin hv (he writers- nf flic ver it cn The nrnieet 'in Thld wns of New Jersey into camp vilh patronage and other favors. 2. others, denied patronage, I blame AI because he kept them voting against. Roosevelt to the very end at Ihc Chicago conven- tioii. (loose Hangx mi COTTON GROWERS SUE ,S. FOR TAXES! With but little more than fortnight remaining before their big annual Feb. dance, mem- bers of the Yuma fire deparlmenl sncnl much of the time at tin iiii-Hing last evening ill discussing details of the affair and laying plans for it. Steve Karseji. dance chain said: "If you will all get behind it and do some pushing, we're to have Ibe best dance we have ever had." It was pointed out "I the meet- ing thai this annual dance is tin- only mciins used by the firemen tu raise funds to cany on theii many worthy projects thru.nil the year. Oliver White, a member of tho derailment. "I1 lcl ulh' er mi-inborn lo be at thc dance, Ih-j criticism that in years pasl not en'mgh fin-men weie out In tl-.eir "wn dance lo fnrm a corpoal'.s guard. llrges V-iro Chief George Robinson ur- Bed members of Ihe department] to stop In at the county hospital any time they might be passing that way and locate in their minds tlie layout of the place nnd the lo- cation of the hose there. He urpr- ed this in preparation for the time when there might be a. fire I at the hospital and some mem-1 ber might be nearby and he able to rush in and take charge Imnicdi- the olie of a seriesl me.-Iings in which attempts lrlim to get the farmers ol j iw. Ilin nation lo tormnlate opinioi'- of what agricullure nhoilld do. A similar meellng will In (jar part of this ,and ea.led for the i, of a gravity cam! from a pom. near P, irher. A, but I I Secretury of interior Harold Tckes announced today that thc AH-Ainerican canal would bc rout- ed around Calexlco, Cal.. instead of through the city. The action carried out the. rec- Aid Ol Dr. bhantZ. of the late Dr. Kd- Committee woofl Mead, reclamntion commis- i i j sioner. Approval I of Calfxico had asked that the R. line of tin? project be. Sleps which led routed through the city. the decision had been made by Charles West, bis under- secretary of interior. Ickes said, meanwhile, that he had nol recommended .1 new rec- lamation commissioner lo suc- ceed Mead. He saiil "any new commissioner will carry out poli-1 eies I ha' hn.ve been adouted." t (ii.iise Hangs the the Yiima-Gila projecl nnd order of Secretary of Ickes for resumption of work onj the hig irrigation projecl extend-1 iiif; from Yuma to thc "Mart- border, were listed by Sen. Carl Hayden in a letter to Coy. B. B. Moeur. A copv of the letter was re-1 sccretaiy-altorney of tho Yuma-. Giln Trrig-ati wnator. n district, from the) llli- The follows: i Tlnltf'll Stales Senate Committee on ireh. 1 n. Farmer. VHIP.I M-ivnnn. llonr I enclose lierowith copv or letter T lo C-n-- Tt Is to STRIKES HALT BUSINESS IN MANY CITIES pom. f but surveys made under the Ur ama- f.liirl and some three iyear.-i ago the Knro.an of P.eel.'- matiou comme.i.icd a careful sm-- ecllon of Ihc Bureau of K f Uon omlne., ,nt Hn asons ,n cnsU 11. nn j In most other ir- seeilnns. Willl Ihe cheap i brought in for pumping-. session at the Rood school night, with Mr. Halliililyne as j prim Ipal speaker. i A! i-ist rnght.- Mr. illantyn.' eshibilcd Hie Ircnd of farm prices] in relalion lo prodlicliun and eoii-j 1 sumption, and piirehasinci pov.-er! l.c obsei here rinl nbrond. The dis.-n.ssion I jrig of I M'iche.l upon Ilin night, il "Klinnlil the gunnin-[ Kxalt J PAST EXALTED RULERS NIGHT: Is Tlanler Than Oct-an Fiiuhl Karliardt. Saysliion sc if and liovs edV" Krncsl .h.hansen, president nf I he bure.ui. Ibal. the Knroi Bureau secure a good 'ork horse shlllion for use (if I.ers. O.iuse Rulers' night I ni 'lie weekly F.Iks Inline Inmi.rri.w as b; I Ruler William II. Under I Ingnlls will he in charge of iln n-.ceting. nonakl Mclnlyre. char j ter member minlbcr one and th, Mi.-.st living p.-i.-il ni'.ci be Ihe urn-si 1 (.'liarles Parks an-l iiison charge dinner, beginning at nt.ely, pnrlmpn resulting in woro voted cal i-ltlWMis in riling wtiiio iiuwne; i tic and at the tux returns, it wa.s rinn.iun.vrl first ri saving of life. new members into Ihe department eJo-'v of Ihe business session a so-; day at the company s of lid cial time was enjoyed with heavy refreshments heinfr soryoil and the Munoz on'hestra made up of .Tose, I. F.ugcne, F.rnest and Krncst, pro-, diicing some snappy music. Hangs consisliui; of .slewed, fried oysters. here i Seattle. will be amloii for the Valentine dance. Koh (J.hairnian Ingalls is arranging! entertainment for llic meetine. llanos THE KING SPEAKS Feb. .jfU.FV' I-M-j wiirii if! assured piirlinmenl in n cd in tho offict1 of the Security iiii'ssapc today thtil. lii.s chief :iini Title Socnml Would be lo miiintnin Hi-1 23, 21 ami to ussist lo- and welfare nf his people. j Aid In Filing State Income Tax i Returns Feb. 23 (irotun, state tux commi.s- sion representative, will ho locnt- ANOK1.KS l-'i'h. I IU.P'. an is work than afmsp !he ocenn ill in the. opinion of Aninlia Km hart Putnam, noted who lo- (VV. day r-oinnlelvd ;i lianscitiUinentnl hv lecture tonr. The only xvunuin to emujuer the Atlantic and Pncific hy lilt leelure Of "ininltMiniile" t'ivlds in many plare.s <.ori-sf Iliull 1'01'K VA'J'H'AN (MTV. N.'l... 4 Pope Piti.s. recovered from a enld. ivsuniod pnhlie andieiieo.s InJay and told nuMiiliers of htinsehold lie felt "splendid." T MITI hnmiy tn adviflp von of outcome of our diffi- cnltipR. With Uimlral regards, am, Yours very sincerely, CAUU HAYDKN Lot lor to Oovernop Wnshlnptlnn. C. Vob. 1 uiuirabli- 'Ti. Mocnr, iivi'iniir ol 1'wo, Phoenix, j MV Hen: 1 have lust talked tn kr dujjiities, whon. and if. olhi-r iho plain." fur it at-o Plans have heen The diMillory slrlko. in prn-r 1" have Ihe lii-h school j two precipitated liand :ind other musiral sirike cnllcd at 8 a. m. hy ii-iris fniuro programs to piVcMlu- Trade.-? Assoinbiy. variety mul I i Mai'.v uf Ihe rnvi.nti'H ami; .siiisie nf Ihe newer [nipnlar odies were .-ami; lanl. diie.h as Spanish Oiv-j alii-r. I.nve's Bri.ui: I'lmi-eh in Vale, A Merry I.He. Kmih-.s. Let -Me full Vim heart of Vf.l'U. Silver Ihe etc. The <ioose Insiurcrt in Train J Linger a While With Daily S un's For Auld Lang Syne C.'ITV M. J.. Ki-h. 1 .np- I Peiinsyh-ania ofn. i.-il- hlamerl today for j ilenl. In the exehangv inner minnl thai, iiijuu-il nen-'y mi a ine.i. Ir.iin. I nigtiL a heavy sleei i fallen, lopped hy ivHV-lerv snow. 1 Ihe train wheels al the (iv.il lonrh of brake fhoes slid ;he (rain, moinenlimi p-i- imnaireti .inln the he.-ivv 7'hirty persnn.s enough to tent ion. Two v.-et1 jiilals. T'llOICNIX. Ariz.. 4 (U.Ri Seventeen Arizona collon toilsy ni'M .'init lo injure foricrnl court lo Iliem of DOO they paid in Bankhead cotton conlrol iid luxes. In their Biiil. which named f, ni revenue eoJleclor Phil defendnnl, the grow, Drive to Defend Col. Schwarzkopf TRKNTOX. N1. .1.. -1 IU.R' Tho Inns; polillMil rfpi'i-- cussioiw from Hiirold CI. Hol'fin.-in's ri'pi'ii'vc r" I c'ftmmiimliint of tho state asked thai the tax lnipniinile.il who. because of his lead- in eourl until Ihe KanUhead m-l of Ihe hunt for tiie Lind- either is repealed or declared nn- kidnapers. one ol Ihc constitutional, and that Merrill be. of police exeeu- from levying a Klnnintfi tax until the is 'lecided A J.JH intiodn.v.i In tho iisscm- ally. Wy last niKl'1 would hold Sen- The aelion .which attuclied con- in bin Job when his term sliluli.-nalily of the Kanhhcad in the until Hoff- wa.> d primarily to in- mml nominated a successor retin. of tax money in tho sucecsfor has been con- i-vi'iil the in- is lopcak'i! or fmiml (ilforno.ys (ho IIIH'OllHtit'lUol'.l U vns bi-lievwl to firmoil in Uic sfnnlo. nortoil 'hut ]t was re-. bill noon! uliirctl Hie fiid iii-tlnn its kiml to (iu, uppninllui; IIOWIT frOi.i THF, WEATHKK an; In a enntest held in lii'J.I at tin- Ci.iin- try ('bib Helen allahan Identified the li-iini Ihe end in the tnre shown in (his '.'I ItaMi f.irnished l... I P.ltl erll femneiariir AvevnL'e biirliosl I Averarve lowosl Ihi for dav for for year lard 21 boms Uainfall for month llainfall slnen I for n-.oi-.ih I Run.'-hlnr- ner.vnt of nossihle r. a. m Noon r> n. m. FOHKCAST: Mostly fair Wndnendiiy. Somowlii' l'.'1'1'- SlFffiROONl IOW A TRAFFIC DF.S MOINKS In.. Feb. 4 All trnfflc in Insva was toduy. pn.s.senyfer i.raiii.T ami l.hrt'i? Inti'rurbuiiH werfi ropoi-toii inaioonoil in flnowdHftu. riincncidft sii.sponilcfi seiv vim-. Ki'.-n-ly nil nf thc hifrtnvaya wt'K: lilookoil svith drifts if snou-. Two ChiciiRn unrt Mdwuulini! ]iiiMHi'iisriM- trains, No. 7 and_8, East and Went hound from Oniaha Cliioniin, miowliouiul nc-ir Madrid, la. A Ohiuigo nnd Norlh train. N'o. 22 bound for Chicus" from Omaha, was stuck betwuoii Colo and Slate I'.l'.n- Two worn snow bound between IX-s Moines and Perry nnd another interurban was stueit In the snow botwiicn Don Moiiu-s and Colfiix. All service on the intonirbiin line's was e.d. All stall' lu'tiliwuy lualn'.cnaiicc workers wcri- withdrawn niglit anur the swirling snow made fur- ther work on the voads impossible. __The (iiiose. Board Approves 16 Liquor Licenses At the nii-cliiiK the board of supcrviwirs yesterday, npplieiitlons ,.r the following- for slate liquor lii'piiscn were Mohawlt James n. and M. .1. CMi'mp. Weniieii Ilirliard K. Hunker. Vlcluiliun: -James F. liellits. Jlopi: Nellie H. Siirvanl. I'arker --W. V. Stepliiui. Halunii' Addle Van Or3dal. and H. Wiley. Ar.l.ec H. P. Johnson and Ro- miin A, Pi-trie, near A7.Ler. Bouse 3. J. Curtis. 7.site Antinla C. SeoU. and (I Lacuna (Charles St-urioeK. Api'liealion of Arthur I.igllt- ot of Parlier. dis.-ipi'roved. on application of Amlrew Dnhhs wn.i posfpi'iied HI til Fell. 17. PerilllFsioil as irmnted t'j XV. K. Bradford to trim and Keep tiininieu Ireus on tile west side nt hlnek Tim nsend addition, whirh protrudi; into the slrec! am! weio hifl property. Hiiiwi ITaiiK-i Coast Strike Knds: Boats to Operate SAN KIJANC-JSl'O. .1 iU.R: Tin- last o-iiiilrnvorfy impedlru' re- '.urn to niirmnl tn Pa- eii'ic enast ports removed i day. Memliors of me sni'.or.i' 1111- ion of tin1 I'm-iftc offered to re- turn tn w-oik aboard Ct sionin

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