Sunday, September 1, 1907

Arizona Silver Belt

Location: Globe, Arizona

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Arizona Silver Belt on Sunday, September 1, 1907

Arizona Silver Belt (Newspaper) - September 1, 1907, Globe, Arizona Page Two ARIZONA SILVER BELT September 1 ON GO VALLEY Pasgengefs Stalled at Bowje been in3 iviery crippled state during the last two Sunday morningthepassenger train left but a point twenty miles Irom Globe rains out embankments and out The train to Globe within a tew Lours after leftvingand started out again at in tho Bowie at Baiting siirTered the outgoing The train from the west brought number of people titinSbn They airivedat Bowieshortly well known tho Bowie isieEa iiianjs tnat1 making a a pleasure andthewait until tKp regular time for train is not exactly conducive to good The seating especially is and the grassfin back perbeptiijletp thenakedeyer rballetinsvin formed the waiting i that tie1 11 The jthatlft wpuld not morning Then beds the siipjoly icitelwas soon exhaustedp A dbzen takentb tunates arrived1 inGlobelast having been calledbefore thVtrainde time Globe Globe at regular 12 oclock with a very imucn that the bridge over the Gila would go The water day feet gJTheii the SBfitets jbi subside anSjlast nightjgit war that np 1 bo delayed time array a considerable amount of lumber and other bridge1 but It tdat The are may be repaired Superinfcendentvifallard1 wenp down asv road since he i the f er be this evcningj but itvis douljtf ul belfesumed for as it impossible learn the tit was done the f raircbmihnnieatiibn with theoutside worldwillprobably be Cur transfer Between ITprt Thomas anl at the i I fe regular ueavidg timsitlieJpasenger train will depart for the south and a stub train will leave same carrying all United h ayeaecunm to Cause Have s Sally Various reports been received in Globe of the shuttiiTg of the Sad the plaintiff representing owned in the fOTjtyeigJit feet golcl hail been taken and mineralogist1 Tepreserited Morris offered dej plaintiff sets up nonstock j v vr 1 Jrbra second ants ated been Rnd byjthb Gold TeiJTifide Mining Company of complains that he was induced1 stock in that property at frreeentlie twotransactions liVpaidorit f orxTheicomplaint sharges nine euring the Kelvin con cielaysji and will several IN1 PENITENTIARY Wev wjir have no 3is charffesj as soon prbviog a Js eh arges as case1 comes to said soon Clin toff Johnson tHe endari in sec y in the Boithwesternpart of we gave him every oppor tions was caused by Internal dissension will but at 3PoTtfXhmias passengers trip tb This iValley its success or failure will be Gloared s M f j r I J the jas work train arriving ttere re affreryardl aid it learn ed jiiat i prdgrem of last When asked last train service would bo todajySupar intendeirt Mallard sixtooncandle power Jjunp fuTnish only illumination at Globe and 1 the1 of cpmmission t anytning doinj in the way of communication wiHifi tfie remainder none j has messages been received since tfy lit brass but how near or far away that clay is cannot determined at the present Z llo 9 Th e fikr with the worst been and likewise irregular bridges and trestles have completely washed have cd intendent itwoiild maKea totaler think the Brooklyn lies iparts of the I away and track of At pOints tannlTTQTarit Alrtiirfl equivalent clbiid Havoc1 which donor thebther gice of woichp strange to atilL occupying The was a short distance south of iEleveu miles from was washedout i Two bent ilr2fier Sunday again Then there smaller Eicc andSan the bidline witK structed was consiclefecl iinr to1 flobcfs fifteen feet of trapk and tlie niile the A trestle was 1 tie was partially filled sand and Two embank ment was cut out and was standing onJedgc with tho jties susg ndjfdj and all 300 nes sat Seven smiles of this pointvA deep cut of cut a channel of the Pjpm Port Matthewviile sevbral small miles of of are atwbrfe bri the ofhW side of Fort Thomag men are on this side freight train headed Port Thomas SaffbrdiV made with the repairingof the washouts on the other al ithough still tract jJowri1 Jin itoeen and ibe at least tliysi before regular traffic is aremore in tKaV it is to predict when thingswillbe running in their i Oompanies NoVUneasyV in interr traffic epruh and A th has in arrival of J causbJ consider of the this of houses having disposed of jf fbni the prob1 ably meet fi TJriless there is a markecV diminution in jtKb1 6f tlie rains which have prevailing along ent day morning last pfJhe ewhenr tions iii jprpbabiy a yesferdajr worse than thcrbne The work of age was i full Sow idTa can be effected within the next morning the Pf which tfie temporafy bridge11 repairing iii almost1 all1 trestJes aiid aear carried this oT two of these sistaiit general tunity two trips of inspectioniJbefbroCie iii jjAfter over the of A month laTerV after a second he tiied1o ibuy in 1he but month statednthat the was i out the of be tUe month the new rate on1 into the former Jthrdugh Tate previous of but than paid Ztlie new rate into cars of coke be ordered the Mountain iliiing and it takes pieyen days for a shipment to from1 Eaton tlie ter will be During the advaritage of theopportunity offered some iplani time itemporary shutdown will ript it prictiCallyfa will in crease ills smelting is a Jwaya benefit the same says aad bej takeii 1 Good jli A to i the safe tb in Pider that the serious may not go file Oijr formal Metal tut unit KeepPfteestip According to pf the supplies in cbiisuiners are lower yearsL One prbcfaSfer eVeff practieally cWn sumed aeturers cannot of fthe jiiarkettwb may hold but it not been for the rate on coke coMpaiiy made vr ini the cents per of i matte are Pot Vdrift 2 of ore Keigel moTe rapidly tiiait eting hejraurprus The pricje 19rcentsia meeti b pptind for as ere f nquiries to cause You caaJ little IS A but The large producers are simply Many interests Was Posi tively Absurds Tn many residents pf Ash ar justice court there Wed into iPPstal Telegraph epm Tuesday and appearbefore the grand V i Charles and amani named operator inthe Syesteru Union who were arrested on the charge of being implicated released eyiclencb ppnneetiiig with the j Lprc Ash firing sBmbpfJ the shbtswhich wrecked oftile Postal iand11 being offi cersv secure tb the suspeeted when it was1 found that work on the decided to lay three hundred of them off andthe two men who arrived here this we h r absolutely conj plaintVto make tho as they state that anyone that foolishness to keep large fojce oiiiueiL un dor the iiv ThoJBay is a low Copper sition im mense amount a very rich was thirtyj aS0i bwing copper then selling f or about6cents the mine coulc not be it ji Englishsyridicatis and English polb players age They v brought supplies of a of dolj Sixty was f or that would never runJ It is reported on good authority that the recent the proper ties of the Bay Co corniianyi at1 Mot construction of the iby meii i of tlie the to Kay t tjie Eay Wiiliama the prosecution by Assistant Attorney13J Smith thathewas1 acting1 iri bartender in Old Van Allen saloon wiem the tobk1 and1 Bim to be man by Swain ator Sattbn pi nipart cbrrpbpratedby first a all damaging the dbors Tib damaging and Winchester were ifouncl the color the theory fired tlie the fanges1 no interest in isilinowfifitoT and all familiarwith the eireum stances of opin ion on in territorial pfi the of rman maiv in stfme y6ars liamsstfme f tlie arrival of the organizer Company Gives Beason1 afi jGojipiir jnen who were dischargethai the shut down was caused by the fact that the work on the concentratorwas be BAY AMD THEN BANQUET ProminentSpeakers Be in 0 TSIJST JAO Arizona Hassayampa club of Angeles jiosrAngeles on tiie nospi tality Alamitos aind surf Of overlooks botKjhcbay A large for has from ocean mbtbr Tjoats graceful down be2 rvcd1 by epicures1 i such i dishes N minced and other dis jl To Have e a tb j the work in aiiaes the men were merely laictlpn who few1 days from1 Eay ilafmt presencis of i anorganizer of tie cause Ariticipate I j i lElbyecl in the who frbriiJ day tjian the who lave been paid the local scale of Sl and r n i of bba Speaikingatf banquet is arranged for by of material to weliknown Snzbtia ladies wiliTJe tb j GbveYnor Sj havejbeen jjiaj reunib is i pipbably in anticipati equal wages by the which would alrcpst certainly rei sriiVV fiWBaa ijest pi mixed le j was fetnrneci tb He was time before i he time before piiidesjused iff shielting v phide f of is eSalT district coal lands been tlie i of rcb at for places veins d withinsixtcen feelibJE tlib1 inflesand One oiViiit isdoing ments pf J Efhelps Dodge the Amal gamated interests are not taking a view of They say JJief outlook is much was weeks duetbHEefact supplies drastiC in and showing up coal severf Thayer of the Amalgamated are feet neaiJy been except j forges yf Down of the it wasimpossible to night storm owing to the carrying away of in the mprffiSglcommunidatipn Talk ifcXveniynuTes fjbin tele jhpne message from Su perintendent at Port Thomas last pnt WatedthSt all of the hb Carlos and Port Thomas carded away chat there were several washouts tto Contend that the cribbing had out at the large bifid gc jneariacbez and be done all over track betwceuTori is Piina was completely tfila May Go Out be from San which is cut off fromfbth sides loss of wires Tincasiness1 atthe llocal offices of the railroad nsit is feared tiaijthe bridge would go out has done so alreadyil of are bending every effort o getthe road in 3raffie again he most sanguine tha iH jassengors1 and early next heavy the railrpadancirwest ern Fnioni wires yesterday must as cross of lemiat Mothers longer fear va f 1 TTrt ffTn cough tastiss1 Tt the cold bowels hisj e at comes put up tube companies to federal enck CJark taterhent stat through pepple of messtige A is positively va a easy to a iMAKE an exquisite OcompioSaoii iw Attack of OneiDpsc of Bemedy f ip ifwgalc attack of Sensational charges mining transactions are arrohea It cured me rnedicincs 5iaVbeing1lShe besttbiniy Icnbwledge of Drug the era shpr a arid the farmer s fright aiid Times1 i i guard a cowboy nf tioii fact have iSlOOGand 1907 years has siioTvii nb expansion tospeak loiiern Eay i cently purchased the bid Kaymine much adjacent had ceasecl bp rbebn following1 the Rjiy consisted The paper says iHarry Orr and John Pqwelij niin ers from tlie Ray 4liita1 mriTTiintrl filirl arrived In and JefE TVightman and C Bushell has spent five1years izi lincrease rthe membership of the local lodgeto 300 within six to qHarters Tucson inia Tltej is at preseutj negotJafcngijfprj the erection of Tliis disease is caused by a derange inent of the stomach dose of Liver Jots sale by EXCTJESION TO CANASTEA i FOB MEXICANHOLIDAY From Thursday s X An rate1 of celebration of Mexican Independence i Cflbbe base ball team jvill Greene jcamp to play Canansa special wiJl Globe September andwill fraudedrhim Putof which amounthe the wholly Tvasteclj lier imper Tnni 1 l entire grocer Kome people without of April time who when ing put is bh expecting ly seven miles ciis plantj at only miles clis It wasthoughtfor a time yesterday pd aid tb have leave1 m r tlycjrl names SilverBelt and itwill save yoii the i of creams1 cosmetics times the price we ask you s genuine diamond of signl cwhatf others J The is of sparkling at itr v cost idoniideraSle U W Te mail this ion stamps 7 Get in before banSupply ThWpfEer fPr ilimiftcf onlyj as a PI Jadvertis1ingand ill I ii this 32 East A To women for collecting names and sell ing ojur Send youi riaine today for lour jj ifMr 23rd