Sunday, February 16, 1908

Arizona Silver Belt

Location: Globe, Arizona

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Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - February 16, 1908, Globe, Arizona Volume GILA Established I a WILL ESPEE IflD FOR Sensational Report of Commis Is Basis for Prosecutions SPECIAL INSIDE RATES GRANTED MANY SHIPPERS the had been denied by the audit ing Tho justification offered by the offi representatives the Southern Pacific for the practices revealed was that in they were made Neces to traffic shippers would move were such re bates not It is known that Tby instruction of At torney General at torneys taken up the cases to be instituted for the piirpose REVIEW OF THE GLOBE MINES With the beginning of the presen1 conditions in the Globe Mining districtare vastly better than they havebeen time and the out look far as1 time The names of the against prosecutions will directedare known and be until federal grand jurieslhave been is indicated as likely that proceed will be directed not only against the Southern Pacific Aand its shippers who en according to re bates from the Secured Refund of Half Rate in Many Instances of Those IbBe Tried Are Made February Prosecutions are to be by the government the Southern Pacific and certain on alloga tions that they paid information is to be the basis for the prosecution being obtained Franklin Lane of interstate com merce commission autumn in the course of an extensive inquiry made by him into the affairs Southern Par Lanes report script of testimonytakenwasmade pub lic The report ap proved by the commission transcript1 evidence atthe hearing has been transmitted to the department of justice for such prosecutions un der the law as may be Also After Collateral with the proposed action by the the railroad com mission Califoruia has been furnished at its requestwjth a1 transcript of the evidenceandit has indicatedto the interstate commission its purpose to prosecute alleged violations of the fornia law that may be shown by the Tho testimonytaken by Lane voluminous in the courseof the re references to verbatim testimony are niadeasthe basis forsev era paragraphsOf the BANKER MORSE WILL BE ARRESTEp WHEN HE LANDS THIS MORNING February tives attached to thedistrict attorneys office were given a tonight and instructed toarrest Morse when steamer upon which tno banker isa passenger from Liver reaches The Etruria is expected tomorrow Two of will go the on the f cutterto at Arrangements have been s pier directly tothe home of justice who will fix It is under stoodthat counsel for Morse ar ranged to have bondsmen on hand depression and the slump the price of The gradualresumption of operations at a number of the small mines and increasing operations at the larger ones and normal conditions will govern through out tbe district in a very short Several companies which were forcedto down when the depression camo have resumed work andseveral moro will resume thisweek Among these are the ArizonaColorado properties of located north of the OldDominibn and zonaNationalon Lower Pinto At the latter mine aforceof twelve miners will be to to resume sinking At the ArizonaColorado mineactivity wag resumed during the weekwith good force The main shaft bo sunk to the 800 theground will be explored from that Tliere is also an excellent chance that operations will beresumei at the of the corn the mine of which the Buckeye of the Old Dominion severa miles of rstockhojd ers have secured an tho which dub unti mented Twentyfive Miners at Grass Valley1 Narrowly Escape Death MineMs One of particularly interesting features eras just con1 elusion of the formal when Lane refused to tljo witness Luce general freight agent of Pacific as a un der The request that Luce give sworn testimony was counsel for the Southern Not Allowed to Lane declined to administer the oath to Luce as he he did not wishto accord Lucoby administer ing the prosecu tion for violation the i of fered to receive a statementfrom Dunn respecting rebate practicesof the South Pacific and enter it as part of the he made it clear that this statement was not to be made of thei re says the evidence finds the an extensive system of preferential rates granted cer tain shippers on interstate by the Southern record dis closes a list of and individuals who enjoy what is inside less general on the movement des ignated tariffs between points within tho state of Amount of That such shippers paid the full rate published in the first instanco and were allowed a refund on claims which went through tue auditing1 department instructions from the traffic do such should apply upon interstate1 shipments without tariff such refunds amounted in various years 1906 and 1907 to such refunds given one firm amounted to previous records were destroy such re funds to shipper6 in amountfrom to v That such discounts the regular rates had been con tinued for long periodand up to the hearing in 1907 that many such shippers to whomrefunds were air werelarge interstate Had to Eoute By i oneof the shippers admitted atvmehearing that the granting of inside rate on stated movement was in by the routing of subsequent interstate shipments over the rails of the Southern That in one instance general freight agent of the Southern Pacific a voucher for the to an interstate of onehalf the local rate which such shipper paid to another railroad for a movement from the point of origin to the Southern Pacific where the traffic be gan its interstate journey over Southern Pacific That there existedfor years an un derstanding tho Southern cific and the Santa1 Fc and certain ship ofdried fruits traffic which moved intopoints of for shipment could be cri GRASS men narrowlyescaped ing suffocated this morning tho Brunswick mine severjil miles from this of is stillin dangerous A number tothe surface un Tho cause of the fire was not as it is impossible to get to the point wiero It is believed to be duo to motors burning outat the 700 foot who the pumpman at that tried to the fire with a but was and then started for the He climbed 200 a later clinging to the The mine belched smoke all tho ofthe camp trips through the hoavy assist ed in bringing every man Several times he came up with an unconscious man on the May 15 a Duluth broker hasguar anteedto place sufficient stock to pay tbe owners infull for the The final is of ficials of the company confidently ex pect the mine will be in operation with in or The com pany hag a splendid showingof ore in thp from which about 600 tons was shipped to the Old Dominion smelt er last spring and Almost all of the stock is held in escrow in this mine that will resume opera tions this week is the Five on Pinto one of the principal of the com pany and experienced will take charge of the property De velopment operations have been car ried on at the Five Points in a de sultory manner ever since the Mitchell fiasco of year and good high vein has It is ex pected to begin shipping ore at which without sorting will run as high as15 percent Miami Copper addedimpetus dustry of the wiii begiven dur ing the next few by aug operations of the Miami Cop per the which has been the OatesNewman six miles west of some time since erations its and a one oth for continu ation of much larger plant consist ing of two boilers and1 anew hoist has arrived begin An air five have also been At the com pany is working a forceof about fifty men and this doubled orthirty put to about March new will The lliami1 a clbsedi corporation andVwas recently 1on tons of have been blockedout in the which is alow grade concentrating sulphide Old 4he week east workings the1 The Changing walli that the1entirewidth of the vein beyondthe point reached In the crosscut broken up ground was encountered although has commercial The Black is shipping about 30 tons daily to Jflie and Superin tendent Snell expects to increase shipments within ten Tho Ari zona Commercial railroad is hauling about 100 daily from the Gray shaft of the United Globe to the smelt er This is low grade most of which goes direct to the Superior At the Eastern mine of the Superior drif on the re cently encountered Black Hawk vein eastward has been but thedrift opposite is be SECRETARY TAFT MAKES LONG JUMP EASTWARD WO WIN OfllGE BY FLOOD February Secretary Taftplayed a dual rolein the course his at Hartford and this He addressed gathering at Footguard later was guest of honor at the annual dinner of theHartford Yalealumni At both gatherings he wasgiven a rous ing has been out the At the OMvlDoininion the 0 shaft is theninth level and sinkingceased to the water below that level1 sul is1 being the fourteenth arid sixteenth7 levels and along vein smel ter supplied andtherehas letup in reduction furnaces still being in the level preparations to begin stoping in the drift which is being driven alongthe Ore from the drif is being sorted for There have been noimportant developments at the Limestone and Black Oxide mines of tho Febryary concluded his the andon Monday will theTaft presidential cam1 paign in Cities and Towns in Pennsyl and Vir ginia Are Partly In SARABIA TO BE TAKEN TO TUCSON FOR TRIAL The in the becoming Along tho wall sulphur have been is now about feetof tttis character of ore which runs four percent copper and per cent The sul phur are drift of crosscutfcrg1 to the other on tha 16th is continuing1 The Globe contines ac tive at both Gemand Mai lory The the level of ia now almost 300 feet from shaft and General Manager McCarthy believes that the Gem vein be com ing Several days ago a slightly erossfault was which gave rise to rumors that a strike had been made the Thesouth crosscutonthe the Mallory is being steadily driven to the February one of the alleged leaders of the Mexican revolutionary j party which dispose of Diaz was today ordered taken to to be triedin the United States court at Lacking was to jail pending It appears that Sarabias in the alleged revolutionary very small and his removal will not be lieves there is little evidence aeainst TWENTY THOUSAND MEN THROWN OUT OF Pittsburg Buffalo Suffer From Floods Ohio River Mudi Been High TebruaryO Arizona Prom recent Black mine the Arizona Com future it bo forecasted Black Hawk at a depth feet during tho shown to be a general sample showing thecopper con Gibson Copper Gibson companyis now working a force of 55 men and ore shipments will be increased in a short The old incline shaft which is beingsunk rom 4tlrlevel is nowwithin thirty feet of the where several crosscuts and drifts will bo run Mining Men in Globe Among the mining men fromabroadwhoare aipresent in the city are Farish ofDenver Watson of New who is consulting engineer Shannon Copper com Gordon ly took an option on the Keystone and Live Oak It is understood that Hardys examinationwill becon TO ASK RELEASE OF THfE CLINES Habeas Corpus Proceedings In stituted Argument Be Heard tents to be betweenseven firmed is said to per The vein cut from a depthof forty feet the head asyndicate which will purchase mines of thetwo States Against Gj6novichDismissed for Lack Passes Away Los Angeles Friday Large Milo who was charged by Bajo with taking the latters mail from postoffice last A telegram was received yesterday morning by telling of death in Los of George the best known cattle men in county and one of men of the county No details were given in the which shocked Peters many as it was not known here that ho was in poor i Peter G5 years old and only relative in Arizona being David Ms resides vat He has managet cattle interests for seyera camo to Globe in Illinois and has resided inthe county continuously since thatyearal though during tho last three years he has spent part histime on the He owned the Boquet ranch on tbeTon to and was ono of the largest cattle owners this was large stockholder in the Pinal Mountain Water theGas Electric company andthe Icecompanyof this he was a staunch Ro ono term in the was also a mem berof Globe lodge of ATHLETIC SMOKER TOMORROWNIGHT VAT THE ALEXANDER of the to a local state rate charged at the timeof the original 1 Freight books Containing tho socalled refunds on state shipments also contained records of refunds given upon interstate Agood program of sport is promised for the athletic smoker to bo the Alexander theater tomorrow There will bo three fourround boiits between Jack and Tom Josio Roseholar cher andLeslie Tillman and a Cght between George Dudley and a Cornish wrestling Jap jiujitsu match and was yesterday discharged by States Commissioner wbomhc wasgiven apreliminary hear ing on a federal Poeek had a number of but their evidence was held inadmissible as knowledge was derived almost wholly from which had been received from Several of them tes tified to knowledge of facts that Poceks honie Jn Europe had becnde stroyed and that his family had been Pocek claims that trou bles havo been caused by Gjonovich in tercepting his mail from Europe anl sending portions of it to tho minister of police of the European princi ho denies he hasbeen involved in anyplot against tho ruler of that that causedhis trouble eith er from a desire to injure his family or for mercenary the peace and was placed under 000 As soon as the which is returnable was left He stated that there was nothing in tbe proceedings that feared in tbe least and that the bank is and has been especially tbetime thelast deposit that he did not have to be present at any er of the grandjury or oftbe Rickey and the district attorney pass ed a number of very the hearing Rickey offered once to take tbo attorney outside and settle tho SEVEN KILLED IN An effort has been instituted in the district court to obtain the from custody of John Cline Joe1 and who held await the action jury without for themurder of Charles Attorney George Hill made an applicationfor the re lease ofthe three defendants on writ of habeas which will be argued tomorrowby him and District Attorney Themove by the defense not to secure the release of the defendants on bail but fortheir hold ing that the evidence at the preliminary hearing was insufficient to hold them to the grand Tliere will be by Big Passenger TrainNear To ledoLast February ar rest of tonightis thought to be the firstol a series ofarrests and the prosecution of1 which will fol low tho financial tangle of the affairs bef ore Iof theState Trust companys banks Attor ney General Stoddard stated tonight that he will go to Tonopah Monday and that the will work in conjunction district attorneys Nyo and Esmeral da countiesin conveninggrand juries ofy those counties and bringing official connected with the State bank before those bodies for a thorough in Stoddard states that the matter of the transfer of worth of securities after thebank was known tobe absolutely insolvent will edly bring to the surfaeo several prose cutions and lie will devote his time from Monday to tracing them persons were killed and dozen in jured when a Big Four passengertrain a and Western electric car at the Michigan railroad crossing west of Toledo Tho dead are JAMES ROY West WILLIAM West To CLARENCE CLARENCE Two Beech According to eye witnesses of the which shortly after 8 the conductor at the crossing to flag the across and see ing the he motionedto the motorman to The signalwas either misunderstood or not or dis 1 the car came ahead witli tho sickening no held next as it isa legal but instead it will be held The case of Hazlewodd Copper et al is on the docket be tried Testimony taken and arguments heard in the case of the Globe National Bank Ashby The case in the United States as proceedings were brought in of the receiver of the Attorney Allred for the and Shutefor the Spreading disaster annual floodof sma in Its grasp water had reached the stage of 26 and was risinga half foot an hour feetVby morrow a footv higher when crest the nves Sunday afternoon At waters the rivers continue to rise and scores of cities in western eastern Ohio and West Virginia partially In damages isexpected to amountto Tbe record flood last water stage a damage estimated at but sufficient warning was year save conservative estimate placed num ber of men out of work the flood at the army of unemployed s expected result in Charitable liciting funds for additional appeals were for assist A great number families haveV compelledto move goods to upper They and fro in on the of Pittsburg tonightand police trolingtheir beats in at February heavy rainfall and snow nn der 1v TEMME IS DISCHARGED AND IS FLOATED OUT a high temperature today sent Buffalo and Seajaquada creeksout of their banks and late today thelow Streets of South two to five covered areais abouttwo and boats and improvised rafts are as means of the flooded in western New York and ern quantities dynamite are being used to blast ont OMo Eiver February The Ohio river continues to rise rapidly and the biggest flood in Fred who was arrested several days ago charged shooting and wounding an habitute the red light known bythe fragrant and euphonious name of Violet has left Globe for Globes and for his it is No evidence could be secured against all ggest oo in looted yearsis reported1 Evansville and Indjanapolis no have been run on tbatroadtodaybe Switches of coal Littlesand Massey havebeenwashed coal along the arero ported filled with water The losses White and rivers are the witnesses declaring that siug rapidly flooding the low shooting was and he was lands fAr many miles The Wabash discharged from on condition river is out of its ITEW YOSE BOND PEICE IS NOT KNOWN YET NEW February ho hears from two checks Fri day with the bids of Stephen Tingley and of f or i of the city i faPOCLai to tke Silver Metz will be unable to thoexi February act price of New York 4 per cent bonds sold SOLOMONVILLE MAN SHOOTS AND KILLS SON WHO MADE LOVE TO HIS YOUNG BRIDE that ho quit the copper stained soil of Globe all He took the hint without apparent regret and floated out on tho being with getaway coin by local RECEIVERS NAMED FOR MUTUAL RESERVE LIFE NEW February is falling Alarming reports are received from the flooded district and rumors are1 prevalent Lewiston reservoir lias broken through its but investigation shows that reservoir is still February thousand families havebeen eompell rn 1EZZLER 2 oclock yesterday afternoonon ono of the principal streets of this town seemed to bo on the lookout for some About 2 in the after his son Rafael came in fromthe suburbson a load of and just he was passing the public school build ancl in tlie presence of a number wit I the elder Saenz stepped from be nessos Jesus agcnd shot and hind a largo cottonwood tree andlev t bond of In instantlv killed kia Rjifnpl nonrl nlnrl nt f ers were appointed tonight for the edto flee from tlieir homs to higher Mutual Reserve Life Insurance owing to the The relief upon application of the policy committee tonight quantities holders of stuffs The receivers named by Judge Ward which will be put up insmall are Gould of the law firm of and distributed tomorrow to the Gould William Russell of ing In the wholesale district anu the law of Russel and a portion of retail hnn Archibald president of the dreds of merchants are tonight Mutual Reserve Each receiver out of the path of the Banks Wanted to Lick Dis V trict instantly killed his aged The old man immediately surrender ed himselfto Sheriff Anderson and has been held to tbe grand jury without About a year ago tho elder I who atthat time was a widower witb a i family of grown married a woman thirtyfive years liis Hs OT Chain Of took young bride According February presidentof JJank Trust was arrested late this afternoon on acharge of refunds upon interstate tie between four paid special to any part the of freight official af tor j fifty cents1 royal direction to the old mans story an improper timacy sprang up between eldest and his tliat the relations between his wife and sonhave beenimproved for a1 number of months and that he cautioned them both advised the son to re main away from tho Tho warn ing was not heeded and several bitter controversies have taken The by Yesterday morning ap who states is a in which received deposits knowing it was upon being went before a justice of peared on tue streets armed with a Noperson suspected hismotive and he allowed to walk about at although it was noticed that ho 10 rifle at Tbe young man apparently under stood tho and jumping from tbe wagon sought on tbe opposite sido occupied by thut oftbe old Tbe father chased the son around tho wagon anumber times fired Tho shot struck the youiig Jnan inthostom ach and passed entirely through tho old a rush for1 the county superintendent springing upon of returned Friday even himliko a beat the lifeless form ing from cut witb tho rifle and his He only I short bis tour of inspection of the solvency inability to meet obliga tions are given in tho eourts orders as February the reason for the appointment of re floodin the Schxiylkill river reached height The ice brokeup with out any passed the at this point after the1 water began to SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS RETURNS desisted when pulled by people had witnessed1 tlio He tlienjOxpresscd be at once to the sheriffs where he surrendered to Sheriff Anderson and schools on account of the deep snows BIG ILLINOIS WILL CASE GOES TO JURY and impassable condition of1 tho Snell wentto the Ho trip later in the jury late this Judge Coch whenhe hopes to all tho Tan Js inbtructions are regarded as fav sclioolsi in section of thie orable to the defenders of the In snownas particular ho told the jurors that a was At his hearing today fallen inthe mountains than many man might be a and sill he stated that he didthe shooting and yutiis well make a sound will and tnat proof of thatho was glad hs son and out of tho cattlemen all over county during the mental or moral depravity does not dis prove1testamentary